It’s Never Too Late to Learn

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Big Tits

I was the baby of the family and my father died when I was nine. My brothers and sisters were all getting married and having children while I was still at school and living with my mam, and when I left school at sixteen I got a job locally in a big factory. I’m still there after 27 years, only my mam died when I was 20, leaving me on my own but not far from my elder brothers and sisters.

After mam died I had my job and my brothers and sisters to keep me going and I had affairs with lots of local girls. They were always willing to come back for more. I saved up to buy my own house and the girls came and went but I never stopped wanking. In fact, if I’m honest, I’d have to admit I often preferred wanking to having sex with girls. During the week I would wank most nights when I went to bed (or sometimes in the bath before I went to bed) and then I’d have sex with the girl friend at the weekend. I was always careful to take precautions because I’d seen how my brother had come to grief when his girlfriend got pregnant and he had to marry her. It was not a happy marriage. She told me once that she had caught my brother wanking and she thought it was disgusting. I didn’t tell her I still did it too.

Anyway, time went on and by the time I was approaching forty, my family and friends were teasing me about not getting married and one of them said “You’re not queer, are you ?” This set me thinking. I had only ever wanted to marry one of my girlfriends and she had turned me down for a mate of mine. After that I did even more wanking and I wondered how much others did it too, married men as well as single.

One day at work my mates were laughing at the personal ads in a local paper so I discovered for the first time the Men Seeking Men columns. There were lots of ads and there were two that caught my eye because they were for the right age (35 – 45) and mentioned “inexperience”. You had to phone a Voicebox number and hear a recorded message. Well I listened to these messages, which asked me to leave my phone number so that the guy could phone me. To begin with, I just put the phone down. But the idea wouldn’t go away. I had a girlfriend who came round at weekends. She was 35 (three years younger than me) and wanted a baby. She wanted to marry me too, but I didn’t feel ready for that and I decided that I wanted to try deneme bonusu veren siteler out sex with a man first – just to see what I might be missing. So I dialled the Voicebox number of the guy who had advertised himself as “ Bi, sincere & caring” and listened again to his message. He had a nice voice. He said he was self-employed, couldn’t accommodate but could travel, especially in the afternoons.” This was ideal for me as I work the early shift and am home by 2.30 pm, so I gave him my number and prepared to wait quite a long time for him to reply.

I was amazed when the phone went just two days later, and very embarrassed, because my sister had called round to see me just as he came on the phone. I don’t know what she thought when I made an arrangement to see him the following the afternoon but I expect she thought I was meeting a new girlfriend.

The next day I was a bag of nerves. He had said he would call at about 3 o’clock and I had given him directions for finding my house. From 2.30 onwards I paced up and down, checking that the house was clean and tidy, wondering what he would say and how I would reply and what we would actually DO. And then he never came. After all the nervous waiting I felt let down but after all the thinking and worrying about it I decided to phone his Voicebox once more and ask him to fix another day for coming. He phoned the next day, saying how sorry he was. He said he had been unavoidably held up by a sudden business commitment but if it was all right with me, he would come over without fail the following Monday afternoon.

On the Monday I again spent a nervous hour pacing up and down, wondering whether he would come, and when there was a knock on the door it came almost as a surprise. I opened it and there he was, shaking my hand and saying “I’m Bernard. You must be Darren.” He seemed really nice, with the air of someone who is in charge of his life. He told me later that he was nervous too, but it didn’t show. I offered him a cup of coffee, which he accepted, and he sat on my sofa while he drank it and we chatted a bit about our lives and I was able to take a closer look at him. He was easy to talk with, about six foot, well built and good looking. He told me his wife had left him out of the blue for another guy after nearly 20 years of marriage and that he was a single parent, looking after a teenage son. He had had “feelings” for other men but not done anything about it To my great relief he said he wasn’t interested in anything anal but that he would like to lie on a bed with me so that we could caress each other. It sounded quite natural when, after he had finished his coffee, he said casually “Shall we go upstairs, then ?”

I led the way and we stripped down to our underpants. He smiled reassuringly at me, because I still felt very nervous, and then we lay on the bed together. He put his arm round my waist and I told him I had never done this before. He said he hadn’t done it much, either, but it was something he wanted to do. This mirrored my situation exactly so I relaxed and could feel my dick growing in my pants. Slowly his hand moved over my chest, down over my stomach and onto the cotton of my briefs. He caressed my inner thigh and then inched his hand up to the bulge in my crotch. I’m proud of my dick and its performance and when his hand had fondled it through the cotton (the first time it had ever been touched by another man) he said “Shall we remove our pants.” I was only too ready to do so! My dick sprang out like a piece of spring steel – and so did his. And his was ENORMOUS – longer than mine and just as thick. We were both uncut but our foreskins, when they were pulled back, slipped into place behind the rims of our dickheads so that they looked as if they were circumcised. Gingerly I placed my hand on his huge dick – and it felt wonderful ! I had expected to feel as if I was doing something wrong, but this felt OK. I didn’t stop to wonder if this meant I was gay or bi or anything, I just went for it. His hand was round my dick and he was feeling its length and stiffness. He obviously liked what he could feel ! And I badly needed to cum after all the anxious waiting so I placed my hand over his and made stroking movements, up and down my shaft to the rhythm I like best. He soon got the idea and I took my hand off his as he continued to stroke me. God, it felt good ! I was in heaven and knew I would cum really quickly. “I’m close …. I’m going to cum” I said and with that I shot my load, five or six long spurts which left ribbons of spunk all over my chest and stomach. “That’s fantastic” he said, “I’ve never seen so much juice in my life.” And he proceeded to spread it evenly all over my stomach, rubbing it in gently and every now and again reaching for my deflating dick which was all slippery with sperm. This was every bit as good as sex with a girlfriend and I knew then that I would want to do it again with him.

After my tremendous orgasm I was still excited enough to see if I could wank him off, so after he had finished rubbing it in, I rolled onto my side and took his great pole of a dick into my fist. He asked if he could hold mine, even though it was deflated, while I wanked him and it was not long before he was breathing deeply and his balls were tightening in his crotch. He was well lubricated with pre-cum and the loose skin on his shaft moved easily up and down with the movement of my hand. Very soon he gasped “I’m going to cum,” his dick stiffened even more, his whole body shuddered and out shot his sperm while he thrust his hips forward to extract the maximum of sensation. His load was not as heavy as mine but it was still pretty impressive !

After we had both cooled down a bit he said “Can you cum again ?” I said I was not sure. Once was usually enough for me. “Lets try” he said, putting his hand on my dick and reaching for my hand to place on his. We both started stroking each other using the same rhythm and as our dicks slowly stiffened to maximum hardness we worked harder and faster until I could feel that tightening at the base of my dick which means the orgasm is beginning. “I’m going to cum again” I gasped, and he said “So am I.” And with that we both shot off together, not so much juice as the first time but with enormous satisfaction. We were drenched with sweat from the effort and just lay there in each other’s arms, feeling good.

I was just beginning to take stock of what I had done when he said he would have to go but would like to come back again (for more !) later in the week. I had no hesitation in agreeing and so began an affair that I could never have foreseen in a month of Sundays.

The sequel to this first meeting is long and full of good sex. It includes how my girlfriend and I had the family she wanted and how the affair at last came to an end.

I still wank, when I get the opportunity, even though I’m 43 now and a family man. And I continue to think well of Bernard, who showed me how good sex can be between men who enjoy wanking and who are not ashamed to admit it to themselves.

It’s never too late to learn !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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