Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 4

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When Peter woke, he smoothed Shelly’s hair from her face, and kissed her gently on the forehead. He eased out from under her and rested her head on the pillow. She didn’t wake as he got out of bed.

Peter didn’t bother to dress before leaving the bedroom. He was surprised to see Rob asleep on the couch, with one leg thrown over the back and one arm dangling down to the floor. He looked at Rob’s impressive cock for a moment while he thought about Shelly’s suggestion. He shrugged to himself and went to get a glass of water.

“Hey,” Rob said as Peter sat down in the single armchair in the room. “I guess I fell asleep.”

“That’s all right, we did too. Shelly is still asleep.”

Rob stretched, and sat up on the couch. He felt a little strange being naked with only Peter being in the room. It was an unusual sensation. He went a grabbed a soda out of the refrigerator.

“I think you and I should talk before Shelly wakes up,” Peter said, when Rob had returned to the couch.

“Yeah, I figured as much. I could tell she was turned on by what happened out there.”

“Yeah, she was. She thought it was hot.”

“Well, it was,” Rob admitted, to Peter’s surprise. “I mean, I’ve never done anything with a guy before, but it didn’t bother me either. I kind of liked it.”

“Me too. Shelly wants to experiment with it.”

“I guess that would be okay, I mean, if one of us doesn’t like it, we can stop, right?”

“Of course.” Peter felt an enormous amount of relief at Rob’s response to the subject. Never in his wildest dreams would he have guessed Rob would go for something like this.

“Do you have any ideas on how we are going to do this?” Rob asked.

“Not really. I’m kind of hoping Shelly will.”

“I’m sure she will have plenty of ideas.” Rob laughed. “She hasn’t failed us yet.”

“Maybe we should think of something and surprise her.”

“Good idea,” Rob agreed. “We could continue along the same lines as what we did outside.”

“You mean you want me to suck your cock for real?” Peter stated bluntly. Rob looked a little embarrassed. “I think the time has past for us to talk delicately around the subject of sex, Rob. Yes, I want to suck your cock. Do you want to suck mine?” Peter felt his cock getting hard at just the thought.

“Yeah, I do. I want to suck your balls like you did mine too.” Rob rubbed his stiffening cock. “I don’t think I can handle you fucking me though. That thought just makes me nervous.”

“What about you fucking me, while I fuck Shelly? Does that make you nervous?”

“A little, but I think I might enjoy that. I wonder what position we would have to be in to do that?”

“I can picture it in my mind.” Peter was running his hand along his rock hard cock. “Shelly will be on her hands and knees, with her ass high in the air. I will kneel above her, and lay over her back. That will put my ass in the air. Then you will be the top.”

“No fair starting without me,” Shelly said, coming into the room. They admired her naked body as she walked past them and into the kitchen. She got a glass of water and returned. “I can tell you are talking about something good.” She glanced pointed at their hard cocks. “Is it what I think it is? Did I really hear you describe Rob fucking you, Peter?”

“You sure did sweetheart,” Peter said, kissing her as she sat down on his lap. illegal bahis She sat straddling his legs, facing him. His cock jutted up between their bodies.

“So you guys are really ready to go for this?”

“We’re willing to try it. We agreed that if either of us don’t like it we will stop.”

“But of course. That goes without saying.” Shelly put her glass aside on the end table. “What about me? What am I doing while this is going on?”

“Since neither one of us are gay, you will play an important part in this.” Rob laughed. “You will be on the bottom of the pile.”

Shelly bit her lip and tried to picture it in her mind. She smiled a wicked smile when she finally did. She rubbed her pussy against Peter’s cock.

“This really sounds interesting. You guys were obviously excited by talking about it. You both have rock hard cocks.” Shelly inserted just the head of Peter’s cock between her pussy lips. “Do I get fucked in the ass or in the pussy?”

“How do you want to be fucked?” Peter asked.

“Well, since my husband is going to get fucked in the ass, I guess it’s only fair that I do too.”

“This is sounding better and better,” Rob said, moving over to join them at the armchair. He leaned against Shelly’s back and reached around and gripped her tits in his hands. His cock rubbed against her ass. She wiggled on Peter’s lap in delight.

“Rob wants me to suck his cock for real,” Peter told her.

“So what are we waiting for?” Shelly pushed Rob out of her way and jumped off of Peter’s lap. “Rob, lay on your back on the floor.” When Rob had complied, Shelly positioned her pussy over his face, facing his cock. “Ok, let’s go Peter. You know what to do.”

Peter took Rob’s cock in his hand, and gently ran his fingers along the length of it before cupping his balls. He gingerly lowered his mouth and licked the tip with his tongue before taking the head in. He explored the velvety softness of the helmet shaped head with his tongue. He felt Rob’s cock twitch in his mouth when his tongue hit one spot on the head, right under the helmet shape. He played his tongue along that spot for a moment before slowly lowering his mouth on Rob’s prick.

Peter slowly worked Rob’s cock into his mouth, fighting a gag reflex. He knew he could do this. If Shelly could suck cock, then he could too. He kept trying to take the whole thing into his mouth.

“Peter, don’t rush it. It takes a little practice to take the whole thing. You have to concentrate on making him feel good.” Shelly leaned forward to put her hands on Peter’s head to help guide him.

Peter took her advice and stopped trying to take the whole thing. He bobbed his head up and down, taking a comfortable amount of Rob’s cock into his mouth each time. He found that Shelly was right, he didn’t have to fight a gag reflex this way.

“How does it feel, Rob?” Shelly asked. Rob had to turn his head away from her pussy to answer.

“Real good. He’s doing a great job.”

“Not yet, but he will,” Shelly promised. “Peter, do to him what you like done to you. That’s a good start. Play with his balls while you suck him. Gently run your teeth along it as you pull back.”

Peter followed her advice, and found he really enjoyed what he was doing. From the reactions he was getting from Rob, he was enjoying it too. Peter lightly scraped his teeth along Rob’s cock illegal bahis siteleri as he pulled it out of his mouth and felt Rob shiver. He massaged his balls in one hand while he sucked. Allowed his hand to move from Rob’s balls to rub the soft expanse between his balls and his asshole. Gradually he worked his fingers around to Rob’s asshole. He didn’t insert one, but he rubbed the outside, and kneaded the flesh surrounding it.

Rob’s hips began to thrust toward Peter’s face. Peter felt like Rob was fucking his mouth. It was an incredible thought. He knew how much he enjoyed fucking Shelly’s mouth and knew that Rob loved it too.

“You’re doing great, honey,” Shelly told him. She sounded kind of breathless to Peter’s ears, and he assumed she was getting near orgasm.

He watched her as she came on Rob’s face. Rob’s hands were gripping her hips, and she was grinding her pussy into his mouth. As Peter watched, he realized that Rob had his tongue thrust up Shelly’s ass, Shelly had her fingers inserted in her own pussy. She was rubbing her clit with one hand and fucking herself with the other.

When Shelly had control of herself again, she moved off Rob’s face. She turned around and licked her juices off his face, and kissed him deeply. She then moved to take Peter’s cock in her mouth. His cock wasn’t hard at the moment, but she soon fixed that little problem.

Peter couldn’t believe that he was having his cock sucked as he sucked another man’s. His cock hardened quickly in her mouth as she expertly worked her tongue around on it. He copied her movements on Rob’s cock in his mouth, and was rewarded by Rob’s groans of enjoyment. Peter let go of the cock and moved his mouth down to explore Rob’s balls. He licked all around the hairy area and felt the skin tightening under his tongue. He sucked one ball into his mouth and heard Rob moan.

“Are his nuts getting tight and drawing up, Peter? You don’t want to make him cum yet.”

“I’m not cumming yet,” Rob assured them. He put his hands in Peter’s hair and pulled his mouth back up to the shaft. Peter obligingly took his cock in his mouth again. He sucked hard on Rob’s cock, and pounded his head up and down. Rob fucked back with his hips bouncing up off of the floor.

Shelly was rubbing her clit and sucking Peter’s cock exactly as he was sucking Rob’s. She was giving Peter a guide on how to do it. Shelly licked down Peter’s shaft and all across his balls, and then moved even lower. She licked her way toward Peter’s asshole, and nibbled on his ass cheeks before tonguing his puckered hole. She watched as Peter mirrored her movements, doing the exact same thing to Rob.

“I’m cumming,” Rob yelled suddenly. Peter quickly returned his mouth to Rob’s cock head. He put it in his mouth to catch the spurting fluid. Shelly was impressed when Peter managed to swallow most of it. She stopped sucking Peter’s cock and moved up to lick the cum off his face and to share Rob’s cock. When they had thoroughly cleaned Rob up, Shelly looked into his face and smiled.

“Your turn now. Trade places with Peter. Just remember to take it slow at first until you get used to it.”

Peter lay down on the floor and Rob moved to his cock. Rob was a little nervous about sucking a cock, but he was willing to try it. It was so hot having Peter suck his, he knew he wanted to return the favor.

He canlı bahis siteleri gingerly took Peter’s balls in his hands and examined them visually before he ventured to lick them. He licked all around Peter’s nut sack, swirling his tongue in the light hair covering them. He gradually moved his tongue up the shaft, licking all around.

“That’s it, Rob, explore and take your time,” Shelly encouraged. She moved down to where her head was right next to Rob’s at Peter’s groin. She watched Rob as he worked his way up to the head. Rob looked into her green eyes as he took the head into his mouth.

Shelly slid a hand around and cupped Peter’s balls gently. She massaged his balls while Rob sucked his cock. Rob had learned from Peter’s mistake and didn’t try to take too much in his mouth at first. He started small, with just the head, exploring around the tip with his tongue. He gradually took more in his mouth as he gained confidence. It made him more excited to have Shelly right there, watching everything he did. She was encouraging, and pointed out spots that he should pay more attention to.

“He’s getting more excited, Rob. Now is the time to increase your pace if you can. Peter really likes this, you should see the look on his face.”

Rob looked up toward Peter’s face to see. He had his eyes closed, and was breathing harshly. His face was tensed up like he was getting ready to cum.

“Does it make you hot to see that you are getting Peter off?” Shelly asked. She reached between his legs and took his almost hard cock in her hands. It began to grow almost as soon as she touched it. Rob’s head began to bob up and down more quickly to keep time with her hand pumping his cock. He replaced her hand on Peter’s balls with his own and kneaded the soft skin. He felt Peter’s cock begin to swell in his mouth.

Shelly took Rob’s cock in her mouth when he was hard again. She sucked at the same pace that Rob was using on Peter’s cock. The stimulation of having her mouth on his cock while he sucked Peter’s cock was all the encouragement he needed. Rob lost all his fears and inhibitions and began to suck cock in earnest.

Peter groaned in sweet ecstasy as Rob’s mouth swallowed his cock. He could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of Rob’s throat. Rob sucked in his cheeks to tighten the feel on it and that nearly shot Peter over the edge. His hips moved, thrusting his cock deeper into Rob’s mouth.

Rob slid a finger under Peter’s balls and tickled his asshole. He stuck his finger in his mouth to get it wet and then inserted the tip into the puckered opening. Peter moaned out loud when he felt Rob’s finger slip in his ass. His hips thrust harder into Rob’s face, ramming his cock down his friend’s throat.

“I’m cumming!” Peter shouted, a split second before he shot his load. The first spurt went down Rob’s throat, and Rob pulled back, startled. Shelly released Rob’s cock and moved to aid him in cleaning up the delicious cum. Rob tentatively licked at Peter’s cock, tasting the salty taste of his cum. His tongue battled with Shelly’s for space as they completely cleaned Peter’s dick.

“That was terrific,” She told them when they were all lying piled on top of one another to catch their breath. “You guys make great cock-suckers.”

“Yeah, we did pretty good didn’t we?” Peter bragged.

“Did you like it though?” Shelly asked. “That’s the big question.”

“I did. I thought it was pretty hot.” Rob reached out and touched Peter’s cock gently. It twitched at his touch and Rob smiled.

“I enjoyed it too,” Peter agreed.

To Be Continued…

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