Haunting The Chapel

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Father Timothy Rushmore moved around the small chapel of his last parish and heaved a deep sigh. He didn’t want to give up his home of nearly twenty years but it was time to go. Time to retire and enjoy the life. He was only fifty-two and the whole world was at his feet. He smiled and looked up into the brilliant stained glass panels that depicted angels accompanying God to Earth. So beautiful. He could sit here and stare at them for hours. They never became old or boring. He used to spend an hour here each morning, rejoicing in the gospel and training the young altar boys.

Sacrifice was always central in the Bible, whether clergy and parishioners refused to see it. But Father Timothy knew. Had not God bade Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac? The sacrifice had been stopped just before Abraham was to plunge a knife into the body of his child, but had God not spoken to Abraham, it would have been a done deal. Other passages in the Bible spoke of sacrifice and Father Timothy had taken the words to heart. And as a result of his efforts, this parish had flourished beyond his wildest dreams.

There was a loud creak just behind him and he turned, a smile playing upon his face as he expected to see a parishioner waiting to bid him goodbye. To his surprise, Jeff Lemans was sitting in the third pew, his flaxen hair shining in the dim candlelight.

“Hello, Father.”

“Good afternoon, Jeff. Come for confession?”

“No.” Jeff beamed at the Father, his eleven-year old smile lighting his face. “I came to say goodbye to you. My mother told me that you were retiring.”

“Yes, I am, sweet Jeff.” Father Timothy felt his cock stir. Jeff had been his favorite of all the altar boys he had trained. Those jewel-bright blue eyes had illegal bahis stolen his heart. “Are you sad that I’m leaving?”

“Yes, Father Tim. You were always so nice to me.”

“Me, too!” Philip Kearnen piped up, standing up on the rear pew, his eight-year old bulk making the wood creak underneath him. “You were always so nice to me, too.”

“Philip!” Father Timothy felt tears prick the corners of his eyes. Philip Kearnen had always been made fun of because he was a butterball. But all that had come to an end once he’d taken the boy under his wing. “Philip, you’re here, too! This is a glorious day!”

“What about me?”

“And me?” The Rodling twins, Roy and Ray, climbed out from under the front pews, their six-year old hands filled with green plastic Army men.

“Oh, this is turning out to be a grand day for me!”

Philip went to lock the chapel door so that they wouldn’t be disturbed as Jeff, Roy and Ray surrounded the priest. Father Timothy backed up against the altar, his heart filled with boundless joy. His four favorite altar boys had come back to bid him a happy retirement. He sat down on the wooden structure and invited Jeff into his arms.

Something happened.

In the space between himself and Jeff, the boy aged and became a man with hard, flinty eyes. His blond hair lengthened and his young body grew lanky as he strode to the priest, his arms open. Father Timothy couldn’t move as the apparition enfolded him and lifted him upward. He turned to see Roy and Ray growing taller, their dark hair spilling over their angelic features as they stood to either side of Jeff, holding his arms and legs. With a sweet smile, Jeff viciously ripped off the robe and yanked his pants down.

“Jeff! Jeff, illegal bahis siteleri what are you doing? Please! Don’t do that!”

“Why not, Father Timothy? You did the same to us.”

Philip’s deep voice made the priest’s stomach flip-flop. “I did not disrobe you, Philip. I consecrated you into the Lord’s service.”

Philip was now much older also, his body filling out into hard, thick muscles. Naked, he stood above the priest, his cock lifting as it filled with blood. “You did disrobe us, Father Timothy. You charmed us, tricked us, disrobed us … ” Philip stroked his dick until it was a rod of stone in his fist. “And fucked us.”

The voices of children screaming No! No! rang in his ears and Father Timothy screamed, trying to escape but could do nothing as he was rotated like a chicken on a spit and his ass was positioned in the air.

“You took advantage of our youth and our trust.” Ray said.

“Yeah, we believed in you, Father Timothy.” Roy added.

Jeff leaned close, his silky hair caressing Father Timothy’s bare back. “We never expected you to betray our trust.”

“I’ve never betrayed you, my children.” The priest pleaded as Philip stepped up behind him. “I loved you.”

“Well,” Philip positioned his cock at the opening to Father Timothy’s asshole. “Prepare to be loved.”

Father Timothy screamed as the thick cock split his ass open and pain raced down his spine and through his entire body. Ray and Roy laughed hysterically, their mirth joined by Jeff as they egged their friend on. Philip grunted, gripping the priest’s hips and steadily pumping into his ass. Nameless faces of the children he’d abused flashed through his mind and he mentally pushed them away, wishing that he could clutch canlı bahis siteleri his rosary and pray for their souls.

“Please! Stop!”

“You didn’t listen to us when we begged, did you?”

The priest’s eyes filled with tears as Philip ravaged his ass. “I was consecrating you into the Lord’s service!”

“You were raping us!” Ray shouted.

Philip continued his assault, throwing his head back as his climax fast approached. “In nomine Patri, et Filius, et Spiritus Sancti … ” His cock swelled and a tingling began in his balls, signaling his impending release. “I consecrate you in the name of the Devil!”

Father Timothy screamed.


Adelina Murrieta scooped up the pile of dirt and broom straws pieces and emptied them into the trash bin, then stooped to pick up a discarded newspaper clipping that had been brought in earlier by the wind.

*** Father Timothy Rushmore was found dead today on the chapel altar of his last parish, St. John’s. The priest was set to retire after nearly twenty years of sterling service to the church, its parishioners and the community. Details surrounding his murder have not been released pending notification of next to kin.

Also discovered in the chapel were the buried bodies of four missing children, Jeffrey Lemans, Philip Kearnan and twin boys, Roy and Ray Rodling. The four had been alter boys at St. John’s during Father Rushmore’s tenure and Mrs. Edward Rodling had previously accused the priest of killing her sons. All further details have been withheld due to the investigation. ***

Adelina shook her head. Never would she have believed that the kind-faced priest would have been a pedophile, preying on the children of the church. She turned toward the altar in the small chapel and saw the ghost of Father Timothy suspended above a lake of fire, his face contorted in pain.

“Descanse en la paz, mis niños.”

With a clang of finality, Adelina blew a kiss and closed the door to the chapel forever.

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