Gwen’s Romance

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Everyone has this picture of fall in New England. What most people see is some picture taken in a small Vermont town where the trees present a flourish of colors stretching off into the nearby mountains. But what you don’t see is pictures of spring in New England. I suppose the lack of brilliant colors is one reason. Another could be the difficulty in portraying the fresh scents of a late spring day when all the trees are in full bloom. I’ve long suspected that a combination of the newly warm day, those wonderful awakening scents and hormones cause a heightened awareness of the opposite sex for a lot of us.

Gwen had discovered her sexuality at an early age. She was normal in that respect that puberty brought forth the idea that boys had something to offer other than cooties. But like most of us she felt awkward about her new found sexuality and her explorations were limited to what she could imagine in her mind or what she learned from other girls. It wasn’t until her senior year in high school at the age of 18 that she actually lost her virginity. The boy’s name was George and he was her date to the senior prom. She had told her best friend Lisa her plan. Lisa had been a good source of advice to her but when she said she thought George was a bad choice Gwen had brushed aside the idea.

In the early morning hours after the prom Gwen and George made their way to a lake in the town. George had brought several six packs of beer and the two of them drank like there was no tomorrow. Gwen was a little tipsy but George was almost falling over drunk when he finally made his move on her.

George began pawing her breasts and pulling at her gown when she finally said, “Wait! You’re gonna rip it.” She stood up and dropped her gown to the ground. As soon as she got back down next to him George started pawing at her again. Fearing he would rip her bra off she took it off for him. But now she was having second thoughts about the whole scene. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this. I’m not sure I’m ready.” Gwen said as she pushed away from him. It wasn’t entirely true though. Her doubts this evening were more over George’s being drunk than her not wanting to have sex right then. George had managed to get his pants off along with his underpants and was pawing at her again.

“I don’t want to do this.” Gwen finally said. What ever feelings she had about how nice it would be to have sex had fled and now she was left with a desire to go home. But George had other ideas.

“Come on Gwen, you said you wanted to.” George persisted as he pushed down her panties.

“No George, I don’t want to now let me up.” Gwen said with a raised voice and as firmly as she could managed.

“But I love you Gwen,” George countered and she could feel his cock brushing against her pussy. Any other time such feeling a cock brushing against her like that would have been enough but she felt this scene angering her.

“No George don’t!” Gwen persisted as she tried to squirm from under his body.

Then something happened that surprised and shocked her. George slap her across her face and then pinned her arms down. She was too stunned to react quickly and in those hesitant moments she felt George enter her. She wanted to scream but nothing came out. She could hear him grunting above her but she felt detached from the scene as if she were just watching it happening to someone else. It felt like she was paralyzed, unable to help herself. The next thing she knew George rolled off her body and lay down next to her.

“Oh baby you were fucking awesome.” George said as if they had just made passionate love.

Gwen just lay there, still and dazed. She desperately tried to thing of what she should do next. Finally she just got up and started to put her clothes back on. “Take me home.” Gwen demanded in the sternest voice she could muster. When she saw he was about to say something she said in a voice raised higher than the last time. “Don’t say anything, just take me home goddamn it.

The ride home was heavy with the silence within the car. Gwen felt as if she were in a daze. When the arrived in front of her house George tried to lean over and kiss her but Gwen hit his chest with the heel of her hand and jumped out of the car and almost ran to her front door.

She felt grateful that no one was up because the last thing she wanted to do was to discuss her evening. In her bedroom she cried herself to sleep. The next time she saw George he tried to talk to her as if nothing had happened. Gwen’s anger became palpable and she yelled at him calling him a prick amongst other things.

When casino siteleri Lisa tried to talk to her about the evening later that day Gwen clammed up and stated it was something she didn’t want to talk about. Lisa of course new something was very wrong but she also knew badgering Gwen about it would get her no where.

The next Friday evening Gwen went out with Lisa to get a few things at the mall. The plan was to get a light dinner and then go to Lord & Taylor’s, Express and a few other stores.

Just before the mall closed Lisa said to Gwen, “We need to talk.”

Gwen was caught off guard and although she suspected what Lisa wanted to talk about she feign ignorance and asked, “Talk about what?”

“You know, what happen with George.”

Gwen almost regretted having said anything about the incident to her. She didn’t want to talk about it, at least not yet. She felt the anger towards George in her and then the confusing welling up of tears. “Okay, but not here.” She couldn’t believe she had just agreed to say anything at all. There was a large part of her that was afraid to say anything and then there was that small part of her that felt a bit of relief over the idea of getting it off her chest.

Lisa suggested they go to her place where they could talk in private. Though the ride was a short one in miles driven it seemed to Gwen to take forever. She fidgeted the whole way and responded to Lisa’s attempts at conversation with short answers, not her usual chattiness. Fortunately Lisa understood Gwen’s lack of talk and took nothing by it.

Once inside the apartment Lisa offered Gwen some wine saying it might help her feel better. Gwen liked the idea and passively accepted. Lisa sat on the sofa next to Gwen and placed a glass of wine in front of her.

“So Gwen, what really happened? I mean like that was supposed to be one of the happiest nights of your life.” The concern in Lisa’s voice came across strongly and Gwen quietly appreciated that she’d be taken seriously. During the week since the prom she had mostly feared no one would believe her if they knew what happened.

“Well, you know pretty much what happened. George took me out parking after the prom, we got drunk and he acted like a jerk.” She could see the disbelief in Lisa’s eyes and cringed at the thought of having to go into any more detail.

Lisa sighed and said, “Gwen, don’t bullshit me. I’m your best friend. I know when you’re lying to me.”

“I’m not lying.” Gwen responded strongly.

“Yeah but you’re not telling me what really happened either.”

Gwen lowered her eyes and thought back to George’s forcing himself on her. Then she could feel the anger welling up from within her again. Finally she summoned up the courage and blurted out, “Well, I told him I didn’t want to have sex with him but he kept saying he wanted to and that he loved me but I kept saying no and then he pinned my arms down and fucked me and then he threw up.”

Although she was startled by Gwen’s statement she wasn’t surprised. Then she felt an anger growing in her and said, “You mean that asshole raped you?”

“No, he didn’t rape me,” Lisa complained, “he just pushed me into it.”

“So you enjoyed it?”

“No! It was gross!”

“So you didn’t come?”

“Of course not. He just pushed his dick in me and then he came and then . . .” Gwen could feel the tears well up again and she couldn’t finish the sentence. Finally through her tears and sobbing she said, “He’s just a prick Lisa. All boys are just jerks who just want to get into your panties.”

Gwen started crying and Lisa pulled her head into her chest. As Gwen cried she stroked her hair and tried comforting her by saying, “It’s okay, everything’s going to be all right.”

Gwen was a little beside herself by this time and almost yelled, “No it won’t! I hate him! I hate him!”

Lisa could feel Gwen’s strong emotions and in turn pulled her in just a little more tightly. Finally she said, “I know I know but you have me now.”

Gwen wasn’t quite sure how to take Lisa’s statement but she did feel comforted by it and she was feeling the relief of having finally told someone of her encounter. It was then she broke down and cried like a baby. She felt warm and safe in Lisa’s arms. She didn’t cry for long and as her tears ceased she looked up into Lisa’s face and said, “Thank you for being her for me. I love you.” This finally admission had surprised Gwen even as she was saying the words. The only person she had ever told she loved was her mother. It felt odd to tell another girl she loved her but slot oyna it didn’t feel wrong. She liked the feel of Lisa’s arms around her and she especially like the way Lisa stroked her hair. She felt herself relaxing in Lisa’s gentle touch.

Gwen lay in Lisa’s arms for a good ten minutes with neither of them saying a word but simply enjoying the moment. Gwen opened her eyes back up and looked up into Lisa’s eyes. She had never before noticed how beautiful Lisa’s eyes were. He brown eyes were set wide and were soft and inviting. As she stared into Lisa’s eyes they seemed to be slowly getting closer to her and then suddenly Gwen felt Lisa kiss her, a very soft gentle kiss. Gwen was surprised by the kiss as she came out of the trance like state she had been in. But strangely to her she liked the kiss. She moved her head slightly towards Lisa as to give her a kiss but stopped. Lisa sensed this and kissed Gwen again this time allowing the kiss to linger. Gwen closed her eyes as they kissed. As her mind focused on the kiss Gwen thought how nice it felt, how warm and loving. Still, a part of her was surprised by her response while another part of her was saying this was wrong and she should stop. Her mind raced a little between thoughts of the kiss being wrong and how it made her feel good and closer to Lisa. Gwen had no desire to stop the kiss and for the first time she returned the kiss with kisses of her own. A warm tingly feeling was going through her, an arousing yet comforting feeling. Gwen thought to herself how no kiss had ever felt quite so good as this one. At first they sucked on each other’s lip and then brushed their lips together. Finally Lisa gently pressed her tongue into Gwen’s mouth in a slow probing move. Gwen felt good accepting Lisa’s tongue and then pushed her tongue into Lisa’s mouth. Although she had French kissed boys before it had never felt nearly as good as this. It was as if Lisa knew exactly how to touch her, exactly what she wanted. It was then something Gwen had heard before came to mind. She had heard that only a woman knows how to touch another woman and Gwen suddenly knew the truth to the statement.

For a long time they just kissed and both Lisa and Gwen enjoyed every second of it. Finally it was Lisa who moved her hand over Gwen’s breast. The touch caused Gwen to move backward slightly as she was surprised by it but just as quickly she pushed her breast back into Lisa’s hand desiring more of the touch. She could feel Lisa’s hand moving ever so slowly over and around her breasts, first one then the other. And then Lisa’s fingertip pushed lightly against her nipples. Gwen felt as if her nipples were straining under the touch try to force themselves through the fabric of her bra and into Lisa’s hand.

Lisa moved back a bit and said, “Why don’t we get a little more comfortable.” She didn’t wait for Gwen’s reply but stood up immediately and lead Gwen by the hand into her bedroom and onto her bed. Gwen moved into Lisa’s arms and wrapped herself around Lisa with arms and legs entangled. Lisa immediately started kissing Gwen again just as she had been. But the she moved her kiss from Gwen’s mouth to her cheek and then down to her neck and stopped there. Lisa concentrated on kissing Gwen’s neck as she felt Gwen responding beneath her touch. Lisa pressed her hips into Gwen’s and started to slowly rub her body against Gwen as she continued to kiss her neck.

Finally Lisa stopped the kiss and sat up on the bed. Without saying a word or removing her eyes from Gwen’s she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Lisa thought if Gwen were going to object this would be the time. She of course hoped Gwen wouldn’t and as she removed her bra she saw Gwen’s eyes drop from hers and down to her now naked breasts. Lisa had smallish breasts. She was barely a B cup and had always desired larger breasts. When she saw Gwen smile as she looked at her breasts Lisa felt comforted. As she stood up to remove her jeans and panties Gwen started undressing herself. Once naked Lisa stood beside the bed as she watch Gwen undress. The only other place she had ever seen any girl undress was in the high school locker rooms and there she had always tried to avert her eyes. Now she could take it all in and she was a little surprised by how arousing she found it.

When they were both naked they lay down next to each other and embraced once again. It was Gwen who initiated the kiss this time and Gwen who quickly touched Lisa’s breasts. Lisa pushed her hips back into Gwen wanting to feel absolutely as close to her as she could. As she did so she could feel the hair of Gwen’s pussy canlı casino siteleri as it brushed against her own. She was pleasantly surprised by how erotic it felt. Then Lisa noticed how nice it felt having her breasts pressing into Gwen’s. Not only was it a feeling she had never felt before, of course, it was one she had never even imagined and now that it was happening it felt like something she’d like to have a lot of. Their kisses became more passion filled and Gwen slowly moved her body against Lisa’s drinking in the tingly feeling of their bodies rubbing against each other but particularly the way she could feel her pussy brushing up against Gwen’s. She felt certain that this movement alone would bring her to orgasm.

Once again Lisa took her lips from Gwen’s and started kissing down her body, first to her neck and then to her breasts. Lisa had never even touched another woman’s breasts before that day and now she was nuzzling Gwen’s nipple. She thought she could feel the dampness of her pussy turning to dripping wetness as she sucked in Gwen’s nipple. Her nipple was hard as a pebble between her lips. She sucked in Gwen’s nipple and pulled it upward maintaining her grip upon it and only releasing it when she had pulled outward several inches. Then she turned her attentions to Gwen’s other nipple running the tip of her tongue over the tip of nipple and then around the nipple and finally sucking it in between her lips. Gwen gently moaned as Lisa ran her tongue around her areole.

When Lisa released the nipple again she kept her tongue on Gwen’s body and ran it down to her bellybutton. Gwen squirmed beneath Lisa as she did this. Lisa continued moving her tongue down Gwen’s body, along the side of her pussy and to the very top of her thigh. Lisa had wanted to run her tongue right down into Gwen’s pussy but decided to watch her reaction short of doing that. As Gwen continued to squirm beneath the touch of her tongue she decided to move to her pussy. Lisa could smell the scent of Gwen emanating from her pussy, a subtle highly erotic and magnetic scent.

Gwen knew what Lisa was about to do and as much as she wanted to watch it happen she closed her eyes as Lisa moved her tongue towards her pussy. Lisa first place a finger along the folds of Gwen’s pussy and gently urged them aside. As her finger entered Gwen she could feel the wetness and the heat. She knew this was Gwen’s reaction to her and that made her happy. Between her own feelings of lust Lisa wanted more than anything to make Gwen happy and now to sexually satisfy her. As she used both hands to part Gwen’s pussy lips and press her tongue into the heat of Gwen’s sex she knew she’d be able to satisfy her. Lisa moved her tongue slowly at first. The initial tangy taste of Gwen’s pussy was erotic to her all by itself. Lisa wanted to drink in Gwen as much as she could both figuratively and actually. As the tip of her tongue ran from the top of Gwen’s pussy down over her clit she briefly wished she could actually drink this nectar she was tasting for the very first time. She had had her doubts about being able to do exactly this to another woman because she had feared what it might be like but now that she was in the middle of it she could think of nothing she wanted more.

At first Lisa simply ran her tongue up and down Gwen’s pussy but each time she did she thought she noticed Gwen’s clit becoming harder. As she briefly pulled away from her pussy she saw that the clit was indeed standing out noticeably. She returned her attentions to Gwen’s clit only this time sucking it inward like a little nipple of its own. Gwen seemed to squirm a little more beneath her as she did this. Lisa became more animated with her sucking of Gwen clit and licking her pussy. Then Lisa inserted first one finger and then two into Gwen as she continued to lick her. This was about all Gwen could take and she felt this sudden surge come from the tips of her finger and toes and shoot towards the tip of her clit and into an enormous orgasm. Gwen thrust her hips and pussy up into Lisa’s face but Lisa never lost touch with her pussy continuing to lick her through her orgasm.

As the orgasm subsided Lisa took Gwen in her arms and held her. She caressed Gwen’s hair as she kissed her cheek and ear. Gwen closed her eyes taking in the pleasure of being stroked and also, of course, the lingering effect of her orgasm. She couldn’t believe she had such a strong orgasm. Then she felt Lisa’s pussy rubbing slightly against her leg and she tingled in her own pussy. As she opened her eyes she found herself looking into Lisa’s eyes. They kissed as lovers and it was then Gwen felt the type of love for Lisa she thought had be reserved for a male partner. Lisa’s tenderness had been like none she had known before.

“I love you,” Gwen said to Lisa.

“I love you too.”

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