In-flight Relaxtion

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It had started innocently enough. Angela had somehow managed to end up in the window seat next to Richard & Joanna. They were, married in their early thirties, Angela was single and in her late twenties. Being a four hour plane trip Angela was forever shifting around on her seat, no doubt she thought, disturbing Joanna next to her. She was right, she was disturbing Joanna.

Joanna leaned over to her and whispered to her “Do you find long flights unsettling as I do?”

Startled because she was starting to drift off to sleep Angela turned to Joanna and replied

“Yes. I’m the sort of person who can’t sit still for very long. I wish I could though”.

“I know of a way. Rather simple really.” said Joanna.

“Oh? Do tell. I’ll gladly do anything to settle down”

“Anything?” said Joanna as she raised an eyebrow


Leaning across Joanna whispered into Angela’s ear “Then come into the toilet with me and let me help you relax”

A smile spread across her face as she heard Joanna’s words, nearly leaping out of her seat Angela rushed Joanna out of hers as they both headed to the tiny cubicle, Joanna stopping to give her husband a soft kiss as he watched them, then shaking his head, knowing what was about to happen because Joanna had told him earlier how much she wanted Angela as soon as she set eyes on her.

Slipping into the tiny cubicle before Joanna, Angela closed the door behind her without locking it as Joanna waited casino oyna a few moments outside so as to not arouse suspicion, then when no one was looking she slipped into the tiny cubicle and quickly shut the door … sitting on the small toilet in front of her was Angela, her skirt pulled up above her waist, her panties on the floor … and her finger slowly moving in and out of her pussy as she motioned Joanna closer.

Getting down on her knees in front of her, Joanna reached out and took Angela’s finger from her pussy and gently sucked her finger clean, then replaced Angela’s finger with her own as she gently slid a finger in and out of Angela’s pussy. Finger fucking her slowly as Angela’s pussy became more responsive and she could feel Angela’s juices on her finger, juices she just had to taste. Moving closer on her knees and lowering her head between Angela’s legs … Joanna’s tongue reached out and gently stroked up and down Angela’s slit … sending a wave of pleasure crashing through Angela … making her nearly cum that instant. Teasingly Joanna pulls her tongue away and slides a second finger into her … feeling Angela tighten her pussy around Joanna’s fingers as Joanna herself reaches down between her legs, pulling her skirt up and slipping her own fingers into her panties and rubbing her pussy.

Looking down and watching Joanna doing all those wonderful things too her, Angela lets out soft quiet moans as she squirms against Joanna’s hand. Opening her slot oyna blouse and sliding her hand in and rubbing her breasts … watching as Joanna’s hand travels beneath her skirt, wishing that was her hand so she can return the favor for what Joanna is doing for her.

Lowering her face between Angela’s legs again and tonguing Angela’s pussy harder, wanting to send her young lover into ecstasy as she pulls her fingers from Angela’s pussy and spreads her lips … pressing her tongue into her and hearing her let out a soft moan as Joanna’s other fingers slip in and out of her own pussy … driving her to her own edge of ecstasy.

Slowly running her fingers through Joanna’s hair as Angela fights to keep her moans quiet … pulling Joanna’s face closer to her body … feeling her tongue slip in and out of her pussy as she pushes against her face … gasping and biting her lip as her entire body quivers as the wave of pleasure her washes over her body and sends her into ecstasy … making her explode into a powerful orgasm as Joanna’s tongue works to reap the benefits of it’s work … Joanna herself stiffeling her moans as she drives herself over the edge and into her own powerful orgasm as her pussy explodes around her hand.

Looking up at Angela … they smile at each other. Joanna stands up and gives Angela a soft kiss … letting her taste her own juices on Joanna’s lips then letting Angela lick her hand clean of Joanna’s juices. Whispering to her Angela

“You canlı casino siteleri stay here and compose yourself hun. I’ll meat you back at the seats”

Smiling at her as she manages to whisper a “Thank you” as Joanna disappears out the door of the small cubicle. Angela sits there while she comes down from her high before she gets dressed and heads back to her seat.

Closing the door and leaving Angela behind her, Joanna ducks back to her seat and her husband. Giving him a long kiss and letting him share in the taste of Angela as he welcomes her back.

“I’d like to ask her if she can join us when we get off the plane. Do you mind hun?”

“Jo sweetie, you’re asking a man if he’d turn down the company of two very beautiful young ladies.”

Joanne laughs softly, “Yeah. Silly question I guess. Here she comes, I’ll ask her.”

As she lets Angela squeeze past her to get to her seat, Joanna gently pinches Angela on the ass. “Welcome back sweetie”

“You have a wonderful relaxation technique you know” Angela tells Joanna as she flashes her a cheeky grin

“Well hun, if you’d like, I could show you another technique when we get off this plane, but I need Richards help with it”

Looking over at Richard as Angela reply’s “Really? Well I like the sound of this technique too.”

“Oh then it will be our pleasure sweetie” replies Joanna giving her a soft kiss, “now get some rest. I’ll wake you when we’re getting ready to land”

Shifting in her seat to get comfortable … her eyes slowly closing … a smile spreading across her face “Thank you” replies Angela as she slips off to sleep and the wonderful thought of the not so distant future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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