Heated Over Hazing Pt. 02

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The next day, Laura got a text from Morgan telling her to come to her room. Once there, she knocked on the door. Morgan swiftly answered and shepherded her into her single dorm.

“Take off your clothes,” Morgan said, returning to her desk where she had study materials already open. “Whenever you’re in here- unless I have guests or it’s otherwise specified- get naked immediately.” Laura slipped out of her shorts and tank top, leaving her bra and underwear on. Surely Morgan didn’t want her completely nude. Laura made her way over to Morgan’s desk.

“Why are your underpants still on?” Morgan asked. Laura shrugged. Morgan rolled her eyes and swiveled her chair to face Laura. “Get on my knee. You’ve earned a spanking.”

Laura stepped cautiously over to Morgan. Morgan slipped down her underwear and began striking her on the bare ass. Then, she lifted Laura up, took off her bra, and slapped her once on each breast. Like before, Morgan tentatively put her hand between her legs and felt the wetness. “Holy shit, you’re such a homo.” Laura felt the urge to disagree, but was too turned on to say anything.

“We have to go over some rules,” Morgan said. “But I want you to eat me out while I tell you them. I also have to continue studying because I have a huge ass midterm tomorrow.”

Laura nodded. She waited for Morgan to move toward the bed, but Morgan remained where she was. “Well, get under the desk.” Suddenly, Laura realized what she was expected to do. She got down on her hands and knees and sat under the desk while Morgan continued her studying. Morgan was wearing a skirt and, when Laura moved her head underneath, was surprised to see that Morgan was wearing no underwear. She was also soaking wet. Laura began licking her clit while Morgan explained the rules.

“First, you must do everything I say when I say it. This is a normal regulation for Tri Delta hazing,” Morgan explained. Laura continued to suck on her clit. Although Morgan’s eyes fluttered slightly, she didn’t let out the slightest gasp or even acknowledge what Laura was doing. Taking this as a challenge, Laura edged her fingers up Morgan’s shirt and began fondling her breasts while her mouth did the rest of the work.

“Second of all, I can expose your body whenever I want. On campus, at the bar- whenever. If you refuse to strip when I tell you to, you will be removed from rush.” After finishing this rule, Morgan let out a small moan. Laura took one of her fingers from Morgan’s boob and, while still licking her, put one of her fingers in Morgan’s soaking pussy.

“Finally, you have to make me come once a day. If I don’t come one day, you have to make me come twice the next day. I never have to make you come unless I want to. Understood?” Laura nodded. “Say it to my pussy.” Laura mumbled yes into Morgan’s vagina. Then, she put two more fingers into her pussy. As she pushed them in and out and continued to work with her mouth, Morgan emitted a small gasp.

“Are you okay?” Laura said, pulling her fingers out.

“Don’t stop!” Morgan nearly yelled, pushing her face back into her slit. Morgan was so wet, Laura almost drowned. Finally, Laura felt her pussy tighten and she came.

“Alright. You tekirdağ escort can go now.” Morgan said, once her breathing had settled down. She turned back to her notes. “Meet me at the Backstreet Bar tomorrow. Wear a skirt, a crop top, and nothing else. We’ll be at the back table.” Laura put her clothes back on and turned to leave. “Wait. Come back here,” Morgan said as she reached the door. Laura walked back. Laura reached to her back and unclasped her bra. She pulled down her tank top so that both of her nipples were completely exposed. “Walk back to your dorm like this. If you fix your shirt, I’ll know.” Although Laura was completely mortified, she couldn’t help but feel incredibly turned on by both Morgan’s forcefulness and the thought of people looking at her naked body.

Morgan looked at Laura’s hardened nipples and smiled. “Oh, and one last rule. No masturbating until you’re initiated, unless I tell you too. If you even wash your pussy too hard without my permission, you’ll be kicked out.” Morgan slapped her once on the ass and then dismissed her.

She walked out the door, hoping that no one would be in the hallway. Unfortunately, Morgan’s dorm was teeming with people. Several turned their heads to watch her walk past, others wolf-whistled as she approached, and a few began to follow her.

“Hey Morgan,” a guy in her political science course said as he passed her, keeping his eyes on her nipples. “See ya later.”

When Laura returned to her dorm room, she was soaking wet from all of the attention her attire had garnered. Although her body was aching for release, she went to bed without touching herself. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

Laura walked into the dark bar and immediately saw Morgan. As she made her way to the booth, she was surprised to see that Morgan was not alone. She was with two conventionally attractive men. Nearing the table, one of the men slid out so that Laura could sit next to Morgan.

“You’re ten minutes late,” Morgan said.

“I’m sorry. My roommate got locked out and-“

“I don’t care. You’ll be spanked ten times later tonight.” A waiter came over with a tray full of drinks. Morgan smiled at and the boys passed the glasses around. “This is Tony and this is Eric. They’re two of my good friends. Seeing as they’re not Greek, I’ve filled them in on our- er- situation.” The two boys smirked. Morgan shot them a look. “It seems that you’re still in denial about your sexuality, so we’re going to have a little experiment tonight. We’re going to get you drunk and then Eric is going to fuck you. After that, I’m going to fuck you. Tony, our resident gay, is going to watch and decide whether or not you’re a lesbian.” Tony smiled at her. “I don’t want you to go through all this hazing bullshit if the newspaper thing was just a fluke. Also, we’re not getting you drunk to take advantage of you. We’re not fucking rapists. We just want your uninhibited reaction- drunk minds have sober thoughts, or whatever. Sound good?”

Laura nodded. Although she didn’t really have a choice if she wanted to be a Tri Delta, she also was curious about her sexuality. She’d had a few boyfriends but she’d never tokat escort had really good sex with a guy. As far as girls, she was completely inexperienced. She couldn’t help but feel a little excited about the prospect of Morgan’s tits pushed against her naked tits.

“Where is this all going to happen?” Laura asked.

“Right here,” Morgan nodded toward the mosh pit of sweaty dancers in the front of the bar. Before Laura could properly react, Morgan was handing her a shot. “Bottoms ups!”


Six shots later, the world was swirling before Laura. “I think she’s ready,” Morgan nodded toward Eric. They both got up from the booth. Eric slung his arm around her waist and directed her towards the dancing crowd.

Laura was surprised by how easily she was agreeing to this. As her and Eric began to dance closer and closer, she couldn’t help but admire his physique- big muscles, chiseled jaw, huge dick pushing up through his pants in an erection. After a little bit of exploratory touching, he leaned in and kissed her. Putting her tongue in his mouth, she realized he tasted good. He turned her around and began to run his fingers up and down her legs. Her eyes shot open. She was suddenly very aware of where she was. He slid his hands up her shirt and stroked her bare nipple. The others dancing in the bar didn’t seem to realize what was going on- it was too dark and everyone was too drunk. Eventually, his fingers trailed from her nipples to her bare backside. He found her pussy, unzipped his pants, and slid his dick into her vagina. From an outsider perspective, it may have seemed like they were just grinding. However, they were full-on having sex in the public bar.

Although it didn’t feel bad, she realized after a few thrusts that she wasn’t really turned on. However, she was sure she wasn’t gay so she played along. She scrunched up her face and quickened her breath in tandem with his. When he came, she pretended to come too. He zipped his dick back into his shorts and led her back to the booth.

“That was great,” he told Morgan and Tony. “She’s definitely straight.”

“Mm,” Eric said noncommittally, showing no sign of his opinion. “Your turn,” he told Morgan. She handed Laura one more shot, took one herself, and then they headed over toward the dance floor.

Once there, Morgan began to act strangely toward Laura- almost being nice to her. She swirled her hips towards her and took Laura’s soft hands into hers. Like Eric, she turned Laura around so that Laura was dancing with her ass in Morgan’s crotch. Laura could feel Morgan’s nipples rubbing against her back. Morgan trailed her hands up Laura’s shirt and fondled her boobs. She lightly circled her nips with her fingernails. Laura’s mouth opened in ecstasy. Then, Morgan took both of Laura’s ass cheeks with her hands and began massaging her butt. After, Morgan took Laura’s hands into her own and made Laura feel her own breasts. She kept Laura’s hands there with one palm while she began exploring Laura’s pussy with the other. Avoiding the clit, she xx and yy. Laura let out a moan as she flicked her clit once.

“Do you want to come?” Morgan whispered.

“Yes,” Laura trabzon escort said. She was so overcome with ecstasy that she could barely see. She ground her ass harder into Morgan’s crotch.

With her free hand, Morgan pushed up Laura’s shirt so that her boobs were exposed to the whole bar. Although Laura would normally be extremely embarrassed, it somehow turned her on even more. Morgan pushed three fingers into her vagina while still caressing her tit with Laura. Laura turned her head and tried to kiss Morgan on the mouth, but Morgan avoided it. The rejection turned Laura on even more. She began to moan loudly, drawing the attention of a few nearby dancers. A few of the drunk watchers began caressing their partners in similar ways until the whole dance floor was getting off. Watching other people being turned on by her, Laura’s eyes rolled in the back of her head and she came. Morgan stopped dancing, rolled down her shirt, and led her back to the booth.

“How was it?” Eric asked. “Isn’t she hot?”

Morgan shrugged. “Came a little bit too easy for my liking.”

Laura sat down, her pussy still throbbing from ecstasy.

“So what do you think?” Morgan asked Tony.

Tony looked at Laura carefully. He took in her still-erect nipples, her tussled hair, and her flushed face. “Oh, she’s definitely gay. 100% homo. Welcome to the team, honey!”

“What!” Laura said. “But I totally loved having sex with Eric!”

“See?!” Eric burst out.

“Oh, you were faking it. Everyone and their MOTHER would know that.” With no defense, Laura sat back in the booth.

“Well, I’ve got another party to get to. Thanks, boys!” Morgan said, gathering her purse and getting up from the booth.

“You’re leaving already?” Laura asked. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“Oh. I completely forgot.” Laura was hopeful that she would stay. “Your ten spanks. Here, get on my lap.” Morgan sat back down in the booth and patted her knees. Laura was shocked.




Morgan looked at her with no pity. “You know the rules: Do what I say or get kicked out.”

Laura weighed it over in her head. She needed to be in this sorority. If she got cut, her family would be furious, her friends would make fun of her, and she’d have no chance at college. Finally, she splayed out over Morgan. Morgan pulled up her skirt and exposed her bare ass to whoever at the bar was looking. Laura couldn’t help but notice Eric’s bulge reappear again under the table. Laura was embarrassed to find that she too was excited again.

Morgan began spanked her ass cheeks four times each, then her pussy twice.

“Alright. Well, seeing as you didn’t make me come tonight, guess you’ll have to make me come twice tomorrow. Check your phone during the day.” Morgan left without a single word.

Laura watched her walk away. She was so wet, she was dripping on the booth seats.

“What’s her deal?” Laura asked Tony, once she was sure Morgan was gone for good.

“I’ve been told not to tell you that. At least not until you’re initiated,” Tony said with a wink. The waiter came back with a tray filled with shots.

“These are from that table. They said to tell you that they’ve enjoyed watching you dance tonight.” Laura looked over to a group of boys who were winking and nudging each other. She smiled sheepishly.

“Well, looks like we have a full night ahead of us,” Tony said, grabbing the shots and downing them. “To Tri Delta’s newest, gayest member!”

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