Honeymoon Surprise

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It wasn’t my first choice to say the least. As much as I love the outdoors, I would have much preferred a nice cruise or a week on a secluded beach with my new wife as a honeymoon. She was as much of an outdoorswoman as I was, so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when she suggested a few days backpacking in the mountains as our first getaway as a married couple.

I try hard to stay in shape, but at forty it takes constant work. Lisa, my new wife, has ten year advantage in that respect, and to be honest she looks every bit of twenty-five. Of course she says I still look thirty, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

It was only two days since our wedding and we were parked at some little trail head parking lot in Tennessee called Elkmont. Lisa was busy going through her check list, making sure each of our required items was packed and ready, which was taking a bit more time than I would have expected. Another car drove in and a young couple, looking to be in their late twenties, got out and started gearing up for the trail.

“Hi! You headed up Little river or Cumberland gap trail?” the guy asked me.

“Little River trail, you,” I replied?

“Same here. Looks like we’ll be trail mates for a while if you don’t mind.” He replied, walking over with his hand out to shake. “I’m Sam, and this is my wife Angie,” He said, indicating a well built brunette following behind him wearing a gray crop top t-shirt and a mini-skirt made of similar material.

“Hi,” I said taking his hand. “Mike and this is my wife Lisa.” I said motioning to my wife, who was now folding her paper list to stuff it in the car.

“Good to meet you. Done this trail before?” He asked.

“Nope first time,” Lisa answered him. “You?”

“We’ve done this one a number of times.” He said with a smile, his wife now standing next to him.

“We heard it’s a nice one,” Lisa said to the couple.

“It is. We’ll head off onto Goshen prong, it gets really pretty over there.” Angie said with a smile. “Much quieter and more secluded than a lot of them are. No horses allowed or anything like that.”

“Sounds good,” my wife answered as she started shouldering her pack. We locked the car and finished strapping our packs on before we followed Angie and Sam off into the wooded trail.

The trail was quite beautiful, following a three foot wide stream, overhung with lots of trees, giving us nice shade. We had to cross the stream several times along the trail as it wound around the mountain valley, giving us lots of time to talk to our new found friends. They had been married for several years and had tried to come at least once a year to hike different trails.

Lisa had insisted that we travel “free” as she put it, with her not wearing a bra, knowing I loved watching her thirty eight C cup tits wiggle around, and demanding that I follow suit and wear nothing under my ventilated athletic shorts. When we started this morning that sounded like a great idea, thinking I was going to get a chance to play around a bit on the trail, but that idea got washed out when we picked up our hiking mates at the trail head. My more immediate problem seemed to be that without underwear, between watching my wife’s tits wiggle around and watching Angie’s obviously unbridled tits wiggle around under the crop top that was barely long enough to cover them, I was pretty much sporting a hard-on the whole time.

I really didn’t want Sam to think I was checking out his wife or anything, but every time she turned around to talk to me, I could easily see the bottoms of her tits peaking from under the material that was pulled tight across them by the pack straps. Lisa noticed this as well, and punched me in the arm gently to let me know she knew I was looking.

“I bet you’d love to see me that way too, huh,” she whispered?

“For me yes, to share you? I’m not so sure of that.” I answered quietly.

“Well, you know you’re giving her a pretty good show yourself.” Lisa said with a giggle.

“Huh, How?”

“Look down stud.” Lisa said with a smile.

I looked down and saw exactly what she meant. My shorts had ridden up my leg, the material being pulled on by my hardened shaft, and my purple head was clearly visible sticking out the leg of my shorts. “Oh shit.” I whispered as I quickly pulled my shorts leg back down.

“Too bad. I was enjoying that.” Angie said when she turned around again. “If it got much more sticking out I was going to pull my shirt up to see just how big it would get.” She said with a grin.

“And your husband wouldn’t mind that?” I said with concern.

“Oh, no problem, she loves to show off,” Sam said over his shoulder.

“Yeah, I do,” She said, turning around to face me and pulling her shirt up over her tits, exposing a pair of perfectly shaped tits with large puffy nipples that seemed to harden and extend even farther as she stroked her fingers across them several times. “Do you like them?”

“Um… Yeah. They look very nice.” I replied, not at all sure what kind of trouble this was going bursa escort to cause with my new wife.

“I don’t think they’re as big as your wife’s but I think they’re about the right size. I love to have them sucked on too.” Angie said, turning back around once again to make sure I could see that her shirt was still exposing them.

“That is a nice pair.” Lisa said with a smile. “I can see why you like to show them off.”

“Thanks,” Angie answered sweetly!

“I think it’s about lunch time,” Sam said as we walked into a small clearing near the stream. “Anyone hungry?”

“Starved,” Angie said with a grin!

“Sounds good to me,” Lisa said, dropping her pack onto the ground near a tree. I dropped mine with hers and quickly went to work digging out the food for our lunch. Lisa had packed pita bread, summer sausage and processed cheese for the main course and yogurt covered trail mix for desert.

“I wish I could have some of this sausage,” Lisa whispered as she reached over and slipped her hand up the leg of my shorts while we were crouched down getting the food out.

“Well, unfortunately, we’re not alone,” I responded. “Or I’d be happy to just strip you naked and make mad passionate love to you right here!” I whispered, as I leaned over to give her a kiss, which she returned wetly while she stroked my dick inside my shorts.

“Oh what a dirty old man… I love it!” she giggled after she broke the kiss. “I wish we were alone right now. After watching your dick sticking out for so long I really want to be fucked by it!”

“Well, you keep stroking it like that and I’m going to rip your clothes off, company or not,” I told her seriously!

“Ohhhhh now that sounds hot, but maybe I better wait for later.”

“We could sneak off into the bushes… It looks like they’re not going to miss us.” I said, looking over to where Angie was sitting on Sam’s lap, getting one of her firm tits sucked on, his hand busy under her tiny skirt.

“We could.” Lisa answered with a giggle, taking my hand and getting up. She pulled me behind some bushes and then quickly pushed her shorts and tiny bikini panty down. “Now fuck me lover!” she said as she bent over and stuck her now naked ass out at me. I wasted no time in dropping my shorts and pressing my hard dick against her wet lips. I slid easily into her already sopping wet pussy.

“Feels like someone is a bit turned on,” I said as I started stroking in and out of her pussy.

“oh yes,” she moaned quietly.

I stroked in and out of her pussy, feeling her velvety tunnel caressing my rigid dick while I looked over the top of the bush, watching Angie enjoying Sam’s attention. She threw her head back and let out a low growl as her body shook in orgasm, causing me to begin shooting a load of hot cum into Lisa’s pussy.

“OH fuck yes,” Lisa groaned as her body shuddered and twitched in orgasm with mine! “That was kind of quick, wasn’t it?” She asked when she could breath again.

“Yeah. I guess I was a bit turned on.” I said, not wanting to tell her I watched Angie climaxing.

“We better eat that lunch now.” Lisa said, pulling up her shorts and panties while I pulled my shorts back in place.

“Good idea,” I said as she took my hand and led me back around the bush, my dick no longer tenting my shorts out obscenely.

Sam and Angie were sitting eating like nothing had happened, Angie eyeing my shorts with a grin as we sat down near them to eat.

“So you two decided to grab a quick fuck too,” Angie asked with a grin.

“I guess you could say that,” Lisa answered, her face and neck turning pink with blush.

“That’s ok. If I could have gotten him to fuck me I would have,” Angie answered matter of factly.

I couldn’t help but notice that the way she was sitting I had a clear view up her skirt, revealing her wet and completely bald pussy. It was a good thing I had just cum, or my dick would be once again worming its way down my leg toward her.

“I guess we should go,” I said, standing up. “We have a ways to go today yet.”

“I suppose so,” Angie said. “We make the turn in just a half mile or so.”

“Oh,” My wife asked, “that close?”

“Uh huh. Then comes the fun,” Sam said with a grin. “You guys should come with us. We have a bit more out of the way place we are headed. Just the thing for a couple of newlyweds!”

“Well, we can think about it,” I said as we pulled our packs on, Angie once again making sure to pull her shirt up over her tits as she adjusted her straps.

We headed down the trail and soon came to the turn for Goshen Prong, turning to follow a new creek bed, this one a tributary for the stream we had just been hiking along. We only went about half a mile when we came to a large rock slide. The trail along the base was cleared, leaving a rock debris field along the edge of the stream and an almost sheer rock face on the mountain side.

“Here we are,” Sam said as he walked to the cliff face and started taking off his pack. “Not many people know it, but there used to be a bursa escort bayan trail here that went up the side of the mountain and along the crest. The trail still exists, but you can’t get to it because of the rock slide.”

“So what good is the trail,” I asked while Sam crouched down and started digging in his pack?

“Well, if you know how to do it, you can get up to the top and pick up the old trail. Nice thing about that? No one else on the trail, we have it to ourselves.” He said as he pulled out a nylon climbing harness and a long rope.

“I’m not sure we can climb that,” I said looking at the broken rock wall.

“Well, that’s the nice part. Angie can’t either, not without help. But I have all the help we need. I’ll climb up and secure the rope and then all you have to do is follow where I went and I’ll help you with the safety rope!” Sam said as he set down the harness and threw the rope over his shoulder. “I’ll toss down the rope in a few minutes!” he said as he stepped to the wall and started climbing.

Contrarily to popular opinion, most sheer rock faces are far from sheer or vertical. Sam was making short work of stepping from spot to spot, using the broken edges of the rock face as steps, soon disappearing over the top of the slide some forty or so feet above us.

“Ok. Angie, why don’t you hook up Lisa and send her up first!” Sam called from the top after tossing down the end of the rope.

“Sure thing lover,” She called back up to her husband! “Now all you have to do is step into this.” She said, stepping over to my wife and holding out the nylon harness. It took only a few minutes to get her in the harness and the straps all pulled snug around her legs and waist. “Ok up you go!”

“You sure about this,” Lisa asked, looking at me quizzically?

“Little late to ask now,” I said, stepping over to her. “I’ll be up right after you though.”

“Ok,” she said hesitantly as she stepped to the rock face.

For his part, Sam kept the rope tight, pulling part of her weight while she worked from step to step, soon climbing over the top and calling back down that she was fine.

“Packs next,” Angie said as she grabbed the end of the rope and pulled the harness off. She clipped one of the packs onto the rope and Sam quickly pulled it up. We repeated the process until all four packs were up and only Angie and I were left.

“Ok stud,” Angie said with a grin, stepping toward me with the harness.

“I guess I go next,” I asked Angie?

“Uh huh,” she said as she squatted down in front of me to help me put on the harness. She spread her legs much wider than was really required, her legs forcing the material of her miniskirt up, exposing her pussy completely to me. I felt my dick twitch and almost immediately start to grow, looking down at her bare tits and now bare pussy. “I take it you like what you see,” she asked as she slid the straps up my legs, making sure to push the legs of my shorts up with them. She soon had my hardening dick sticking out almost completely as she leaned close to my body to tighten the straps.

“Oh shit,” I whispered as she wrapped first her hand and then her mouth around my hard dick, sliding her wet lips up and down the shaft for several seconds.

“You like that? Maybe I can finish this later then?” she said with a grin after she pulled her mouth from my dick. “I’d kind of like to feel your mouth on my tits and pussy some time too.”

“Um… I guess we’ll have to see,” I said hesitantly as Sam called down to see if I was ready to climb.

“In a second,” She called up as she led me over to the rock wall, and out of sight of Sam and Lisa. “Now all you have to do is follow the steps,” She said to me as she bent over, pulling her miniskirt up to expose her bare ass and pussy. “Unless you want to put that big fat dick onto my hot pussy,” she said wiggling her ass and exposed, obviously wet pussy at me.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” I said as she backed up trying to push her pussy toward my dick.

“You ready yet,” Sam called down?

“Almost,” Angie called back! “You sure you don’t want to fuck me with that dick?”

I shook my head and stepped past her to start to climb, my dick sticking out like a flag pole. Fortunately it shrunk a bit from concentration while I climbed the rock and was only moderately hard by the time I got to the top.

“There you go,” Sam said as I crawled over the edge. “I see Angie made sure to get you in tight,” he said with a wink while I took the harness off.

“Looks like Angie made sure to have your best assets on display!” Lisa said as she stepped over to me and stroked my exposed dick while I undid the straps around my waist and legs.

Sam tossed the harness down with the rope to pull his wife up.

“Whoo, what a climb,” Angie said as she crawled over the edge, her skirt bunched up around her waist by the harness, her bald pussy and mound completely exposed for anyone to see. “Now we can get rid of these!” she said as she pulled the harness off, followed by escort bursa her skirt and shirt. Both of us were stunned as she walked over, naked except for her boots and socks and stuffed her clothes into her pack. “You two going to join us? We don’t have to worry about anyone else up here, so we plan on going naked the rest of the way.”

“Um, we really hadn’t thought about it,” Lisa said as Sam stripped off his clothes and stuffed the in his pack.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Sam said. “This is purely optional. We would have done this if we were alone.”

“We might need to think about that,” I answered for both of us, not at all sure how this was going to go over.

“Well, suit yourself. I know Angie would love to watch you naked, and I’m quite certain that your wife is a good looker naked too.”

“Well, for now I think we won’t,” I said, picking up my pack and looking at Lisa who was appeared a bit apprehensive.

“Too bad stud,” Angie said as she walked by butt naked.

Lisa and I picked up our packs and slung them to follow the pair up a very old and overgrown trail.

“It does kind of look like fun,” Lisa said quietly as we made our way up the tree shrouded mountain side. “But you wouldn’t have to mind me showing my body off to Sam.”

“Well, I’m not a bashful one, but I’m not sure how much I like the idea of him gawking at you.”

“You mean like you gawking at Angie’s pussy every time she bends over for a hand hold? I mean come on, I can see how hard your dick is.”

“I suppose you’re right,” I said as we climbed another small slope. “Just try not to show Sam as much as Angie is showing me, ok?”

“You’re sweet,” Lisa said, leaning over and kissing me on the cheek. When we got to the top of the rise in the trail we stopped and Lisa and I pulled off what little we were wearing, both of us getting a whistle from Angie and Sam.

“Damn good looking wife you have Mike. Glad you decided to join us.” Sam said from where he was crouched down, his dick growing harder as he watched my wife put our clothes in her pack.

“Pretty good looking body too,” Angie said with a grin, apparently enjoying looking at me now totally naked. “Wouldn’t mind at all getting a chance to really fuck that dick.”

“Down dear. You don’t want to scare our new friends.”

“Yes dear,” Angie said submissively.

“She can be a bit pushy. I hope it didn’t cause you any problems.” Sam said to both of us.

“Not yet,” Lisa said quietly.

“Good. Let’s head on then. Only another mile or so to the camp site.” Sam said, standing up and heading down the trail, his soft dick waging back and forth as he walked.

My dick was pretty much doing the same thing, except rock hard, now that Lisa was climbing in front of me and I could see both women’s pussies as I climbed. I really wanted Lisa to just pause long enough for me to stuff her full, and I wondered if she was thinking the same thing, since I could clearly see her pussy was wet every time she bent over.

I was still contemplating screwing my new wife when Sam called a halt to our hike. “Here we are,” He said. “Home sweet home for the next few days!”

The site was breathtaking. The trees formed a nice perimeter around the clearing we were standing in, with an opening that looked twenty or more miles down the valley. A small spring fed creek cascaded down the slope and through the clearing, making a small pool before it flowed over the edge of the rocks and down the long slope into the valley.

“My god, this is beautiful!” Lisa said as she stepped to the edge of the clearing and looked out over the valley.

“Yep. Really a nice spot!” Sam said as he dropped his pack. “Now if you don’t come over here, I’m going to go crazy!”

“On my way lover,” Angie said, as she dropped her pack and set it against a tree. “If I can’t convince Mike to fuck me, you’ll do!”

“Well get over here then,” Sam said with a grin!

“Oh yeah,” Angie said as she stepped over to where Sam was sitting on a log and straddled his lap, facing us. “Oh yeah. Suck my tits lover!” she cooed to her husband as he covered one of her nipples with his mouth.

“Maybe we should go someplace else,” I said turning to leave.

“OH no… You don’t have to leave,” Angie called as she settled onto his dick. “I love watching and being watched. Please… I’d love for you watch!”

Lisa came over and set her pack against a tree and looked at me with a shrug.

“Hell, I’m horny, why don’t you just come and sit on my dick,” I said to Lisa, holding my hand out for her.

“You sure?”

“Uh huh,” I answered, settling on the ground with my back to a tree so I was facing where Angie was now rocking, Sam’s fingers deep in her pussy. I guided Lisa over my lap, facing me, and helped her settle down onto my dick, her velvety wetness caressing my shaft as she sat down on me.

“Oh that feels nice,” Lisa cooed as I pulled her toward me and sucked on one of her hard nipples. It didn’t take much attention to her tits before she started to lift herself on her knees, riding up and down my shaft slowly. “Oh yes. Just like that. I love it like that.” She cooed as I sucked one nipple and squeezed and played with her other tit at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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