Gamer Girl Ch. 07

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“Do you really want to get out just so we pull your tits through those tiny holes again later?”

“Ugh, good point. No, you’re right, let’s do this.”

“Alright then. Guys? Let’s roll our big-titted anime star into the cafeteria so our fellow students can enjoy her presence!”

“Wait, wait,” interjected Delta, “What do we do when someone asks questions, like, you know, why we put Taitan there.”

“Easy,” responded Alpha, “We just tell everybody that’s an experiment of the psych faculty and that we are not supposed to disclose anything because it would invalidate the results.”

“Clever,” giggled Delta, “That way everyone will be curious to know what the hell this is all about and our busty friend in there will get lots of attention.”

“Exactly,” grinned Alpha, “This is what the project is all about, right? To make people aware of those delicious boobies and watch how they react! Now let’s get cracking.”

The four friends carefully pushed the large box through the door and maneuvered it into the busy cafeteria area, right into the central hall where today’s dishes were presented to the hungry patrons. Taitan Teets immediately drew all the attention on her and the students eyed the odd box with interest, many of them asking what the hell was going on.

“It’s casino siteleri part of a study by the psych faculty,” explained Alpha confidently as they pushed the box against the wall, “We are not allowed to disclose anything more than that though.”

“The psych faculty, huh?” mused a tall girl, “What could they want with this… thing. Study how people react to big silicone balls?”

She reached out to touch Chloe’s breasts covered by the tight white top, her fingers tracing down the expansive cleavage.

“Wow, they actually feel almost real! Interesting!”

She wrapped her hand around one of the breasts and squeezed.

“Hey Clara, what are you doing with Taitan? Respect her boobies, please?” complained Delta, glaring at her.

“Sorry, I just wanted to check something. Anyway, these things are huge! This is not how tits are supposed to look!”

“Is that so? Or are you just jealous because your own set is so…”

Suddenly a whole lot of girls were joining the discussion, everyone was prodding Chloe’s breasts and checking how they felt. Most were convinced that the proportions of Taitan were demeaning and that her tits were made that large just to entice horny young guys. Delta was furiously defending Taitan – and by extension Chloe slot oyna – but he had not much success.

Finally Alpha stepped in.

“Hey hey, calm down everyone. As said, this is part of a psychology study and I’m sure whatever the result is will help the scientific community to understand human behavior a bit better. So just take it as what it is, alright?”

“I still don’t get it thought,” said the tall girl, her fingers poking Chloe’s flesh aggressively, “I mean, what’s the point?”

“We don’t know.”

“You don’t… Ah, forget it. Enjoy your pervy anime character if that’s so important to you, I still maintain that her tits are ridiculously oversized. Fucking Japanese perverts.”

With that Clara and many of the girls left.

Things calmed down a bit after that and other students examining the odd exhibit were much less judgemental about the display. Plenty of hands found Chloe’s trapped breasts and toyed with them extensively, admiring their size and their realistic consistency.

When the four friends rolled her fellow teammate back into their lair and helped her out again – which involved significant amounts of pushing and groaning – Chloe was exhausted.

“What the hell, did you see how Clara reacted to my boobs? Just like I thought, I’m canlı casino siteleri a freak of nature!”

“No you’re not. And Clara is a jerk. Just forget about her. So many others admired your breasts for what they are, you know.”

“So many hands… so many of them felt me up like… like I’m a piece of flesh…”

“They admired you. They enjoyed you.”

“No, they judged me. They just see a cheap sex object when they look at my tits.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Purple.”

“I don’t think we need to continue this. It was helpful already. I now know for sure that I’m right, that I can never show my true self to others.”

“Shut up, Purple,” whispered Alpha as he hugged her tightly, “Shut up and give people a chance, OK?”

“So you think they see you as a mere titillation, right?” enquired Beta with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Yeah, I’m just a sexy distraction to them.”

“So let’s go all in then. Let’s put the mesh shirt on you tomorrow and then use the pasties the next day. Let’s see their reaction. If they still are dicks about it, fine, the project failed. But if not…”

“It’s no use, Beta, we already know what will happen.” groaned Chloe, wrapping her arms over her jiggling breasts.

“No, he’s right,” said Gamma, “Let’s give it a try tomorrow. We don’t want Delta to sacrifice his waifu for nothing, right?”

“I agree,” added Alpha, “Let’s give it two more days.”

“Alright guys, fine. But still…”

“Just give it some time, Purple.”

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