Girls Night In

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This story takes place many years ago when I was in college, so the statute of limitations has run out for any references to drug use or anything else that might have been illegal at the time. The names have been changed to prevent my friends from suing me. And special thanks to Atlprof for asking the question in Literotica chat that reminded me of this.

It was September in my senior year at the sleepy little college I went to on the southern Gulf Coast in Florida. After a week of classes and studying, I found myself too tired one Friday night to drive all the way home just to have to drive back on Sunday night to be there for Monday morning classes, so I called my parents and my boyfriend and told them I wouldn’t be coming home for the weekend. They were okay with it, although I’m sure my boyfriend would have preferred some female companionship. He might have found some on his own that weekend. I’ll never know. We broke up right after that weekend.

With most people gone at the college and nothing else to do at school but study and laundry, I woke up on Saturday about 10 AM and tackled the latter first. Fortunately, the campus laundromat was walking distance and also was adjacent to the campus swimming pool, which made it very convenient for sunning/swimming while the washing machine and dryer spun.

At the otherwise deserted pool, I ran into a friend (we’ll call her Cameron because she looked a lot like a younger version of Cameron Diaz), who, like me, decided not to drive home for the weekend. After the usual chit-chat about classes, professors, cute boys, and sunscreen, we both settled into reading and relaxing under the morning sun on our lounge chairs.

After a few moments of magazine-reading, Cameron broke the silence.

“Any plans for Saturday night, Penny?”

Did I forget to mention that back then, I looked a lot like a younger version of Penelope Cruz, and how I could pass for her younger sister?

“Not really. Amy and I were going to watch TV and just hang out.”

Amy was my roommate, who looked a lot like a younger version of Amy Adams.

A sweet smile crossed Cameron’s face. “I’m not doing anything either,” she said. “Can I come over and hang out with you two?”

“Of course!” I replied.

Cameron turned back to her magazine, then looked back at güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me. “I think Jen is free also.”

Jen was her roommate. She looked a lot like a younger version of Jennifer Aniston.

“Bring her along. I’ll pick up some snacks and we can microwave little pizzas.”

“Perfect,” replied Cameron. “We’ll bring something to drink.”

“Come by about 8,” I said.

With the food, beverages and time decided, we both turned back to our reading material and waited for our respective laundry to finish.

As the evening rolled and our Girls Night In time approached, Amy and I planned what the four of us would be doing.

“Twister, cards, a movie…”

All of that went out the window when Cameron and Jen showed up at our dorm room with a couple of grocery bags. Inside one was a bottle of tequila, a couple of bottles of Sprite, a bag of ice, and some fruit.

Now, the dorm room was kind of small. With two beds and the furniture, it was more comfortable for the four of us sitting on the floor. And with the September temps still pretty hot in Florida coupled with our lame dormitory AC, none of us was wearing more than tank tops, shorts and flip flops.

As we finished eating and got comfy, Cameron got the post-dinner conversation started right away.

“Rule number one is, anything we say or do in this room tonight stays in the room, okay? That means no picture-taking, no video, etc.”

Jen filled four tall glasses with ice, added a shot of tequila to each one and then poured in the Sprite. She held out the lemons and we all took one.

“Rule number two is, if you take a drink you have to drink it, unless we’re playing a drinking game in which case other rules apply that we’ll make up later,” said Jen. She took her glass and held it high. “Here’s to good friends!”

Jen chugged hers down. The rest of us did the same. Jen poured us refills.

I chimed in, “And rule number three is that since we’re all straight girls and since we’ve all seen each other naked in the dorm shower, and since it’s so frigging hot in here, get as naked as you want.”

I slipped off my shorts and tossed them on the floor in front of us, revealing pink bikini panties .

“My roomy is secretly an exhibitionist,”Amy said. “What game do we want güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to play?”

“How about strip poker?” asked Cameron, chuckling to herself and smiling. “Penny’s already short one piece of clothes.”

We all laughed.

Jen poured round two of tequilas for everyone with more than half of each glass filled with tequila this time.

“Drink up, ladies.”

We clinked glasses and drank, each of us sipping slowly this time. It didn’t matter. The booze from round one was already beginning to take effect.

“Is it hot in here or is it me?” asked Amy, fanning herself.

“Both,” I said. I was feeling very warm as well.

Amy slipped off her shorts revealing white thong panties. She tossed her shorts onto mine, creating the beginning of a pile. Then she reached behind her, undid her bra and took it off through the shirt sleeve without removing her shirt. Her nipples were hard and visible under the tank top she wore. She twirled her bra above her head and tossed the bra onto the pile.

“Finish your drinks, ladies,” said Jen.

We all downed the tequila. Our speech got more and more slurred. Jen poured round three and we drank that just as quickly.

Then Cameron said, “Open the windows. I’ve got another goody for us to enjoy.”

Barely able to stand, Amy and I got up. We staggered to the the windows and opened them.

Cameron reached into the grocery bag and took out a bag of joints, removing one and sniffing it under her nose. Then, she took out a lighter and flamed it, barely able to light the joint in her semi-drunken state. Finally, she got it lit. She took a long hit and passed it to me. I took mine and passed it to Amy who took hers and then gave it to Jen. We passed it around several times until finally it was all gone. We closed the windows as soon as the smoke cleared the room.

“Everybody totally obliterated now?” asked Cameron. She stumbled on “obliterated.”

We all nodded.

“Is it hot in here or is it just me,” slurred Amy. She took off her top and slipped off her panties, her clothes now piled in front of us. She sat there totally nude.

“Who’s the exhibitionist now, Amy?” I asked

“I am,” she giggled.

“Does anyone else get horny when they drink and smoke?” asked Jen.

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri laughed. “Are we playing truth or dare?”

Cameron said, “Sure! I dare you both to get naked right now!”

Jen and I took off our tops and our bras. I slipped off my panties. Jen took off her shorts. She wasn’t wearing panties. The clothes pile got bigger.

Cameron stood up unsteadily and took off all of her clothes.

Now, there was a huge pile of shorts, tops, bras and panties in the middle of the floor.

Out of the blue, Amy said, “I wish my boyfriend was here. I’d suck his cock.”

We all laughed.

Jen said “I guess Amy chose ‘truth’.”

I said, “If your boyfriend was here, Amy, I’d suck his cock.”

“We could take turns,” added Jen.

The other girls went “ooh!”

Amy laughed loudly. “He’d love it!”

Jen removed a banana from the grocery bag and peeled it slowly. Then, she put it in her mouth and moved her lips up and down on it. “Mmmm,” she purred.

Cameron blurted out, “I just had an image of you sucking some guy off. It was so real.” She held her arms across her bare breasts and began rubbing her nipples with her thumbs.

“Got any more bananas in there?” I asked. “Or maybe some zucchini?”

“No,” said Jen. “Something better.”

She put her hand in the bag and pulled out a silver vibrator. She flipped the switch and the vibe hummed. She touched it to her own nipples, moving it back and forth between them. She purred with pleasure.

Then, Jen passed it to me. Immediately, I touched it to my clit. It felt so good!

Cameron now had one hand between her legs and the other pinching her nipples. Amy was fingering herself. Jen was licking her own nipples and fingering her clit.

It was then that the alcohol and the weed and the masturbation caught up with me.

I had an orgasm, threw my head back, and passed out.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still naked, my head was throbbing, and my pussy was feeling really, really good. Amy, Cameron, and Jen were in a similar state. One by one, we got up, picked through the pile and put on our clothes.

For awhile, no one said a word.

Finally, Cameron spoke.

“Great party, Penny, Amy, Jen,” she said. “We should do this again.”

“Glad you came,” I said. “No pun intended.”

Jen thanked us, smiled and left. As Cameron was leaving, I whispered to her.

“Maybe next time we should invite some girls who aren’t straight?”

Cameron smiled from ear to ear, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah,” was all she said. “That could be very, very interesting.”

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