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How long have I spent dreaming of you? I am unsure now, as the days, months, and years have passed me by. I have always considered myself bisexual, enjoying men and women equally, but when I think of you, so many things fall to the wasteside. Here you are now, standing in front of me, naked, bold, and proud. I thought for so long that I scared you. You, being happily married, very straight, but always interested in my sexual encounters, with men and women.

“You are beautiful” I say, meaning each word. You blush, and I am concerned I have made you uncomfortable.

“How can anyone be so stunning in blue jean overalls?” you ask, as I stand, my nipples erect, in front of you in my casual attire.

“I should shower.” I say, as I am suddenly now shy, unsure of myself in front of your beauty that is calling to me. You smile at me, as if you know I am not sure what to do. As you move towards me, I watch your body, long and lean. Your breasts are so perfect, not large nor small, just right. You have shaved recently, you have a small tizzy of new hair growing in over your pussy. Your legs are so tan and long, and your red toenails are sexy and elegant. You touch my neck smoothly with the back of your hand, looking down on me as you are several inches taller than I could ever wish to be.

“Shall I help you?” you ask to my utter amazement. I decide then and there to take charge, full force ahead, not to disappoint you.

“Yes, please.” I casino siteleri say, my courage showing. You unhook my overalls quickly, and they drop to the floor with a soft swoshing sound. I am now naked in front of you, I know you realized I had nothing on but those overalls. My nipples are erect and I can feel the warm tingly feeling between my legs that creates warmth in my tummy. I am now grateful that I took the time to shave my legs this morning in the shower. Your touch runs very softly, gently over the front of my body. Almost as though you were afraid I might break if you put your hands on me. I shiver and I close my eyes. My God, this cannot be happening. The many dreams I have had, the many nights I have spent wishing you were in my bed, while I pleasured someone else. You have never been with a woman, we have talked sex too many times in the past to count. I know I can bring more love and light into your life than you have ever known, and tonight I will show that to you.

I open my eyes and gently pull you towards me, your wet body engulfing my dry one. I kiss you very, very softly, gently to let you know what is to come. Your tongue enters my mouth and the heat in my middle increases. I could swear that sparks flew, electricity ran between us. I lean in quickly and begin the warm water running. Although you have just left this shower, I pull you in again. I sit you on the marble seat at the end of the shower and I move the showerhead so slot oyna it hits your breasts. I kneel in front of you, bar of soap in my hands. I begin to wash you, rubbing your beautiful breasts, your nipples taking notice, and your eyes moving to the back of your head as you tilt your head and moan.

I lick the soap off of them, being gentle, sucking on your nipples. I begin to feel my own juices, running down my legs with the warm shower water. I wash down your body, not touching your womanhood. I cleanse your legs, and kiss your feet, as you bow your back, as if to tell me to touch you . I then stand you up to rewash your long red hair. I massage your scalp, and rub the shampoo all over the front and back of your body. Suddenly you grab me and kiss me, hard, and I know you are ready. Your hand slides between my legs, and you moan as you feel my wetness. Not here, I think, I have dreamt of this for too long. I want you in my bed, among the silk and satin, to become mine.

I shut the shower off, and embrace you with a towel. You reach for me again, kissing me more gently this time, as if to let me know you are mine for the taking. I do not dry off, nor take the time to dry you off completely, as I lead you to my bed. As I lay you down you spread your legs, and I see your heaven. It takes every ounce of control I have to move away, to light candles in the room, put soft music on the stereo.

You are smiling at me as I move over you, on top, canlı casino siteleri halfway, and begin to touch your body.

“I have dreamed about this” you say, and I do not say a word as I begin to kiss your nipples, my hands exploring your thighs at the same time. Your moans become louder as I kiss your nipples, biting them gently, pinching them hard. I put butterfly kisses on your stomach, scared from having your children, and beautiful still. I nibble down the outside of your hips, and move over the inside of your thighs. Again, you spread your legs, and as I see heaven this time, I quickly flick my tongue over your clit. You moan my name, bowing your body up to me, and I begin to use my whole mouth over you, flickering my tongue, inserting my fingers into you, rubbing all the right places.

Your wetness is all over me, your smell makes me high, and I rock with your body until the bliss sets in. You grab my hair, encouraging me to be harder with you. You are calling my name and you tell me as you are coming, you know how much that excites me. I have my own small orgasm as I watch from your mound when you scream and tense up, the waves washing over you, taking you over in such a way that I become part of your heaven. I lick you once more, gently and you shiver, pulling me up on you. You kiss me, full on my mouth, and I feel your soul. I softly run my hands over your body, as you curl up in the fetal position towards me. You open your eyes then, and you tell me that you love me.

“I love you, Jessie” I say, and I am sure this is what life has intended for me. It is to be with this woman, to love her so fully, to bring her to this place and to love her down from it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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