Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 31

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The next day Miss White attached the camera they’d confiscated from Jodie to her computer and uploaded the photos. She intended to return the camera to Dean Wilkins with nothing on it; it seemed symbolically correct.

But the pictures were too good to just throw away. For several hours in the late morning and early afternoon she locked her door and scrolled through them, masturbating over and over. Not only were the images highly erotic in themselves, the fact that they’d been taken surreptitiously somehow made them even sexier.

It turned into one of those intense self-pleasuring sessions where each orgasm is better than the last and leads you directly to the next. She finally had to force herself to stop so she could get ready for her meeting with the Dean, decisively shutting down her computer and leaving the room.

She took a long, hot shower and tried to get herself mentally prepared. She was generally an extremely confident person, but there were a lot of unknowns in this situation, and many potential dangers. The pleasures she’d experienced in her time at Alpha Beta Delta were so many and so glorious that she’d always wondered whether someday there would be a price to pay. Was the time at hand?

Well, she’d just have to handle things as best she could. She dried herself off, put her hair up, and got her best suit out of the closet. When she was dressed she checked herself out in the mirror, put her game face on. Yes, Dean Wilkins was a formidable person; but so was she.

It was about a 10-minute walk to the administration building, but Miss White was ahead of schedule, so she took it slow. She wanted to be exactly on time — not late, not early. It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day, and every coed that passed seemed to be wearing her skimpiest summer outfit.

For awhile Miss White found herself walking behind a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair, watching him crane his neck to hd porno check out every girl in sight. Truth be told, she was just as bad, she knew; but at least she was more subtle about it. It made her smile to think that she got more pussy than he could ever dream of.

Which was part of the problem at hand, of course. The fact that Alpha Beta Delta was a hotbed of lesbian activity had been an open secret on campus for a long time; the administration was generally content to look the other way, since no one was harmed and ABD had a long history behind it. But occasionally there had been conservative factions that would have liked to have an excuse to shut it down.

Miss White knew that her own sexual involvement with students was problematic in that respect. But she didn’t for a minute try to fool herself into thinking that she’d ever give up the privileges she enjoyed. She promised herself she’d be more careful in the future, assuming they survived this crisis; that was as far as she’d go.

She arrived at the Dean’s office precisely at 4, but was kept waiting for the better part of 20 minutes; that was to be expected. She tried not to let herself get annoyed; she wanted to be on a completely even keel, with no emotions clouding her thinking. She practiced deep breathing and read news on her phone until the Dean’s secretary finally called for her.

Dean Wilkins’ office was huge, with a spectacular view of campus, but it was out of the sun at this time of day and the lights were on low. For a second Miss White didn’t see the Dean, and then she seemed to materialize out of the shadows. “Hello, Alexis,” she said matter-of-factly and their eyes met, both of their expressions neutral as they sized each other up.

Statuesque and mahogany-skinned, with a leonine mane of black hair, Monique Wilkins towered half a head above Miss White. She was wearing an impeccably tailored, form-fitting dark suit and stiletto sex izle heels that made her taller than she already was. “Monique,” responded Miss White, and they clasped hands and exchanged French-style cheek kisses, one of the Dean’s trademarks.

Dean Wilkins sat down behind her desk and Miss White took the chair on the other side. “So what can I do for you?” asked the Dean coolly.

Miss White sat the camera down on the desk. “I believe this belongs to you,” she said.

Dean Wilkins cocked an eyebrow. “In fact it does. Thank you.” She picked up the camera and switched it on; after seeing that the memory card was empty, she switched it off again. “Actually, it’s good that you’ve come. I was going to have to speak with you soon anyway.”

They again locked eyes, each one trying to out-calm the other. “You sent that envelope,” stated Miss White.

The Dean nodded. “Yes, I did.” Opening the middle drawer of her desk, she produced a key which she used to unlock another drawer at the bottom-right. From this she took a manila folder about an inch thick, which she sat down on the desktop. “I’ve assembled quite a dossier on your activities at Alpha Beta Delta.” Nodding toward the corner of the room, she added, “There are more in the safe. Electronic files too.”

Miss White struggled to fight off a mild sense of panic, but managed to keep her face perfectly composed. “What is this all about, anyway?”

Dean Wilkins flipped open the folder and began to page through the printouts inside. They were all pictures taken at ABD House, many of them sexually explicit; some of them Miss White recognized, some were new. “Well, Alexis, it’s like this,” she said. “As you know, there is a morals clause in Alpha Beta Delta’s agreement with the college. I had heard rumors of what went on there, but I had no idea it was like this. I’m… concerned.”

Pausing at a photo of Miss White leaning back against altyazılı porn her desk naked from the waist down, an unidentifiable blond head gripped between her thighs, the Dean continued. “And I’m concerned about your behavior in particular. This sort of thing is simply beyond the pale, Alexis.”

Miss White sighed. Dean Wilkins had her, there was no way around it. She took a deep breath and relaxed; there was nothing she could do now but see where this was leading. “So what is it that you want?” she asked.

The Dean smiled a smile that made the hairs stand up on the back of Miss White’s neck; it was triumphant, cruel, and playful all at once. “There’s more than enough here for me to pull your charter. But I’d rather that wasn’t necessary. I’d like to meet with some of these girls. Evaluate them. Make sure they aren’t being harmed.”

Suddenly it was as if the scales had fallen from Miss White’s eyes. Of course, the Dean wanted a piece of the action. Immediately she felt a slight sense of relief; at least now she knew the parameters of what she was dealing with. Her mind went to work, calculating, strategizing. “I assume you had particular ones in mind?”

“In fact,” answered the Dean, shuffling through the pile of photos, “I do.” She held up a picture obviously taken through a window at ABD House. Jenny stood there naked; behind her was Kristin, fully clothed. One of Kristin’s arms was wrapped around Jenny’s chest just beneath her breasts, making them stand up and point directly toward the camera. The other was cupping Jenny’s crotch. Jenny was leaning back against Kristin, eyes closed, mouth hanging open. It was a tremendously sexy image, and Miss White felt a tingle between her legs looking at it, even under these fraught circumstances.

“These two,” said the Dean.

“Well,” answered Miss White hesitantly, “I’ll have to see.”

Dean Wilkins nodded. “I understand. I’ll give you 24 hours.” Glancing at the clock she added, “Let’s say 5:00 tomorrow?”

Miss White nodded in return and stood up. There was really nothing more to be said. They exchanged one last glance as Miss White turned on her heel and walked away.

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