How I Became Lucy’s Plaything

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I had to see it. As soon as I closed the door I kicked of my shoes, started wriggling out of the thigh fitting jeans, riding low on my hips. Leaving a trail of discarded clothing behind I rushed into the bedroom.

In the center of the bedroom stood a large bed. One wall was occupied by a large wardrobe. Pictures decorated the rest of the walls, except for the wall sized mirror next to the bed. I stood before the mirror taking in the view of my naked body. Smooth pale skin, dark make up contrasting the creamy color of my skin, firm breasts, long slender legs and purple hair cut in a bob. I liked what I saw. This was not always the case. There was a time not long ago, where I would have considered my behavior as indecent. But Lucy changed that. She changed a lot of things in my life.

Before I moved here I was a decent, catholic girl. I behaved how my parents, no my dad, wanted me to behave. My dad is a very conservative man, a politician, whose family’s behavior reflects back on him. That’s what he always told me, when I did something wrong. But deep down I always knew, I did not want to be daddy’s little girl. That’s why I rebelled. My rebellion consisted of small acts, my parents would not notice, like getting a tattoo on my lower back, to assure me, that I could say no to the demands of my father. When I moved here, to continue my studies, I grew bolder and dyed my hair. Meeting Lucy set me further on the path of separation from my family and becoming my own person.

Two weeks ago it came nearly to an end. The moment I had dreaded was there. My parents came to visit their daughter, who was away from home for the first time. When I told Lucy, that I was afraid, how my parents would react to the changes I went through in the last few months, she just smiled that little smile of hers and told me she would be there for me. I snuggled into her arms and felt safe.

But then the day I dreaded was there. I stood before the mirror fidgeting with my clothing. I was wearing my favorite top, a gift from Lucy. It was low cut, its purple color matching the color of my hair, decorated with a pattern of tiny golden stars. After trying on many pants and skirts I settled for black jeans, since most of my skirts were too short for the taste of my parents. Damn here I was again thinking illegal bahis if my parents would approve. After making sure the table was all set I went back to my bedroom and put on a black blouse, closed two of the top buttons, to cover up some more. I hated myself for doing so.

The doorbell snapped me out of my thoughts. I went to the door and opened. Lucy was early, as she promised. She was wearing a short black and red dress, showing off her curves. Her short blonde hair was brushed behind her ears. There was a slight frown. She did not say anything but I could see it in her clear blue eyes, she disapproved of my outfit. It was not the way I dressed, since I met her. She came in, put her arms around my waist and kissed me. Her kiss sent a short tingling sensation through my body. Her mesmerizing blue eyes looked deep into mine and I started to drown, like I always did. Lucy broke the kiss too fast for my taste.

“Hi babe, are you nervous?” she asked.

I smiled a weak smile. ” What gave me away sweetie?” I asked.

“Just a hunch, babe, just a hunch.” She gave me that encouraging smile of hers. My heart did a little jump. I could make it; I could meet my parents and not break.

As we entered the living room I asked her:” How are you, sweetie?”

“Fine”, was all she said, but the tone of her voice and her body language all told me she was not fine. I guess she was a bit angry and maybe a bit afraid. Angry because I was not true to the person I had become, afraid because I might turn back to the girl I was and leave. We sat down on the couch. I put my head on her shoulder and she wrapped her arm around me. We sat there in silence, both too lost in our thoughts to speak.

The ring of the doorbell shook me out of my thoughts and I jumped up. “God, they are here.” I looked around, if everything was in order and felt panic creep under my skin.

“Breathe baby, breathe.” Lucy’s calm voice and her warm hand caressing my back slowed my pulse down. I took a last look in the mirror and opened the door.

My mother’s eyes opened in shock as she saw me. My dad just frowned and entered my apartment without saying a word.

“Carol, sweetie what have you done with you hair?” my mother finally managed to ask, taking my hand and looking concerned.

“Psychology illegal bahis siteleri Project”, I lied” We are doing a study on how appearance affects personality and reaction. It was either colored hair or going bald.”

“Poor baby, they sure make you do some terrible things. How long do you have to endure this?”

“Only a few weeks mom. It isn’t that bad.” I wanted to say, that I loved purple and choose that hair color.

Mom and I arrived in the living room, where dad was looking at Lucy, still sitting in my couch. “And who is this young lady?” His voice was cold.

“This is Lucy my …” My mind raced, what did I say? I wanted to say my girlfriend, my lover but instead I said” friend. She lives next door and helped me with preparing dinner.”

Lucy got up and looked at me over the rim of her glasses as she approached my parents. She shook their hands in greeting.

Talk during dinner was awkward. My dad interrogated me about what I had been doing since moving out. I tried to be as evasive as possible. Mom on the other hand chatted about home, my brother, the rest of the family.

After dinner Lucy and I removed the dishes from the table. When we were alone in the kitchen I gasped in despair:” I hope they leave soon. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Lucy´s voice was strained as she answered:” I am not telling you what to do, that is something you have to figure out yourself, but don’t you think lying to your parents is the best idea? Don’t you think they will find out sooner or later what is going on in your life?”

With Lucy’s word still running through my head I went back to the living room. My father looked at me and spoke:” Your mother and I agree that this is not good for you. You are falling behind in your grades. You should move back home and continue your studies there, where you are closer to your family, so we can support you.”

Fear flooded ice cold through my veins. They wanted me to move back. What should I do? What should I say? My thoughts were running amok in my brain. My lips moved without me realizing it:” No.”

“What did you say?” my dad asked surprised.

“I said no. I don’t want to move back.” My voice trembled.

“You will do as you are told young lady. There canlı bahis siteleri is no discussion about that.” My father commanded.

I moved a step back. I started to tremble, fishing for words. Lucy stepped up behind me, taking my hand. Her other caressing my chin, moving my head back. Her lips brushed against mine. A light moan escaped my lips and I closed my eyes. I could hear my mother’s gasp, then stunned silence. Lucy planted a tender kiss on my lips. I pulled her arm around my stomach and leaned against her. Her tongue flicked against my lips. I opened my mouth my tongue darting forward and back again inviting her in. As Lucy’s tongue invaded my mouth my free hand wrapped around her head, grabbing her blonde hair an pulling her towards me forcefully. The tender kiss exploded into raw passion as our tongues danced around each other. I needed her, I wanted her, the world outside our embrace ceased to exist. The little sounds of passion were the only sound in my ear. Finally after an eternity we broke the kiss, both in need of air to breathe. My eyes still half closed I glared at my parents in defiance. Mom was too shocked to do anything except staring at us. After a few seconds dad roared:” What does this whore think she is doing with my daughter?”

Something snapped inside of me. He had called Lucy a whore. I stepped in front of her and cut him off:” Nobody calls Lucy a whore! She is my lover! I will not move back home and there is nothing you can do about that. Now get out of my apartment.” I did not know I could yell that loud.

From there it got ugly. My father and I engaged in a shouting match, which I won by threatening to call the police. My mother just started to cry. I felt a bit sorry for her.

After they finally left I collapsed in Lucy’s arms and closed my eyes. I was so tired. “So what now?” she asked. I could feel her smiling.

“Guess I have to get a job to pay for my bills. Looks like you can show me how to be a stripper after all.”

I had to see it. I turned around and looked over my shoulder. There it was. On my left buttock I could see the tattoo of a red heart, written in it where the words Lucy’s Plaything. I smiled. I was happy. I belonged to her, my Lucy. My Heart did a little jump at this thought; I needed to move, to dance. I hurried back into the living room and turned the stereo on. I ran my hands through my purple hair and closed my eyes. I let the music hit me, fill me. Meat Loaf was singing Good girls go to heaven. I danced and thought about how I first met Lucy.

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