Getting Started

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Josh left work at evening at the usual time, and sped home to his apartment. It was a Wednesday night, and he was determined to make something happen. Entering his small place, he quickly stripped, raced into the shower, and was done in record time. He dressed quickly, putting on a nice button-down shirt and tight jeans. Josh looked at his watch; it read 11:30. He still had plenty of time to get to the bar, and hopefully, fulfill his hidden desires.

Josh pulled his pick-up into the parking lot of the Powerhouse around midnight. He felt somewhat nervous, but he was still focused. For a moment, he thought about Kate, his wife, who had moved back in with her parents. She was ten years older than he was, and while he struggled with his attraction to men, she totally accepted it. Kate even encouraged him to explore that side of himself. She had always told him that with his long brown hair, and blue eyes, that he could find a man easily. But the summer had been too stressful for her, and she had to get away for a while. She had only been gone for a week, and despite the initial shock of it, Josh was already getting used to being alone. It let him feel more comfortable with his sexual feelings.

Josh’s heart beat a little faster when he approached the door and once inside, a nice looking guy took his cover charge, and he entered the plush bar. The guy at the door was nice, and made Josh feel more at ease. As he walked in, Josh was amazed by the sheer size of it, a huge dance floor the main focal point of the bar. Josh walked to the main bar, and he could see there was a good mix of women and men here. That is what he had hoped for; it seemed more natural to him.

It didn’t take long for the men to start approaching him. Josh’s tight jeans highlighted his firm butt, and this alone attracted the men like flies. To his disappointment, most of the guys he talked to at first simply wanted to know if he was straight or gay. Josh couldn’t see how that really mattered; he was in a gay bar, and that should say enough.

Josh left the main bar after a while, and moved around the club, meeting people, even talking to a few women. But he still had not met a guy he was attracted to, even in the slightest.

It was getting late. Josh looked at his watch; it read 1:00 am. Just then a nice looking guy approached him, and he introduced himself as Andy. He was very attractive, with a muscular build, short black hair and blue eyes. Josh was relieved to hear that the first thing out of his mouth wasn’t a question about his sexuality. They had a nice, pleasant conversation, and Josh felt very comfortable casino siteleri with Andy. They moved back to the bar, and bought each other a round of drinks. Josh was hopeful that Andy would invite him back to his apartment, which was only a few minutes away. And that is exactly what Andy did. They left together, and Josh followed Andy back to his place. Andy’s roommate John was there, but after the introductions, he retired for the night. Josh and Andy sat on the couch for a while, watching some sports highlights on the television. Andy then suggested they move to his bedroom, and off they went.

Both men removed nearly all of their clothing. Andy was down to his boxers, and he moved to the bed in front of Josh. Josh had stripped to just a white g-string, and he relished in the feeling that he was finally going to sleep with another man. He had never touched, much less taken in his mouth, another man’s cock. Josh could feel his own erection pushing out from his g-string, and he removed it in a flash. His cock swung out from his body, and Andy was staring at it. Josh had a nice cock, seven inches long, and cut. He moved to the bed with Andy, and sat between his legs. Andy’s cock had formed a tent in his boxers. Josh just knew he had to see it, and right then. He slowly pulled Andy’s boxers from his body, and Josh moaned with delight. Andy had a beautiful cock. It was longer and thicker than his seven inches, and Josh was so happy to have a real cock before him. The fantasizing was over; the time was now.

He lightly touched Andy’s cock with his fingertips, and lifted it off of his stomach. He could tell Andy was only semi-hard, and Josh simply reveled in the feel of it. He knew he was going to like men. He lightly wrapped both hands around Andy’s cock, and began to stroke it. Andy looked at Josh, and he could feel his cock get harder from his touch. After a short while, Josh moved closer between Andy’s legs, and placed his cock next to Andy’s, holding them both together in his hand. His cock was at full mast, and still looked small compared to Andy’s huge erection.

The heat from Andy’s cock felt so good against his own, and he continued to stroke them together. Now he could not resist the temptation to place his lips on that huge cock before him. Josh moved down lower between Andy’s legs, and he nuzzled his balls, smelling that aroma of a hot man. The realization of having a lovely cock right before his eyes was overwhelming Josh. He felt a passion he had never known. But he wanted to do this right, so he fought off the urge to just take it all in his mouth. He began to lick up and down slot oyna the shaft slowly, and Andy’s eyes rolled back in his head. Andy’s cock was now fully hard, nine inches and throbbing. Josh moved his tongue to the tip of Andy’s cock, and he could taste the unfamiliar flavor of another man. Josh was surprised by how much he liked it, and he swirled his tongue in circles around Andy’s cockhead.

He then kissed it lovingly, and pulling his lips back over his teeth, began to take that big cock into his mouth. Andy’s head shot up, wanting to see this wonderful sight before him. Josh slowly lowered his open mouth onto Andy’s cock, and he kept moving down and down, to the base, until he had that cock totally in his mouth. Andy watched in surprise: he figured Josh must have sucked a cock before. He had to ask him about it, but Josh just shook his head, never taking Andy’s cock out of his mouth. Josh kept sucking for nearly ten minutes, with Andy loving every minute. For some strange reason, Josh thought of Kate as he hungrily sucked Andy’s cock. She encouraged him to do this, and he was going to make the most of it.

Andy felt like he was getting close to cumming, and he didn’t want that just yet. He pulled Josh up into his arms, and the two men shared a long French kiss. They grabbed each other’s cocks, and started a slow stroke together. It felt so natural to Josh; he was so comfortable with Andy. Josh suggested to Andy that they move into a sixty-nine position, and Andy moved up and over Josh. He quickly took Josh’s cock into his mouth, and heard him groan immediately. Josh could feel Andy’s mouth on his cock, and he looked up to see his cock and balls hovering over his face.

Josh dove in, rubbing his face all over Andy’s tools. Josh moaned as he worshipped Andy’s cock and balls. He placed his hands on Andy’s firm ass, feeling the hair as he rubbed up and down his cheeks. Andy reached down and placed the tip of his cock at Josh’s mouth. Of course, Josh could not resist. He took accepted Andy’s cock again, and the two men began to slowly fuck each other’s mouth. Josh felt so free, so alive. Andy couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find a man as gorgeous as Josh. On and on they went, keeping a steady pace as they made love to each other. But it was getting late. Andy glanced at the clock as he sucked Josh. It was three in the morning. He pulled himself off of Josh and laid next to him, his big cock lying between the cheeks of Josh’s butt. And they slept.

Josh woke up first. He could see the clock, which read eight am. He could feel Andy behind him, and could feel that erection still between canlı casino siteleri his cheeks. Josh reached back and grabbed Andy’s ass, pulling him closer to him. Andy awoke, and held Josh tight, beginning a slow humping motion with his hips while taking Josh’s cock in his right hand. Josh responded by pulling Andy closer to him, and the men now held each other tight. Josh melted at the strength of Andy’s arms. He leaned back, and suggested they sixty-nine again, with him on top. Andy flipped Josh over quickly; soon they were greedily sucking each other again. Josh was facing the end of the bed, toward the bedroom door. To his horror, the door swung open.

It was Andy’s roommate’s father. He looked at the men, and smiled. Josh was shocked, but could not take that big cock out of his mouth. They just kept on humping in their luscious sixty-nine. It was as if Josh wanted someone to know that he loved men. John’s dad watched for a minute or two, and then closed the door as he left.

Josh rolled off of Andy, and they talked about it. Andy told him that John’s dad, Richard, was gay also, and he shouldn’t worry about it. Josh and Andy now faced each other on the bed, sitting Indian style, and began to stroke each other. Andy began to kiss Josh wildly, and the sweat from their bodies lubricated their cocks. They stroked each other intensely, and both were close to cumming. Josh broke off the kiss, and leaned back as Andy pumped his cock with both hands. Josh groaned loudly as he orgasmed, shooting streams of cum into the air, which landed mostly on Andy’s shoulders. Andy continued stroking his own cock as Josh recovered.

It didn’t take long. Josh was on all fours, taking Andy’s cock into his mouth, and jacking him off with both hands. It only took a minute to bring Andy to the brink of an orgasm. His ripped stomach rippled, and his legs tensed. He warned Josh that he was going to cum, but Josh kept right on sucking with all his heart. Andy’s orgasm hit like a tidal wave, and Josh never took his mouth off of that rock-hard cock. He pumped Andy’s cock with both hands, and he was rewarded by wave after wave of cum from that lovely cock. Josh never flinched; he drank Andy’s cum like a professional, not losing a drop. Andy nearly screamed when he came, and he pumped Josh’s mouth. He finally fell back on his bed, and Josh grinned from ear to ear. They rested in each other’s arms, and then showered together and dressed.

John and his father had left. Josh and Andy exchanged phone numbers, and after setting a date for Friday night, kissed each other goodbye.

Josh arrived back at his apartment around 10 am. He immediately called Kate, and told her of his evening. He could not contain his happiness.

Then Josh took off all of his clothes, and fell on his bed.

And he slept, dreaming of nights to come.

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