It All Started Innocently Enough Ch. 02

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I could only look on in shock as she released his cock and stood slowly, unbuttoning her shirt one button at a time, her eyes never leaving his cock, which I felt start to grow in my grasp. I looked up at him where he leaned back beside me, and saw the hunger in his eyes as he watched my wife undress for him. “Suck my balls,” he commanded softly, and without pause I did as instructed, leaning down and opening wide to suck gently on his full, heavy, balls — still slick with lube and cum. The smell of our rutting, so fresh on his cock where it draped over my face, filled my nostrils as I looked past his shaft at Rita, her torso bare now, those amazing tits jutting proudly, nipples protruding like fully-ripe raspberries at their tips.

She turned then for him, reaching back to unzip her skirt slowly as she looked back over her shoulder, bending as she pushed her skirt and panties down simultaneously, stepping out of them when they touched the floor. She turned her upper body a little as she spread her legs wide, smiling back at him as her full breasts hanging down from her body while she reached between her legs to gently graze her fingertip over her glistening cunt. “I think Henry would like to make me his slut,” she purred, nodding at his cock as she spoke, which now jutted at full mast against my face. I moaned a low, deep, “mmmm hmmm,” around his balls, nodding my head a little between his legs.

I felt his hands on my head then, his voice whispering, “Enough for now, slut,” as he disengaged my lips from around his sack. He stood then, reaching down to take me by my now fully-hard cock and lead me over to where Rita now stood. He reached to her as well, grasping her by a nipple pulling us both toward him before bending to kiss my wife right in front of my face — the sight of their lips together and his tongue finding its way inside her Avrupa Yakası Escort mouth such a turn on for me.

“Suck me clean slut,” he whispered to me, pulling his lips from hers for just a moment, not even waiting to see if I’d do his bidding, knowing I would. I dropped to my knees immediately, feeling the heat radiate from my wife’s pussy against my cheek as I opened wide and took that gorgeous cock as deep as I could once again.

Feeling his hips rock slowly, just barely moving, face-fucking me at his leisure. Moaning, slobbering, sucking hard but still gently, cleaning his cock as he’d instructed. My wife’s hand reaching down to my head, pushing my mouth deeper and deeper onto him; glancing to the side to see his strong, thick black fingers deep in her cunt, rocking in and out in perfect rhythm with my mouth on him.

Hearing my wife gasp “please let me cum,” followed quickly by his murmured assent, her body rocking and jerking against his and mine as she struggled to stay upright, caught in the throes of a tremendous orgasm, her nails curling and digging into my scalp.

Reaching up to cup his balls, rolling them slowly round and round with one hand, the other sliding of its own accord around his round, hard asscheek. Knowing I was doing what I wanted when I felt him spread his legs a little, giving me access to tease his pucker. “Oh fuck yes slut yes,” he moaned above me when my finger pushed slowly inside, making me smile around the thickness of him, so happy to please him.

“Where to you want my cum,” he asked Rita, his fingers joining hers on my head, the two of them together pushing my head harder and harder onto his sweet, sweet cock. “Please, I want it in me this time,” I heard her response, just before his fingers curled into my hair and jerked my mouth off of him with a small popping sound.

“That’s Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan what I was thinking too,” he smiled down at me, before directing me to lay on my back on the bed. Moving quickly, not wanting to disappoint him, laying down and waiting for further commands from him. “Straddle his face, slut, I want him to see me stretch you,” he told her, not surprising me at all when she moved immediately as well, planting her sopping, swollen cunt over my face.

Watching him move from the view between her legs, that thick log swaying almost menacingly in front of him. Not having to be told, just reaching up as soon as he was in arm’s length and grasping his cock, guiding it to Rita’s pussy while he pushed between her shoulder blades, making her lay flat atop me. Feeling her full, heavy tits pressed into my stomach, her hot breath on my cock as I watched and felt the head push at her lips.

Her body stiffening above mine, a moaned “Oh god,” against my thigh from her as he kept pushing, not stopping until he was fully inside her, his pubic hair squashed against her ass, his balls dangling over her clit and onto my forehead.

“Lick us both,” he commanded me, making me smile as he ordered exactly what I’d been hoping. My tongue darting out to the spot just where her clit lay against his cock, watching and feeling and tasting as it sawed in and out of her. Feeling her body jerk and hearing the smack of his hand on her perfect ass, almost crying out myself when she responded to his ordered, “Get sucking bitch.”

Licking the thick, heavy vein on the underside of his shaft as he started pounding her then, trying to distract myself from her mouth on me. His thrusts driving her mouth fully onto me again and again, his balls slapping against my forehead, the three of us caught up in lust together.

My Escort Avrupa Yakası hands sliding up and around her thighs to grip his asscheeks, helping to force him harder and harder into her, his fucking making her gag a little around my cock, neither of us caring. “Oh yeah, my cunt now,” he gasped between thrusts, voicing his ownership of her and me both, causing her body to spasm and writhe over mine in yet another orgasm.

Feeling her cry out plaintively when he jerked his hips back, letting his cock fall against my lips and then driving it deep between, fucking my mouth for a few strokes before returning it to her. Back and forth, back and forth, five or six thrusts in her cunt followed by the same in my mouth, using us both for his pleasure.

My mouth clamping down on her swollen, hard little nub, sucking almost violently at her clit while I cried out, exploding hard in her mouth as I watched his cock take my wife above me. Feeling her pull off of me to gasp for breath, my cum drooling out of her mouth and onto my cock and pubes as I watched his balls tense, knowing what it meant.

A final, mighty push into her, his legs and asscheeks and balls tensing as he erupted deep within her, much deeper than I ever did or could, flooding her unprotected womb with his thick, virile seed. So much that her once-tight cunt couldn’t hold it all, watching and feeling and tasting as it seeped out around his cock, licking and swallowing all I could.

Slowly, gradually watching his cock pull back to fall wetly against my face. Not having to be told to suck him clean, just doing it out of instinct, loving the taste of he and Rita together. Likewise not having to be told to suck his cum from her pussy when he stepped back, licking and sucking and swallowing all I could reach.

Not moving, not really able to, just watching him move from behind her and then feeling him sit on the bed next to us. Hearing him pick the phone up, then a dialing a number, first a wave of confusion then one of pleasure washing over both her and I as I heard him say, “I have some friends that I think would like using you too.”

End of Part II

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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