Happy Campers

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This is one of my first submissions so feel free to add comments…be nice 🙂


‘Kari this rain isn’t going to die down’ Sara complained, flicking back her curly blonde hair. Kari and Sara were camping out in the Moore Valley and for the third day in a row it was raining.

‘Baby I know but we can still have fun’ Kari replied wrapping an arm around her lover’s shoulder. Kari pulled back her long dark hair from her pale face and secured it with an elastic band.

‘How can we have fun when there is nothing we can do except stay in this tiny tent?’ Sara exclaimed, throwing herself back onto the inflatable mattress they shared. Kari clambered on top of Sara and ran her finger across Sara’s pink bottom lip.

‘Well I know what I’d like to do right now but what about you?’ Kari raised an eyebrow as Sara’s eyes closed and she softly bit Kari’s finger. ‘Thought as much’.

Sara’s hands ran up Kari’s back and slid under the thick blue fleece she wore. Kari’s spine tingled from Sara’s touch. Her lips pressed down softly on Sara’s then more firmly as she slid her tongue over Sara’s bottom lip and finally into her mouth. Their tongues massaged and slid together, just as Kari’s hands began to pull down Sara’s jeans.

‘Nice pants’ giggled Kari as she spied Sara’s casino oyna floral boxer shorts.

‘Oh! I forgot I had them on’ Sara giggled as she began to pull off Kari’s fleece and t-shirt. Kari sat up and let down her hair as Sara ran her eyes over Kari’s small body, she lingered at her C cup breasts encased in their white lace bra. ‘Take off your jeans and pants honey’. Kari wiggled out of her Levi’s and then stripped off her cotton pants, Kari had always been one for practicality rather than appearance.

‘Hey now it’s your turn. Take off all your clothes’ Kari whispered, as Sara happily obliged. Kari bent down and planted a loving kiss on Sara’s mouth, slipping her tongue in and tickling the roof of Sara’s mouth.

‘Hey you know that tickles!’ Sara giggled breaking the kiss, ‘But I didn’t say stop’. Sara leaned forward and licked Kari’s bottom lip before kissing her. As they shared their passionate kiss, her hand slipped round Kari’s back and unhooked her bra and flung it to the heap of discarded clothes. They rolled onto their sides so they were facing each other.

Sara stroked Kari’s shoulder with her fingertips as she began nibbling her ear down to her neck. ‘Ohhh..Mmm…’ Kari quietly moaned as Sara pressed her body on top of Kari’s and began working her way to Kari’s breasts. Sara ran slot oyna her tongue around the left nipple before taking it into her mouth where she began to suckle and softly bite it. She took Kari’s right hand and pinned it behind her head whilst moving over to Kari’s right breast. As she sucked hard on that juicy pink nipple she pinned back the left hand on top of the right.

Kari smiled down at Sara as Sara planted soft sweet kisses along her stomach and down to her sweet mound. Sara lightly flicked her tongue over Kari’s clit and around her swollen dripping wet lips. A small whimper escaped Kari’s lips. Sara pressed her lips to Kari’s clit and her tongue circled and massaged it causing Kari to quiver and gasp with pleasure. ‘Oooh Sara you know what I like honey’. Sara brought her tongue to Kari’s pussy and teased her by slipping her tongue lightly into the dripping wet hole. Kari reached down and held fast to Sara’s head as she plunged her tongue deep into Kari’s pussy. As Sara slid her tongue in and out of Kari’s needy pussy, Kari began to arch her back as she felt the orgasm build inside her. Just as she began to cum her body shook and she moaned ‘Sara!’. Her hot sweating body glowed from the orgasm her sweet lover had given her.

As Kari kissed her lover to thank her she slipped her hand down to Sara’s canlı casino siteleri soaking pussy and began to massage it with her fingers. Sara let a moan escape into Kari’s mouth as Kari’s fingers began to slip inside her vagina. Kari’s fingers curled inside Sara’s pussy as she pushed them in and pulled them out as hard as she could. Sara’s spine tingled with electricity from Kari’s masterful touch. ‘Oh Kari I’m gonna cum!’ Sara moaned as she tipped her head back and felt her juices gush out onto Kari’s hands.

Kari pulled out her fingers now coated in Sara’s sticky juice and wiped it along her lips. ‘Taste your pussy Sara…Ohhh it tastes so good…Mmm’ Kari licked her lips as Sara began to kiss and lick up every drop of pussy juice on Kari’s mouth.

Sara slid her thigh under Kari’s pussy and Kari did the same. They began to grind their pussies into each other’s legs. Their gasps grew to moans and then to shouts and finally screams as they came so hard that the mattress was soaked in thick sticky pussy juice. ‘I wanna fuck you honey, fuck you hard’ Sara whispered climbing on top of Kari and pressing her pussy against Kari’s. Sara began to grind her pussy roughly against Kari’s. She reached out and grabbed on to the tent pole above her head as she could feel the orgasm build up inside her. Kari screamed as she felt her orgasm reach its peak.

Sara clamped her pussy down on Kari’s as they came. Both screaming obscenities as their juice spurted out.

Sara collapsed onto Kari’s body and they lay entwined in their hot and sweaty mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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