Gardner’s World

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“They’re here.” Shouted Jane up the stairs to her husband Charlie.

“Ok, be down in sec.” Came the muffled reply, through the closed bedroom door.

There were three of them; a couple of young lads in their late teens or early twenties, and a bloke of about mid-thirties who was clearly in charge. He introduced himself as Mick.

They were here to landscape the gardens. A weeks work in the height of summer, and it was clear the two younger lads would be doing most of the grunt work while Mick supervised and did more of the design, planting and layout.

Charlie finally came downstairs and introduced himself to Mick, appraising him at the same time as they shook hands. A solid hand shake he noticed, strong and purposeful.

Mick nodded his head towards the two young lads. “That’s Dan and Joe, they’ll be doing most of the preparation work.” Charlie gave a brief wave in their direction with both lads returning the gesture, with a cursory “alright?”

For the next half an hour they toured the garden, reconfirming what was to be done after the sales reps initial visit and quote about a month ago.

“So what about beds, what type of bedding would you like.” Mick said in all innocence, clearly referring to flower beds.

Charlie however chirped up “Blooming eck Mick that’s a bit forward in’t it, you’ve only just met us.” Before laughing at his own weak gag and winking at Mick.

Jane rolled her eyes. “Here we go.” She thought to herself.

Mick gave a puzzled, rueful smile, the lines creased on his forehead, as if to say “Did he really just say that?”

“Nice one, but you know I meant flowers and plants right.” Said Mick.

“Never mind him and his innuendo, thinks he’s funny, he picks up on all sorts and tries to make a smutty comment about it.” Chipped in Jane.

Later, when they were alone Jane confronted Charlie. “Oh, by the way. You can knock that shit off for a start, I am not having a week of smutty remarks while they are here OK.”

“What?” Charlie shrugged, feigning indignation.

“You know what, you took one look at Mick…and knowing you even Dan and Joe…and you immediately thought up some fantasy about them and me getting it on, and started with the smutty comments. I told you before its not going to happen.”

“Ah come on, it’s just a bit of harmless fun then isn’t it. You’ve told me a thousand times you won’t fuck another man for me, so I know nothing will happen. I will just have to dream about it. It does no-one any harm, but does me the power of good, especially when I’m having to do all these mundane chores on the house this week.”

“It’s embarrassing. The look on Mick’s face should have told you that. And it’s uncomfortable for me too; you hanging me out there like some kind of sex bait. What happens if someone took you seriously and tried it on…stop, don’t answer…I know it’s what your hoping for, but I am not, and it could be seriously scary for me, so stop it.”

“Ok…ok I’ll do my best, but damn they are good looking boys. All of them lean and muscled from their manual labour; they’re a bit of rough. I mean its a cliche isn’t it! It’s a set up made for a great fantasy. Three strange guys working at a house where a sexy MILF lives, with a hubby who dreams of being cuckolded…it’s a perfect script.”

“ENOUGH.” Jane shouted.

“Two of them are only just out of shorts. How can it even cross your mind that I would ever consider letting lads so young have sex with me. That’s just wrong.”

“No it a’int, they are old enough, so they are eligible. There are many women out there who would love to be pleasured by lads half their age, the problem is all yours.”

“Well I am not one of them.” Jane seethed as she turned and walked away.

Charlie, being Charlie could not help notice that Jane had said nothing about Mick however. And Charlie being Charlie took this as a positive sign, and used it to fuel his imagination for the rest of the day. So much so that he had to nip to the loo a couple of times to relieve the tension.

As the week wore on, Charlie discovered his best was not enough, and he could not contain himself from dropping hints and innuendo to Mick when Jane was not around. Nothing to in your face to start with, but enough for Mick to start to wonder if there was something behind Charlie’s comments; whether he was hoping for a reaction.

Mick had to admit, Jane was a sexy woman. Great tits, nice curvy figure, superb arse – she would make a great hot wife. He found himself thinking about her more and more, and noticed himself harden as he did.

On the fourth day of the garden work, when Charlie had nipped out for some paint for one of the bedrooms, Mick took the opportunity to question Jane about Charlie.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with Charlie and all the smutty comments, only he’s getting pretty full on with it now.”

“What do you mean? I warned him to stop after the first time he met you…are you saying he hasn’t let up?”

“Ah…erm, I don’t want to start a domestic. I thought you’d casino siteleri know, sorry. Sounds like I have dropped him in it.”

“Look, I’ll have a word, he erm, has this thing, which I am not going to get in to with you, but it is becoming embarrassing for me now. He needs to knock it off. Out of curiosity, what has he been saying. I hope to god it was nothing to erm, specific.”

“Well he started off with the odd remark here and there, you know, a bit like his comment the other day, but now he seems to pick up and use everything and twist it. Then this morning he asked me something outright that, well I guess it could be described as bloke chat, but I got the impression he really wanted to know details.”

“Like?” Jane seethed.

“You sure you want to know, it seems a bit inappropriate talking to his wife about this, I don’t want no trouble.I mean I don’t really know either of you, but he’s driving me nuts to be honest.”

“Tell me.” Jane said defiantly. “I have to know how far he’s gone to sort it.”

“Well…ok if you’re sure. So, this morning I was on my knees planting when he approached me and asked what I was doing, and what the tool was that I was using. As soon as I told him I knew he was gong to make some remark. I told him I was using my dibber to plant some seeds. He fell about laughing, and said to me, I bet you get to do that a lot don’t you…using your dibber to plant your seed in someone else’s bed. Jammy bugger.”

“I mean, I knew it was coming as soon as I said it. Should have known better not to feed him the ammunition, but it’s almost like your fucking compelled to.”

Jane was shaking her head.

“That’s not all. He then plain asked me if…well you know…erm, if me and the lads get hit on a lot by frustrated housewives doing this job. He asked if we got offered…if you will excuse the language, this is what he said not me…lots of pussy and if we ever accepted the offer.”

Jane blushed, as she murmured. “Jesus, that’s a new low even for Charlie, I hadn’t realised he had gotten so bad. Fucks sake.”

“Look I’m sorry about him Mick, he has gone too far this time. This is so awkward. I shouldn’t be stood here talking to you about this stuff, as you said we barely know each other and it puts me in a really difficult position. I can’t have this everytime someone comes to the house, or everytime we go somewhere.”

“So what is it he wants?”

“Mick, as I said, I am sorry you have to put up with this, and I hope you see the job through, but I will understand if you don’t want to finish it. But I don’t think it’s right for me to open up and tell you all our private stuff.”

“Ok, fair enough. I will finish the job. We have thick skins me and the lads, it’s awkward, but at the end of the day blokes chat shit all the time, we’ll cope. I am not about to walk off the job just because some guys got a major obsession with seeing his wife have sex with other men.”

Jane was speechless. She was literally flabbergasted he had just come right out and said it and didn’t quite know how to reply. So she looked at her feet, anything but look Mick in the eye and admit he was right.

“Thought so.” Said Mick, taking Jane’s silence and body language as confirmation he had the situation down pat.

“For the record Jane, I told him the truth to his questions. The answer was yes on both counts. I think Charlie liked my answer.”

Then he walked away leaving Jane to contemplate the obvious insinuation by his admission of having been offered, and willingly accepted, sex from frustrated or lonely women on other jobs they had worked on.

She felt really vulnerable right then, knowing her husband wanted her to screw other men while he watched, and now knowing that at least one guy, possibly three, was willing to oblige.

Confusingly, she also found that she felt excited by the thought of being fucking by three guys at once, but especially Mick.

He was a good looking, ripped guy – she thought he looked a little like Jason Statham – similar physique, shaved head, bit of stubble, chiselled hard body, strong and powerful. Such thoughts began to swamp her head and she stood daydreaming for a while, and soon discovered that juices also swamped her cunt at the thought of him between her legs.

Despite these hedonistic, raw feelings she reproached Charlie as soon as he walked in the door. She did not tell him all of it. She kept out the part about Mick admitting they had taken up women on their offers. She told him that it had to stop or she would tell Mick and the lads to leave, or she would leave until the job was done. And she would leave for good if he kept pushing the agenda in future.

She had noticed however, with some disquiet, that the words were not spoken with the previous conviction they once had been; that she felt oddly conflicted as she admonished her husband. She walked away from him drained with the turmoil raging within her.

It was day 5 of the work. The two young lads, Dan and Joe, were off site for the morning, and were expected to return later. They slot oyna had been sent on to the next job, to do the ground work in time for them all to arrive later the following week.

Jane was relieved. It was two less men for Charlie to include in his fantasies and for her to contend with. She didn’t know if Mick, or Charlie for that matter, had said anything to lads, but she didn’t think so. They didn’t leer at her, or smirk with knowing faces as she passed by or spoke to them. But Mick was still there, and would be for today, and probably the day after. Two more days and he would be gone. A feeling that was not altogether relief, but also inexplicably disappointment.

She glanced out of the bedroom window she was decorating and saw Mick below, his overall stripped down to the waist, the arms tied about him like a belt. The sun had tanned his skin, and covered it in a soft sheen of perspiration; accentuating his muscular form as he worked planting the borders.

She suddenly felt extremely horny, watching his naked torso made her mind drift in to thoughts of him being fully naked, stood in front of her, waiting for her to take him in her arms, and then him take her in return with is hard cock. Her hand had involuntarily dropped to her pussy, which she began stroking slowly through her clothing, as she gazed at Mick through the window, lost in thoughts of him fucking her. She dropped to her knees, her back to the window and Mick, slid aside her briefs, and pleasured herself until she came.

Mick needed a decision on what Jane needed planting where in a particular border, and went to the house to find her. Charlie was out again at the shops buying more DIY paraphernalia for the jobs he and Jane were doing on the house.

Before entering he had shouted her name through the patio doors, but got no answer. He heard the distant strains of music from deeper in the house and concluded she couldn’t hear him.

He followed the music, and discovered it came from upstairs, so he shouted her name from the foot of the stairwell, but again got no reply.

He sighed, feeling a little nervous about entering the house, and then going upstairs without invitation, but he needed to speak to her.

He got to the door, where music was blaring out pretty loudly, with Jane trying (badly) to sing along. He was about to push open the door (no point knocking he contended, she wouldn’t hear it anyway) when he saw her through the gap. She was facing away from him, on her knees, bent forward sanding some skirting board, wiggling her hips and ass along to the music.

Now that would have been a stirring sight at any time, but it was especially arousing because the outline of Jane’s pussy lips were clearly visible, as was most of her arse, beneath the small cotton briefs on full display, due to her wearing only a denim mini skirt. He noted the gusset of her briefs was discoloured, as if it was damp. She also wore a ribbed vest top, and her tits were swinging freely he noticed from the side view he had, as she rocked to the music. Clearly she wore no bra.

He held his breath, one hand on the door, the other gently stroking his cock through his overalls as he stared intently at her pussy and ass. As his cock reached full hardness he was seriously debating entering not only the room, but Jane too.

He could visualise himself yanking her briefs to one side, and holding her bent over forward on her knees, as he took her. He was torn. He badly wanted to stick his raging hard-on inside that sweet pussy, but knew taking her like that was so wrong.

The conflict in his head reached the critical point between if he should risk it in the hope she was attracted to him too and would allow him to fuck her without recrimination. He took a step forward, then froze as he heard Charlie shout up the stairs.

“Jane. I’m back…JANE, for fucks sake turn down that bastard radio.”

Mick panicked, not wanting to be found upstairs and having to face suspicion as to why he was there, though he had no doubt Charlie would be delighted!

He hastily, but quickly made his way back along the landing as he heard Charlie mount the stairs, and ducked in to the main bathroom and gently pushed the door to, but leaving it ajar.

He watched as Charlie passed-by then snuck out from the bathroom to descend the stairs, trying to remain unseen and get back to the garden as if he was never there.

He didn’t realise Charlie had seen him hiding behind the bathroom door in the mirror on the bathroom wall through the gap left by Mick.

Charlie almost jumped in to the room scaring Jane shitless, and was disappointed to find nothing amiss. She was clothed…albeit somewhat scantily as is her way when working. She doesn’t like to be encumbered and sweaty in work wear or overalls. The bed still had its dust sheet on it, and she looked…well normal, as if nothing had happened. He was more than a little gutted, though also pleased she had not done anything behind his back, without him being there.

“Hi. Sorry for startling you, I shouted but you didn’t hear me.”

He canlı casino siteleri decided to be devils advocate.

“So what did Mick want.?”

“Sorry? Mick? No idea what you mean, I haven’t seen him since you went to the shop.”

“Oh, really…that is odd then.”

Jane looked at Charlie with a puzzled look on her face.

“Well, either you are lying to me, or Mick’s up to no good.”

“Explain, because I am certainly not lying to anyone and don’t you dare accuse me of the same.” Said Jane haughtily.

“Well, when I came upstairs, he was behind the door in the main bathroom, looked like he was hiding there. I saw him in the mirror on the bathroom wall as I came passed. I didn’t let on, as I thought…well I thought…never mind.”

“You mean you thought we had been at it, and you had come home and almost caught us, and hoped you’d find me in a compromised state is what you were going to say, isn’t it?”

Charlie just nodded.

Then Jane went white. She was wondering what Mick had been doing there, was he spying on her, was it innocent and he wanted her for something but she couldn’t hear him either? More importantly, how long had he been there. Had he seen her and heard her. That last thought made her stomach do backflips.

She went for a causal reply, though her throat was dry and scratchy she noticed.

“Probably wanted me for something but couldn’t get a rise out of me…probably couldn’t hear him over the radio like I didn’t hear you.”

“Oh I am sure he does want SOMETHING from you, and was hoping he would RISE to it and all.” Charlie quipped, before adding. “But it doesn’t explain why he hid behind the door and probably snuck back downstairs when I came in here.”

“Well I will go and ask him about it.” Said Jane. “Probably didn’t want you getting the wrong idea, after the way you’ve been going on all week, so he hid to avoid a tricky situation developing.”

Jane found Mick in the garden. Charlie stood in the kitchen going through the morning post, casting glances at them both through the window.

“So, I have something really important I have to ask you and I want the truth ok.”

Mick knew he’d been rumbled, and his shoulders sagged in response.

“Were you just upstairs while Charlie was out?”

Mick nodded.

Jane tried to stay calm and talk in even tones. “What were you doing up there?”

“I shouted you from the patio doors, and got no reply. I heard the music and followed it, thinking you might not have heard me. I called up again from the bottom of the stairs, but you still didn’t answer, so I went up and…erm…and then Charlie came back. I panicked and didn’t want to be caught upstairs so hid behind the bathroom door. How did you know?”

“Charlie saw you in the bathroom mirror. He didn’t let on because Charlie, being Charlie, thought his wish had come true, if you understand my meaning, and wanted to catch me in a state of undress as it were.”

Mick nodded again, and felt his cock twitch at the mention of their mistaken impropriety.

“How long were you there Mick. Did you see me…did you hear?”

Mick thought she meant her revealing position on her knees and her poor singing, so again he just nodded.

“Oh shit…fuck… weren’t meant to see or hear that. Oh god Mick, I am mortified…can we pretend it didn’t happen? Oh god I am so ashamed.”

Mick was mightily confused. Her singing wasn’t that bad, and he’d only seen her form through her briefs and her vest top. Nothing to get so worked up over…then it hit him. She was talking about something else he might have seen but should not have. Something else he might have heard but should not have. Something he had not seen, but she thought he had, and he was beginning to think he knew what it was.

He decided to play along, to see where it would lead.

“How can I forget that, it was amazing, god I almost walked in to the room there and then to give you what you were crying out for (that much was true he thought), the sight of your pussy had me rock hard.”

“Oh god, oh god…shit, no you can’t say those things. It’s not right.”

“Why not Jane…it was alright for you to think them, and alright for you to pleasure yourself while you called out my name, as you begged me to fuck you and make you cum.” He was winging it now, but he was pretty sure he would be more or less accurate in his in his assumptions.

“Oh god Mick. No. Stop. Don’t make it worse for me.”

“What about me. You two have drove me insane all week. Him with his smutty shit trying to get me, well all of us, interested in fucking you…which kind of worked, but to be honest, your so fucking hot, we would have been interested in fucking you without any guidance from Charlie. To be fair to Charlie, finding out that he fantasised about us fucking you made it more appealing, I mean there is no hassle from the husband if he approves right? But the way you dress, the way you look, the way you smell and then seeing you like that, hearing you confess your desires as your fingers plundered your pussy, how could I possibly not want to fuck you now. I have to fuck you before I leave this job, and you know you want me to, if not all of us, or was all that upstairs just a lie.”

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