Happy Birthday to ME!

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September 17, 2008

By the look on her face, I knew what she was thinking. By the look in her eyes, I knew exactly what she was thinking. It was the day before my 29th birthday! I started doing some remodeling in my home and my best friend, Kimmie, had come over to help me. The project of hanging a new track lighting system in my bedroom called for both Kimmie and I reaching over our heads while standing on ladders! All was going smoothly when I lost grip of the light track. Dodging the track set off the domino effect! I lost my balance and begin to fall backward. Kimmie, in her attempt to save me, grabbed my hand. But my momentum was too much! We fell off the ladders, landing safely on my bed!

When we landed, I was on my back. Kimmie landed to my left on her right side. Her right arm lay above my head. And her left arm was lying across my stomach! We laughed at our clumsiness as we lay there. Playfully blaming the other for what had happened. Then Kimmie reached up and tenderly caressed my cheek with her hand. I looked at her. Her face got closer to mine. It stopped inches from mine thenn I heard “I love you, Sara! Happy Birthday! I’m gonna fuck you now!” I wanted to stop her. But I didn’t! She moved her left hand to my breast then asked that question again. Moving my face closer to hers was my answer! Our kisses started slowly. Soft, short lip connections at first! Then deep, passionate kisses within seconds!

Kimmies’ mouth was hot! Her tongue explored my mouth with urgency. Her hand moved up inside my top and gently massaged my breasts. I lay there not knowing what to do. I had never been with another woman. I had never thought of Kimmie, or any other woman, sexually! I knew what to do with a man! Which is give immediate attention to his cock! But Kimmie doesn’t have one! I broke our kiss and asked her would I need to do. Kimmie told me to just lay back and enjoy the moment! With that, Kimmie got up and relieved me of my top and shorts!

I lay there naked as Kimmie removed her clothes. She then crawled over me and kissed my breasts. I closed my eyes as her mouth traveled the length of my mid-drift. My nervousness changed to anticipation as her lips reached my bush. I found myself spreading my legs to give her unrestricted contact my all! Kimmie softly kissed and licked her way around my heat. Building my expectations by paying türkçe altyazılı porno more attention to my inner thighs! Goose Bumps covered my body as the sensation of Kimmie lips and hands caressing my thighs shot through my soul. I lifted my hips to try and get her mouth closer to my now excited ‘Kitty’. But Kimmie would not take the hint! She was reveling in driving me crazy. And, her oral teasing had brought me to the brink of madness! When Kimmie asked me if I were ready, I found myself begging her to continue. With my answer, Kimmie put her mouth to my ‘kitty’! The feeling of her mouth and tongue sent me reeling!

I pushed my ‘kitty’ unto her face. As rush of pleasure travel my body with intense force. Making me move and moan uncontrollably! I spread legs wide and rolled my hips upward to give Kimmies’ mouth all the room it needed to drive me absolutely bonkers! And it did! I called her name over and over again as I felt the impending result of her oral exploration bubbled inside of me. Kimmie grabbed me by my thighs and pressed her face against me. I grabbed her hands as I came ferociously! My mind left me as my body experienced a long, hard orgasm. When I regained my senses, Kimmie was still licking me. I was soon in the middle of another overwhelming orgasm! Time and time again Kimmie brought me to complete sexual paradise! By the time she was done, I had passed out!

When I awoke, Kimmie was lying next to me stroking my hair. I looked at her both strangely and lovingly. I didn’t know what I was feeling for her, but I knew I enjoyed what we had shared. We got dressed and finally completed our project. When Kimmie left, we kissed passionately. When my husband came home, he complimented me on my project, and noticed that I had a glow about me. I told him that I was just happy of with accomplishment. Then I attacked him! That was some of the best sex we have had in a very long time! But that’s another story! That night, as my husband slept, I reminisced of my experience with Kimmie. Then began to smile as I looked around for more projects that she could help me with!

September 18th 2008

Some friends of mine decided to play a joke on me for my birthday and took me to a strip club! Not a strip club with male dancers, but one with female dancers! We showed up and they sat me at stage front xnxx – center. Though they did take our dollars, we could tell that most of the girls were a little freaked out by the six of us women shoving dollars into their G-Strings! All but one! Butterfly was a thick girl! Not fat! Just a shapely, buxom girl with really, really BIG boobs! Butterfly was totally into us partying there. She paid a lot of attention to us when she was on stage. Sometimes, seeming to ignore the guys at the club, and the only one with us! When my friends told her that it was my birthday, Butterfly hopped into my lap, throwing her arms around my neck, and grinded herself onto me! All the while, rubbing those big basketball sized boobs of hers on my face! I had always fantasized about being with another woman. And I had kept it a closely guarded secret! But after a few drinks in me, Kimmie’s birthday present to me yestrerday, and Butterfly on my lap, my guard and inhibitions were quickly letting my secret out! After her dance, Butterfly came and sat with us.

She wished me a Happy Birthday, and then asked if I would like a private dance. Before I could utter the words ‘no thank you’, my friends had put $150.00 on the table. Butterfly quickly grabbed the money with one hand and my wrist with the other. Leading me to the darkest part of the private dance area! She sat me down and stripped down to her ruby red thong and shoes! As the song ‘Crash’ began to play, Butterfly leant to me and said, “hike up your skirt a little more and prepare the world for me!” Then straddled my lap when I had finished doing so!

Slowly, she rubbed her large, heavy boobs on my face. And, with all my inhibitions now gone, I began sucking and licking on her breasts and nipples. The feeling of her hot nipples to my mouth was incredible! Butterfly moaned and pressed her boobs to my face harder! I was quickly losing awareness of my public surroundings as I experienced my second ‘girl on girl’ connection in 48 hours! Butterfly didn’t move much on my lap as far as dancing went. But what she did do was mind blowing! Butterfly placed a hand between us and reached down to my crotch. She smiled at me when she found I had no panties on!

Her fingers found my extremely moist pussy lips! I quickly spread my leg to give her more access! Butterfly told me to continue what I was doing, porno izle but to try and be as still and quiet as possible! And with that, she pushed two fingers into my hot little pussy and pressed the back of her thumb against my clitoris. Butterfly was an expert! She flicked her fingers inside me while rotating her thumb on my clit. That sent my pussy juices oozing out and down the crack of my butt! If heaven was anywhere, it was right there in that private dance area with Butterfly. Before I knew it, we were staring deep into each other’s eyes! Butterfly slid her thong aside, and then took hold of my hand and placed it on her tremendously wet pussy! She leant forward and told me to rub her clit so we could come together! I found her erogenous button and massaged it between my finger and thumb! Butterfly began to rock slowly as I began to meet her thrust with my own! We again stared into each other’s eyes as we rocked together, manipulating each other’s aching clits with our hands! My legs began to vibrate under Butterfly as the feeling of her hands soft exploration of my pussy brought up the familiar bubbling sensation that lets me know that I was soon to explode. But without warning, Butterfly squinted, bit her bottom lip, and shook violently! Her eyes stayed glued to mine as her orgasm riveted her body. I smiled a little as the realization of the first time of me bring another woman to orgasm hit me. Then, the realization of my orgasm hitting me took over and I felt like screaming!

Butterfly shoved her boobs in my face and I let out a muffled scream! The $150.00 bought five private dances and the forth song was just starting! We sat there, reeling from our orgasm and looking lovingly looked into each other’s eyes through the rest of the songs. At the end of the fifth song, Butterfly kissed me on the cheek, collected herself and ran to the dancer’s dressing room quickly! I collected myself and went back to my girlfriends. When I sat down, all my friends stared at me. I know my face was flush from my orgasm, but I sat there and downed the last of my drink.

We watched the girls dance a few more times and decided to leave. As we walked to our cars in the parking lot, I bid farewell to my friends and went towards my car. When I reached my car I heard a voice yell to me. I turned around to find Butterfly. She walked to me and explained that she was off work, needed a ride home, and wonder if I could do her the favor! My legs were still weak from our experience, but I wanted more! My answer to her request was a very passionate kiss! Butterfly got in my car and I drove her home.

And that night was absolutely wonderful!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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