Graduation Present

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At a high school in a small town, the Grade 12 students were getting ready for the upcoming prom night and for the following day’s graduation ceremony at the local church. For some students, the high school years were the best time of their lives. On the other hand, for others, they just can’t wait to get into the work force out of town never to return, or go to college. However, for one teacher, those high school years were her time to shine, and to give one special student an unforgettable graduation present.

Over the last two years, Margot, affectionately known as “Mrs. B”, has been quite a naughty teacher. A mature older lady in her mid-forties, tall long hair brunette, always dressed up impeccably with beautiful outfits and high heels, wearing round glasses, showing very huge breasts, and gorgeous legs, she always picked up the right student for her annual sexual impulses. During those last years, she always had a favorite one. But this time, she got herself into a dilemma.

Margot enjoyed giving pleasure to other young female students over the last couple of graduation years. They were the lucky ones to get plenty of A’s on all their French lessons, homework, and exams. How could she forget Claudette, a tall bigger woman with a huge booty bulging out of her black skirt? She really enjoyed that night with her. And Pauline, a tall blonde bombshell with humongous boobs? Another night to remember.

She had to make a choice between two students with great talents: a tall slim nerdy spectacled young man named Sylvain, who brought the honours to his school by winning a speech contest and lead his team to victory in a high school quiz show; or the hot sexy teen named Cindy, with medium firm breasts, a huge ass, and big calves, who played on the high school volleyball team winning the gold medal at the summer games. Margot decided that she will make her final decision during prom night after the ceremonial dinner before the dance.

Margot was chosen by her school principal to be the emcee for the entire prom night. At first, she had to entertain the graduate students, their dates, and their parents during the dinner part of the evening. On a giant screen, she put pictures of each graduate when they were little and shared anecdotes about them.

Many male students were upset because that year the teachers decided that at the graduation prom there would be no alcohol served to anyone. They could not stand drinking Perrier with their meals. Nevertheless, with her irresistible charm, Margot entertained everyone assembled.

Standing on the small stage at the cafeteria where the dinner was held, Margot looked absolutely ravishing. She was all dressed up in white: a jacket, blouse hiding a white bra with bursting boobs, short skirt, brown nylons covering her sexy legs with high heels.

As she kept the guests amused, Margot looked porno indir at Sylvain sitting with his date and his mother. She could not believe what he was wearing: dressed in a peach cheesy Miami Vice-type jacket, lime coloured short-sleeve shirt and pants with grey shoes. His long brown hair had one inch of blonde streaks covering his neck. She even sensed that the poor young man was embarrassed by what he was wearing. He could blame his mother for her such God-awful pathetic tastes.

But when she looked at Cindy, her hair well arranged, red lips, and dazzling eyes, she knew right away to whom she wanted to give her special graduation present to.

Cindy was also dressed ravishingly just like her French teacher: all in white including the nylons layering her beautiful legs. Margot tried everything she could to control herself every time she looked at her student. She figured that she would talk to Cindy in a discreet place during the dance.

For a very long time, Cindy has always been seen with her high school sweetheart, a young man with the tough biker look, considering him the love of her life. Surprisingly before the prom, Cindy decided to ask a last-minute replacement date: a fat ugly man who graduated two years prior, just so Cindy could not be alone on prom night.

After dinner, everyone walked into the gymnasium where one half was filled with tables and chairs waiting for the graduates and their guests. The other half was the dance floor where a red carpet was rolled, so Mrs. B could introduce every single student. As she introduced Cindy, she could not resist staring at her walking on that carpet. Usually the sexy teen acts like a rebel, and dresses like a typical teenager. But on prom night, in Margot’s eyes, she looked like a star. The mature French teacher could not wait to approach her.

After all the introductions made, Margot watched Cindy going to the bathroom. She decided to follow her, pretending that she needed to go as well. Cindy was looking at herself in the mirror, put some lipstick on, when Margot came very close to her.

“I want to talk to you Cindy!” Margot whispered into Cindy’s ear. “Let’s go where the showers are.”

Surprised at that unusual request, Cindy followed her teacher into the women’s showers. Suddenly, Margot pushed her student against the wall very gently.

“What are you doing later tonight?” Margot asked.

“Probably going home.” Cindy replied anxiously.

“You’re not going home with fat ugly slob, aren’t you?” Margot asked sternly.

“Absolutely not!” Cindy replied almost nauseating.

“How about you come home with me tonight? I want to give you a very nice graduation present that you will always remember.” Margot said excitedly.

“Really? Why should I go home with you?” Cindy asked confused.

“Remember all those rokettube A’s I have been giving you throughout the year? I have been watching you too. Thanks to me you will graduate. And right now, … I want to give you a little preview about what I am going to do to you tonight, Baby!”

Cindy could feel Margot’s hands all over her body. Very quickly, Margot got down on her knees, lifting Cindy’s skirt up, rubbing her pussy with her hands. Cindy could feel her teacher’s tongue licking her twat ardently. Cindy was on the verge of coming when Margot suddenly stopped. The French teacher stood back up, kissing Cindy on her cheeks, rubbing her huge breasts against her.

“Meet me at my house at half past midnight. The back door will be unlocked. You just walk in, lock the door behind you, and come upstairs into my bedroom. I will be waiting for you, and I can’t wait.” Margot instructed Cindy. “Oh, by the way! I want you to put your lipstick on my boobs. See you later Baby!”

Both women walked out of the women’s showers without anyone else noticing. Margot had to go back to the dance floor where she was still performing her emcee duties for the dance part as well. At her table, Cindy could not stop thinking about what occurred with Mrs. B. She looked at her teacher from head to toe, undressing her with her eyes. She did not pay attention to her date for the remainder of the night.

After making sure that the cleaning crew she hired did a great job, Margot drove back to her house. She climbed the stairs to go to her bedroom where she began to put some makeup on, tuck in her blouse, and adjust her jacket, and skirt. She sat down on her couch, waiting for her student to open the closed door.

After telling her date to go find someone else if he wanted to get laid, Cindy walked all the way to her teacher’s house, making sure no one saw her going to the backyard. She opened the door, walked right in, locked it behind her. She walked gracefully the flight of stairs. As she reached the top, she could see a closed door with a tiny ray of light shining at the bottom of it. She figured that Mrs. B was waiting anxiously for her. She knew as she opened that door, her French teacher would lavish her with lots of lesbian sex that she would never forget.

As she pushed the door, she could see Margot sitting on her small couch. Her legs crossed, the teacher instructed Cindy to sit next to her. Suddenly, Cindy started caressing Margot’s gorgeous legs. Undoing the buttons of her jacket, Margot took it off. Cindy started undoing Margot’s blouse. As she peeled it, she peeked at Margot’s huge boobs covered with her white bra. She helped her teacher with her blouse and bra. Cindy wanted to start sucking on Mrs. B’s breasts, but Margot held back gently, teasing her student to the point where Cindy could not resist anymore.

Like porno a wild animal, Cindy began sucking and licking her teacher’s huge boobs with reckless abandon, leaving her red lipstick all over her flesh. Margot kept on moaning blissfully as she could still feel her student’s lips all over her large chest. Both women began kissing passionately, their hands all over each other caressing their gorgeous nylon covered legs and bodies.

Margot stood up instantly, pulled her sexy student off the couch, dragged her into her warm bed. She pushed Cindy, who fell right on the mattress with her teacher right on top of her.

“Come on Baby, suck my tits! Suck them both!” Margot encouraged Cindy to do.

Once again, Cindy got into a trance where she could not stop sucking, grabbing, and licking her teacher’s huge boobs, leaving more lipstick on them. Margot took her glasses off, out them on the table next to the bed. She started kissing her beloved student once more with a long passionate open mouth kiss. For some mysterious reason, Margot sensed that Cindy was a terrific kisser. Her feeling was right. She adored kissing her student’s lips.

After kissing Cindy on her cheeks, her chin, her neck, Margot moved down under her student’s skirt. She began licking and sucking Cindy’s pussy avidly. Margot could taste Cindy’s succulent cum all over her mouth. Right after her first orgasm, Cindy grabbed Margot head, leading it towards her hot snatch once more. The second orgasm was the loudest. Cindy could not help but screaming Margot’s name repeatedly.

While resting briefly, Margot kneeled on the bed facing her student lying down. She grabbed Cindy’s huge calves, started to kiss and lick on them tenderly. She seized one of them, stuck it between her huge breasts pretending to be titty-fucked. Holding Cindy’s ankle, the horny French teacher began licking her high heel shoe, her ankle and her calf.

Returning on top of her student, Margot commenced another deep kissing session with Cindy. Both women could not stop kissing and embracing for the remainder of the night.

As the sun rose, Margot began kissing Cindy deeply while she was still sleeping. Both women spent a great part of the morning making out passionately in bed. They both had to get ready to go to church for the convocation ceremony. Cindy would join her classmates to collect her high school diploma. But she would rather be in bed with her French teacher for the rest of the weekend.

After a failed marriage and giving birth to two kids, Cindy got in touch with her high school sweetheart. In her heart, she knew that she always loved him. She married the love of her life after he left his motorcycle club, moved away from her small town to start a brand-new life. Every time her thoughts conveys her to that prom night making love to Mrs. B, she smiles, knowing how special, and wonderful that night really was.

As for the naughty huge boobs spectacled French teacher, she went on to fulfill her intense sexual appetite with a very special student at each graduation year until she retired from the teaching profession ten years later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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