Incident at Blue Creek Convent

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Melissa Wallace from Richmond, Virginia was awakened by the sound of a rooster announcing daybreak outside of the window at the inn she had checked into the night before in the wilds of the former Louisiana Purchase. It was easily the furthest west that she had ever traveled before in her twenty years of life. Further still to the west, the California Gold Rush was in full swing.

The previous four days were a blur of train, boat and carriage rides that had combined to ferry Melissa halfway across the continent. Her ultimate destination, Blue Creek Convent, was still another four-hour carriage ride away. The Order had foot the bill for her trip thus far and Blue Creek was sending their own personal carriage at noon to pick her up for the final leg of her journey.

The convent was run by a non-denominational religious sect that went by the name of ‘The Order of the Just’ (or just ‘The Order’ for short) which preached above all else: “Service to others ahead of self.” Melissa had first been introduced to their philosophy of volunteerism only a few months earlier when, still at nineteen, she was approached one day on the streets of her hometown by two elderly nuns representing The Order on a mission to seek out new converts. And after hearing them out, Melissa was so smitten with the idea of devoting her life to such a worthwhile cause that, despite the fact that she was already engaged to be wed to a man she was sure would make a fine husband, she instead decided to join The Order as a nun herself, almost purely on a whim.

Overjoyed at the news, one of the elderly nuns had then gone on to explain that, “You’ll be required to live in one of our convents until the age of thirty. It’s felt that those of you younger than that need to be sequestered away from members of the opposite sex until that time so as not to be tempted by carnal desires.”

The other elderly nun then said, “Our would-be priests are required to live in our seminaries until the age of thirty as well. Obviously, any and all forms of sexual activity are strictly prohibited for those of us in the Clergy. And that will apply to also you once you’ve take your vows as a nun-in-training.”

“And something else too,” the one elderly nun added. “We require that all of our potential nuns-in-training must still be a virgin at the time of her appointment to a convent. And there’s even a test which will be administered to you first off by the Mother Superior just to make sure. You won’t be able to take your vows otherwise. And I’m sure you can guess what that test will entail.”

Already up to speed by then, “My hymen,” Melissa replied. “She’ll be checking to see if it’s still intact.”

“Precisely,” the other elderly nun said. “And I trust that yours still is? You’re quite a lovely young woman after all. Certainly the boys around here have taken note of that fact.”

As indeed they had. Melissa was almost six feet tall, skinny, leggy and possessed a heart-shaped face that everyone agreed was very pretty. And it was framed by an equally attractive wavy mane of strawberry-blonde hair that hung down almost to the small of her back. Below which Melissa’s bum was formed as pert as humanly possible though shaped proportionate to the rest of her athletic-looking body. Not so around front however in respect to her bust which was clearly Melissa’s most impressive physical attribute. Seemingly in defiance of the rest of her body, the long-legged strawberry-blond stunner was blessed with breasts the size of large ripened melons. But perhaps even more impressive was the way that they were perched nice and high upon Melissa’s upper torso. And perhaps most impressive of all was the way that they were naturally shaped far more orb-like than not given their advanced amount of mass. Nor could even the billowy tops and dresses which Melissa preferred to wear in public completely hide the fact that underneath (as her fiancé would often let her know) her boobs were truly a work of art in terms of size, shape and structure all. She could even sometimes get away with not wearing a bra under certain outfits due to just how self-supporting they were despite also rounding themselves into rather large spheres of flesh. Such as on the day in question in fact, clearly unbeknownst to the two elderly nuns standing right in front of her.

None of the above Melissa ever dwelled on or felt vain about in the least. Quite the opposite in fact. She was almost always embarrassed at the amount of attention that her looks would sometimes garner her. Which she later supposed might have been the reason she had been so eager to join The Order as a nun-in-training in the first place. That was, to prove to everyone (and maybe even also herself) that she was more than just a pretty face with lovely hair, great legs, a nice perky ass and certainly one of the best pair of tits in all of Richmond.

And in answer to the question that had just been asked of her, “I was saving myself for marriage,” Melissa truthfully replied. casino oyna “So you need not worry about me passing that certain test you just mentioned. I assure you that my future Mother Superior will find that my hymen is still very much intact.”

And with that it was settled. Within days, Melissa received in the mail a sealed scroll informing her that she had been assigned to live at Blue Creek, The Order’s westernmost convent, under the watchful eye of a woman named Mother Superior Tabitha. Then she broke the news of which to everyone she knew including her fiancé who took things in stride by claiming that she was simply going through a phase which would soon be passing. But everyone else she knew however, especially her parents, were exceedingly thrilled at her decision to dedicate her life to such a noble cause.

Then a couple of weeks week later, having since turned twenty, Melissa boarded a train that would start her long journey westward. And all of her friends and family had met with her one last time on the platform to see her off. Save for her former fiancé that is. Nor did Melissa miss his presence in the least. If he was going to be pretty about things, so be it she decided. She had since moved on.

Four days later and several hours after the rooster had awakened her that morning, Melissa was standing outside the inn besides the two suitcases holding everything that she had brought along with her from Richmond waiting for the carriage sent from Blue Creek Convent. There roughly one hundred miles west of the Mighty Mississippi, the road that the inn was built besides cut a line from east to west through a landscape of forested hills in all directions with a few of the trees in that expanse just starting to show off their fall colors. And the early autumn day was warm but thankfully not hot given Melissa’s attire.

She had dressed herself that morning in the nicest outfit that she had brought along with her on her trip. In addition to the sturdy black boots on her feet, she wore a red and black, multi-layered, long-sleeved dress which hung down all the way to ground and featured an ornate collar up at it’s neckline. The kindly old woman who was working at the inn’s front desk that morning had zipped up it’s around-back zipper for her at Melissa’s request. But not until she had clad herself first in a matching pair of full-coverage, white-cotton bra and panties. Her sometimes love for getting away with being able to go sans-bra aside, it just didn’t seem appropriate to Melissa the thought of arriving at a convent full of Sisters for any reason whatsoever while not wearing respectable undergarments.

And speaking of propriety, she had first thing that morning taken a pair of scissors to her collection of downstairs-hair in anticipation of the certain test that she would be given later that afternoon. It just didn’t seem right to her either the thought of allowing for Mother Tabitha to check on her hymen while not being properly groomed down there. So she had snipped herself as neat and trim as she could manage in that respect and was thus left with only a little oval-shaped patch of hair down there just barely still thick enough to show that she was a true strawberry-blond through and through.

Shortly then a two-horse carriage appeared on the road from the west with a blond obviously in her twenties wearing a traditional nun’s habit at the reigns. And once the rig got closer, Melissa could make out a crest painted on the carriage door bearing the letters ‘BCC’ surrounded by a ring of laurels. And once the rig got closer still, she could see that the blond was exceedingly pretty.

The blond then guided the rig up to Melissa and introduced herself as Sister Allison. Then the carriage door opened and another exceedingly pretty habit-wearing young woman obviously in her twenties, but one with light-brown hair instead, stepped out, gave Melissa a welcoming hug and introduced herself as Sister Paulette.

Although a bit confused at first, “Oh I think I get it,” Melissa eventually realized. “The one of you drove the carriage here from the convent while the other will be driving us back.”

Having since alit from her perch up front, Sister Allison then gave Melissa a welcoming hug of her own and replied, “Only because it’s such a long ride back and forth. Not that we’re either complaining however. We both volunteered for this trip.”

From where she was already moving to help Melissa with her suitcases, “She’s right,” Sister Paulette added. “Although all of us who live there love Blue Creek with all our hearts, it’s still nice to get out for a ride every once in a while.”

Soon Melissa’s luggage was stored away, the horses were given feed and water, a few provisions for the ride back to Blue Creek were purchased from the inn and Sister Paulette took the reigns as Melissa and Sister Allison climbed into the carriage and took their seats facing each other. Then with a start they were off and once the surrounding vista slot oyna of hills and trees was set in motion outside of the carriage windows…

“Blue Creek was originally built as a fort some decades ago now by the Army,” Sister Allison informed Melissa. “Then it was purchased by The Order and turned into a convent once the Army decided to move their forces further west into the wilderness. And we raise our own livestock within it’s walls and farm a good patch of land on the outside too so we can remain as self-sufficient as possible. Just be forewarned there’s always plenty of work that needs to be done but we all pitch in and do our part so it’s really not as bad as it might seem. And there’s also a specific reason that all of us, you now included, are assigned to live at Blue Creek instead to any of the other few convents run by The Order. Care to guess what that reason might be?”

“Not sure,” Melissa admitted. “All I know is that Blue Creek is supposedly The Order’s most remote convent. But the letter I received didn’t say why I was assigned to live there specifically.”

“Here’s a clue for you,” Sister Allison replied. “What do you, me and Sister Paulette all have in common?”

With a laugh, “I really don’t know,” Melissa replied. “I’ve only just met you both.”

“Think superficially,” Sister Allison replied back. “Didn’t anything stand out to you once you got your first look at us?”

After thinking things over for a bit, “Nothing really,” Melissa decided. “I mean aside from the fact that you’re both really pretty.”

With a smile, “Just like you are too,” Sister Allison replied. “Got it yet?”

It took her few seconds but, “Oh!” Melissa exclaimed. “I think maybe I do. The Order seems intent on making sure that members of their Clergy remain true to their vows of celibacy. It’s the reason we’re all sequestered away in convents and monasteries until the age of thirty. But as for us nuns-in-training who-“

“Those of us The Order deems to be the cream of the crop in terms of our looks are seen as high risk for succumbing to our carnal desires,” Sister Allison interrupted. “We’re the ones most likely to be hit on by any men we might come into contact with after all.”

“I see,” Melissa replied. “So best to keep us all sequestered away in some faraway place in the middle of nowhere. And a former fort all the way out here west of the Mississippi River fits that bill just fine.”

“Exactly,” Sister Allison said. “The nuns who recruited you must have made note of your physical appearance when passing on the news of your conversion to their higher-ups within The Order. So now you know the reason you’ll be joining the fifteen of us nuns-in-training already living at Blue Creek instead of being sent someplace else.”

After letting that all sink in, Melissa was sure that she might have felt hesitant under different circumstances about the prospect of living with fifteen other attractive females. After all, she knew how some who fit that bill could be vapid if not downright narcissistic at times. But she didn’t feel she had anything to worry about in that respect at Blue Creek. Just for one thing, it didn’t seem to her like any mean-girl-type would agree to live somewhere where service to others above self was the guiding principle. And besides, both Sisters Allison and Paulette had turned out to be just as nice and personable as they were attractive so Melissa was sure that the same would apply also to other thirteen girls she would soon be meeting.

“But what about your Mother Superior?” Melissa asked. “Mother Tabitha. She must be a woman over thirty I’m certain so The Order shouldn’t care whether or not she happens to be attractive too, right?”

With a smirk, “But who better to lead Blue Creek than someone who used to live there herself as a nun-in-training?” Sister Allison replied. “And I don’t even care that we just celebrated her forty-first birthday last month. I still say that she’s the best-looking of us all currently living at Blue Creek.”

Which surprised Melissa to the point that Sister Allison saw it written on her face and, in response, opened the carriage window and called out, “Sister Paulette! Who would you say is the best looking of all of us living at the convent?!”

To which Melissa heard Sister Paulette call back in reply, “No contest! Mother Tabitha!”

Then after shutting the window again, “Crazy huh?” Sister Allison said. “And she’s a good leader too. We all like her a lot. Just be forewarned that she’ll be somewhat stern with you today. That’s just how she is with all of us nuns-in-training at first. Don’t worry though. Once she gets to know you and can see that you’re serious about staying true to this commitment you’ve made, she’ll come around and let you see that she’s really a sweet person deep down.”

“I’ll try my best to get on her good side today then,” Melissa decided. “Best to make a good first impression seeing how she’ll be my direct supervisor for the next ten canlı casino siteleri years if everything goes as planned.”

“Exactly,” Sister Allison replied. “Just don’t let her demeanor fool you. Yes she’s a buttoned-up-type who does everything by the book. But I and a few others happen to know that she’s willing to bend a rule or two every here and there. As long as there’s something in it for her of course.”

Although a bit embarrassed to do so, “And what about that certain test she’ll be giving me today?” Melissa asked. “It’s really no big deal, right?”

“Oh heavens no!” Sister Allison replied. “It doesn’t hurt or anything like that. She just needs to take a peek inside of your you-know-where to make sure that your you-know-what is still there. It’s over and done with in like five seconds flat.”

Genuinely relieved, “That’s good then,” Melissa said. “And after that I’ll be able to take my vows?”

“There’s actually a little ceremony we have planned for that part,” Sister Allison replied. “But it’s supposed to be a surprise so my lips are sealed about the details.”

Figuring that she would be finding out whatever it was within a matter of hours anyway, Melissa instead encouraged Sister Allison to explain more about the day-to-day goings on at Blue Creek, including what would be expected of her once she was a full-fledged nun-in-training herself. Then after regaling Sister Allison with stories surrounding her upbringing in Richmond, Sister Allison did likewise surrounding her upbringing in Philadelphia and before Melissa knew it…

“There it is just up ahead,” Sister Allison said with a nod at the window. “Blue Creek Convent.”

And it’s former life as a fort was plain for Melissa to see. Situated just to the east of the decent-sized creek from which the convent drew it’s name, a wooden palisade roughly six feet tall surrounded maybe a full acre’s worth of pre-cleared land. Inside of which the main building was a two-story-tall, rectangle-shaped stone-and-mortar structure featuring very few outside-facing widows with a peaked thatch roof. The rest of the area inside of those walls Melissa knew already was used for the raising of the convent’s livestock. And outside those walls and on the other side of the creek was the small patch of farmland, then recently reaped of it’s bounty, which Sister Allison had previously mentioned also.

The entrance to Blue Creek was guarded by a wrought-iron gate featuring a representation of the convent’s crest. It was opened somehow from within just before Sister Paulette guided the rig through the former fort’s outer perimeter. Then Melissa saw through the carriage window that all of Blue Creek’s other thirteen nuns-in-training were gathered there together awaiting her arrival.

Clad in the same traditional habits being worn also by Sisters Allison and Paulette, the other thirteen were also all obviously in their twenties and, sure enough, they were each quite attractive in their own unique ways as well. In addition to all being blessed with faces which were either very pretty if not downright beautiful, they ranged in height from one who appeared to be only about five-foot-even to another who may have even been a true six-footer. Some were brunettes, some were blonds, at least two were redheads and Melissa even spotted a fellow strawberry-blond among their number. All were either built just as overall slender as she was too or shaped more curvy in all the right places instead, if not somewhere in between those two extremes. But the specifics aside, Melissa could see how they each would be seen as highly desirable to especially members of the opposite sex.

‘Perhaps it is smart thinking after all on behalf of The Order to sequester us all so far away from civilization,’ Melissa thought to herself. ‘Any eligible bachelor who knew of this place would be apt to scale the walls just to have the chance to speak with anyone living here I suppose.’

What followed then after Melissa alit from the carriage was a blur of hugs and introductions from all of her soon-to-be fellow nuns-in-training. And just as she had hoped for but also already expected, they all seemed just as nice and friendly as Sisters Allison and Paulette. So even before she had committed everyone else’s names to memory also, Melissa was sure that she had just made fifteen new best friends.

Two of the Sisters who’s names she had already forgotten then took it upon themselves to haul away Melissa’s luggage as the rest inquired as a group about the details surrounding her trip westward from Virginia. So she indulged them all with a couple of humorous antidotes from her voyage before one of the Sisters spoke up and said, “Best not to keep Mother Tabitha waiting much longer. She’s in her office getting together the paperwork you’ll need to sign to make everything official. We sent word to her when we saw the carriage coming so she knows you’re here by now.”

And it went unsaid between them all that the Mother Superior would soon also be performing that certain test on Melissa. But she at least took solace in the knowledge that all the rest of them too had once been checked out like that themselves upon joining Blue Creek.

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