Jen’s Release

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She flipped on her brights again-finally, the exit. Pulling up to the stop she saw the sign pointing to the right, and there it was, “Comfort-able Camping”, 2.5 miles. It was just a county road.


Jen was tired of driving-7 hours since she left, now in the desert somewhere in Arizona. It was warm and dry, a nice surprise in February, and it was nice to roll the window down and take in the country air.

“What a weird name-where do they come up with this stuff!,” she said out loud, to no one at all. Driving that long will do that to you.

Off the highway now, there were no sounds of cars rushing toward you only to disappear past your view, the sounds of their engines quickly fading. Now it was just Jen’s Accord, revving a bit impatiently down the small road, much darker, but more peaceful. She grabbed her phone and hit the number again.

“Comfort-able Camping,” came the obviously worn reply, “Melody, can I help you?”

“Hi… it’s me again,” Jen’s voice trailed a bit, knowing she’d already talked to this girl two times before.

“Ya, OK…, no, I just pulled off the highway, I should be there in about 5 minutes.”

Her words punctuated with little stops as Melody must have talked to her a bit.

Jen was relieved as she pulled into the place, the gravel now crunching under her wheels as she pulled up to the office, lit dimly by a single mercury vapor lamp. She got out and closed her car door, making that “thwap” sound as it closed, now to nearly pure silence.

“Wow, this place is really quiet” she quietly exclaimed, again to no one. It would be so nice finally go to the bathroom and take a shower, and get cleaned up to sleep. It looked like a cute little campground and it looked nearly empty.

It had been a long drive.


“One night?”

“Ya, just tonight, thanks” Jen said. “Is there anyone even here?”

“It’s pretty slow now, and it’s the middle of the week. You’ll be fine hun, it’s pretty quiet here.”

Melody was probably about Jen’s age, but looked as if she may have grown up in Blayley, the exit about ten miles ago.

“You’ve got your own tent and sleeping bag?” her voice inquired, pitching up a bit.

“Ya, I casino oyna do, thanks. Oh, where is the bathroom?”

“It’s right behind the maintenance building, just over there, you’ll see it when you park. And we just remodeled it so it’s nice,” she paused, “For a campground.” Melody seemed pleased-it was probably the biggest news around here-the new bathroom building.

“It’s $28.00 for the night. We have a continental breakfast in here, just coffee and some cold cereal, that’s included.”

“OK, that sounds good.” Jen signed her credit card and thought about what she’d need in the tent space.

Melody seemed to intercept her thinking.

“It’ll probably get down to the mid 50s tonight,” she offered, almost like she was concerned.

“Ha!, that’s pretty warm for February where I’m from.” Without hesitating she went on, making a bit of conversation. “I’m living in Denver.”

The door closed and Jen was by herself again. She found a tent spot about 150 yards away. She traveled a lot and wasn’t scared-even though she was probably the only person camping that night. She quickly set up her stuff and then changed into shorts and flip flops and grabbed her bathroom bag. Her thoughts were still racing a bit from the drive, odd random stuff popping into her head.

“The Mousetrap?” she joked to herself, having seen the billboard twice while she was still on the Interstate. “I wonder what that place is like!”

Jen’s mind kept going back to fantasies she was having while she had been driving. It was a habit she had picked up from long drives. Now 40, she seemed to have even more sexual energy than when she was younger and had lately been really craving a good release. She fumbled through her bag and felt around for that long, slender new best friend she’d just ordered online.

“Yes!, she exclaimed, clutching it like it had gold in it. Just to make sure, she flipped on the switch, but then, nothing.

“Shit!” The batteries were dead. Immediately she ran back through her memory of the inside of Melody’s office. Toothpaste, Ibuprofen, dental floss, motor oil… Batteries? “I don’t remember seeing any, crap, what would I say, ‘My flashlight is dead?'” Probably wouldn’t work since Melody slot oyna had already asked her about that too. Too bad it is LED and uses little AAA batteries. Shit!”

Jen’s tummy was tingling, and her heartbeat raced a little. Something was sending her a message, and it was coming from just a little south of her belly button.


She had to pee. Really bad. Too many energy drinks when she stopped for gas and now they were ready to exit, her. Jen burst into the bathroom block and headed straight for the toilet. As she sat down and finally let go, that pressure in her bladder seemed to fill her abdomen like Mardi Gras fills the streets with people. It was as if all of her sex organs heard the call as the crowd rushed by. Everything in her lower pleasure area was stirred by the commotion.

“Oh my hell that feels good!” she moaned out loud. Jen was nearly giddy with relief being able to finally pee and at the same time feel so good doing it. She let out a playful sigh and grinned, her lower tummy feeling so free and open.

She stepped out into the shower stall and dropped her stuff on the bench-this place was really nice, she thought. Just then she looked up and there it was-the shower she’d been waiting for all day-and not just any shower-this one was magic.

Jen stepped up to it and began to undress.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the hose, about 5 feet long, that connected the water source to the shower head. Jen felt that inner girl smile, wide and happy, remembering her long, special relationship with water.

“What an awesome invention!” she exclaimed to herself.

As she slipped off her top she felt her breasts fall and then pull up-her nipples already fully erect in the cool air. The elastic of her panties resisted her tug, but only momentarily, and they too were soon on the floor. She stood there fully naked loving every second of the anticipation.

For Jen sex was at the core of her being. She couldn’t live without it, in whatever form it took. She needed masturbation. She needed to do it, to talk about it, even to share what she knew about it with others. It was compelling, and it cleared her head. It was a magical gift she could give to herself canlı casino siteleri over and over, regardless of what was going on, or supposed to be going on in her sex life.

“Hmmm,” she offered up to no one as a gentle, roller-coaster feeling descended to her pussy. She stepped in and adjusted the temperature and smelled that fresh water smell that filled her nostrils with more anticipation.

“Oh yeah, this is going to be fantastic” she continued smugly, relishing her new found toy. The impromptu, little tropical rainstorm she had planned for her button was simply wonderful. Just the thought of those delicate little streams of warmth suddenly appearing from out of nowhere in the dry Arizona night gave her such personal pleasure.

Jen smiled all the way down.


“Aaah, uugh, aagh!” she panted, her legs spread wide as she bucked her pelvis toward the shower head. Jen bathed herself in the tickling warm sensations that played over her quim like children in a summer fountain. Her voice bounced off the empty bathroom walls and shot back to her, so fitting, as she quite aptly, made love to herself. Barely able to keep her new-found magic wand aimed at its target, the last of her orgasm washed away. Finally, her legs quivered a last spasm and she finished. It was truly glorious. Jen sat down on the floor of the shower and regained some strength. Then she stood up and finished, cleaning away the rest of the long drive.

As she stepped out of the stall she got an idea-to walk back to her tent in just her flip flops! “There’s no one anywhere around!’ she thought. After all, “I need to dry off anyway.” After a quick towel dry, she peaked her head out into the night, and sure enough, it was as quiet as before. She suddenly got that rush in her stomach, the kind she gets when she’s about to be naughty. Jen loved being naked. It felt so normal and natural to her, and when she was horny, all that much better.

She stepped outside and immediately the dry air spilled over and around her, drying off her body some. A little wisp danced between her legs, temporarily teasing her pubic hair before disappearing into the night. Proud and erect, her nipples seemed to point the way for her as she walked back to her tent. Being nude in the desert, under the starry night after just letting go with a shower nozzle was just what Jen needed for a good night’s sleep.

What a day.


findingmyvoice was my volunteer editor.

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