It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 12

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Big Tits

It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names…

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup

…I was in heaven. Waking up to my beautiful redhead in the morning sun… I couldn’t help myself, I had to run my fingers through her curls.

She opened her eyes smiling at me, “…yes it’s still red…”

“It sure is..” I heard from behind me. I rolled on my back, putting an arm around the blond. “And as much as I’d like to stay in bed, we have an early start. Or more to the point, you do.” She reached over me to give my girl a little poke on her nipple. “So get your ass up.”

Then she rolled out of bed…dragging all the covers with her and giggling back at us still curled up! She scampered off to the bathroom leaving us naked and NO covers, the blond not far behind her.

All I could do was chuckle and grab my shorts. They came out bumping into each other and giggling as I was going in. I came out to more giggling and them glancing over at me and whispering to each other.

“What?” I asked.

They looked at each other, “NOTHING…” They giggled again, I just shook my head and called down to room service to get a large fruit bowl for them and a biscuits and gravy breakfast for me to go. The blond was going to stay behind a bit and take our stuff down to the van so we could get on the road when the competition was over.

She headed for the convention center while I picked up our breakfast, and even managed to snag some string along the way. Going behind the stage was a bit of a shock, more than two thirds of the booths were gone. I mean it shouldn’t have surprised me if I had thought about it. With all the eliminations the crews were just getting a head start on the tear down, but it made me realize how many girls went home with nothing to show for it but some pictures.

I came around the corner to see my girl, topless, and one of the event staff facing off, and passed the same staff member fast walking in a huff back up front while my girl was grinning. I looked back over my shoulder quick and then back to her. “What was that all about?”

My girl kicked her head back laughing, “She didn’t like my red hair…”


“Yea, she assumed I would keep the brunette, and didn’t like being reminded she only told me to pick a color, and in front of eight witnesses.” I started setting out her fruit plate and smiling at that. “OH YUMMY…” She grabbed a few pieces and began munching down.

“She looked awful upset for just not liking your hair color.”

“No she was pretty smug and said, ‘what are you a lawyer or something?’ she got a bit flabbergasted when I told her almost.” She popped a few more pieces of fruit in her mouth, grinning and chewing. “When I told her I graduate in a few weeks, and that being fifth in my class I should have no problem passing the bar exam.” Now it was my turn to about choke on my drink…FIFTH in her class…

“And if I didn’t manage to find a firm right away, I could always fill my time looking into the competition to make sure they were following all their bylaws regarding proper record keeping of judges’ comments and voting like they are supposed to.”

I just looked at her. I knew she was smart, but fifth in her class and a knockout to boot…”Remind me never to cross you woman.” I took her hand as she began to reach for another piece of fruit and kissed it, getting some ‘ooohhhs’ from the booth next door.

Our blond showed up a few minutes later with the cooler in tow, plopped down and finished MY breakfast off. “What? I’m done with the competition…” Well since she was in tank top and shorts instead of a bikini I should have thought of that.

The bell sounded and everyone started oiling up. The blond and I took our time, making sure she was all ready, but I stopped her before she put her top on, and held up the string. “For luck again?”

“Hell yes!” and put her hands behind her head and thrust her tits out to me. I cut the thread into two short pieces and tied nice little bows on each nipple, then gave each one a quick kiss before she pulled her top up. I grabbed both cameras and we walked toward the stage, and just because the staff member that gave my girl a bad time was standing there, I waited until we got close to give her a quick kiss. “I’ll be out front with the video camera babe, wouldn’t want to miss any of this to show back home.” The staff member looked like her eyes were going to come out of their sockets.

I got out front about the time the first of her group were coming across the stage. This time they were spending a bit more time on stage, almost twice as many poses and holding each of them longer. I was snapping pictures of her while the video camera recorded everything. But unlike the previous time yesterday morning I left the camera running to capture her whole group, just in case they tried something. One of the judges even glared at me ankara escort when I turned to get pictures of all of them sitting at their table, and made sure I zoomed in for a nice face shot of all five women.

Only once the entire group, and probably a few of the next, came across did I shut the video camera down. I came back to a nervous gaggle of women. Some pacing like they weren’t sure how they did, others all pompous like they had it in the bag, a few were just face down in their arms waiting.

That’s how I found my girl. “Hey babe,” Her head came up to smile at me. “Since we’re down to the end, how about we go over to the practice stage and let me get some nice close ups while you still have your bikini on?”

Now she was grinning ear to ear, “You just want to get some pictures with my red hair.”

I had to smile back. “Of course, need some to go with all the ones I shot last night in your dress.”

She just shook her head at me and took my hand. We got over to the practice area, and I had to get in close and shoot up to not catch myself in the mirrors. It was nice to look up at her instead of across the stage through the zoom. Getting nice profiles of her tits and nipples, a flash of light between her thighs highlighting her camel toe, and the bright lights highlighting her red hair was perfect!

She had run through her quick routine, and was about to step down. “Hey babe?”


“I’d really like a set without the bikini…”

She just laughed, “Typical guy wanting to get a girl naked…” just to be ornery she tossed her top at me when she took it off. Since I was shooting her taking it off it hung on the lens, so I just kept shooting as she stripped, then did a few poses. Red hair, red landing strip, white bows on her nipples…and her pussy lips glistening in the light. I finished and lowered the camera, she looked at me as I made like I was going to lick her pussy.

I tossed her the bottoms, “I’m going to hold you to that mister.” As she slid them up and got them nice and snug against her pussy. She stepped down to me with an exaggerated hip swing, took her top from around the camera lens, and whispered to me, “The only thing missing is my plug..”

I turned to see one of the girlfriends herd standing there rubbing her hands together. She looked back and forth between us, finally settling on me. “Would you take a few of me?”

I looked over to my girl, who shrugged her shoulders. “Go ahead…”

“Thanks,” she told my girl. She took a few steps up to the platform, then stopped and turned to my girl. “You looked absolutely stunning last night…” then she took her last steps up to the platform and struck a pose.

My girl turned to me, gave me a quick peck and nodded to the woman up on the platform, then turned and headed back to our booth.

I kneeled down and began snapping pictures, while she went through her poses, when she finished with her routine, she stopped and reached behind her neck to her bikini top tie. She undid it and began to pull it forward. “You mind?” as she lowered the top and flexed her chest making her tits jump a bit.

I smiled and just kept taking pictures. She wasn’t quite as muscle bound as the girlfriend was. More than I liked, but still not too bad. Hell, her clit even managed to stay in her pussy! She was enjoying the experience when one of the staff made the rounds and tossed the girl on the platform a blue chip. The girl caught it and collapsed onto her knees holding the chip, then grabbed her bikini and scurried off down the isle.

I wandered back to our booth, to find my girl also holding one of the chips, sitting in the chair staring at it. “OK, fess up. What’s with the blue chip?”

She looked up at me, “Huh?… Oh yea. …top ten.”

I sat the camera down, and said over my shoulder. “Well that’s good, so what’s next?”

“I’m…not sure.”

I turned to look at her, leaning against the table, “…not sure?…”

She looked up at me, and began grinning as she said it. “I…I haven’t gotten this far before.”

I walked to her and took her hands, “Well then we better do this up right then.” The blond stood her up, the two of them smiling and giggling at each other, while she stripped her black bikini off. I grabbed her green bikini that highlighted her red hair. When I turned around I had to stop and stare. There was my girl being oiled down by the blond, lightly tanned hands going up and down and around my girls slightly darker body. Every inch of her glistening in the light…

She was watching me watching her being oiled by the blond. When she was about finished I stepped to her, holding her bikini open for her to step into. Sliding it up her legs on my thumbs while caressing her thighs with my hands, stopping just short of her landing strip. I kissed her mound on either side of it, then dipping my tongue between her lips making her gasp as I pulled the bottoms up snug on her lips.

She was looking down at me smiling when I looked up to her. I stood up and slid the neck strap over her head giving her a quick peck, and then each nipple as I brought her top down escort ankara before handing the bottom straps back to the blond to tie in place. Dropping my hands to her hips to pull her closer for a soft kiss, “No matter what, you’re number one in my book…”

I grabbed the cameras, and we headed for the stage. I gave her one last quick peck and went out front. The blond was standing there waiting on me. We were set up quickly, and the contestants began making their way across.

The first group, looking like some of the beginners, lined up. They started announcing the winners of that group, starting with number ten and working their way up to number one, the top three getting small trophies and crowns amid all the jumping and screaming. They walked off, and the next group came up to do the same, my girl standing proud in the middle of the group.

I think I was more nervous than my girl as they started naming off the girls, but she almost came unglued when they named off number four and she was still up there. But when they called out number three and it wasn’t her she and the other girl looked like they were going to strangle each other.

My girl took number two, getting her crown and trophy. I was about to pick things up, when the blond told me to stay put, it wasn’t over. The next group was some pretty muscled women, and then the hulk group, as I called them. The girlfriend came in ninth, and the one I took pictures of came in sixth ahead of her gang leader. That was just karma…

I started to pack up again, but was stopped by the blond, and I discovered what she was making me wait for. The top three of each group were back for the overall standings. The winners of the first and last groups, those getting started and the piles of muscle took the six through twelfth positions mixed. The two middle groups that looked more like women the top six, my girl taking fourth, and the winner of her group taking the overall winner spot.

After the requisite hugging and crying amongst the girls I packed the cameras back to our booth, where we did our own hugging. “Can you believe I got second place, and fourth overall?” she managed to say as she was strangling me…

I hugged her as best I could, and when she released me to go for our blond I could finally reply. “I think you should have gotten first all around, but hey…”

She turned back to me all giddy and giggling, I was strangled and lifted off my feet while she tried to suck the life out of me.

“Hey you two, we don’t have a room to go back to, so settle down…”

My girl turned and gave her a raspberry, before giving me another quick kiss, then stepped back and stripped off her bikini. The blond began helping her wipe down a bit before she headed off to the showers. Since we were up front, I wasn’t going to be able to do her back, but the blond stripped down and threw her top and skirt at me before running after my girl.

I watched several women headed to the showers, but since it was mainly the last winners and a few extras it was a small parade. I had to smile at the diversity of women in the final group. Not only the just getting started to the muscle bags, but early twenties to mid-forties, AAA to DD. The funny part was most of them had trained their nipples into hiding.

Now ladies, face it, with all the padding you wear now days your nipples have turned into freckles for the most part. In your grandmothers era with bullet bras and such they stood out nice and proud. But in today’s world, only the women that don’t really need a bra or those that aren’t ashamed to be a woman with nipples even have them. Everything else has been trained out of your DNA with padded and formed bras.

Society and the politically correct have managed to convince too many women that it is a bad thing to have someone admire your figure. That letting some leg or cleavage show or a nipple stand out makes you a slut instead of the gorgeous vision you are. Ever notice it’s the people you wouldn’t look twice at are the ones doing this protesting…

The vision of my girl and the blond walking back, tits…AND FIRM PROUD NIPPLES… bouncing their way back to me brought me out of my mental rant. They saw me watching them, and my girl shook her shoulders and tits at me, followed by the blond. I kicked back in my chair and cupped my crotch like I couldn’t hold it and groaned making them both laugh.

I finished packing the cameras back in the case and generally picked up while they were drying off chatting to each other. When I turned around I about fell on the floor, and had to fall into the chair, much to their amusement.

Two naked women…painting…their bikini tops on! My girl a bright green and the blond an equally bright red. They were painting narrow tops, from just above their tits to most of the way under that were barely wide enough to cover their nipples. From the looks of things they were putting the second coat on.

“You know I think he likes them…”

“How can you tell?”

“The hard cock in his shorts and the same look when he sees the plug in my ass…”

“Oh, I thought that was the look he ankara escort bayan gave when I was working him up through my cervix…”

“You know you might be right, we’ll have to test it later…” All I could do was shake my head and groan while they giggled. They slipped into their shoes and pulled skirts up, taking long enough for it to dry, then slipped very light white mesh tops on, almost making the painted on bikini top stand out even more. Giving me a shoulder shake, and making their nipples catch and come through the mesh, they each grabbed their little bags, leaving me with the camera bag and the cooler. Good thing it was on rollers!

While we got on the road pretty quickly, it didn’t last long with my girl only having had some fruit for breakfast. A quick stop at a drive through for two burgers, a super-size fry, and a super-size chocolate shake to top it off and we were back on the road. The blond and I got a super-size fry to split…

I was having a hard time concentrating on the road with the girls in their mesh tops knowing the bikinis were painted on. They caught me looking several times when my girl pealed her mesh top off and threw it at me. I ducked and it landed on the dash, the blond followed suit and now they were just in their skirts and shoes, nipples standing up high and proud in the paint.

Once she finished her feast she threw a pillow against the console and laid back on it and the cooler, those covered tits in just the right spot to put a hand on, which both the blond and I did!

I was running my hand around and over her nipple feeling my fingers catch a bit, “That’s a different kind of paint…”

She giggled, “Not paint…liquid latex.” I was trying to look at her chest and drive at the same time. “It’s called bikini in a bottle. Won’t wash off, but just peals loose if you grab an edge.” She rolled the tip on her chest and pulled the point down a bit, making it look like she had left her top untied.

“Now that could be a LOT of fun…” I stroked the top where she had just pulled it down, then let my fingers drag back down to her nipple and play a bit.

It wasn’t too much longer and she was asleep on the console. Between the food, movement on the road, and the adrenaline wearing off she was sound asleep. We let her lay there a bit while we fondled her and chatted.

The sun was setting, the orange glow across her cheeks, I brushed a few stray strands of hair from her face and tucked them behind her ear. I cupped her chin and she snuggled against it in her sleep.

“So where do you two go from here…”


“The two of you, she graduates in a few weeks…”


“So what’s next?”

“In a perfect world?”

“Im Hmmm..”

“Kidnap her and haul her off to our own private island and ravage her for the next hundred years…” that made her laugh, “In the real world, just like I told her girlfriend. I’ll do my best to keep her with me, but I won’t force her to do anything…”

“Even if you loose her?”

“If she doesn’t want to stay she was never mine in the first place…”


“But… I really hope it does…it’s like there is a hole in my life when she’s not around. “Does that make sense?”

“Yea…” she said softly.

We drove on for a bit in silence, both of us touching my girl on the console. We were coming up on a truck stop. “Time to start getting back on my routine…I need to grab a bite and hit the sack.” She said pointing to the billboard for the truck stop.

“Go in or drive through?”

“Drive through is fine. You’ll probably want to get gas while we’re here. It gets a bit sparse for the next few hours.”

We hit the drive through, getting a dirty look from the lady in the window when she saw my girl still laid back with her nipples in the air…LOL I pulled to the pumps, grabbed my sweats since it was getting a bit cool. My girl woke up when the cold blast opening my door hit. They were chatting a bit and kept glancing my way while I was filling up.

The sun was down and it was almost dark when I pulled away from the pumps. “Pull off to the side for a minute.” The blond asked as I approached the edge of the lot. Once I stopped she turned sideways in the seat, then pulled her skirt up and over her head, leaving her legs spread a bit. Then watching me she began to peal her top down. Getting the top point loose wiggling her tits a bit as she did, then slowly pulling it down in one piece. She handed me the one she took off, holding it flat on her palm, the perfect outline of her nipple standing up in the latex.

I could only stare as she did the other, then took the first from me and laid them on the edge of the dash, the nipples standing up in perfect profile. While I was staring at her latex nipples on the dash I heard a sloshing sound. I turned to see her sliding her two middle fingers in and out of her pussy, one foot on the edge of my seat, the other pulled up to spread herself wide. After sliding them in and out several times she kneeled on the passenger seat to bring them to my mouth, giving me plenty of time to lick them clean. Then reached down and got a good grip on my achingly hard cock while she gave me a long deep kiss. She pulled back and looked me in the eye, gave me another quick peck, then crawled in the back over my girl and pulled the covers over her head.

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