Hotel California

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*Author’s Note: When I first wrote this story, I didn’t like it so I rewrote it, scrapped it, restarted it, edited it, unedited it, and finally pushed to get it done once and for all. I originally intended it to be three parts but it came together as one long complete story. It has a very long build up so if you’re looking for a shorter, “stroke” story, you may want to skip this one. My new story “Getting Ridden on Car 11” is closer to that style and may be more of what you’re looking for. Also, this story has elements of group sex, exhibitionism/voyeurism, and non-consent, so if you dislike those themes, you may want to skip this story as well. As always, feedback is appreciated. Thanks!*


I was jarred awake by the sudden sensation of falling. As my vision cleared, it took me a moment to realize I was sitting securely in the front seat of a car and not tumbling through space.

“Oh my gosh! It looks hideous!” came a screech from the backseat and a thump to the back of my seat. My friend Janna. Apparently, the jolt I’d felt was her kicking the back of my seat. Annoyed, I craned my head around to glare at her, but her attention was focused on Rowan in the opposite rear seat. Rowan had the hem of her light green skirt raised and had twisted in her seat to expose a small eagle tattoo on the side of her right upper thigh. It was just below her butt and wouldn’t be visible if she was wearing anything more than a bikini.

Janna reached across Kasumi, who was scrunched between them, and poked at the tattoo. “Look, the wing is broken.”

“No it’s not,” Rowan said, swiping Janna’s hand away and lowering her skirt. “The wings are swept back like it’s moving in for a kill.”

“Seriously, dude, why didn’t you get a panther or a dragon or something?” said Kasumi. Kasumi was a tiny girl whose grandparents had immigrated from Japan. Kasumi always went out of her way to conceal her heritage, going so far as to dye her hair blonde, insist people call her “Kaz,” and speak with a fake southern accent even though she was born and raised in Seattle.

Rowan’s tattoo was tasteful, even if a bit clumsy in appearance. The dark ink stood in stark contrast to her pale skin. Even more contrasting was the fact that she’d gotten a tattoo at all given her conservative and religious upbringing. She was a generally quiet person but I had witnessed flashes of rebellion. They usually involved parties and too much alcohol.

I refocused on Janna when she thumped the back of my seat again. “Could you not do that?”

“Do what?” Janna said, staring back at me with a blank expression as she kicked it again.

I rolled my eyes and turned back forward in my seat. The road was dark in front of us. Off to the right, light from a full moon reflected off the Pacific Ocean. It was after 8:00. We’d gotten a late start. Our original plan was to leave early that morning, but we had to wait on Janna to take a finance midterm. She’d been convinced that she wouldn’t have to take the final and had a guaranteed “A” because she’d been giving the professor blowjobs for most of the semester. Unbeknownst to her, the university’s school of business had implemented a new policy at the beginning of the semester that required all business courses to be evaluated with a midterm and final exam. Janna probably would’ve tried to blowjob her way out of that policy too, but the dean of the school of business was a 75-year-old woman.

I laid my head back against the soft leather seat and closed my eyes. The smooth ocean breeze blew in through the open window and through my hair. The hum of the Mercedes was soothing and started lulling me back to sleep. Somewhere beneath the salty smell of the ocean, my nose caught a whiff of something else. Earthy. Marijuana.

I peeled my eyes open and turned to find Janna pushing marijuana into a hollowed-out cigar. She was desperately trying to shield it from the wind. I had no idea how she managed to keep it all from blowing away.

“Are y’all fucking serious right now?” our driver yelled in a genuine southern accent over her shoulder as she adjusted the rear view mirror to spy on Janna in the backseat.

“Cool your tits, Charlotte, it’s just a blunt,” Janna said.

“No shit, I can see that. I told you no weed in the car. My dad will freak.”

“Tell your dad to join the 21st century. Weed is like legal everywhere,” Kaz said, momentarily letting her fake accent slip.

“Yeah, well, not back home in Texas.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, you’re not in Texas anymore,” Janna said, gesturing toward the coast. When she did, the blunt shifted and the marijuana inside blew out the window. “Damnit!” She flopped herself against the seat and pulled the white sunglasses that had been perched on her forehead down over her eyes.

I chuckled under my breath and turned forward once again. I couldn’t wait until we made it to L.A. The first thing I wanted to do was take a dip in a cool pool. I could almost feel the water on my skin.

As my eyes fell closed again, I felt the car jerk. bursa escort “Woah, partner!” Kaz cried from the backseat.

I glanced over at Charlotte. Her eyes were glassy and half open. I poked her gently in the ribs. “Hey, you ok?”

“Yeah, just hand me a bottled water. I’m good for at least three or four more hours. Just got to get my second wind.”

“Why don’t you let me take over while you catch a nap?” I said.

“I can’t. My dad said no one can drive the car except me.”

“How about for half an hour at least, until you get that second wind.”

“I said no!” I frowned and shrunk back in my seat. “I’m sorry, Mia.”

The car rumbled on into the night. I laid my head back against the seat and closed my eyes. I did my best to try to drift back off to sleep, but I kept having visions of Charlotte dozing off and sending the car careening off the road into the ocean. I opened my eyes again, and when I did, I barely caught a glimpse of a road sign indicating gas, food, and lodging at the next exit.

“How about we stop for a little while at the next exit to recharge?” I offered, hoping Charlotte wouldn’t explode again. She was squinting at the road ahead.

“We’re behind schedule.” She glared into the rearview mirror, probably looking at Janna.

“I could use a bathroom break,” Rowan piped up from the backseat.

“I could use a burger,” Kaz said as she stuck one of her tiny legs between the front seat.

“Didn’t you just eat a bag of chips?” Charlotte sounded annoyed.

“That was half an hour ago,” Kaz stuck her other leg between the seats.

I was envious of Kaz. I swore she took in 4,000 calories a day but still only weighed about twelve pounds.

“Yeah let’s stop,” Janna said. “It’ll give me a chance to smoke up instead of doing it in your daddy’s precious car.” She fished a tiny baggie of marijuana from inside her bra, shook it, and put it back.

“Fine,” Charlotte said in a huff.

She steered the car off the highway at the next exit. She came in a little hot but managed to bring the car to a stop at the stop sign at the end of the ramp. I glanced at it with curiosity as I noticed it was leaning to the side as if someone before us hadn’t quite come to a full stop. Across the roadway were pieces of a blue sign indicating the direction and distance of the businesses at this exit.

“Great,” Charlotte muttered, apparently noticing the remains of the sign. “So, which way do we go?”

“Let’s try that way.” I pointed toward the driver’s side window. Off in the distance above the trees, lights pierced the dark sky. Charlotte accelerated and swung the car to the left. There was a small thump as one of the car’s tires rolled over a piece of the sign.

We continued on for several minutes as the lights grew brighter. As we pulled through a break in the trees, I was nearly blinded by shimmering lights. The lights were coming from a hotel and it’s sign. The sign was so bright it could probably be used to land aircraft. When my eyes adjusted and we drew closer, I noticed that the hotel appeared to be less of a hotel and more of a resort. Palm trees and well-manicured shrubs and flowers dotted the front of the building and a pair of fountains sat on opposite sides of the entrance, spouting water high into the air. The clean, white stone construction of the building made it look like it was built with sand from a tropical beach. Open archways and balconies were prominent in the rooms of the five-story building.

“Woo-wee! Get a load of this place,” Kaz said as if it were actually possible not to see this place. She had scooted forward and was trying to peer between the front seats.

“Do…do you think they’d let me use the bathroom?” Rowan spoke quietly, clearly in awe.

“Only one way to find out,” Charlotte said. She turned off the roadway and pulled the car around the circular driveway out front. As the car came to a stop, two men, one black and one white, jogged up to the car. Each was donned in a uniform that consisted of a short-sleeve shirt, shorts, and sneakers all in white. The shirts had no buttons and were cut low in the middle, allowing fleeting glances of impressive pecs on each man. The shorts ended at the knee and showed off equally impressive legs. Each man’s name was embroidered in gold lettering on the right side of their shirt. The white man’s name was Connor and the black man’s name was Maurice.

Maurice came around to my side of the car. Charlotte unlocked the doors as the men reached the car. As she did, Maurice reached for the door handle with a smile. His pearly white teeth were a stark contrast to his dark skin.

“Welcome to paradise,” he said as he opened the door. His voice was deep and made my bones turn to jelly for a moment. He had an accent that sounded Caribbean but I couldn’t place it.

“We’re not staying. My friend just has to use the bathroom,” Charlotte said even as she put the car in park and got out. I followed suit and swiveled in my seat to get out. Maurice offered me his hand, which bursa escort bayan I readily took. His skin was hot but not clammy. Smooth but strong. My legs suddenly didn’t work like they used to. Maurice practically lifted me out of the car to my feet with one hand and did his best to steady me by placing his other hand on my hip. I would’ve fallen into him if I hadn’t placed my hand against his torso to brace myself. I could feel rock-hard abs beneath his thin shirt.

Maurice was a head taller than me. His head was shaved to the scalp, and his face was equally hairless. His nose and jawline looked like they had been carved from stone. He had a dark, heavy brow and dark eyes tucked back beyond his high cheekbones that I knew I’d be lost in forever if I stared too long. My eyes wandered to the split in his shirt before I caught myself. No hair there either. I briefly wondered whether there was any hair anywhere on his body.

“When you’re done eye-fucking him, we’ll meet you inside,” a voice cackled from my right. Janna strolled past. I hadn’t even noticed her get out of the car and wondered how long we’d been standing there. She lifted her sunglasses as she walked behind Maurice, clearly checking out his ass. She arched her eyebrows and a smirk spread across her face.

Kaz gave me a thumbs up but strolled past without a second glance. When food was on her mind, everything else fell by the wayside.

“When you’re ready, you can check in inside and we’ll bring up your bags.” I could feel Maurice’s voice rolling through his chest as he spoke. This reminded me that my hand was still against his body. I snatched it away, even at the risk of falling over.

“Actually, we’re not staying. We’re just here because my friend has to use the bathroom,” I said, repeating Charlotte’s words. “We took the wrong exit. I mean, we took the right exit but went the wrong way. There was a sign. But it was broken.” I was rambling so fast my head was getting swimmy from a lack of oxygen.

“Perhaps you will see something here that will convince you to stay.” He flashed me his pearly whites again and squeezed my hip. I would’ve fallen into him if Charlotte hadn’t appeared at my side and taken my arm. Maurice took his hand off my hip and motioned toward the entrance. I reluctantly released his other hand and walked on unsteady legs toward the sliding glass doors, leaning against Charlotte for support.

The doors opened into a cavernous atrium. Crystal wall sconces lined the walls and lead to hallways running in each direction from the lobby. The wall behind the long service desk was glass and overlooked a pool area filled with palm trees, fountains, and splashing guests. The floor of the lobby was marble that was so highly polished, you could see your reflection. There were lush plants looming throughout the atrium that almost too exotic to be real. Several chairs and couches were scattered around the area that looked comfortable enough to sleep in. Charlotte directed me toward one of the couches and I practically fell back on it.

I closed my eyes and tried to compose myself. I needed water. Either to drink or to throw myself into. When I opened my eyes, Charlotte was at the service desk. Janna was across from me on another couch hammering out a text. I shut my eyes again and my mind drifted back to the ebony living statute I’d encountered at the car. I hadn’t been with a black guy since my senior year of high school. In fact, my current boyfriend Dylan was the furthest thing from one. There was a pang of guilt in the center of my chest as I realized I’d totally put him out of my mind over the last several minutes.

I got up from the couch to go in search of bottled water, a water fountain, or even a faucet to stick my head under. As I approached the service desk, Kaz came from around a tall potted plant and almost ran me over.

“Woah, buddy, where’s the fire?” she said with her fake accent.

“Sorry, I just need some water,” I said. She had a sugary fruit pie in each hand. “Is there a snack shop back there?”

“Yeah, it’s back that way,” Kaz gestured with one of the half-eaten pies toward the nearest hallway running out of the lobby. Cherry filling teetered on the edge looking like it was about to fall on the floor.

“Thanks,” I said and turned toward the hallway.

“Turn those high beams off before you run someone else off the road,” she said, pointing at my chest with the pie. She managed to whip the pie up to her mouth just before cherry filling dropped free. I glanced down at my chest. My nipples looked like they were about to rip through my thin sun dress. I instantly regretted not wearing a bra on the drive down. I quickly looked around to see if anyone had heard her, but we were alone next to the desk aside from Charlotte who was in deep conversation with the clerk. I folded my arms over my chest and started off down the hallway.

The hallway had the same polished marble floor and white walls as the lobby. The walls were lined with candelabras that were similar to the wall sconces escort bursa from the lobby but featured actual lit candles. One side of the hallway’s wall was glass and overlooked the pool area and courtyard. There was a row of plush beach chairs lining the near edge of the pool. The chairs overlooked an expansive pool with a fountain that looked like the ones we saw when we first drove up. There looked to be 30 or more people in the pool, all of them between about 20 and 60 years old. There wasn’t a child in sight.

Just in front of the fountain, a brown-skinned girl was hoisted out of the water by a slim man who looked to be almost seven feet tall. She opened her mouth to scream, I assume with delight given the huge smile on her face. The glass I was behind was too thick for me to hear anything going on outside. The man twirled in place with her and she reached down to grab hold of his head for balance. After several turns, he stopped and said something to her. She laughed and swatted him on the back of the head. I was taken aback by how closely she resembled me. She looked to be a little shorter than me, but that may have been because they guy holding her was so tall. While my hair was down, her hair was up.

She met my eye and her face opened into a wide grin. She ran her fingers through the hair of the guy beneath her and appeared to be swiveling her hips, rubbing herself against the back of his head. If the guy noticed, he didn’t react—at least as far as I could tell at that distance. I wasn’t really into other women but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she lifted her arms above her head. The water rolling down her skin looked like liquid crystal. Her green bikini hugged every one of her curves. As we continued to lock eyes, she motioned toward me with one of her fingers in a “come hither” gesture.

“Me?” I silently mouthed and pointed at myself. She nodded and motioned again. She broke our eye contact for the first time as she closed her eyes and slowly tipped back her head. I watched, frozen, as her hands slid over her stomach to her barely-concealed breasts. She pinched the tops of each cup and started to tug them down, exposing the dark edges of her areola. In a flash, she disappeared beneath the water as the man holding her did the same. My face was pressed against the glass as I stared at the spot in the pool where they’d been. I scanned left and right waiting for them to reemerge.

As I waited, voices caught my ear. I glanced up and down the poolside area searching for the source. It took me a moment to realize they weren’t coming from outside. I peered down the hallway to my left. Further down, the hallway curved further to the left. I took a couple of tentative steps in that direction. As my ears dialed in to the sound, I detected giggles and moans mixed in with the voices. I tried to crane my head around the bend in the hallway but couldn’t see further without physically walking there. I took several more steps before jumping out of my skin when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I let out a loud screech before turning to find Janna standing behind me.

“Take it easy, not going to bite you,” she said. Her eyes wandered down to my chest. “Or at least I’ll try not to.” I glanced back in the direction of where I’d heard the voices but it was quiet now. “Come on, Charlotte got us rooms.” Janna tugged on my shoulder. After several more moments of listening to silence, I followed Janna back to the lobby.

Back in the lobby, Charlotte handed out room passkeys. “Kaz and Rowan are together,” Charlotte said as she handed them their plastic cards.

Janna snatched the two cards from Charlotte’s other hand. “We’re roomies,” Janna said as she passed me a card.

“Hey, wait, why do you get your own room?” Kaz said to Charlotte, her voice a high-pitched whine.

“Because I’m paying for them.” Charlotte waved a credit card above her head.

“Or rather, daddy’s paying for them,” Rowan said under her breath. “Must be nice to have a platinum credit card with a seemingly limitless credit line.” Rowan was generally quiet and easygoing, but she didn’t hesitate to bare her claws when the moment was right.

“Lead the way ma’am,” a voice said from behind me. I turned to see Maurice. He was flashing another pearly white smile. He’d stashed our bags on a brass bag cart. I waved at him, wiggling my fingers but snapped my hand back down to my side when I realized how silly I must look.

We all walked to the back of the lobby to a set of elevators. The elevator shaft was enclosed in glass, which allowed for an expansive view of the pool area and the back of the hotel’s property. I could see that the hotel was actually made up of two identical buildings that ran off in opposite directions from the lobby and arched out around the pool, nearly enclosing it. A short, wide building sat at the far end of the pool between the ends of the buildings and had a neon sign indicating that it was the spa.

“The spa offers a range of services from massages to mud baths,” Maurice said, apparently following my gaze. “But if you did not want to leave the room, there are…other services to be found here in the main part of the hotel.” He flashed another smile, and it suddenly felt like the temperature in the elevator car went up 10 degrees.

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