Jocasta: First Session

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I had watched them bring him in, even had watched the news reports on him before that. This strange man that brought new levels to the term insane and yet at the same time, caring, the story of how he was caught circulated freely in my circle of colleagues. All of them wanted to be his doctor, and yet none volunteered besides my offer to doctor him. I was floored when I had gone to the director and asked if I could be considered to be his psychiatrist.

“You are the first to ask my dear, he was admitted yesterday so he is yours. Have some lunch and read his file, you are seeing him in two hours.” He tells me with a smile before handing me a very thin folder and then showing me the door with a hand to my rear.

I spend the next two hours sitting in the cafeteria picking at a dried salad reading the four page file three times, taking notes on the borders and a few spare napkins. It was amazing how little information is known on this Pitre Mourir. So lost in my musings and question writing I jump when Joe leans over my shoulder.

“Sorry Doc, I’m here to remind you about your new patient, it’s time for his session.”

“Oh right, could you throw that salad away for me, I swear if they don’t improve the food here we will all be patients.” I say smiling at him as I grab up my things.

“That would be why us orderlies don’t eat in here, we pool funds and send one or two out for food. If you wish I could make a special run today for something for you and tomorrow on we can include you in the orders.”

“Hmmm, that is a good idea, I’ll let you know if I want anything today though, I’m a little nervous there’s so much not known on this guy, like his name. I can’t imagine his parents actually named him Pitre Mourir.”

“Well that’s what you are going to find out for us doc, here’s your door I’ll go get him.”

I watch him walk away for a second, unable to resist staring at his butt. I must admit he has a most delicious ass though being married has so many perks there are some moments of damn involved, his butt is one of those. My husband doesn’t have that nice of a butt, though the rest of him is pleasing enough.

Thoughts of sex rolling around in my head I go into my office. Sofa moved back to the interview position, I had to move it for my morning patient, he preferred sitting on the floor. I’m in the process of moving the coffee table back when the door opens. Turning my head to see who was just barging in saved me, a tall lithe man with blue hair rushing straight for me.

I had no time for thought or dodging, my martial training kicked right in. My right hand shot out connecting squarely with his chest, my foot kicking his front foot into his rear and he is falling, straight at me his weight and momentum threatening to overwhelm me, if it wasn’t for my own foot supporting us both into a turn he would have landed on me. Instead we both land on the sofa, him on his back, me on top of him.

Joe was of course right behind him, though now he is on one knee next to the coffee table laughing hard trying to catch his breath. While he struggles for breath I look down at the smiling man under me. His short blue hair cascading all over the place though there are bits of blonde peaking through, speaking volumes of a self done dye job with not approved dyes. Peeking out through his hair at me are strikingly blue eyes, under that is an elongated thin nose. His thin lips stretched into a huge smile.

“So doc, are we going to talk about the first thing that rises with you atop me or do you want me to talk about my mom?” Are his first words, his voice is thin rather like the rest of him making it sound like he is talking through a paper towel roll.

I can’t help but laugh at his words, feeling a bit of a lump forming as I get off of him. I shoo Joe out of the room before I sit at my chair, notebook in hand.

“Oh now doc no need for notes, I’m memorable enough.”

“Yes you are but I really must take notes, our first few sessions are a get to know each other time and I can decide on any medication for you. Now before you say anything else, yes we are going to talk about your mom, and what it was like growing up for you.”

“Oh all right if you must pry, but please be gentle it’s my first time.” He says as he reclines on the sofa, his knees high slightly spread.

“I will I swear, now tell me where you were born and what it was like for you growing up.” I couldn’t help but giggle, his position reminding me so much of the back seat where I had my first sex.

“Let’s see, I was born on the plains, I couldn’t see or hear. My first years were not terribly informative until this wonderful casino siteleri woman came and taught me to sign.”

“You are not Helen Keller, come on be serious here. How about this, you are 7 years old what are you doing?”

“But, but I’m only 6 and a half years old.”

“Oh all right, let’s talk about your hair. Why is your hair blue?”

“Oh that’s easy, I was feeling blue and the toilet is filled with such a great blue I just dunked my head a few times.”

“Well that makes sense, disgusting but it does make sense. Now you said you were blue, so you are not feeling blue anymore?”

“No I’m not and it’s not disgusting actually, that blue in the toilet is a disinfectant and I did flush twice before I dunked, my hair is about as clean as it would be if I bleached it.”

“I’ll take your word for that. Why are you not blue anymore if you want to talk about that?”

“Oh I’m not blue anymore because I happened to meet this incredible woman who can hold her own in a fight, is smart, and drop dead gorgeous. If you stand and do a little twirl for me I’ll be able to tell if you have the body of a goddess like I think you do. I’m not sure you understand I only got a brief glimpse of you before you deposited me on the sofa.” He says as he sits up rotating on the sofa to face in my direction his hands to his knees like a little kid on Christmas morning.

“Well thank you very much, though I am a married woman. Now if you are not blue anymore perhaps we should get your hair blonde again.” He continues to sit there perched on the edge of the sofa staring at me.

“I’ll just leave that out there for you to ponder. Let’s talk your name, you can’t actually be named Pitre Mourir, that’s a French name, no French parents would name their son that and anyone looking through the name books wouldn’t find it. What is your actual name?”

Nothing but staring at me still, his hands are pressed into his knees with a death grip, turning the knuckles white, his smile is gone and his eyes are a bit red at the edges now.

“I can’t let this one go you know I’m not going to be calling you that.”

His hand raises a finger upward where it twirls slowly, visibly shaking. His eyes are quite red now, his whole body trembling with suppressed rage. With a sigh I stand up and twirl for him, my hands pulling my skirt in a proper place as I spin. My spin completed I sit down again, his face lit up with joy as he claps happily. At this moment looking like nothing more than a young child that had just watched the Disneyland Main Street Parade.

“Now that I have done a spin for you, what is your name?”

“I don’t feel blonde today, what I would really like is purple. I’m feeling kingly today, could you perhaps see your way to getting me some hair dye of the purple variety?”

“Yes that could be arranged, though we were trying to talk about your name.” I answer as I am making a note in my notebook.

“We could talk about that while waiting for my dye.”

“Oh all right, don’t move I need to make a phone call.” I tell him as I get up one hand absently pulling my skirt down.

I grab the phone and dial the front desk as I sit on the corner of my desk. As I am telling the orderly there to find Joe and send him to my office I glance over at my patient. He has moved he is now sitting on the sofa as if it is a canoe he is acting like he is rowing. Periodically he rises on his knees and peers around, as if searching for something. He looks at me, his face lights up and he settles back down rowing madly, his face eager.

Mid stroke he spills forward then rolls off the sofa. Jumping to his feet he feels in front of him, running his hands up and down the invisible wall. He feels to the sides for a way around, turning in place as if he is enclosed in a box. Once he has spun around once he looks at me, panic crossing his face as he takes a crushed against the wall pose.

There is a knock at the door, telling him to stay there I move to the door and open it to find Joe standing there. The sudden look over my shoulder prompts me to turn and look, Pitre is advancing towards us, no longer crushed up against the wall instead he is for all appearances being pushed ahead of a wall.

“Go sit down on the sofa.” I tell him with my hand again to his chest, the feel of his lithe muscular chest under my hand sending a little spark running through my body.

We watch him go sit on the sofa, head drooped a pout to his lips. “Joe I need you to go and find a purple hair dye for him, see if you can get a good shampoo as well, he’s got toilet blue on his head. Before you ask yes actually I do want something, I have slot oyna a sudden urge for a milkshake, may as well get me some fries and a burger, may as well go whole hog on fattening myself up.” As I look up at Joe I notice his eyes going up and down my body for a second.

“Hair dye I can do, I don’t think I want to help you fatten yourself up though doc, not like there is a plethora of gals running around here.”

“Oh, oh yes I want a milky shake, can I have a milky shake mommy?” This from the sofa, we both turn to look at him.

He is still sitting on the sofa, sort of. He crawled up and is sitting on the support, knees spread wide with his hands clasped together. As we are watching him we notice a slight movement, he is rocking back and forth perched atop the back of the sofa. As I open my mouth to suggest he not do that he tumbles over the back with a cry. Before either of us gets two steps closer he appears over the back of the sofa grinning maniacally.

“I fall down but no boom.”

With a sigh I move to my desk to get my purse out, I almost bump into Joe when I turn. Giggling an apology I pull out a twenty, then a second to cover the cost of the dye. Joe smiles and exits, sitting down again I find my new patient just staring at me, a half smile on his lips.

“I think we’re alone now.” He gets up and starts dancing to that song.

“Oh now do sit please I need to make some progress with you. Otherwise I may be taken off your case, buying you hair dye and a milk shake requires some positive steps.” I get a smile then he is falling into the sofa lying on it his hands pressed together on his stomach.

“Well alright doc, come on out with it shrink me, but not to small I don’t want to be a rat snack.” I giggle at the comment and pull up my note pad.

“We were going to talk about your name.”

“Oh right, Pitre Mourir. I’m not sure why you’re asking I said it enough times to the reporters and judge.” I sigh and shake my head.

“No, no not the name you like to go by your actual name.” He sits up and looks at me.

“That is my real name.” I make a note not really believing him.

“I swear it is doc, my parents didn’t really like me I was dropped on an orphanage door when I was four.” I look up at him.

“Well alright, would you be open to trying a light drug treatment? Your emotions are all over the place and perhaps with the proper treatment.” He stands up and gets in a couples dancing pose.

“Sure doc but you have to dance with me until Joe gets back then I’ll take my pills like a good little boy.”

I just stare at him, not really sure if dancing is quite what he has in mind. My eyes travel over him noting that for a scrawny man he has a nice form. I sigh and get up figuring why not I can take him if it comes to a fight. I step into his arms and we are moving into a circle waltz surprising me a little people don’t normally do this particular dance. His movements are quick and sure and really everything my husband is not.

I jump when his hand falls to my butt he squeezes a little before I pull it back up. Ever moving the second time his hands moves to my butt he squeezes and pulls me close to him. I look down noticing that he is tenting a little, my breasts pulled into his firm chest.

“I am a married woman, none of this.” I say to him he smiles at me gives out a short bark of a laugh then lets me back away.

We keep dancing, I can’t help but be a little embarrassed at the reaction my body is having to him. It’s just been so long since I’ve danced with a man, my husband is just plain horrible at dancing. I jump when Joe knocks and comes in three drinks in a tray and a bag in his hands. Joe pulls me over to my desk then stands between me and my patient his face not looking happy.

“Jesus doc what the hell was that?” I sigh and look up at him.

“Probably a bad idea, I asked if I could put him on a drug treatment and he said only if we danced. He seems manic and I can’t get a straight answer out of him.”

“Damn, if the drug works great, if not I hope you’re not going to give him more treatment like that.” I shake my head and look down.

“I’m married Joe, I have the total look and don’t touch thing down pat. Dancing is one thing him trying for more is getting his ass kicked.” Joe chuckles and smiles at me.

“Just checking, so I found him a royal purple hair dye would you believe that, I bought a regular old guy shampoo as well, only a buck you had that extra by a large margin.”

“Thanks Joe, keep the change for the next time I’m in, days off are lovely.”

The burger is heavenly, both of the men in my office sneaking fries while canlı casino siteleri we sit and drink our shakes. I can’t help but sneak glances at my patient’s crotch, he seems to have no shame the bulge has not lowered. With my patient heading back to his cell I make more notes then write up the order for the light drug treatment and testing. I drop that off at the nurse’s station then head for the director’s office. My knock is greeted with an immediate come in, inside I find the director and one of my fellow psychiatrists.

“Ah such excellent timing Dr. Jocasta, your associate and I were talking about your patient. Have you made any progress?” I sit in the offered chair and smile.

“I’ve made small progress, he is controlling and manic, almost dangerously so. When he first came into my office he charged me, I put him on his back on the sofa with me above him. He was very happy with that, Joe was wheezing when he came in I think it had been a chase. I’ve built a trust with him, weak but it is there by buying him a milk shake, shampoo and purple hair dye. I have also managed to get him to agree to a light drug therapy, testing tomorrow while I am off.”

“Have you made any progress on his name?” My colleague asks looking interested I shake my head.

“He never said much true about him, said he was Helen Keller and a little later said his parents didn’t like him and left him on an orphanage door when he was four. I’m hoping with the drug treatment he will open up in a week or two.”

“Well excellent work on your first session, go on home it’s almost time for all of us.” The director tells me I smile at him and get up.

“Thank you, be careful with him, he seems to not like authority much.”

I enter our apartment with a sigh, already knowing my husband is out with his friends, baseball and a bar after if memory serves right. Dropping off everything I check our messages. I have one from my sensei reminding me tomorrow afternoon I am trying for my black belt. The second is from my husband saying he loves me and misses me. I sigh and smile loving how he will do silly things like leave messages on our answering machine.

No other messages I go into our bedroom and get out of my dress. Not really hungry yet I drop onto the bed and just stare at the ceiling. Wishing my husband was here right now to pleasure me I reach into the nightstand and pull out my vibrator. Turning it on I run it over my nipples making them stand tall and ache for lips sucking on them. Moving the buzzing toy lower I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander.

I see myself in a club people moving past me, sitting beside me at the bar. I ignore them my husband is coming for me. I sigh seeing him the way I’d like him to be, slimmed down to muscular perfection instead of thick in the middle and just a little bit of a double chin. He takes my hand and pulls me onto the dance floor. We dance, not in the shambling way we did at our wedding, but with passion and skill, his sure steps flitting us across the dance floor. My toy has traveled down me to just entice me with touches to my clit and lips.

Unable to hold it back anymore I slide the vibrator in me getting a tremble of almost orgasm. In my mind I see my husband flitting us across the dance floor to a hidden booth setting me atop the table. My clothes gone, his lying on the floor he steps up between my open legs. I moan when my husband enters me, my already wet pussy going into overdrive. I moan with his passion atop me, feeling his cock driving in and out of me as the vibrators does the same.

An orgasm travels through me pulling my knees up, both hands to my pussy. My eyes open with the last dregs of my orgasm rolling through me before closing them again wanting more. This time I see myself naked in my office with my new client running at me, likewise naked. Instead of taking him down I jump to meet him legs spread wide. A second orgasm rolls through me as I see him entering me, putting me on the sofa, and fucking me hard.

I scream my pleasure as I see myself wrapping my legs around him. His hinted at cock entering so fully that I find it hard to breathe. I move with him as he has me, his cock feeling so good deep in my sodden depths. I know I’m rolling around on the bed but it feels so incredibly real as his hands maul my breasts. The passion is almost a living thing above me as he fucks me I’m moaning seeing the ceiling of my office above me. Pulled from the fantasy by my last orgasm, toes curling, back arched I can’t do anything but lie there.

Rolling on to my side with the last of my orgasm fading away I shiver trying to work out why I was thinking of him in my playtime. Feeling like I just cheated on my husband I stare at the clock, feeling my toy partly inside me still, and shiver. Deciding it was just a passing fancy because he danced with me, I get up to order pizza.

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