In the Cellar

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In my late 30s I found a bath club in Toronto called the cellar. It is not the poshest place around but the action there was always pretty hot. On entering the place you had a choice of getting a room or a locker. The lockers were near the front of the building as were the few showers. Some right in the shower room others in the hallway beside it. Also near the front was a movie room which showed porn 24- 7 with about a dozen chairs and a large TV screen showing the movie. There were also a couple of saunas both of which were quite small with room for only a few men in each.

The rooms like a lot of these places were sparse with only locker and a bed. Running front to back of the space there were 3 corridors. One along each wall and one down the middle. There were also 2 cross corridors and an area near the front one of these was set up with a few cubicles with no doors on them but glory holes between them and the ones through the thin walls. Although it was not bright anywhere in the cellar there was enough light up in this area to see some guys blowing others through the glory holes from time to time.

As in most bath houses those who had rooms could either close the door and have privacy or leave them ajar to see who was wandering by. If they were interested they could wave the person in or shake their head no if they were not. Sometimes though not often there were men there who would leave the door open while they were playing with Etiler Escort each other providing a view for whoever happened by and sometimes more than just 2 would be going at it in the rooms.

The back hall of the space was a dark room and I do mean dark. The only light in it came from the dim lights in the front to back halls and if you were in the middle of either of the two spaces away from the halls it was virtually pitch black. It was back here that most of the action seemed to occur whenever I was there.

It was not at all unusual in this back hall to stand leaning up against the wall as others walked slowly past. Many would put their hand out and give you a gentle grope on the way by and if they liked what they felt they may stay and start playing. It was also common that once someone started to play in there others would gather round and join in with the fun.

One of the first times I went there after having spent about half an hour looking around and realizing that sucking and fucking were going on in this back hallway I got up the nerve to go in there and leaned against the wall waiting to see what would transpire.

I couldn’t see it but I could hear that beside me a few feet away someone was getting sucked off and that by itself was enough to get me hard. In a few minutes I felt a hand touch my arm as someone walked down the hall and as he got closer he ran his hand down my arm to my hip and Escort Etiler then across the front of my groin feeling my hard cock through the towel I still had wrapped around my waist. With no idea who it was I just stayed there as he started playing with me and then I undid the towel and removed it hanging it around my neck. As he felt my naked skin he quickly took my cock in hand and started stroking it softly with one hand while playing with my balls with his other. Using his hand to guide me he turned me so I was facing down the hall instead of across it and explained that it was easier for others to get by that way. After he said that to me I felt his mouth on my tit as he sucked and bit on the nipple while continuing his stroking of my cock.

While this was happening I felt another hand touch my back and then start running up and down over my body. As the second man realized I had nothing on below my waist he started playing with my ass and then he reached around only to find someone already holding my cock. I expected him to move off at that point but instead he crowded in close to me and hugged me from behind running his hands over my body from shoulder to just below my ass and back. I reached back to discover he had also removed his towel and I could handle his cock pressed into my hip. The man in front of me dropped down to his knees or squatted, I don’t know which but I felt the wonderful warmth and wetness of his Etiler Escort Bayan mouth engulf my cock.

As he started sucking me the man behind me started running his hand up and down the crack of my ass and I spread my legs to give him better access. The slurping and moaning of the man sucking on me must have alerted him to the fact that I was being blown and he used one hand to play with and pinch my nipple as he worked the other ever closer to my asshole. I was in heaven at that moment. And when the man behind me actually found my hole and started to gently finger me from behind I started to moan. I thrust back and forth a few inches and on each forward thrust my cock buried in the mouth of the man sucking me and on each backwards movement the finger in my ass went in deeper and deeper.

As I was getting near my climax the man fingering my ass started reaching my prostate and the feeling was electric. I was being serviced by 2 complete strangers one swallowing my cock while the other pinched my nipple and fingered my ass and in just a few moments I started having one of the best orgasms of my life. The sucker shoved my cock deep in his mouth when he felt it start pulsing and thee man behind me whispered he could feel my ass clenching as I came. In a few seconds I was drained and pulled out of the sucker’s mouth because the head of my cock was now super sensitive to the point that it was almost painful. While I got my breathing back under control the man behind me took his finger out of my ass and I gave them both thanks then walked a bit unsteadily away. I went back to the showers and cleaned up and then after getting dressed climbed the stairs out of the club and headed home for a good night’s sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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