It All Began with a Munch

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Summary: A young curious lawyer explores her lesbian submissive side

Note 1: First off, I have never been to a Munch but they do exist and can be found in most larger cities.

Note 2: Thanks to Mab7991 for editing this story that has gone through a few different plot changes before finally becoming what you are about to read. Another thanks to LaRascasse for a last second plot suggestions and editing.


Jill after the harsh break-up with her boyfriend of almost a year had sworn off men. They were just too much work, not worthy of her respect and constantly crushed her self-esteem. Being single, she began reading more online porn and the more she read the more she began to question not only her sexuality (she gravitated mostly to lesbian stories), but also what turned her on. When with her past boyfriends, just two, she never got off from sex. Her only orgasms had always been self-inflicted and although both her boyfriends were nice guys, she had always wished they were more forceful. Yet, she could never come up with the nerve to tell them exactly what she wanted.

‘Um, baby, grab my hair.’

‘Baby, tie me up.’

‘Baby call me a slut and face-fuck me.’

‘Baby, go get your friend and double penetrate me like some cheap slut.’

Strangely, each of these things had crossed her mind hundreds of times before, during and after sex and yet at twenty-five she was still just a missionary position girl who craved more…but ending always the nice girl.

When not horny, Jill was mortified by her twisted fantasies. She was a good girl. She was a feminist. She was about to graduate college in one more year with honors and a law degree. Yet, as soon as her libido kicked in, her dark side, her repressed cravings, began bubbling.

Jill became addicted to late night porn reading where strong, beautiful women were made to be sex slaves or sluts to men. After an innocent encounter with a radiant woman during research for a case, a strange new pattern emerged. Her fantasies changed from men to women. In each fantasy, she was seduced by an older woman, taught how to be a perfect slut and made into a lesbian slave. The settings changed, the seductions changed and yet the one constant was always complete submission…giving herself unconditionally mind, body and soul to a Mistress. Sometimes she was tied up, sometimes she was forced to service woman after woman, and sometimes she was treated like a puppy, but always she came harder than she ever had when she thought she was straight.

Now in her first year at a prestigious law firm, she found her stress levels were rising with the pressure to be the best and eventually become partner, a position she highly sought. The more she stressed the more she desperately felt she needed to confront the sexual cravings that were holding her back, distracting her.

Online, trying to understand her possible sexuality crisis, she ended up talking to an intriguing stranger. After admitting her curiosity and strange fantasies to the unidentified woman, or man who really knows online, the conversation shifted to advice.

MistressMichelle: Clearly u need to try it once. Either you will realize it is what you want and need, or you will get it out of your system. If you don’t you will always wonder, end up resenting the man you do SETTLE down with and live an unsatisfying sex life.

Curiousbutshy: I suppose you are right, but I can’t fathom how to go about it.

MistressMichelle: How old are you?

Curiousbutshy: 25

MistressMichelle: Hmmmm…and you have only slept with two men if I recall.

Curiousbutshy: Yes, sad, but true.

MistressMichelle: And have never experienced an orgasm from sex with a man, right?

Curiousbutshy: Sad, but true, again.

MistressMichelle: What do you do for a living?

Curiousbutshy: I am a lawyer.

MistressMichelle: Oh my, a high stress job.

Curiousbutshy: I suppose that is true.

MistressMichelle: Well, it is just a theory of mine, that the more high pressure job a woman has, the more sexual relief they will need…and…

Curiousbutshy: casino siteleri And…what???

MistressMichelle: Well, most women in high pressure jobs: lawyer, doctor, business owner, teacher and so forth…generally woman in power, tend to be the most submissive.

Curiousbutshy: Submissive?

Jill had heard the term before but never considered herself submissive. She was a go-getter and a woman who went after what she wanted…except in the bedroom she sighed to herself.

MistressMichelle: Yes, you need to be told what to do.

Curiousbutshy: I don’t think I am submissive. I like to be in control.

MistressMichelle: At work?

Curiousbutshy: Yes.

MistressMichelle: At school?

Curiousbutshy: Yes.

MistressMichelle: Your house is organized…always clean…

Curiousbutshy: I suppose…

MistressMichelle: Yes or no?

Curiousbutshy: Fine, yes.

Jill was stunned at just how accurately a stranger she had never met or talked to before today could know her so well. She was a control freak and lived a very structured life. Always awake at exactly six-thirty, always working out for an hour, a long shower, breakfast, etc…she was a woman of routine. When her routine was interrupted, she would be rattled all day.

MistressMichelle: You could be the poster girl for a submissive in denial.

Curiousbutshy: Really?

MistressMichelle: Do u have any toys?

Curiousbutshy: A vibrator.

Jill sighed. Her only toy was the one she bought at a girl’s toy party years ago and it seldom got her off like it used to. She wanted it to be longer, to go deeper; she wanted it to be wider, spread her apart. But, she never seemed to get around to buying new toys.

MistressMichelle: Get it.

Jill paused only briefly before replying.

Curiousbutshy: Um, ok…brb

Jill, already horny from the discussion, scurried to her bedroom to grab her toy.

Curiousbutshy: Back…

MistressMichelle: What r u wearing?

Curiousbutshy: Jeans and a t-shirt

Jill was lying. She was actually in a sundress and thigh high beige stockings. Her first boyfriend had a nylon fetish and even though he was long out of the picture, she still loved wearing them…they made her feel sexy…naughty. Even at school in jeans she would have the stockings on underneath, she seldom went out without wearing stockings or pantyhose. Jill loved the feel of the silk and often would wear knee-high stockings on her hands: one to masturbate with, the other to caress her big very firm and sensitive breasts.

It was actually a girlfriend of a client that first had Jill questioning the assumption that she was straight. Her name was Elizabeth and her boyfriend had been a victim of a hate crime and was in the hospital with a variety of injuries. It wasn’t life-threatening, but a broken leg and jaw was going to keep him in rehab for a while. Jill could still remember everything about Elizabeth that first brief encounter. She came in dressed in four-inch black leather open toed heels, two perfectly manicured red toenails visible. She wore a black skirt with a generous side slit that would on more than one occasion reveal she too, like Jill, was wearing thigh high stockings. Her stockings were dark beige, mocha was the color Jill would later learn, and they literally seemed to shimmer and shine. Her blouse was a simple flower print, yet it somehow showcased every curve of her ample breasts. Her hair was so blonde that it was almost white and the unique color seemed to draw even more attention to her crystal blue eyes.

Inexplicably, Jill felt flushed at the sight of this radiant woman and a spark was lit inside her…one that took root and began to grow. That night, instead of fantasizing about one of the two hunk lawyers from her firm she wanted to fuck, her fantasy was of this blonde stranger, this beautiful muse, the woman who had no idea that she had changed Jill forever.

Jill had been reading more and more lesbian porn to the point that her curiosity had become an unhealthy obsession, which slot oyna led to the online conversation she was currently having.

MistressMichelle: Get completely naked…my dear

Curiousbutshy: k?

Jill could have lied again, pretended to do as she was told, but instead she did exactly as she was told, pulled her sundress over her head, slipped off her pink thong, and took off the matching pink bra…of course, she kept her stockings on.

MistressMichelle: R u naked yet?

Curiousbutshy: Yes.

MistressMichelle: Why?

Curiousbutshy: What?

MistressMichelle: Why r u naked?

Curiousbutshy: Because u told me to

Jill thought the questioning strange.

MistressMichelle: Exactly, because u r submissive!!!

Jill gasped. Why had she done as she was told. Oddly, it just seemed natural to obey this woman and truth be told she was very horny after the hour-long conversation with this online stranger.

Curiousbutshy: Oh…

MistressMichelle: And I imagine your pussy is very wet

Jill could feel the wetness leaking slightly out of her fevered pussy, it was undeniable, although she wasn’t sure if that was because of Michelle or just her overactive libido.

MistressMichelle: Is it?

Curiousbutshy: Yes

MistressMichelle: Why?

Curiousbutshy: I have no idea.

Jill really didn’t.

MistressMichelle: I think you do. You are horny because u crave obedience. You want to let go…you want to be seen as a smart, attractive and successful woman in public, but you also have your sexual needs…your desire to let go…to be a slut…to be a…

Jill was being pulled into the web of submission without even knowing it. Her free hand was rubbing her clit as she was drawn in by the words of this complete stranger.

Curiousbutshy: What? To be a?

MistressMichelle: Slave…a submissive sex slave.

Curiousbutshy: Oh God…

Her first orgasm hit her hard at the thought of being a sex slave, something she had always wanted when with her boyfriends. It was also a constant fantasy as she got herself off, although now the Master had been replaced by a Mistress.

MistressMichelle: You fantasize about it, don’t you?

Curiousbutshy: I…sometimes…

Jill trembled as the orgasm pulsed through her. Jill was stunned at how a stranger could know her so well.

MistressMichelle: Always!!!

Curiousbutshy: Mostly

MistressMichelle: Always…say it my dear….you crave to be a slut…

Curiousbutshy: I

MistressMichelle: SAY IT

Curiousbutshy: Yes, I do…I fantasize about it all the time…

Jill finally admitted it to someone for the first time ever. Her obsession to submit to an experienced woman all she ever thought about late at night and sometimes while at work.

MistressMichelle: a lesbian slave?

Curiousbutshy: God, Yes…

Jill’s first orgasm had not even completely subsided and she was back rubbing her clit, the naughty declaration getting her revved up again like nothing she had ever experienced.

MistressMichelle: Like I said before, until you try it you will never know if it is what you fantasize or what you need

Curiousbutshy: but even if I accept your assessment of me…how do I make it a reality?

Jill desperately wanted to try it…even though it seemed unrealistic in her real world. How does someone even meet a lesbian woman, none-the-less a dominant lesbian woman?

MistressMichelle: do u live in a big city?

Curiousbutshy: yes.

MistressMichelle: Where?

Curiousbutshy: Boston

MistressMichelle: Perfect!

Curiousbutshy: How so?

MistressMichelle: Big enough to live a dual life…

Curiousbutshy: I don’t canlı casino siteleri understand.

Jill felt she already lived a dual life: a determined lawyer who would save hundreds of lives by day and a sexual deviant who was obsessed with lesbian porn at night.

MistressMichelle: First, Boston has the best lesbian bar ever…the Le Chateau Club and two, it has a monthly Munch.

Curiousbutshy: A Munch?

‘There is a lesbian bar in Boston?’ Jill thought to herself. Followed by what is a Munch?

MistressMichelle: Yes, it is a place where men and women, curious about the BDSM lifestyle meet without judgement or expectations to socialize, learn and maybe get together.

Curiousbutshy: WOW…but I am not into bondage.

Although she liked the idea of being tied up and made to be a slut, she didn’t remotely however like the idea of pain.

MistressMichelle: BDSM is not just bondage…although it can be…it is about sexual play, about submission and domination, Mistress or Master and slave. Oh sure some extremists out there will do all sorts of crazy shit, but the people at Munches are just like you…average people, with average lives who want a little KINK in their sex lives.

Curiousbutshy: Double WOW!

Michelle’s description of BDSM had Jill’s second orgasm on the rise.

MistressMichelle: if you really want to be WOW’ed, try a Munch.

Curiousbutshy: I don’t know.

MistressMichelle: it is low risk, no commitment and if you are uncomfortable you leave.

Curiousbutshy: I can’t fathom going

MistressMichelle: You need to…for your own good…find out once and for all if submission is for you, if a

girl-girl relationship is for you…

Curiousbutshy: but…

Jill knew that fantasy and reality were two very different beasts. She loved the idea of submission, as Michelle called it, yet bringing such a fantasy to reality was scary as hell to the usually in control Jill.

MistressMichelle: Is your pussy wet?

Curiousbutshy: Dripping

MistressMichelle: Well, then your body has spoken.

Curiousbutshy: I suppose…

MistressMichelle: This is no longer a negotiation. You will go to one. Is that clear?

Jill was startled by the shift in the conversation from advice to control. She was also slightly surprised by the gush of juice that squirted out of her at being told what to do. She hesitated obeying an order until Michelle repeated her question.

MistressMichelle: I ASKED, IS THAT CLEAR?

Jill’s second orgasm on the rise, the thought of obeying this stranger only enhanced the building climatic rush and there was no hesitation in her response.

Curiousbutshy: Yes.

MistressMichelle: Good…I expect you to follow through with your commitment. I expect you to be a good girl.

Being called a good girl created another gush of juice to leak out of her pussy, similar to so many stories she had read that used other endearing, yet humiliating terms like pet.

Curiousbutshy: Ok…

MistressMichelle: Ok, what?

Jill considered saying Mistress, her body screamed to call her Mistress, but she settled on a more conservative, yet still implying her submissive position.

Curiousbutshy: Ok, ma’am.

Good girl. I looked it up, the next Munch is a special formal cocktail evening on December 15th. How perfect.

Jill gasped. December 15th was in three days.

Curiousbutshy: How so?

MistressMichelle: You can dress up all pretty. Showcase your assets.

Curiousbutshy: I suppose it could.

MistressMichelle: and you will go?

Curiousbutshy: I think so.

MistressMichelle: Pardon?

Curiousbutshy: I am just a little nervous…

MistressMichelle: r u nervous when working on a case?

Curiousbutshy: No.

MistressMichelle: but u were the first time?

Curiousbutshy: Of course

MistressMichelle: Well, this is no different…

Curiousbutshy: I guess…

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