I Want Candy

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Chris paused outside his suite door. “Yeah! It was a good day. I’ll call you tomorrow, but I promised Lynn I’d be home early tonight.”

Mark snickered. “Don’t be too loud tonight. Remember, my headboard’s just on the other side of yours. I can hear every thing you do to her!”

Chris blushed a little, but his wicked grin told the story. “Not my fault, man. She’s the loud one, not me!” He unlocked the room door and headed inside.

“Lynn!” He didn’t see her right away, so he naturally bellowed for her. Then he saw the note on the table.

“Want some candy, little boy?” An arrow was drawn, pointing towards the bedroom. Chris’s grin spread wider. Poor Mark. Maybe he should change rooms.

He started loosening his tie and shirt as he moved towards the door with a panther’s grace. As he opened it, he stopped, suddenly forgetting to breathe.

Lynn lay on the bed, wearing an open cup bra, a garter belt, stockings and nothing else. She gazed at him wantonly. “Hi,” she purred.

Chris found his voice again. “G’day.” He was grinning like the cat that ate the canary, Lynn thought. Hmm, she’d be happy to chirp for him if he liked. She eyed him like a prize bull. That nice bulge that was starting just south of his belt was a good sign.

“Want some candy?” she breathed, as she produced a cherry lollipop with a large round head.

Chris’s eyes glazed over. “I’d love a lollie.”

“I dunno,” she nibbled her bottom lip as if thinking. “I’m not sure I wanna share it.” She rolled the red ball over her bottom lip, and let the tip of her tongue come out to tap it wetly. Chris’s bulge grew more.

“Baby, if you didn’t want to share it, why’d you show me?” His voice was low and faintly hoarse. Funny how a lack of blood to the head could cause that.

She smiled broadly. “Because I like to tease.”

She thrust the lollipop in her mouth, then drew it back out slowly, rubbing her lips over it again, and coloring them with the bright red sweet. “Mmm, this is so goooood,” she drawled sexily. She slowly pumped the candy in and out of those wet red lips, and Chris canlı bahis şirketleri moaned aloud.

“That’s not fair,” he started to protest, but he stopped as she moved the wet candy to rub each hard nipple.

“Mmm, hard and wet and warm, just how I like it,” she purred. She circled each hard nipple, bringing them more erect, and making them as red as her lips. When the candy would start to dry, she’d lick and suck it some more.

Chris finished unbuttoning his shirt and struggled out of it. His motor control wasn’t functioning correctly. He reached down to undo his belt and his pants. His tongue moistened dry lips, and he wished he had a drink. Lynn continued her show.

“Oh Chris, this candy’s so good. It’s too bad I can’t share it.” She was streaking the candy down her belly now, playing with her navel. He groaned as she pumped the now smaller head in and out of the little indentation.

His pants dropped to the floor, and he kicked them away. His cock was hard and bulging from his underwear. He rubbed himself through the cotton, and grinned when he got her attention.

“Oh, look at that. Another lollipop! But I have to finish the one I’ve started first.” She sucked again on the candy, prompting him to bring out his engorged member. He stroked in rhythm with her sucking, their eyes never leaving each other. When he finally had to close his eyes with the pleasure for a second, Lynn brought the candy back down her stomach.

“Oh Chris, you’ve making me so hungry.” She stroked the candy over the clean shaven lips of her pussy. Its juices were flowing as much as her mouth’s. Chris gasped aloud. His pumping increased. She rolled the candy around her swollen clit, then dipped it into her very wet chasm. She stroked it in time with him for a few seconds, then drew it out and sucked her own juice off it. “God, Chris, that tastes so good.” He was nearly growling now, watching her, and when she went back to dip it in again, she looked back at him.

“You can have a taste now, if you still want it.”

Chris pounced on her like a lion on a kill. His canlı kaçak iddaa mouth plundered hers, licking and biting the candy off her lips and tongue. His hands squeezed her breasts, pinching hard at the ruby nipples. As soon as he’d kissed all the candy from her mouth, he turned to them with a vengeance. His tongue curled around each hard nub, sucking hard enough to make her squeal with the painful pleasure, then he bit, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to make her buck against him, and he laughed, low in his throat.

“Think you can tease me like that and not pay for it?” He bit her again. “Oh no, my love.”

His mouth followed the sugary trail down her belly, and his tongue delved into her ticklish belly button until she was screaming. Then he dove lower.

He forced his tongue up into her wet cavern, sucking the cherry flavored juices there. He mimicked the rhythm she’d set earlier, and she was writhing with the need to cum. “Please Chris,” she moaned, but his soft laugh told her he had other thoughts in mind. He flipped her over roughly, pulling her ass into the air in front of him.

“Wouldn’t want to accidentally lick that hard clit, would I now?” he growled in way of explanation. His mouth was pressed against her opening in an obscene kiss as his tongue probed her wetness as far as he could. His nose was pressing against her ass, and when she wriggled her hips, he clamped down harder on her with his hands. “Oh no, love, no using me to get off. Not yet.” His deep voice, vibrating against her, nearly achieved what he was trying to avoid, but he stopped talking just in time. Lynn was panting now, chanting a constantly litany of his name and the word please, but he ignored her.

When he suddenly moved lower and sucked her clit into his mouth, she screamed before she could bury her head in the pillow. She came instantly, soaking him with more wetness as he sucked and worried the sensitive bud.

When he kneeled up behind her and slapped his truncheon against her ass, she barely knew his voice as he growled, “I’m gonna fuck you now like you’ve canlı kaçak bahis never been fucked before. I’m gonna make it hard for you to sit for a goddamned week.” He slammed into her, forcing his over-full cock through her still convulsing muscles with a single blow, then he was true to his word. He fucked her hard and rough, holding her hips with his big hands tight enough to leave bruises on her snow-white skin. His pelvis hit her buttocks hard enough with each stroke to make it feel like a spanking on top of a fucking.

She screamed his name and he grabbed a handful of her long hair. He yanked her head back, bringing his face forward to hoarsely say, “Is this what you want? Is this what you were looking for?” She moaned a yes yes yes and he laughed as he let go of her hair to yank her hips back against him harder. “I’m gonna shove my cock so far up you, you’ll taste it when I cum.” He seemed to be trying to do just that as she climaxed herself, her muscles milking him even more, and he suddenly roared and came into her, cock forced as hard into her as he could make it, so she felt every twitch, every spurt of him. Then he collapsed onto her back, driving her into the soft pillows.

They lay that way for a while, and she could feel how exhausted he was by how limp his body was. His cock was softening slowly, occasionally giving another jerk that she knew was another spurt of his seed. His sweat coated her, and his mouth blindly found her neck to kiss and lick her sweat from her. When he finally rolled off, she frantically moved to nestle against his warmth as he drew her in.

“God.” His voice rumbled out of him into the silence.

She chuckled weakly.

“Lynn, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

She laughed louder then. “Glad you liked it. I’ve been planning for a few days.”

He looked down at her, love and lust and knowledge in those sea blue eyes. “How do you always know what I want? What I need?”

She smiled and blushed a little. “You’re my other half. I know what I want, and I know we’re there to provide for one another’s needs.”

Chris looked puzzled. “You mean…” his voice trailed off.

“I mean, I wanted you to ride me hard and put me up wet, and many thanks, Cowboy.” Chris’s laughter was the last thing Mark heard as he locked the door behind him. He was definitely changing rooms.

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