I Was His Girl For The Summer

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This is a purely fictional story. If you are offended by gay stories, you should not read the story.


I remember it well; it is edged in my mind forever. It was the summer of 1974 and my parents planned for the family to spend a month at the beach. I asked them if I could invite Sergio and they said it was fine. When we got to the beach house, the attic had been converted into a bedroom and my parents told me that we could room there.

Sergio was two years older than me. He was a good looking kid. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, and olive color skin. He was strong for his age, well fit. I still looked like a kid, not a lot of muscles, skinny. My hair was lighter brown and I am white as can be. The contrast was wonderful.

We spend the first week enjoying the sun and welcoming all the families settling in the neighboring houses. There we some beautiful girls and they would always end up talking to Sergio and having a good time. I would hang on his coattail, because I was still shy and not very grown-up, so Sergio would always take center stage.

At night we would talk of this and that girl, and discuss how pretty or nice she was. To my surprise, Sergio asked me one of those nights in our second week there if I had ever masturbated. I had done it before and told him so. He said that he wanted to jack-off and ask me if I minded if he did it. I said it didn’t bother me and that if he wanted to, we could do it together. That night we jacked-off talking about Karen and Trish next door. It was intense and we both came fantasizing about the girls.

We did it the next two nights and again, our orgasms were intense. That third night, we were getting more daring and threw the covers off the bed, so there we were with our dicks in plain view. I had seen Sergio in his tight bathing suit, but haven’t paid close attention! When I saw his dick that night, it was strange. I felt excited and had one of my most intense orgasms ever. His cock was uncut, not big, maybe only 5 inches soft, but very thick, about 4 inches in diameter, and it curved to the right. It was very different from mine. My dick was circumcised, about 4 inches long and straight. His cock was brown and the head a deep brown/purple color. Mine, on the other hand, was milky white and my crown deep red/purple color.

We kept jacking-off talking out loud to each other about what we wanted to do to Karen and Trish. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off his cock. The more I looked at it, the more gorgeous I thought it was. And then I said something that changed my life forever! I told Sergio that we should masturbate each other. Sergio stopped! He didn’t say a word for what I thought was an eternity. I was afraid! Maybe he was pissed!

Instead, after a few seconds, he said to do it. I was ecstatic. I moved to his bed and laid next to him. Awkwardly, we grabbed each other’s cock, our arms on each other’s tummy, and that night made each other cum. I was mesmerized when I saw his cum shot up and some of it landed on my arm. He told me he was sorry and I told him not to worry about it. We grabbed our dirty t-shirts and cleaned ourselves. We didn’t say anything else that night and I moved back to Taksim Escort my bed. He went to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about his cock. It was tender to the touch, but hard as a rock. The skin felt smooth, but I could feel every engorged vein that traveled up his shaft. My white hand wrapped around his gorgeous dark cock. I kept visualizing how the skin covered his bulbous and swollen head and then how it would flow back down his shaft. The movement was superfluous. The rhythm was so natural for me. I loved it! I had to do it again!

The next day nothing was said between us about the night before. And that night, we did it again. This time I looked at Sergio’s face and could see that he was enjoying it as much as I was. The next day, we said nothing. It was like nothing had happened. We hung with Karen and Trish at the beach all day. They were fun to be with and we had a blast. But it was then that I made a decision and it was because I was jealous of the girls.

That night when Sergio and I initiated our normal routine of masturbating each other, I told him that it was uncomfortable to do it lying parallel to each other. So I positioned myself with my head at his feet, the 69 position. I grabbed his cock and started the up/down motion. When his cock got hard, it was only inches away from my face. I was staring straight at it and suddenly I moved and kissed the tip tenderly. I tasted his pre-cum on my lips and it wasn’t bad. I don’t think Sergio noticed. But he definitely did when I put the thing in my mouth. Again I thought he would kill me, but instead I heard a moan of pleasure from his mouth and that motivated me to try harder. What a feeling! His thick cock filled my mouth!

I just started going at it. Sucking him like there was no tomorrow. My hand was moving up and down, wrapped around the bottom of his shaft, in perfect harmony with my mouth. He didn’t last long! In about five minutes, I felt him crunch and he shot his first spurt in my mouth. I was more surprised than anything else. Obviously, I had never experienced the taste and texture before. But it wasn’t bad. And because I didn’t want him to stop, I let him totally cum in my mouth and I swallowed all his jism. He was exhausted. Earlier he had stopped jerking me off. The feeling for him was so intense that he could not concentrate on me and that was OK. My decision earlier had been that I would give Sergio more pleasure than any of the girls he had ever known. I wanted then to be his best girl! I was to be his slut; a whore for him! I would pleasure him to the maximum and take him places that he had never been. I was to be his from that moment forward. Nobody else could take my place. I wanted his cock all to my slutty self and that was my decision.

So when I finished sucking him that night, I moved back to my bed and jerked myself off. He asked me if I wanted him to do it and I told him that he didn’t have to, that all I wanted was to give him all the pleasure he could take. That all I wanted was to be his pleasure toy. He understood.

There was only a little more than two weeks left and I wanted to give him more. The next night I was sucking him again. I Taksim Escort Bayan licked his shaft, sucked his head, deep-throat him and licked his shaft cleaned and started all over again. I sucked his balls and under them, between his balls and anus. He loved it! He couldn’t stop moaning. Then I stuck my tongue in his butthole and ate him for a few minutes. He was squirming and I felt so powerful. I was such a naughty slut! And then I came back to his cock. I sucked and pushed until his cock was all the way down my throat. He told me that it felt incredible, that he was going to come soon. So I started contracting and squeezing my throat and he exploded! Spurt after spurt went down my throat. It was amazing! He couldn’t get enough of it, so I did it again 10 minutes later.

We would never talk about any of this between us. It was as if it were an untouchable subject. But I knew Sergio was having a great time and that he loved everything I was doing to him at night.

And then it happened. He knew it was coming. He was expecting it, but it had to come from me. That night, sucking him as usual, I stopped for an instant and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said yes without any hesitation. I told him to wait a moment and I went downstairs to get suntan oil. I knew we needed something for him to slide in. After eating his ass for the past week, I knew it was impossible for him to penetrate me without any lubrication.

After coming back to the room, I got on his bed, next to him, and slowly started spreading lotion all over his thick, meaty cock. He was in heaven. Then I told him to spread lotion in my man-pussy. I turned around and he let lotion dripped on the crack of my ass. He started massaging my cheeks and crack and then he separated my cheeks and poured lotion in my butthole. It felt divine! It was so sensual. I was boiling hot! He began to massage my button with his middle finger, slowly. I was in heat and moaning like a madman. Luckily, nobody in the house could hear us. Then he pushed his finger in and began the in/out motion. I was moving with him, meeting his finger motion in the opposite direction. I can never forget that first feeling. He stopped and asked me if I was ready. I asked him if the position we were in was fine and he told me that I better get on all fours. I did.

I felt his cock at the entrance of my anus and I was scared. I didn’t know what I was going to feel. He entered me slowly. My sphincter was tense and I wouldn’t let him in. He didn’t say anything. He just kept pushing and suddenly burst through the ring. I had tears in my eyes. The pain was tremendous. I didn’t think I could take it. He was way too thick. He was ripping me apart, but he kept pushing. He stopped suddenly. The pain disappeared for a second, and then he started pushing again. He was moaning too and he told me that I was so tight! I told him to hold on, to please be gentle with me. He did and pulled out all the way to my sphincter. That felt amazing! Then quickly he pushed back in and this time his whole six inches or so where all the way to my bowels. Oooooh! I remember how painful and how good it felt at the same time. And he just fucked Escort Taksim me with abandon until he came in my ass. I felt his cock convulsed in my colon and I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had ‘til then. IT WAS GREAT! FULL ECSTACY!!!!

I was so happy that Sergio was enjoying me every night, and that I was giving him so much pleasure. I felt like the best girl in the world. I was his slut, his sex toy. I loved it. Every night until our last, he fucked me every which way and after he would finish, I would lick and suck his cock clean. He would fuck me two or three times a night. We were always so tire the next day!

The second night that Sergio fucked me was extraordinary. We were lying in bed together and I was massaging his cock, kissing his nipples and chest. Interesting enough, we had never french-kissed. His cock was so hard, it felt like a steel rod and I told him not to move. I poured lotion all over his beautiful cock and then lubricated my ass. I stood up over him and squatted down, holding his rigid pole in my hand and guided it to my tight pussy. Slowly, I descended on his cock until it was all the way in. I started riding him like a cow-girl. I was riding that bull and I was not going to fall. I was facing him and Sergio looked like he was gone with pleasure. His cock felt huge in my dark canal. Suddenly, I felt an intense orgasm and ejaculated all over his stomach and chest. My spurts were so powerful that one hit him in the face. I saw it and my reaction was to crouch down and start cleaning him up of my own cum. And then I got to the jism on his face and I licked it clean. It was then that I met his lips and started kissing him; and he responded. Our tongues playing in our mouths. I offered him my cum, which was still in my mouth. It felt so wonderful to kiss him. I was in love with him. I felt like such a beautiful girl. Pleasuring my lover and giving him my most intimate secrets.

That night was wonderful, but my favorite fuck was that same night. I was exhausted after that first fuck and fell asleep. About an hour later, I woke up having a wonderful feeling in my ass. Sergio was playing with my asshole. He was sticking his index finger in my love canal and pressuring my prostate (we had no idea about this then but it felt great). I started moaning like a bitch in heat. And then he stopped. I was sad. But he grabbed my ankles, lifted my legs and spread them wide. I felt so exposed, so open. And he positioned his cock to my entrance. He started to penetrate me and I swear that his cock felt bigger and thicker than ever before. Without saying a word, he started pounding me with all his might and all I could do was moan like crazy. He then rested my legs against his shoulder and pushed forward, ripping me apart. I could feel his balls hitting my butt crack. He lasted about 10 minutes and it was the greatest fuck he ever gave me. I loved him! I was his bitch now and nobody could take that away!

The funny part about those last two weeks at the beach was that my mom was always complaining about the suntan lotion being spent so fast. She was always asking who had the lotion and why it was being used so fast. She never found out why, and Sergio and I never got caught on our little fucking secret.

Anyway, that summer was the beginning of my life as a slut and for the next year or so, Sergio kept on fucking me almost twice daily. He always told me that I was the best fuck he ever had. I was so happy about that!!!!!!!

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