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I am a 64 year old married white male and as many of us come to realize, it is common for us to almost naturally develop ‘Bucket List’ things we might try or explore with no intention of making them permanent.

Hypnosis is like that to me, specifically erotic hypnosis. I have offered hypnosis to others at a parlor trick level, but had not been able to be hypnotized because of a lack of a ’tist to offer the service.

Recently I met Phil, a man that does hypnotism, including erotic hypnosis. As acquaintances, we understood our common curiosity and playful view of hypnosis. When he asked me what I would like to be hypnotized to do, I immediately offered that I’d like to me put under and then talked into an erection and a hands-free orgasm. Not only did Phil say he had done this before, he offered to try it with me if I wanted. I wanted. We decided to meet the next afternoon when he was off and his condo would very quite. I went over and when he ushered me in, it was about as calming as those folks that do massages in an almost worshipful environment. I was almost immediately at ease. We talked for just a few minutes and Phil suggested that he explain how he would try to do this before we actually began.

Phil said that I would sit in his ‘space chair’, an easy chair with many angles silently adjustable by remote control that he would hold. I would be nude as erections and ejaculations were key to this working. he would tape my wrists to the arms of the chair, not to restrict me, but so that I could know that I had not touched myself and subconsciously ‘cheated’. Phil went on to say that this process could take from one to three sixty minute sessions. He recommended that we plan for all three and if an early session was successful, we would use remaining sessions to build on our success. Phil asked if I had any other questions, but I did not.

As I got nude, Phil placed a large beach towel on the ‘space chair’, turned the music and lighting even lower, and turned the thermostat warmer.

I am far from massively endowed, and by habit, when I get nude I almost subconsciously rearrange my penis and pull on İstanbul Escort it to straighten it out and stretch the skin that pants seem to crumple up and compress. I then sat down, almost more like laid down, in the chair. Phil approached me and placed a sort of paper tape around my wrists very loosely. I was not restrained, but if I moved my hands very much at all, it would clearly tear the paper tape. This is part of proving the hands-free orgasm.

Phil sat to my side and began a hushed drone of relaxing mantra of relaxing phrases. I progressively fell out of remembering …

Later, I realized that I was alert and my first thought was that the project had failed. Gradually, I became aware of the relaxed state that was part of post-orgasmic glow. Even more, I realized a cool, moist sensation and when I looked down at my belly, there was, indeed about a tablespoon-full of semen. I had actually cum.

Reflexively, I moved my hands and actually felt the paper tape tear, so I knew that I had actually experienced a hands-free orgasm!

When I told Phil that I was so glad to have actually reached a bucket-list goal, he shared with me that I had actually ALMOST reached my goal, not actually reached it.

“What do you mean almost?” I asked.

Phil answered, “Well, this process usually takes three or even four times before it is truly hands-free.” He went on to say “Usually, the ’tist has to embed physical signals and stimuli to associate with the words the ’tist uses during the trance.” After a short pause … “I actually touched you to enable the arousal and the ejaculation.”

Phil allowed that to sink in and then continued “I actually massaged your penis and balls to get you to a firm erection. and then I concentrated on the trance words that you will now relate to getting hard. I am very confident that I can bring you to erection solely with words. That will be the main goal of the next session – if you decide to continue.”

My mind was reeling. I had a dozen thoughts at the same moment. “I guess I thought this would work on the first try. I really wasn’t thinking about İstanbul Escort Bayan three or four sessions…”

We continued with back and forth chatter, but in the end, I agreed to return the next morning for session two.

I was not sure how to feel about session one. The part I remembered before and right after the trance were fine, I was just unsure about the part where Phil had aroused me manually.

The next morning proceeded much as the first session. I was equally afraid to ask about any more touching, but afraid to lose the good feelings of the previous session.

I took my clothes off and sat in the space chair once more. Phil adjusted the lights, the music, and took his place in his chair.

His mantra-like taize-style invocation began calling the trance over me. As I was so acquainted, I easily slipped into trance. Time, time, time changed. Passed. Time.

I don’t know when I regained positive awareness of the present. But I did. I assessed myself and felt like I was back to normal. In my collections, I realized that I was feeling the post-ejaculation glow and simultaneously looked down and saw the pool of ejaculate. Mine. Pooling around my navel. Again.

Like the last session, I asked Phil to talk about the session. I told him I wondered about the ‘hands-free’ nature of the session.

Phil offereed “I understand your concern, but part of hypnosis is to associate one feeling or situation with another. Then, we eventually substitute a new set of circumstances or situations with an old set of circumstances or situations with a new outcome or result.” He went on “like a smoker, for example, we walk through a set of events and instead of lighting up, we reach for gum. In your case, we change the old preceding steps and substitute the new steps for the same old outcome.”

I rebutted, “But you having to touch me is not really hands-free, is it?”

“No, but I touched you much less this time, almost not at all. I think youare almost ready for truly, completely hands-free.”

I came back, “you mean I may be all hands-free next time?”

Phil, Escort İstanbul paused and said “most likely, but if it takes two or even three more sessions, I am sure you can make it. I think you are ready for the ‘Final phase’. Let’s do another session and plan on success. Okay?”

I wanted to make true ‘hands-free’, but I also was less and less comfortable with the recent events. I am not gay, I am not bi-, although I am also way far less anti-gay than I used to be, I still was not 100% comfortable with the sessions.

The next day we scheduled a third session a few days later. I arrived, we chatted, and I knew the drill, so I stripped and, nude as the day I was born, sat in the chair. Phil attached the paper tape and took his seat about 9 or 10 feet away. This time, though, he took out handcuffs and cuffed himself to his chair. He flipped me the key, it landed between my knees. I realized that his time, he would not touch me.

Phil watched as I looked at the key and realized its meaning. He knew that I understood. He nodded and began the trance inducing talk.

I have never been on the trance receiving end of things before this series of sessions. Now, I was, though, and NO amount of hypnotizing others can truly prepare you for this.

When the trance was closing, I began the familiar review of my body, and again, I felt the pool of semen on my belly. Immediately alert, I felt my taped hands and saw Phil holding his cuffed hands at his seat. I had done it. I had gone hands-free! My cock still dripped into the base of the pool with substantial splattering around my stomach and chest – this had been a good physical release with a matching internal release that I was not remembering, but was aware had happened to some degree.

Phil said “We can do more if you want. Think about it. The next steps might be to implant a trigger that you can associate with some object, like a book, and when you touch, here, or see the trigger you can lay or sit down and self-trance with these same results. Or we can even plant the trance with sex with a partner, if you want.”

“I’d like to think about it, but those things sound great, let me work through this and call you?” I answered.

And as I got dressed and said goodbye, we exchanged pleasantries, Phil hoping – and me pretty sure – that I’d call back and explore more. We shook hands and parted.

When should I call him back?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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