Innocent Amber Ch. 01

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Amber was your typical 19-year-old freshman in college. While having fun being out of her restrictive parents’ home and living in the dorms, she was still studious and not what you would call a “party girl”. Amber had only just broken up with her high school sweetheart (the one she’d lost her virginity to) the summer before she came to USC. She had dated a couple of guys she’d met in her classes, but wasn’t overly impressed by either. Amber shared a dorm room with a girl named Chrissy. They were polar opposites. Most people would describe Amber as a pretty, athletic, blonde girl-next-door type; her style was preppy, her music taste Top 40, and her extracurricular activities would rate PG. Chrissy, on the other hand, was the “bad girl”; dark haired and curvaceous, she liked to rock out to Modest Mouse on her CD player, was always looking incredibly hip in her thrift store clothes, and Chrissy definitely lived the party girl lifestyle. Yet strangely enough, Amber and Chrissy got along great.

One night Amber was sitting on her dorm bed studying for her English mid-term, when Chrissy came storming into the room flushed with excitement. “Hey, Amber, check this out,” Chrissy had plopped down on Amber’s bed with her laptop. “David gave me a password to one of those girlie sites he looks at.”

Amber realized Chrissy was pulling up a pornographic website. “I don’t know if I want to see this. You know I’m not into porno. It’s embarrassing…and degrading towards women!”

“Save it for your women studies class. Wow… this is really cool. It’s a fetish site. All chicks. Check her out!”

Amber was red in the face as she looked at the image on the screen. A very voluptuous brunette wearing nothing but a pushed up plaid skirt was straddling a wooden school chair with her large breasts propped on the back. Her large brown nipples were pierced with a set of steel barbells that forced her tits to stay erect. She looked as if she were serving them to the viewer. Amber’s eyes scrolled down the screen to the flower tattoo on the model’s stomach, and she only hesitated another second before she let her eyes go all the way down. Amber was shocked! The sexy model had no hair on her puss except for a small strip right above her clit. Her full puffy lips were completely exposed and were spread by her position on the chair, puffy and pink, glistening bursa escort like it was wet. Then Amber realized it wasn’t only the moisture that glistened on her pussy, but also the little diamond piercing on her clit.

Before Amber fully had a chance to let the image sink in, Chrissy had already started scrolling through some of the other porn models. The images consisted of all sorts of women, poses, and fetishes: some wore stockings and lingerie; others wore black vinyl corsets, while most wore nothing at all. Amber was particularly fascinated by an image of one petite Asian woman bounded by an intricately tied white rope, her breasts bulging purple from the constriction of the restraints. Amber became uncomfortably aware that her own nipples had gone erect, and that her pink cotton panties were soaking wet. Amber shifted and noticed the slight musty aroma of her arousal had become noticeable. Squeezing her legs together, she hoped her roommate wouldn’t notice.

Chrissy startled Amber out of her thoughts by bounding off of the bed with the laptop. “I’m taking off. Dave and I are headed out to the Thirsty Ox,” Chrissy tossed Amber a small smirk, “but I’ll leave this here in case you want to look at it some more.” She placed it on Amber’s desk.

“Hardly,” Amber replied primly, “I’ve got to study for this exam. Besides, I’ve had my fill for a lifetime!” Chrissy just shrugged, grabbed her purse, and left.

Amber tried to get back to her studies. She always got straight A’s, and her GPA was very important to her, but as much as she tried she just couldn’t stop thinking about those pictures. “Well, I might as well take one more look, and then I’ll be able to get back to my studies.”

Amber had seen very few naked women in her life. She was an only child in a conservative family, and couldn’t remember a single time she’d ever seen her mother naked. Amber had always changed in the bathroom stalls during gym class, had changed into her PJs under bedcovers during slumber parties, and always kept her back turned whenever Chrissy changed clothes in their dorm room. The one time she’d ever seen a naked photo of a woman that wasn’t in National Geographic was when she was 11 years old and had found a stack of girlie magazines in her father’s home office. He’d found her before she had even gotten through the first Hustler, bursa escort bayan and gave her the worst spanking of her life. She never did that again.

But the women on this site were different. They didn’t look like glossy plastic dolls like in the Hustler magazine. Most of these girls had tattoos, piercings, or both. They looked kind of like her roommate Chrissy, or a couple of her classmates: alternative but very sexy. Sitting in front of the computer screen, Amber scrolled through the pictures of the girls, looking at the ones that most appealed to her. Some were petite, others were curvy, but all so sexy! Amber landed on the first girl that Chrissy had shown her. She became aware of how flushed and hot her whole body felt.

The air in the dorm room felt stuffy, so Amber opened a window, and than stripped down to her pink camisole undershirt and matching cotton panties. The feel of the cool air on her nipples made them harder, if possible. Unlike the porn model on the website, Amber had B-cup breasts with large pink nipples. They stick out about an inch when erect. Perfect for sucking, she was told by her ex-boyfriend.

Amber reached up under her camisole, and pinched her own nipple. She gasped when she felt her pussy clench in response. Amber eagerly began to pinch both of her nipples, moaning at the sensations that began to make her pussy throb. She started squirming in her seat, and came up with a great idea.

Amber turned her chair around like the model had done, got out of the last of her underclothes, and straddled the chair from behind, forcing her pussy lips to spread wide. Amber rested her tits on the back of the chair and continued to pinch her inch long swollen pink nipples while stealing glances at the computer screen. After a couple of minutes of playing with her titties Amber got really restless. All of the squirming she was doing in her chair was not helping her relieve the tension; it was only making her more frustrated!

Amber wasn’t really sure what to do. Her Christian mother had taught her that masturbation was a dirty sin, and Amber had always been too embarrassed to try it in the past. Yet, looking at the picture of the hot model, with her huge pierced tits, and wet spread pussy, Amber was too turned on to resist.

Tentatively, Amber began to slide her right hand escort bursa down her chest, across her tight stomach, and hesitated for only a second before she sunk her forefinger between her wet pussy lips. It slid right in. Amber’s hips jerked in reaction and she quickly removed her finger. Amber had never felt so sensitive down there, or so wet. Not even with her high school sweetheart, and they’d had sex a whole 5 times! She brought her finger up to her nose and smelled the erotic scent of her own musky pussy. Inadvertently, she let out another moan. Her pussy was throbbing so hard now, and without realizing it Amber kept rocking her hips in her chair. Feeling even more daring, and a little dirty, Amber brought her finger to her mouth, and sucked on it to get every drop. The salty-sweet taste on her pink tongue caused another gush of juice to leek out of her pussy onto her seat.

Feeling like there was no turning back, Amber slid her finger out of her pouty mouth and sunk it back between her pussy lips. She couldn’t believe how wet she was! Amber began sliding her finger along her wet slit, getting more and more excited. Without meaning to, her hips jerked causing her to sink her finger deep into her pussy hole. It was too much. Bucking on the chair, moaning louder than she realized, Amber began to ride her own finger. But by this point her pussy was so wet, and one finger wasn’t going to be enough. Amber instinctively put two more fingers into her slick hole, and with her other hand she reached up and pinched her left nipple hard. Amber was pounding her own pussy, out of control in ecstasy, never having felt such incredible feelings before. Her fingers slid in and out of her pussy at a jackhammer rate. She was aggressively plucking both of her tits, and felt on the verge of something intense. What, she didn’t know.

Then it happened.

Opening her eyes, Amber saw the hot model staring at her from the screen while she fucked her own pussy on her roommate’s chair. The idea of being watched while she committed this dirty deed so turned Amber on that with a final gush of pussy juice Amber had her first orgasm. Shrieking with shock and pleasure, Amber bucked against her hand out of control. After a minute the contractions in her sore pussy began to subside, and her heartbeat returned to a normal pace.

Recovered, Amber got out of the chair to grab a towel; she needed to wipe up all of her cum off of the chair. Quickly putting herself and the room to rights, feeling a bit shamed but still flush with excitement, Amber closed the laptop and hit the books.

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