His Best Friend’s Mother

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CAUTION: This is a tale of a young man’s happy introduction to the joy of sex, but it involves a married woman. If you are offended by sex involving him and a married woman who happens to be old enough to be his mother, you probably shouldn’t read this story.


Tina Hunter was horny. In particular, she was horny for the best friend and college class mate of her son, Matthew. Bill was a tall, studly nineteen year old man, and the horny housewife had been throwing him hints about her availability for at least the last two months. Since he either did not recognize them or was too shy to act, she decided to stop being so subtle, and let him know exactly what she wanted, as soon as the opportunity arose, and she hoped it would be soon.

She finally got her chance on a Wednesday morning in early June. Matthew was in college and Tina’s husband was at work, so she was the only person home when Bill came by to return some lecture notes he had borrowed from her son. It was a warm day and the young stud was wearing a tight polo shirt and even tighter blue jeans, and his attire showed off his athletic physique. Tina also liked the look of his handsome, youthful face, with hazel eyes and strong, regular features, topped by dark brown hair.

“Come in,” she smilingly invited the young man, barely able to keep her hands off him. “It’s too hot to stand around outside.” When she looked him over, Tina decided, abruptly, that would be the day she made her move. She would almost certainly never have a better opportunity. They were in the house alone; her husband and son wouldn’t be back for hours; her bed had just been made with clean sheets, and he and she were already quite scantily clad. Tina glanced down at his crotch, and thought she detected a bulge there, which made her even more determined to get young Billy into her bed that morning.

She was right about the bulge, although the owner of it was slightly bent over, trying to keep it concealed. He was horny too, especially when he looked at his best friend’s mother, and that had been the case for a long time, ever since shortly after he reached puberty and had first noticed her sexual desirability. Bill was a virgin, having never had sex with anybody but his own hand and, while lying in his bed masturbating, the fantasy in his mind was the hot, but strictly unattainable Tina Hunter. She was about forty years old, with blonde hair to her shoulders and a smooth, fair complexion with a few freckles. Her eyes were big and green and sparkling, and her smile was enticing, especially that morning when she opened the door and faced him before letting him in.

Pretty as the lady’s face was, it couldn’t compete with her sexy body, especially her large breasts. That morning she was wearing a sleeveless blouse, unbuttoned in the front, with the tails tied at her waist. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra, because Bill could see her creamy skin peeking through the gap, even the soft swelling of the insides of her breasts. One time he had seen a bra of hers hanging on a clothesline, and had noticed it was a size 42DD. He wasn’t sure what that meant, especially the letters, but he was fully aware that what the bra supported when in use would be an extremely delightful double handful.

She noticed the handsome young man’s eyes on her breasts, and Tina started to formulate a plan of action involving them. After closing and locking the door, she smiled again, pulled her shoulders back to thrust the bait out even farther and show off more skin, and walked past Bill to lead him out to the kitchen. He followed, gazing in lustful awe at her long, tan legs and her plump, sexy ass as it jiggled alluringly in her tight shorts. His cock got harder, putting an even bigger bulge in his jeans, and he hoped he would be able to hide his disgraceful condition from his best friend’s mother.

Seated at the kitchen table sharing a can of soda, Tina surreptitiously untied the tails of her light blouse. The gap between the plackets became wider, providing the object of her lust a better view when she threw out her chest or leaned over the table toward him. They talked amiably of college, and his and Matt’s intentions there, and what the young men’s goals would be after graduation. Tina watched for an opportunity to start putting her plan to work and, when one presented itself, she moved quickly and decisively.

Bill got up and went to the sink to rinse out his glass and, quick as a cat, Tina was behind him. Quietly, on her bare feet, her blouse hanging open and her big breasts ready to be put to work, she stepped up behind him and reached up to start massaging his muscular shoulders. When he did and said nothing to prevent her from taking that small liberty she took a larger one, reaching under the hem of his shirt and pushing the cotton garment up to his shoulder blades so she could rub his bare back and sides. There was still no objection, so Tina moved in closer, reaching around him to rub Billy’s belly and chest and tweak his nipples, while pressing her bare breasts against his casino siteleri back.

To say the least, he was confused, but he didn’t want to do anything that might change what had suddenly started happening to him. He didn’t know what it was, or why Mrs. Hunter was doing what she was, but he certainly liked it. She was pressing herself against him, he knew, but he didn’t know what the hard points were that he could feel digging into his skin. They were her erect nipples, but Bill thought they were probably buttons on her blouse, although he did wonder why they seemed to be side by side instead of one being higher than the other.

Seconds later, he learned of his misconception. “Turn around, Billy,” his hostess stood on her tiptoes to whisper into his ear. “See what I’ve got for you.”

He did what she asked, and he did see what she had for him. Bill quickly learned that Mrs. Hunter’s breasts were an even better pair of handfuls than he had thought. As he stood gawking at them, she caught his wrists and raised his hands to place one on either of the twin treasures that were no longer even partially concealed by her blouse.

“Do you like them, Billy? Play with them. They’re a lot better to touch and squeeze than they are to look at, aren’t they?”

He hefted them in his hands, and the succulent globes felt better there than anything ever had. Tina’s breasts were soft, yet firm and vibrant, and a considerable weight in his hands. Their nipples were between his fingers and, when he felt their hardness, he realized that they were what had he felt against his back. He squeezed them, but gingerly, not wanting to hurt anything so beautiful.

Tina’s hands were busy too, after releasing Billy’s wrists. Although she couldn’t see what she was doing, her hands knew where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do. They went to the young man’s crotch to fondle his cock, which was trying to rip a hole in the faded denim, and deftly unzipped the fly of his pants. His erection was too big and hard to bring out through there, so Tina unbuttoned the waist of his pants – he wasn’t wearing a belt – and reached inside the fly of his jockey shorts to feel the smooth, hard skin of what she was lusting for.

She could tell it was too big to be pulled through that small opening too, so Tina peeled the young man’s tight pants down to just above his knees and reached inside the waistband of his underwear to hold his cock out of the way while she pulled the shorts down to join his pants. Both of her hands wrapped themselves around the hard, thick cylinder that had become available to her, enjoying themselves even more than Bill’s hands had on her breasts.

It was fun, but Tina knew something that would be a lot more fun for her and Billy. Still holding his stiff cock, she went to her knees, smiled up at him, and kissed its tip. She licked it a few times, under the ridge and along the slit, before opening her mouth wide and slowly taking in its entire length. Still in slow motion, she moved her face back and forth, enveloping and releasing his cock, while her tongue caressed its length. It was definitely more fun, but she had a better place for what they were doing then and for all the other things she wanted to do.

“I have been really aching for your big dick, Billy, but let’s go to my bed. We can lie down there and enjoy ourselves a lot more.”

He was too excited and confused by what had unexpectedly been happening to him to be able to speak, but he did hear her mention “bed” and he was just as eager to go there as she was. Billy nodded his head, and the hot star of his raunchiest dreams got off her knees, her hand still wrapped around his hard cock, and led him to the place he had been fantasizing about for years. Her open blouse flapped from her shoulders and he held his pants and shorts against his thighs while they hurried toward that fabled destination.

While Bill stood by the unmade bed, Tina peeled his shirt the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. On her knees again, she stripped his pants and shorts all the way down, removed his sandals and, one foot at a time, peeled his other clothing off around off his feet and tossed them away too. His cock, big and hard, was sticking straight out at her, and she kissed it before turning her face upward and smiling up at him. The horny young stud was completely naked, and his body was available for her pleasure.

Her mouth was available for his pleasure too. Still on her knees, Tina leaned forward and gently held his balls in one hand and his cock in the other. She looked up at his face again, grinned lewdly, and started licking the stiff shaft and curling her tongue around the head. Not wanting to delay any longer, Tina opened her mouth wide and fully engulfed the hard cylinder, taking it between her lips and all the way in until it brushed against the back of her throat. It felt good, filling her mouth the way she liked, and the skin was smooth and stretched tightly over its hard roundness as she caressed it with her tongue.

The only thing slot oyna wrong was that she wasn’t as comfortable, physically, as she would have liked. Tina took the big cock out of her mouth, held it lightly in her fingers and smiled up at Bill. “This is really a great dick you’ve got here, Billy. How many girls have you stuck this big thing into?”


“None? Really? Do you mean to tell me that up to now, all the girls and women of this world have been deprived of your great big dick?”

This time Bill couldn’t answer, even stutteringly. He nodded his head.

Tina was surprised and quite gratified that she would be the one to take the young man’s cherry, but she wanted to do it right. “Well, if I’m going to be your first, let’s make it as memorable as we can. Lie down on the bed and I’m going to give you something you’ll never forget.”

Although nervous, Bill had no objections to doing as the older, sophisticated woman told him to do. To most men and boys, their virginity is an embarrassment, something they won’t easily own up to, and a burden to be eliminated at the first opportunity. Bill was too shy to approach a girl, and not desirable enough for one of them to take the first step, so he depended on his own hand for sexual relief. He would have denied his lack of experience to anyone but the woman of his most lurid fantasies who was, apparently, about to end his deprivation.

With a pillow under his head, Bill lay flat on his back, his big, hard cock sticking straight up in the air, and watched as that same woman finished removing her blouse and peeled off her shorts and the bikini panties she had been wearing under them. His nostrils detected a strange, musky aroma, something he had never smelled before, but it seemed to arouse him almost as much as the sight of her succulent naked body. .

Tina got onto the bed beside Billy and leaned forward to draw his cock between her lips again. It felt even better to her mouth, and seemed to have gotten bigger and harder than it had been just a few minutes ago. Although it was long and thick, from that angle, she was able to take it all the way in to the back of her throat, and ever farther, until his coarse pubic hair was tickling her lips and nose. She left it like that for a few seconds, reveling in the way it filled her mouth so well, and in how the tight skin felt to her tongue as she laved its entire length.

Slowly, she raised her head again, until her tongue was again caressing the velvety head. She stayed like that for a few seconds before lowering her face and raising it again. Wanting to truly enjoy everything about the cock that felt so good in her mouth, Tina took her time, stroking it slowly with her lips. Her desire to spend a long time sucking off the young man was thwarted. While Billy’s cock was enveloped all the way in her mouth, and her tongue was fondling the shaft, Tina felt it start to throb. She knew what that meant, and there was a sudden flash of disappointment, but just a small one. The important thing was that she was having sex with a horny young virgin male, and that they had all afternoon to do what she wanted.

Tina continued bobbing her head, sucking his cock in and out of her mouth with strong strokes, although not so deeply, until she felt it jerking. Less than a second later, a big wad of viscous fluid landed on her taste buds, exactly where she wanted it. Knowing what was about to happen Tina had placed her tongue so that when Billy ejaculated, his cum would land there, which was what happened. It had a meaty flavor, something like salty beef broth, and it was delicious to her. She continued sucking on the cock that had just given her that treat, and received two bonus spurts of semen, which tasted as good as the first. After she was certain Billy was through cumming, Tina took his cock out of her mouth and swirled his cum around, savoring its texture, before swallowing it, and relishing the feel of it slipping down her throat.

Bill was mortified at ejaculating so quickly, without warning and into her mouth. He had tried to hold back, but hadn’t been able to, and had cum in less than a minute. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Hunter. I didn’t mean to do that. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Call me Tina, and don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault. You just happen to be such a hot stud, you had to cum, and it was really good for me anyhow.” That was the truth. She would have preferred taking longer, but Tina really did enjoy what happened.

She wasn’t at all concerned about his sudden ejaculation, because the young man’s dick would be fully erect again in a few minutes, and would stay that way for a long time while they did what she really wanted. It was fun sucking him off, and she might do it again later, but her thought had also been to take the edge off his obvious youthful horniness so they would be able to spend that much longer fucking. Even so, she saw how she could take advantage of his state of confusion and his apologizing.

“But, if you think you have to make up for it, you can do the same canlı casino siteleri thing for me.”

Bill was puzzled by her suggestion. “How can I do that? You don’t have a, a, er, a penis.”

“What I meant was that you can use your mouth to get me off.”

That caused some consternation for the young man. “You mean lick or suck you down there? I thought only queers did that.”

“Some of the most manly and virile men in the world love to eat pussy. I tell you what. Try it and, if you don’t like it, just say so, and you can stop.”

Tina wasn’t worried that Billy would want to stop. No man who had ever started eating her pussy had wanted to stop until after she had climaxed, and then they had all wanted to lap up every drop of her juices. Taking his lack of response as assent, Tina straddled the teenager’s body with her legs and started moving up on his torso, bringing her pussy closer to Billy’s nose and mouth.

Bill’s eyes opened wider as he gazed at the most private part of his best friend’s mother’s body. He had fantasized over her pussy for years, and could hardly believe he was actually seeing the real thing. Although still a virgin, he had masturbated thousands of times, often while looking at pornographic photos. He was aware of what a pussy looked like, but none of those photos could even come close to comparing to what was then moving closer to him. Tina was completely hairless there, unlike most of the pictures he had seen, and the skin was even prettier than her face, creamy white and completely unblemished. A slit ran down the middle, and that was familiar but, not so familiar, were the dark pink petals blossoming out through that slit.

Besides the sight, nothing about those photographs could even start to compare to the incredible aroma, and he recognized the musky fragrance he had smelled when Tina had finished getting undressed. It was much stronger though, and even more delectable, and seemed to call out to him in an earthy and fundamental way that was totally outside his experience. His cock seemed to recognize it, though, and he could feel it quickly becoming fully erect again

Tina moved closer, and Bill could see the juices trickling from her pussy and down her thighs, and he realized that liquid was the source of the alluring scent. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the headboard of the bed and moved her legs over his arms and shoulders until her knees were on either side of his face. One thigh was inches away from his mouth, and he turned his face toward it and licked up the juices that were there. It was his first taste of ambrosia! The nectar from Tina’s pussy tasted even more delectable than it smelled, possibly the most delicious thing he had ever known. Eagerly, his tongue sluiced up the rest of the juices on that thigh, and the other one. After finishing off those, he reached up to hold onto Tina’s hips so he could raise his mouth to devour all her nectar from wherever it had collected.

“You like that, don’t you?” she jibed. “Well there’s plenty more, but you’ll have to work for it. Start licking me here, but take your time. It’s more fun for both of us that way.” As Tina spoke, she patted one of her hairless outer pussy lips, and crouched down more closely so Billy’s mouth could reach the indicated place more easily.

He eagerly complied, his tongue starting at her crotch and starting to lick slowly upward. Billy had just started when he had another startling discovery. As much of a treat to his eyes Tina’s pussy was, and as heavenly as the taste and aroma were, the feel of her soft, smooth skin under his tongue may have been the most delightful of all. Except for being warm and vibrant, the texture was like a satin pillow. Wanting to make all the sensory treats last, he licked slowly, covering the whole outer lip, until his mouth reached her even softer Mount of Venus.

“Yeah, that feels really good, Billy. You’re doing that just right. Now, start on the other side, and lick me there the same way.”

With great alacrity, the young man did as she asked. He started licking the second outer lip the same way, and the results were even more pleasing to him. It felt the same, but Tina’s pussy was starting to squirm against his tongue, and he realized it was because she was really enjoying what he was doing for her. A burst of pride filled his chest, to think that he could give pleasure to this beautiful, sophisticated woman, and he dedicated himself to making their time in her bed that day as great for her as he could. Taking even longer, and licking with up and down strokes, and side to side strokes, his tongue caressed the entire distance to her mons again.

He had been right about giving pleasure. Tina loved having her pussy eaten, but her husband almost always refused to do it, and even when he did, was in too much of a hurry, and he never took his time and did it the way she wanted. She determined that she would teach the young man under her to do it right, for her sake and for the sake of the women who would be in his life in the future. He wouldn’t need very much instruction, because his tongue was already sending waves of pleasure throbbing through her body. By the time he reached her Mount of Venus again, Tina was moaning with bliss.

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