I Want You Ch. 02

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It was only 7 o’clock on Friday night Jasmine was already exhausted from working behind the front counter at the restaurant all night.

She entered the kitchen with two orders in her hand. As she made her way across the kitchen towards the cooks she saw him and momentarily froze. Rowan had hated her since the moment she started working at the restaurant a year ago. She thought he was hot but she couldn’t stand him because he was so up himself that none of his co-workers liked him at all on the other hand they all liked Jasmine. Oh shit. Why me? Jasmine thought irritably, biting her lower lip hard nearly drawing blood.

She nervously approached him and clipped up the orders, as he was occupied with making salads already. “Two garden salads, one with no dressing.” Inwardly she prayed anxiously that he wouldn’t say anything to her- not one night went by without at least a dozen sexual comments from Rowan. She had thought about complaining several times but didn’t have any proof and anyway she could handle whatever he threw at her. She turned and started to make her way back across the kitchen and to the front counter.

“Nice ass!” Rowan called out at her retreating back. She turned around and glared at him.

“You’re an arsehole” she spat at him before she stormed out of the kitchen.

Jasmine spent the majority of the night alternating between serving customers at the front counter and desperately avoiding Rowan when she could.

Later that night, Rowan was mopping the floor in the kitchen, when Jasmine suddenly slipped and fell as she entered the kitchen. Seeing this Rowan quickly walked over to her, bent down and whispered tecavüz porno in her ear “You know…if I wanted you on your knees I would’ve just asked.”

She hurriedly got to her feet, blushing deeply and faced him with a look of pure loathing on her face “Oh my God. You are unbelievable.” Ignoring the waves of hatred emanating from Jasmine he called out to her “You know you want me…” he smirked. Jasmine fought the urge to slap Rowan’s smirking face, instead she turned her back on him and angrily stalked out of the room without a backwards glance.

She fumed inwardly at Rowan’s comments and his smirking. What the FUCK is wrong with him???

Stupid smirking prick. I would never do anything with him.


It was Saturday night. Unfortunately, for Jasmine, Rowan was always working when she was. However, she was determined to tell the boss what Rowan was up to but she needed proof- a witness.

Her plan for the night was to stay within seeing and hearing distance of other workers whenever she thought Rowan might do or say something to her and because Jasmine was well liked by her co-workers it wouldn’t be too hard for her to ask any of them to come with her and act as a witness when she complained about Rowan’s behaviour towards her. She was hoping he would get fired, but she knew that Rowan would just be made to work on another night when she wasn’t working because that’s what happened the last time Rowan harassed a girl who worked there. The boss was a really nice guy who liked to help out troubled teens. Unknown to Jasmine and everyone else, the only reason the boss went easy on Rowan travesti porno was because he knew Rowan was acting out because he had it tough at home – he needed to help pay the bills as his dad wasn’t on the scene and his mum was really sick- so he needed the job at the restaurant.

It didn’t take Rowan long to start his harassment of Jasmine. As soon as Jasmine entered from the back door of the restaurant Rowan slowly looked her up and down, smirking “Finally, the entertainment’s here.”

“You’re a pig!” she shot at him angrily, storming past him.

Later that night, Jasmine was in the coolroom getting herself a glass of water from the water cooler when Rowan joined her in the coolroom. He approached Jasmine quietly, but Jasmine heard his footsteps and turned to leave when she suddenly came face to face with Rowan.

“Miss me?” Rowan cocked his head to one side and smirked.

“Surprisingly, no.” Jasmine responded dryly. She instantly felt very nervous and began to inch towards

the door.

“Where do you think you ‘re going?” he roughly grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

“What does it look like? I’m leaving” she replied as she frantically tried to free her wrist.

“I don’t think so” Rowan replied, firmly pushing her up against the hard wall of the coolroom.

“What are you doing?” Jasmine asked glaring at him angrily, her heart suddenly going into overdrive

as her cheeks flushed pink.

“Whatever I want.” Rowan quickly cupped her face and brought his mouth down on hers.

From the second his mouth smothered hers, she melted against him. Her pulse tumblr porno quickened, her knees buckled and every inch of her body cried out for his touch and the potential pleasure he could give her. Oh my god she thought frantically what am I doing? Her arms wound around his neck and his arms trapped her between his hard muscular body and the wall as the kiss deepened and intensified.

He could feel her nipples hardening against him through her shirt and just couldn’t help himself. He cupped her

breasts through her shirt, his touch searing through the thin white cotton. His thumbs stroked the delicate centres and they immediately hardened in response. She felt herself getting wet as his throbbing hardness pressed against her thigh. He then quickly unbuttoned her shirt, then his lips were against her neck scorching the tender flesh making her temporarily light-headed. She felt him unbuttoning her shirt and then his hands were at her back undoing her bra. Her strapless bra fell to the floor, as his hot mouth enveloped her nipples alternatively and he suckled them until they swelled and throbbed under the touch of his skilful tongue.

He suddenly pulled away and violently crushed his mouth against hers, bruising her soft lips as he thrust his tongue into her mouth with unrestrained desire, as their bodies entwined- his arms trapping her against him as she clung to him with her arms wrapped around his neck .

After a few minutes Rowan tore his lips away from hers breathing raggedly.

Jasmine just looked at him blankly as she quickly untangled herself from his embrace. She wrapped her arms around herself. “What’s wrong?” he asked her. “It’s cold in here” she said, then quickly gathered her clothes and got dressed.

“Where are you …?” Rowan asked.

“I’m leaving.” Jasmine replied as she did up the last button on her shirt, then she walked over to the door and exited the coolroom.

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