Going Bananas

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“Laugh all you want to.” Skylar said as she set her pom poms down on the bench, ripped off her cheerleading outfit and sports bra, and headed toward the shower. “You all like dick just as much I do, I’m just not afraid to admit it.”

She knew her first mistake, had been telling Missy, Jen and Heather that she wanted to lose her anal cherry, but ever since she had read that magazine article she had been very curious.

She stood under the steaming water watching the droplets bounce off her tiny titties and listened to Jen snicker. “Does that crazy bitch really think her ass will get bigger just by letting some dude cum in it?”

Then Missy peeked her head in the curtain. “Hey Sky, have you decided who you’re going to let do the honors? I heard Jake Knox has a big ole banana dick.”

Heather joined in. “Yeah, maybe he can stretch you out so you don’t even feel it when the rest of the football team take their turn reaming your ass hole.”

Skylar knew the teasing and laughing weren’t going to stop anytime soon, so she just stuck her middle finger in the air, turned her back on them and ran her fingers through her wet hair.

Ever since she had moved here, almost two years ago now, she had been trying to fit in. It just seemed like the harder she tried, the harder the other girls pushed her away.

She had to admit it was a shock leaving the big city and coming to this shit town, but she thought she had done everything right.

She had joined a local church and started singing in the choir, she was active in as many clubs and extracurricular activity as possible, she made the cheer squad, and after the first few months she had adjusted to their fashion sense and even started trying to talk like they did. She was beginning to realize it was never gonna happen so it was time to start making her own way.

The other cheerleaders had started to undress and were filtering into the shower around her. Skylar let one hand slide to her left breast and the other one all the way down to her freshly shaven crotch.

As the other girls stared in an awed silence, she rubbed her nipple and worked her fingers into her tight pussy. She expected them to laugh or point, but instead they just stood there with their jaws on the floor. She continued twisting her fingers until one of them hit her clit and her knees started to tremble. She pictured Jake Knox mounting her from behind, with his “big ole banana dick” and she experienced a screaming orgasm right there in front of a shower full of the most popular girls in school. Then she just walked out of the shower, toweled off slowly, dressed and headed home.

Her parents were in the kitchen when she got home. Mom was making dinner, and Dad was flipping through the paper. She tried to sneak quietly and go upstairs but Mom heard her.

“Hey Sweetie.” Mom said . “How was your day?

“Fine.” Skylar said, and tried to continue up the stairs, but Mom peeked her head out into the hallway.

“Come here, I have a surprise for you.” Mom said.

“Oh shit!” Skylar said, as she stopped halfway up and then wondered what Mom had up her sleeve. When she stepped into the kitchen she had to smile, there was a bunch of bananas sitting on the counter in front of Mom, and Dad had peeled one halfway down and was about to shove it into his mouth.

“I made your favorite, banana bread!” Mom said, pointing to the oven with a giant smile.

“Thanks, but I’m not hungry.” Skylar replied, as she tore a banana from the bunch and headed upstairs. She had seen the way her parents looked at each other in confusion, and she appreciated that they cared, but she knew they would never understand.

She set the banana down on her dresser, and fought back tears as she undressed slowly in front of the mirror. Her tits were very small, but perky, unlike Heather’s massive cans that just hung there, and her nipples were a damn near, perfect pink and pointed straight up in the air. She definitely didn’t have a six-pack by any means, but her stomach was flat and her skin always had a perfect tan, even in the winter. She turned around and looked over her shoulder as she slid her shorts down over her hips. She knew she had a great ass, she had been told so on many occasions, and just recently she had caught the choir leader at church , Mr. Crescent, checking it out as she walked past him. She had to admit, she was even getting turned on now, as she watched her cotton panties slide down her cheeks and expose the top of her crack. Even though her legs were thin and she’d been illegal bahis called “Chicken Legs” she had been blessed with a nice full ass.

She stepped out of her panties, grabbed the banana and made her way over to the bed, still in full view of the mirror. She laid on her back on the bed, lifted her knees to her chest and spread them so she had a full view of her tight little slit and puckered ass hole.

She placed two fingers in her mouth, sucked on them, then slid them down to her tender little mound and rubbed gently as she put the end of the banana in her mouth with the other hand.

She was surprised, and even a bit embarrassed at her own actions. She knew the other girls thought she was a slut, but she had very little experience with this sort of thing.

She had sucked off Brady Bomback behind his grandparents shed that one time last summer, but he came within seconds of entering her mouth and hadn’t even gotten fully erect.

She fucked her mouth slowly with the banana as she continued to rub the tips of her fingers over her mound, and then let one slip into her glistening hole which was already slick with her moisture. She wiggled them around inside for a moment, then replaced them with the tip of the banana and watched as it slid halfway in past her lips. She smiled at herself in the mirror, as a wave of pleasure rushed over her. It felt awkward, but strangely amazing to see an inanimate object plunging inside of her. She wet her pointer finger again and forced the tip into her butt. It wasn’t as bad as she had expected, it gave her a very pleasant full feeling, and it didn’t even really hurt. She wiggled it around a bit and couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. She worked the banana up and down in her crotch and wiggled her finger deeper into her butt. A deep, desperate moan escaped her lips and surprised her as her thigh muscles tightened and her whole body shook with pleasure. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but she really wanted the banana in her ass when she came.

She yanked it out of her pussy and tried to work it into her star hole. At first it felt similar to her finger, but then she felt the pain set in as it started to stretch her tender flesh. She tried to imagine Jake’s cock or even Dad’s teeth closing in on the tender pulp, but nothing helped until her mind floated back to those ditzy bitches in the shower. Suddenly the pain turned to pleasure, as she pounded it deep into her rectum. Her mouth went dry, and her nipples became instantly erect as her fingers found their way back to her screaming cunt, and flicked at her clit.

She was still trembling and enjoying the tingling sensation running through her core when she heard the knock on her bedroom door.

“Are you okay, Hon?” Her father asked.

“Just a minute, Daddy.” She answered, as she pulled the fruit out of her sore hole and slipped into her shorts and top.

When she opened the door he was holding a plate with two slices of buttered banana bread, and wearing that silly grin she was so fond of. He followed her back to the bed and sat down beside her. She could feel every bounce of the bed between her legs as he made himself comfortable, tore off a piece of the bread and placed it between her lips.

It made her hot all over again to watch his eyes move across the room to her bra and wet panties still crumpled on the floor, and the stinky banana resting on her dresser. She knew he had to be assuming something, and she couldn’t help but shiver as he placed his hand on her bare thigh.

“So what’s on your mind, Sky?” He asked.

She had never talked about sex with either of her parents. Mom had explained some stuff about the female anatomy when Sky first got her period, but that was it. She definitely wasn’t ready to start now with Dad, especially with her tender sphincter and the sensation of her orgasm still fresh in her mind. Plus, she couldn’t stop wondering how big his cock was and how it would feel forcing itself inside her.

She wasn’t sure why she did it, but she tore of a small piece of banana bread with the fingers that had just been in her cooch, and fed it to him, making sure they touched his tongue. “Just some stupid bitches at school.” She said.

“Well, you look tense.” He said. “Why don’t you flip over on your belly and let your old man try to rub some of those knots out of you.”

She turned over, thinking she may have looked a bit too eager as she stuck her butt up in the air.

“Does it have to do with boys?” He asked as he placed his hand in the small of illegal bahis siteleri her back, forced her down and then straddled her.

She thought she could feel him poking her crack as he rocked back and forth on top of her rubbing her shoulders roughly. She couldn’t help notice the banana on the dresser and the look in his eyes as he moved. She closed her eyes and fantasized that he was fucking her. “They just give me a lot of shit for still being a virgin at eighteen.” She responded, hoping to arouse him.

Instead he dismounted her and headed towards the door. “I hope that helped a little.” He said. “But make your own decisions, don’t let anyone change who you are.”

She laid there feeling disappointed and horny as ever. Even her dad didn’t get it. She wasn’t a virgin, but she didn’t want to tell him that, she just wanted a man, any man at this point, to possess her completely. She grabbed a pillow, shoved it between her legs and humped it until she came again.

When she woke up the next morning, she was nervous about going to school. She was sure everyone in the whole town had heard about her little show, and would work even harder at avoiding her.

She found out she was partially right. Missy, Jen and Heather, kept their distance, pointed and snickered , but she seemed to have reached some kind of celebrity with everyone else. Some of the girls she had never even really talked to, came and sat at her lunch table, and most of the guys seemed extra friendly, opening doors for her, and Jake Knox even offered to carry her books at one point. This made her feel good in a way, and at first she even wanted to accept, but the last thing she needed was pity, so she just pushed past them, with her chest out, and her nose in the air.

On the way home from school Skylar started to feel a bit overwhelmed. She didn’t really know what to think, before she was upset because no one would talk to her, and now that she had their attention, she was kind of upset about that. About the time she was beginning to feel hopeless, she noticed a car that looked vaguely familiar. It pulled over to the side of the road in front of her, the driver window went down and a man poked his head out. It was Mr. Crescent.

At first she wanted to turn and run. He was one of the last people she wanted to talk about sex to, for various reasons, but he greeted her with a very welcoming smile.

“Hey Sky! Why don’t you hop in, I can give you a lift.”

He was one the of only people that called her that, and for some reason, she really liked it. It wasn’t so much the word itself but the way it sounded leaving his mouth.

“I want to show you something down by the river, then if your still up for it, we can go for ice cream.” He said.

After she got in the car, they drove in silence for awhile, until Mr. Crescent finally broke the ice.

“I should tell you. I heard the rumor going around, and you and I aren’t that much different.” He said.

Sky wrinkled her face. “What? You want it in the ass too?”

He laughed. “I didn’t hear that part, I just mean we both went a long time without losing our virginity. “

Sky tried to smile, but she could feel herself turning red. “Why? Was it a religious thing?”

He laughed even harder. “No. I’ve never been part of a religion. The choir thing is just about music. I didn’t lose my virginity in high school cuz I was scared to be called “One Nut.”

“What?” She said, with a smirk as she involuntarily glanced at his crotch.

He pulled the car over next to a bridge. “I ran my bike into a tree when I was ten, and smashed my junk on the bar. They had to take the left one. Every time I got close with a girl, that’s all I could think about. I’d eventually make an excuse and back out.”

“So have you been with a girl?” Sky asked as they got out of the car.

Mr. Crescent reached in the back for a blanket. “Not yet. I still get really nervous.”

Sky felt bold. Finally someone was on her level. “We’ll it should be easy with me. I know your secret.”

He took her hand, and they walked slowly down a wooded path that looked down at the water.

“I’ll still probably get really nervous.” He said. “Even though I trust you, it’s just been a thing for so long.

Skylar stopped suddenly, got down on her knees in front of him and unzipped his pants.

Mr. Crescent tensed up and he began to stutter. “S…S…Sk…Sk Ska…Ska…Sky!” But then he went silent, and watched as she slipped his long, thin cock from his fly. She wrapped canlı bahis siteleri her lips around it, and slid them up and down as she undid his belt and worked his pants over his hips.

He gasped, as she cupped her hand around his ball sack, and began to slam his dick deep into her throat.

She didn’t think it felt that strange, the whole one nut thing.

All she could compare it to was Brady Bomback’s, but she really hadn’t paid much attention to his, she was just more worried about what would happen if he blew his wad in her mouth.

Mr. Crescent jumped back and yanked up his pants. “Lets go.” He said, as he headed up the hill.

Skylar chased behind, hoping she hadn’t done anything to upset him. She really liked Mr. Crescent, always had ever since her first choir practice, when he winked at her as he shook her hand at the door.

“You’re gonna love this!” He said, as she finally caught up to him.

At first it just looked liked a dirty old wall covered with graffiti, but in reality it was a cave carved out pf the side of a hill overlooking the river.

“How come I’ve never heard of this place?” Sky asked, as she stepped inside and took in everything around her. There was actually a sofa sitting on an old rug against the cave wall, and a candle burned almost all the way down resting on an end table.

Mr. Crescent lit a match and held it to the wick, lighting up the room around them. “Creeps most people out.” He said, as a giant painted skull appeared on the ceiling above them.

He spread the blanket over the couch, then walked to the mouth of the cave, where Skylar watched as an eagle soared over the river just above the tips of the trees. He gathered all the strength he could muster, just to slip in behind her, place his hands on her hips. He wanted to do so much more, but he was so intimidated by her quiet confidence, that it was as if he were frozen in place, behind her.

He was completely surprised when Sky put her hands on top of his and pushed down, sliding her pants over her hips. He couldn’t help but look down and check out those full cheeks that blossomed out of her crack, and peeked at him from beneath the elastic of her panties.

He felt a tug at his fly as his cock started to harden, and even though he felt a bit self conscious, he knew this is what he wanted. He stepped in closer, letting his stiffness rub against her, and was thrilled when he felt her body relax against him.

“I want you in my ass…Now! She said, whispering up into his ear.

“You want me to carry you back to the couch so we will be more comfortable? He asked.

“I said now! Skylar demanded as she pushed back, placing her hands on his knees, and grinding her ass against his crotch.

He felt a rush of confidence now as he slid her pants down the rest of the way and ripped open his fly.

Skylar licked her finger, slid it between her legs, ran it around the perimeter of her anus, then let it slip in.

Mr. Crescent’s heart pounded as he took his dick in his hand and began to stroke it. He had always had a giant crush on Skylar, and even though he knew she was a bit wild for his taste, this would be a great way to start.

He couldn’t believe how tight she was, and even though he was scared to hurt her, he thrust forward, because he couldn’t wait any longer to be inside her.

Skylar flinched as her fingers moved to her clit, and there was a tinge of pain in her groan. This excited him more than he could ever imagine as pleasure brushed against the head of his penis, slid down the shaft, and slammed into his ball sack.

Skylar had known it was going to hurt, but she ignored the pain as he slammed inside of her. She couldn’t help but feel free as his fingertips dug into her skin, and spread her cheeks apart.

She really liked Mr. Crescent, maybe even loved him a little bit, and even though she knew it would hurt him, she couldn’t wait to call him “One Nut” to Missy, Jen and Heather. Besides having an even fuller ass then she already had, it would be her ticket to the popularity she had always craved.

She felt his legs tense up and his cock become even tighter against her soft tushie, as he trembled, shook and let out a scream. She knew he was filling her with his hot load as her finger bumped against her clit and she rubbed herself to a shuddering climax.

After they stood there for a moment panting and shaking, she took him by the hand and led him to the sofa. He sat down and she climbed on top of him, and showered him with kisses.

“What do we do now?” She asked.

“Well, I did promise you ice cream.” Mr. Crescent said, with an awkward smile.

“Sounds perfect!”

“Do you know what kind you want?”

“Surprise me!”

“How bout a Banana Split?”

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