Hypnotize Me

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I have this fantasy about this chic I met (I know, I know… just bear with me) but I really don’t have it all worked out yet. I’ll tell what I have so far. It’s not all that sexual, but hopefully it will be…

See, she’s really attractive to me. She’s about 5’6, dark brown skin, a beautiful smile, kinda thick and smart as hell. I am most attracted to her unbossed, baddest bitch attitude. I think it’s the most attractive part of her whole personality. She’s seemingly always in command of herself and everything in her life. I want to upend that hold. I’m into mind control. Anyhoo, I don’t have much about the fantasy but here it is.

I want to hypnotize her so that she’ll become my sex slave and do whatever I ask without question. I want her to totally submit to me but at the same time still be the ‘in control’ bad ass woman she is in every other part of her life. So, this is how I do it. One day while I’m talking with her at lunch (we eat together about 3 times a week) and we’re talking about our lives, men, friends and whatnot I decide to test my hypnotizing skills out a bit. She has no idea I’ve been setting her up for this for a while. I usually ask her to look me in the eyes when she speaks to me b/c I am more comfortable having direct eye-to-eye contact. She understands this request and usually gives me her whole focus as we speak. Her eyes are always on mine. I am turned on by the idea that she trusts me that much. Also, I have been practicing to calm my voice so that it will automatically soothe her when she listens to me. It’s important that the person is comforted with your voice and trusts you. She is and does.

So I have her attention at this lunch see….. and begin by telling her about an erotic adventure I had with the new man in my life so that she will have to listen to me for a while. I’m so turned on b/c we are in the cafeteria but no one is really looking at us. We are at a small table in the back corner. She’s listening intently and I begin to use all the ‘comfort phrases’ I’ve been reading about. She’s listening and it seems to be working. I could see that she was actually relaxing a bit. So, I keep interjecting the ‘comfort phrases’ during the conversation and I see her body relaxing even more. My hypnotic techniques seem to be working and as I’m watching her I’m getting more excited by this.


The first test is to ask her a couple of questions to see if she responds to the cues in the question.

“Are you feeling all right?” I ask.

“Yes” she says without a pause.

“Good, would you like me to continue?” I ask.

“Yes” she says.

“Yes, please” I correct her and she immediately repeats my words. This is a good sign that she wants to please me and can follow directions. Just illegal bahis the thought of her submission to me makes me wet. I can feel the heat between my thighs as I consider the possibilities of this type of mental control over this very beautiful woman.

I can’t lose track so I continue with the conversation. She has her eyes on me the entire time and nods or speaks when it is appropriate. To the casual eye we would appear to be two girlfriends having lunch together and sharing stories about our lives. But I know better and realize that this is the beginning of an exciting experience with her.

After our lunch is over I ask her a couple of questions so that I could establish a few more conversational cues that will let her relax more in my presence. The cues along with the comfort phrases will allow her to be completely relaxed the next time we speak.

“Girl, I really enjoy talking with you. Do you enjoy our lunch conversations?” I ask.

“Yes. You always make me feel at ease and I enjoy our conversations.” Okay, that’s a good sign. I like that she enjoys our time together.

“I’m surprised that you can tolerate my deep voice. Most people I speak with for long periods of time are usually irritated because they have to listen so closely because my voice can become very low.” Yes, I’m setting her up to say she likes my voice.

“Girl, I love your voice,” she falls right into my plan. “It is so calming and I’m always at ease when I speak to you.”

“Wow! That’s great! Maybe I’ll call you tonight and we can continue this conversation over the phone. Would you like that?”

“Yes, I would,” she answered.

“Yes please?” I ask and she responds with a somewhat softly spoken, apologetic “Yes, please.”

“Okay, what time is good for you?”

“Anytime you’re available I will make sure I’m available.” Damn, I like her willingness to please me. This was easier than I thought.

“Well, I’ll call you at 8:30 this evening. Be sure to have everything done so that we can talk without interruptions. Okay?”

“Okay, no problem.”


I look at my watch and notice that we are bout 20 minutes late returning from the one-hour lunch break. It’s a good thing that neither one of us is held to the clock. We both begin to gather our lunch leftovers. We head to the trash bins and deposit our remnants. Once that’s done we both turn to look at each other. I was the first to speak and told her that I would talk to her later and hoped she’d have a good rest of the day. For some strange reason she reached out as if to hug me but it came off really uncomfortable. We’d never hugged before after lunch but I’m sure our first hypnotizing session had her feeling a bit confused about how she felt about me. So I illegal bahis siteleri just grabbed her around her shoulders and gave her a quick friendly hug to make her feel better about her attempt. She looked embarrassed as she said good-bye and walked away. I was pleased with our progress and couldn’t wait for our conversation later this evening. I would definitely take this whole hypnotic experiment a step further.


I can’t believe it’s 8:25 already. I have to search for my palm pilot and find her phone number. Should I call the cell or the home phone? I think the cell will work best because I surely don’t want one of her kids, or god forbid her husband, to answer the phone. Okay, here goes.

After two rings I feel relief because she answered the phone. “Hey girl, I’ve been waiting for you to call. Look at you calling right on time, too. ” She was so chipper that it almost took me by surprise.

“How are you doing, girl. You sound so happy. Are you busy?” I ask.

“Hell to da naw,” she responds. We both cracked up at the Whitney Houston reference.

“I’ve been waiting on you to call. I’m not doing much of anything. My kids are asleep and Fredo is working late tonight. He won’t be home until after 11, thank goodness. What about you?”

“No, I’m not busy at all. I’m home alone. My friend, Stanley, just left for the evening. He’s a good guy but his company can be quite boring after a while. I fed him and pushed him out of the door. Poor Stanley! He tried to get some tonight but I wasn’t in the mood. He’s a freak after he’s had a good meal. I really had to use brute force to get him out the door.”

I can hear her laughter on the other end and this makes me smile harder. The conversation just flows after this. We begin to talk about everything under the sun… our families, our men, the job and the people at work. We both laugh hard when the conversation turns to our coworkers, Bonita and Thalia. Everyone in the office knows that Bonita has a serious crush on Thalia and there is an office pool as to when she’ll finally get some. That should be something else. I bet in the office pool that it would happen before the year’s end and she bet on it happening within the next two months. This had us both laughing so hard because we knew that Thalia was very interested and planned on getting Bonita between the sheets very soon.

“So, who else has a major crush in the office?” she asked me.

“I’m not sure. We all know that Andre worships the ground that Tasha walks on and I’m sure she knows it, too. If I had to choose two people in the office to secretly hook up that we may not know of it would probably be Monica and Vince. I’ve seen them hanging around the water cooler sharing stories and giggling all the canlı bahis siteleri time.”

We both laughed at the thought of them together. “He’ll probably turn her out with his freaky ass,” she says. I have to agree with that but I’m sure she would be game to find out how freaky he really is. She seems like the ‘interested’ type.

After a few laughs at the company folk, we were quiet for a few minutes. I knew her mind was wondering, but I wasn’t sure what exactly she was wondering about. Now that we’re relaxed with each other, I begin to insert my comfort phrases. This should help the conversation move a little more in my direction.

“Are you listening to music? I ask her.

“Yes, I have the new Anita playing. Girl, I keep it on repeat. I love that CD. “

“I love it too. Her voice is so beautiful.” I add.

“It reminds me of your voice,” she says. I’m so happy that she made that connection and my cheeks are hurting from all the smiling I’m doing. “That’s why I’m listening to her right now…because she makes me think of you,” she added softly.

I can’t believe she’s telling me this. I am literally stunned. “Oh really?” I ask.

“Yes really. I love your voice because you always make me feel at ease when I’m talking to you. I like a lot of things about you.” she confesses. “I like you mind and your confidence. There is nothing more attractive than an intelligent and confident sista. I like the attention you give me when we’re at work. I appreciate your honesty with me. I like that you trust me with personal information about your life. You make me feel comfortable in your presence. I also like the fact that you want to be with me. I mean really be with me. I can tell that you’re attracted to me and that makes me so wet.”

Now my mouth is wide open. I really can’t believe all that she’s saying to me. I have been scheming to hypnotize her all this time and obviously there was no need for it. She seems to be interested in me without being hypnotized. I really like her honesty. I still want to control her mind, but the fact that she’s so interested in me makes me want to keep her talking. I’ll accept whatever she’s willing to give me now. Maybe we can start our friendship over on a different level where we can still be good girlfriends but with extra privileges. I like extra privileges. We can sneak away during our lunches and get a room at the Marriott downtown. Maybe once or twice a week we can have ‘special’ lunch breaks. If we’re careful, then we can…….”

“Hello? HELLO!!” I hear her scream at me. The soft treble of her laughter follows her screaming hello in my ear.

“Oh, my bad. Damn, I don’t know where my mind was.” I stammer out.

“I’m sure,” she purrs in her sexiest voice. “I bet I know where your mind was and I think I like it right there.”

Oooo, I felt a tingle in my belly. Her voice became so soft and deep that I felt the vibration between my legs. Damn, am I the one who’s hypnotized?


…to be continued?

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