Harriet Hotter Ch. 02

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(Ff, humil, etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations. Thanks to honorary Frogwart Witches Academy graduate Erika for the editing.

(c) 2001 Couture

* * * * *

Harriet’s itching had almost disappeared after her rendezvous in the bathroom. However, as soon as she went to her next class and her juices had started to dry, the itching returned with a vengeance. Due to the sticky remains of her secretions and the friction, the itching powder was driving her mad. She endured the torture as long as she was able, but at last she could stand it no more. She excused herself from class and went to the principal’s office. There, she explained that she was having stomach problems, although she was sure from the way the principal had looked knowingly at her while her legs squirmed, that the woman assumed she was having problems of a different sort.

The good news was that finally Chloe was called to the office and Harriet was going to get to go home where she could get some privacy and relief from the maddening itch. Chloe had acted all concerned and nice in front of the principle, which pissed Harriet off to no end. However, as soon as they were safely in the car, Chloe reverted back to her usual hateful self.

“What’s the matter you little pervert? They didn’t allow you to masturbate in class?” Chloe laughed.

Though she was just joking, her mean comments hit too close to home for Harriet. The poor girl hadn’t been able to sooth the itching at all for the stares and comments of her classmate’s.

Harriet started crying in shame as she remembered the accusations and what had happened in the restroom.

“Let me see what it looks like Hari. You are probably just trying to play hooky.” Chloe said.

Hari reluctantly pulled her dress up and slid her panties to the side. Chloe was taken aback when she saw the red irritated condition of Harriet’s pussy. The itching powder package *had* warned against putting the powder on genital areas, but where the hell else was Chloe going to put it? It was a simple fact: Itching powder was supposed to be put in underwear. What Chloe needed to do was to find a way to dispose of the evidence, because as soon as her mom got home, she was sure Harriet was going to the doctor.

“It looks like you’ve been masturbating too much is all. Got your self all damp down there. What you need to do is take your panties off and let that nasty thing air out.”

Harriet was surprised by her cousin’s concern. Maybe Chloe wasn’t all bad after all. Harriet took off her panties and Chloe snatched them out of her grasp. Soon, the evidence of the practical joke was laying on the side of the road as the panties were discarded out the window of the car.

Meanwhile, Harriet struggled against the wind, as it attempted to raise her skirt and expose her sex.

“Let it go, so the wind can dry it, dummy,” Chloe admonished.

Harriet let go of her skirt and noticed that Chloe was right. It did appear that the wind relieved her condition, but it still itched rather badly. Just not the insane itching she experienced earlier. Unknowingly, her finger had began to tease her slit, while she sat with her hand over her lap. Chloe was beginning to grow aroused herself, as she watched with great interest, while Harriet continued masturbating with greater and greater obviousness.

“Stop it you little freak! Wait till I tell mom!” Chloe warned.

Harriet snatched her hand off her sex and pulled her skirt back down. “Please don’t tell. Please,” she begged.

“Maybe I won’t, but first, put your hands behind your back, since you obviously can’t control yourself, pervert.”

Harriet sat with her hands behind her back, in utter humiliation the rest of the way home, her skirt blowing in the wind and her sex visible to anyone who passed their car. “Please God, don’t let anyone see me. Please God, don’t let anyone see me,” she whispered over and over again. She knew she shouldn’t be feeling aroused from being displayed this way and wondered what was wrong with her.

Once they were home, Chloe knew from the look of Harriet’s irritated pussy, the girl would be going to the doctor when her mom got back. The panties had already been discarded, now all that remained was a quick bath to clean up the rest of the evidence.

“Come on Hari, let’s get you a bath before mom gets home, because you *smell*!” Chloe laughed and jabbed Harriet in the ribs, before hauling the thin girl to the bathroom and drawing the bath. Harriet felt her cousin tugging her shirt up over her head, soon it was off and Chloe reached around for the clasp to Harriet’s bra.

“Stop – wait Chlo, I can do it myself,” Harriet protested and struggled against the larger girl.

Chloe made an obvious show of wrinkling her nose in distaste. “Ewww, your breath smells like fish. What did you casino siteleri have for lunch today?”

‘Oh God,’ thought Harriet, as she remembered licking her pungent juices off of Jenny’s fingers. She immediately stopped protesting and allowed Chloe to remove her bra so that her cousin wouldn’t deduce the source of the odor.

Soon, her erect nipples were displayed to the hungry gaze of the cousin. “Aw, look at the teenie breasts. They are so precious.”

The moment Harriet placed her hands over her breasts; Chloe jerked the small girl’s skirt down to her feet. “Yuck, there’s that smell again,” she chided, making an obvious show of tracing it back to its very wet and aroused source . . . Harriet’s pussy. “Disgusting.”

Harriet wanted to curl up and die from embarrassment. She moved one of her hands from her breasts to cover her sex, but Chloe slapped it away. “No Hari, no touching it. You’ll only make the rash worse.” Then she pushed the reluctant girl into the bath and forced her to sit down. Harriet watched her cousin with growing trepidation as the larger girl took off her shoes and socks, followed by her mini-skirt. ‘She can’t possible expect to get in the bath with me!’ wondered Hari. Much to Harriet’s relief, Chloe didn’t get into the tub with Harriet. Instead, she sat on the edge of the bathtub, with Harriet between her spread legs.

Chloe squirted some bath gel on her left hand and moved it toward Harriet’s crotch, causing the embarrassed girl to squeeze her legs tightly together. “I-I-I can do it m- myself,” stuttered Harriet.

“No, I know what you want to do, you little masturbator!” jibed Chloe. Instead of trying to batter her way past the tightly clenched knees, she lathered and massaged Harriet’s stomach and thighs, until the small girl began to relax her guard.

“Come on Hari, you know this has to be done,” soothed Chloe.

Harriet reluctantly spread her legs and allowed her cousin to bathe her. She hated being in the position and anticipated some sort of cruel trick. However, soon the teasing fingers drove these doubts from her mind.

“There, that’s not so bad, is it?” cooed Chloe.

“No,” whispered Harriet, suppressing a moan.

Soon, Harriet’s legs were spread wide, as Chloe openly fondled her cousin. “Wait, right here and I’ll be right back with something for the itching.” Chloe got up and pulled the drain to the bathtub. She wrapped a towel around her middle, and turned to leave, but hesitated at the door before looking back suspiciously at Harriet. She reached underneath the towel and pulled off her panties and held them stretched in her hands between her index fingers and thumbs. “Here Hari, hold these — just like this,” she demanded.

Harriet obeyed, unthinkingly, wondering what her cousin was up to. “Those wet fingerprints better only be in those two spots when I get back,” she warned. “Otherwise, I’ll know you were playing with yourself.” Then she turned and walked away smiling, leaving Harriet, naked, cold, and alone in the bathroom staring at the panties.

Harriet was sitting as modestly as possible, while obediently holding the panties as she had been ordered, when Chloe returned carrying a small bowl. She was also blushing profusely, because she had smelled the scent of her cousin’s panties while she was gone and she hoped Chloe wouldn’t somehow notice.

Once again, Chloe sat down on the edge of the tub again straddling her cousin. When Harriet looked up, she was struck dumb, by the fact that she could see Chloe’s naked sex where the towel had fallen away. She was so caught up in the sight of her cousin’s downy fur that she was completely unaware of Chloe dumping the contents of the bowl out on her sex until it was too late.

“Ohhhh…” Harriet moaned at the warm sensation. “What are you doooing?” she groaned out loud, as the Chloe began to massage the mixture into her sex.

“This will help sooth your rash,” stated Chloe as she continued her ministrations. Her fingers made squishing sounds in the oatmeal, while they danced along Harriet’s sex. “How does that feel Hari?”

Harriet struggled to keep her eyes off her cousin’s pussy as she looked up. “Yes,” she breathed. “It – it feels good.”

“Were you staring at my pussy Harriet?”

“No,” Harriet blushed, looking away, but not before her gaze lingered on the blond fur of Chloe’s crotch.

“Yes you were, you little liar! Look at the way you are blushing.”

“I’m not lying,” Harriet snapped. “Why would I want to look at your ugly pussy anyway!” Harriet instantly regretted her choice of words as soon as they slipped out of her mouth.

Chloe’s gaze hardened to cold steel and she withdrew her hand from Harriet’s sex. Then she wiped the oatmeal off on Harriet’s face, causing Harriet to turn her head away from her cousin.

“Look at me Hari!” Chloe demanded.

Harriet opened her eyes and looked up, only slot oyna to be blinded by a bright flash. ‘Oh no, a picture camera!’ thought the horrified girl.

“You’re the one with the ugly pussy. Look how gross it looks covered in oatmeal. I wonder what the girls at school will think you were doing or how you got oatmeal on your mouth as well. Hee-hee, maybe I’ll tell them that’s how you eat your breakfast!” Chloe laughed at Harriet’s distress.

Harriet moved to get up out of the tub with tears in her eyes, but Chloe put a hand on her head and forced her back down. “I’m warning you Harriet, if you try to get this camera, I’m gonna make copies and post them all over the school.”

Harriet slumped down in the tub and sobbed.

“There, that’s better,” Chloe said, patting Harriet on the head. “Now, I remember you saying something about my pussy. What was that you said, Hari?”

With her head hanging down in defeat, Harriet muttered, “It’s pretty. You pussy is pretty.”

Chloe slid to the bottom end of the tub, leaning against the wall with her legs spread. “You’re not even looking at it now. Look at it and tell me again.”

Harriet turned and looked at her cousin’s sex. From the light triangle of blonde hairs to her smooth pink skin, Harriet had to admit that it was pretty. ‘Why does she have to be so much prettier than me?’ Harriet wondered. “It’s beautiful Chloe,” she said blushing.

Harriet couldn’t believe how uninhibited her cousin was, she actually reached her right hand down and spread her nether lips between her index and middle finger. “Is it the prettiest pussy you’ve ever seen?” Chloe asked, practically preening.

“Y-yes, it’s the prettiest p-pussy I’ve ever seen.” Harriet wondered silently why it was making her so flushed to look at her hateful cousin in this manner.

“Is it better than Jenny’s?” Chloe asked, suddenly serious.

‘Oh God, how much does she know,’ wondered Harriet in horror. She knew she had to play along at least long enough to find out what Jenny had told her. The situation suddenly went from bad to worse for Harriet. “Y-yes . . . It’s better than J-jenny’s.”

“Jenny said you touched hers. Touch mine and see if it feels nicer.”

Harriet turned around and knelt in the tub in front of her cousin. Having no other choice, she traced a finger along the petals of her cousins pink flower. She glanced up only to see her cousin’s gaze bearing down on her. Harriet’s eyes lowered and stared at the blonde sex spread in front of her eyes.

“Well?” Chloe asked.

“I-it feels n-nicer, Chloe,” Harriet muttered, withdrawing her hand.

Chloe grabbed Harriet’s hand and brought it back up to her sex. “Like Jenny. Do it like you did for Jenny,” Chloe demanded.

‘Oh God, she wants me to toss her off!’ thought Harriet, horrified at the prospect. However, she didn’t see a way out of her dilemma; Chloe not only had pictures, but had found out what she had done in the bathroom as well. Her fingers slowly began to trace the familiar contours of her cousin’s sex.

Poor Harriet couldn’t think of a more debasing position she could be in. There she was, naked and kneeling between Chloe’s spread legs, bringing her to orgasm with her fingers. At first, Harriet tried to do it as fast as possible to minimize her humiliation. However, Chloe wasn’t pleased with this and began to direct her actions.

“Slow down Hari, we’ve got all the time in the world. Work your finger in my pussy. Mmmmm, that feels good. Now stroke it up and down between my lips. Oh yeah, now move it in circles around my clit. Fuck Hari! I see why you play with yourself all the time now – you are so fucking good at it. Uh-uh-oh” Chloe’s face scrunched up in pleasure and her hips began to pump in time with Harriet’s fingers. “Oh fuck! Here it comes! Faster! Faster! Faster! Ahhhhhh . . .” she moaned, as she climaxed on Harriet’s skillful fingers.

Harriet was just glad it was finished. She moved to get up, but Chloe had other plans.

“No, not yet Hari – you said my pussy looks better and feels better, but how does it smell?”

Harriet inhaled the aroma of Chloe’s sex. It was musky and not distasteful. Harriet secretly wished it wasn’t. It was only fair for her cruel cousin to have a pussy that stunk, but it wasn’t the case. “It smells nice,” she replied, keeping her eyes downcast.

“Does it smell better than Jenny’s?”

Harriet’s blush spread down to her smallish breast, as she wondered just how much Chloe knew about what had happened with Jenny in the bathroom. “Y-yes, it smells n-nicer than Jenny’s.” Harriet didn’t know which girl smelled the best, but she did know what Chloe wanted to hear.

“Does it smell better than chocolate chip cookies?”

“Y-yes,” she replied. Harriet couldn’t believe her cousin’s nerve. Nor could she believe that being treated in this manner was turning her on.

“Does it *taste* better?” canlı casino siteleri Chloe said, licking her lips.

“No, n-not that,” Harriet said, shaking her head rapidly, as she backed away from Chloe. There was no way the young girl could rationalize that. First of all, this was her cousin. Secondly, it wasn’t as if it was just a kiss on her breast or bottom. There really wasn’t much difference between the skin on someone’s cheek, than on their ass or their breast. However, after her orgasm Chloe’s sex was swollen and covered in her sexual honey.

Chloe advanced on her cousin who was huddled on the other side of the tub. “What? Is my pussy not good enough for you?”

“N-No,” Harriet stuttered. “It’s not that, it’s just-“

“It’s just *nothing*,” Chloe interrupted. “Jenny said you tasted hers and you tasted yours. Now, I want to know whose is the best and I want to know *right now*!” Chloe grabbed Harriet painfully by the nose. “Okay?”

Harriet couldn’t even shake her head because Chloe was still pinching her nose. “Okay . . . I’ll do it,” she said, in a very nasal tone.

She brought her hand up that she had pleasured her cousin with earlier and tasted the remnants of the dried nectar. It tasted much like the flavors she had tasted earlier, no better or worse. However, she knew Chloe didn’t want to hear that. “It tastes delicious — even better than Jenny’s.”

“No Hari, I don’t care how your finger tastes. I want to know if my pussy tastes better.” Chloe stood above Harriet and spread her labia between her fingers.

Harriet knelt at her feet, staring fearfully at her pussy. “Come on Hari, stop being stupid and taste it and you better not try doing anything nasty,” Chloe warned.

‘Well, at least she doesn’t think I’m doing anything sexual,’ Harriet thought, slightly relieved. Seeing no way out of her situation except by giving in and doing as Chloe asked, Harriet stuck out her tongue and touched the most convenient part of Chloe’s intimate anatomy . . . her clit.

“Ugh!” Chloe spat, grabbing a bar of soap. “I warned you not to try anything. Why I ought to wash your mouth out with soap for sneaking a lick on my button!” Then, her gaze softened as she changed her mind. “But, then you wouldn’t be able to tell me who tasted the best. Do it right this time,” she demanded menacingly.

Harriet moved her head towards Chloe’s sex once again. She looked at it, but was scared of messing up again and getting punished. “I’m sorry Chloe, but I don’t know what you want me to do,” she whined.

“Well, why didn’t you ask the first time, silly. Stick your tongue out all the way. Yes, like that, but cup it into a little bowl. Now, put it at the bottom of my opening. Ahhh . . .”

Harriet couldn’t believe what she was doing. She couldn’t make an excuse for it; she had touched her tongue on a pussy. ‘Does this make me a lesbian?’ she wondered.

“Yes, Hari, that’s good, but don’t just use the tip, use your whole tongue. Mmmmm, just pretend you are eating ice- cream and lick it all the way to the top now.” Chloe was elated. She had succeeded in getting Harriet to lick her pussy. Not only that, but Harriet had also masturbated in public and fingered two girls. The best part of it was – Chloe was responsible for it all.

Now, Chloe had always enjoyed getting her own way – who doesn’t? But, she had discovered something else. She got off on the power and control she exerted over her cousin. She never felt as alive as she felt at that moment. She determined then and there that she wasn’t going to let that feeling go, whatever the cost.

“How does my pussy taste, Hari?”

“It tastes nice,” muttered Harriet.

“Just nice? Jenny said you loved hers.”

Harriet paused and looked down. “I love yours too, Chloe.”

Chloe put her hand underneath Harriet’s chin and tilted her head up, so that she could look in her eyes. “Who has the prettiest, best smelling, softest, and best tasting pussy in the world, Hari?”

“Y-you do Chloe. Y-your p-pussy is the best,” Harriet said, blushing profusely. She hated being humiliated by her cousin like this, but she would do it all again if she could satisfy the burning frustration boiling in her sex.

Chloe practically beamed with pride. If there was one thing Chloe liked besides getting her way and that was when people told her she what she already knew so well; that she was better than everyone else.

“I thought so. Turn around so we can get you cleaned up. Mom will be here shortly and then you are going to the doctor, so they can see what’s wrong with your pussy.” Harriet turned around obediently and allowed Chloe rinse the oatmeal off her sex, her body yearning for an orgasm that never came. She felt as if her life had changed this afternoon and she wondered with dread and increasing secret anticipation what changes lay in store for her in the Hotter household after today.

If you enjoyed this work, take a moment to email the author. Your comments are their only payment. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

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