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Imagine that you and I have met, and we are returning to my room while you are in Dallas. I can feel the nervous excitement ripple through me as I wait for you to unlock the door. I enter and you are just a few steps behind. As I turn to you, my little black dress swirling around my thighs, I watch as you gently close the door.

My eyes begin to sparkle as you walk towards me, and my breath quickens as you draw near. Your scent wafts towards me with your movements, and I breathe you in deep, loving the pure male smell of your aroused flesh. We’ve flirted around each other all evening, dancing a timeless dance and feeling the flames of sexual desire licking at us, heightening our awareness of each other.

I meet you in front of the enormous bed, and press my body into yours. You take my hand in yours, and then slowly begin to slide it up my arm. I feel the prickles of electric excitement run through me as a small moan escapes my lips at the feel of your touch…and as your mouth closes over mine, I moan in utter abandon at the sweet taste of your kiss. I feel my nipples harden and press through the sheer material of my dress. As we kiss, you slide the straps off of my shoulders and work czech couples porno your way down my neck, kissing, nibbling, and gently nipping at the tender flesh until you have me squirming with desire.

I feel your hand as it presses into the round fullness of my breast, and I gasp at the tingling pleasurable pressure of your thumb as it strokes my sensitive nipple. I feel your arms go around me, sliding the zipper of my dress down and the cool air of the room greets my naked back. I shudder with pleasure as your fingers graze over my sensitive skin. I step back from you, and look straight into your eyes. Unashamed, I slide the dress down my body and it falls to the floor. I stand in front of you, thighs slightly spread, and you can see that I’m aroused already, the dark moist spot where my black panties delve between my legs a dead give away.

I walk to you then, still in my heels and panties, and slide your shirt off your body. I pause to kiss the warm skin that my hands have been itching, aching to touch. I nibble my way down your neck and chest, pausing to lick your nipples and graze my teeth over them. Loving the small shudders I see passing through you. czech estrogenolit porno I take your hand, guiding you to the bank of glass that lines the wall, and slide open the door. We step out on to the balcony and and the lights of the city blink all around us.

I press into you again, kissing you with the pent up desire and need that I feel. Showing you without words, just how much and how badly I want you. You gasp as you feel my hands have glided their way down your body and found the button of your jeans. Slowly, teasingly, I free you…pulling your pant and boxers down in one swift movement I feel your hardness as it presses into me, and I moan my approval at the magnificence pressed against me.

I can’t hide my hunger for you. My kiss becomes more demanding as my hand wraps around you and begins to gently, teasingly stroke you. I love the velvety hot feel of your hard cock as it slides between my fingers. I whisper, “I’ve got to taste you,” as I drop to my knees in front of you. My eyes meet yours as I slide the tip of your cock over my full lips. I feel the sticky wetness of your precum, and you watch as I lick it from my lips, moaning at the czech experiment porno taste of you. “Mmmmmm, so good….I want more,” I say as My lips part and you watch as your cock slowly sinks into my waiting, eager mouth.

I moan with pure and primal lust as the weight of your cock settles on my tongue. I can’t help myself, and swirl my tongue around the head as you sink even deeper. My hand gently cups you, stroking as I begin to slide you over my tongue. I swirl around you, teasing the sensitive head and loving the drops of precum that fall onto my tongue…I begin to moan and you watch me as with each passing minute, my hunger for you only grows. My pace quickens and I begin to stroke you faster and faster, sucking and licking, my hand and head pumping together on your cock, desperate for your cum. I feel your head hit the back of my throat, and I moan again as I feel you sliding deeper. My throat hums around you and contracts, and I feel you grow harder, your balls drawing up, reading to shoot that thick, steamy, ropy cum down my throat. “Mmmmmmm, that’s it…cum for me Jared!” With those words uttered my efforts double…hands flying over your cock, mouth sucking harder. My cheeks hallow and I moan as I feel the head of your cock expand on my tongue…and as your first delicious jet of cum erupts into my mouth…I hear you moan and your hands wrapped in my hair pull me more onto your cock…”That’s it baby…suck it!” You moan…as over and over again your hot cum spills into my mouth and down my throat…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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