Fun with Sylvie #02: The First Taste

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Not two weeks had past and the anticipation of tomorrow morning was incredible. We had talked about what we would both like this time, but I had still not mentioned my will to taste some cum on her, but we had agreed that she would get fucked this time around. We decided that two guys was still good for now, although we both agreed that a full on fucking session with a larger group was something that appealed to us further down the road. Sylvie had mentioned that she would also be cool for a girl to be involved in one of the meetings, but I knew that guys would be much easier to entice with some hot pussy, but the thought was indeed a good one.

Again it was around 8am when the door rang and Sylvie went to open it. This time the bedroom was much cleaner and we were both much more prepared for this adventure. I had trimmed my pubic hair and shaven my balls and Sylvie was, well she was always just perfect. The plan was left somewhat open, but the main idea was for her to jerk off, suck and fuck one or both of the guys and I was merely there to enjoy the proceedings and do my part once they had left. And I was totally okay with that.

They both entered the room a few minutes after Sylvie had returned and we had pulled the duvet back across our king-sized bed to allow me some cover and to give Sylvie a place to lay close enough to me as she sucked and fucked them. It was a big bed, but we would all end up being quite close to each other as I wanted to be there to witness at close range what was about to unfold. They both went immediately to her side of the bed and she turned over onto her side and reached out to touch their cocks as they stood by the side of the bed. It was great to see her handle them both at the same time and slowly see their shafts thicken and stiffen.

After only a few minutes she had them both close to fully erect and both foreskins were down tight and exposing their thick purple heads. It was then that Sylvie reached behind one of the guys and pulled him closer to the bed and at the same time guided his cock into her open mouth. She had her back to me, so I didn’t see it enter her mouth, but with the look on his face and the lovely noise that she made, it was clearly a good thing. The other guy was not shy and he moved forward as well and lifted her left thigh up and slipped his hand down over her pussy, feeling the saliva that I had left there less than 10 minutes ago.

I had hold of my cock now and was fully erect and felt that I no longer needed to hide the fact that I was jerking off under the duvet. So lifting the duvet a little to get into a better position, it slid over me and off the bed onto the floor. Sylvie turned around when she heard it and there I was with my hand gripping my shaft firmly and the head already bulging.

“Looks like you are having almost as much fun as me,” she said.

“Maybe not quite as much,” I said, as she turned back and the same cock entered her mouth again. After a few minutes, she removed the cock from her mouth and without letting go of his shaft, she pulled the next cock up towards her mouth. I watched as the second cock was sucked into her mouth and her hand continued to slowly pull up and down the other shaft.

Soon all three of our cocks were fully erect and ready for some action, when Sylvie turned around 90 degrees and lay on her back and presented her open thighs and naked pussy to the two guys. She was now lying across the bed with her head close to me and her ass right at the very edge of the bed. She looked back up at me as I held her head and reached down over her, kissing her on the mouth as she felt the first guy take hold of her ankles. I kept kissing her open mouth, but could also see the first guy kneel down at the side of the bed and his face move towards her pussy.

I knew exactly the moment when his mouth touched her pussy, as this was when she reached up with her hands and pulled my mouth down harder onto her and she started to kiss me deeper and faster than before. Even as we kissed I could see his head moving between her thighs and was now desperate to be kissing her with his cock up inside her pussy. As he stood, I stopped kissing Sylvie and lifted my head up to witness his cock enter her. He placed his hands on her knees and pushed her thighs back towards her until she was lying there in a sort of squatting position. He then moved closer to the bed as his friend watched intently with his own rigid cock still in his hand and pointing straight upwards as he jerked off slowly.

Their cocks were so hard, that at the first attempt to enter her pussy, his shaft popped up out of her pussy and slide up between her lips and over her clit. I stared directly at the red tip as it strained and pulsated and couldn’t help thinking that if he were to orgasm right now it would shoot straight up over Sylvie and likely hit me. Thankfully he held his shaft down between her lips again and this time I watched as he penetrated her fully and began to pull back and start fucking her.

On casino siteleri feeling his cock enter her, Sylvie tried pulling my head back down, but I managed to see him give her two or three good long strokes in her pussy, before I opened my mouth and we began kissing again. I don’t know what it was, but kissing her wet mouth and hearing her breathing so loudly as she was being fucked by another guys cock, was the biggest turn on I had ever had. Until then at least!

Sylvie and I continued kissing very passionately and she was breathing hard through her nose and making a lot of noise as we both heard his cock starting to slap away quite vigorously at her pussy. The noise was a huge turn on as well as Sylvie holding my mouth hard down onto hers and feeling her body being shunted up the bed a little with each thrust into her. Then suddenly, the bed went still and the slapping of his cock into her pussy stopped. He made a gentle groan as I lifted my mouth up from Sylvie’s and she raised her head up off the bed. We both looked down between her thighs and saw him with his eyes tightly closed and his cock still deep inside her pussy.

It was not hard to guess what was happening and we both watched in silence and amazement as this first cock started to pump hot sperm into Sylvie. For a second, I wondered what the hell we were doing, but when his cock slipped out of her pussy and up between her lips, I knew this was exactly what we had both wanted. As his shaft rested between her lips, multiple spurts of cum were shot over her clit and onto her stomach, until his shaft softened and the cum spilled slowly from the tip into her short pubic hair.

Sylvie and I gazed at the cum on her belly and pussy, then as the first guy stepped back, I felt a little sorry for the second guy who had had to watch this whole thing unfold in front of him without ejaculating himself. He seemed hesitant at first as he looked at the cum on Sylvie’s pussy and belly, and quite possibly at the sperm that was inside her starting to ooze out from between her lips. He looked up at both of us and then down at his bulging red tip, which he was no longer even holding in his hand. His cheeks were flushed red and I was guessing he was so close to cumming that he was scared to touch his cock again. He seemed to be frozen as he stood there with his cock bouncing in time with his rapid heartbeat and I half expected him to start cumming.

Sylvie then sat up and said, “It’s okay, you can just cum on me if you want.”

Then she reached down between her legs and carefully took hold of his shaft. The feel of her warm fingers wrapped around the shaft was all it took as a sudden and powerful blast of cum shot high up onto her belly, almost reaching her breasts. He began rapid cumshots onto her as he leaned forward and Sylvie guided his shaft down between her lips and his cock entered her pussy after spraying more cum between her pussy lips. His hands went onto her knees, just like his friend before him and he pushed her knees back as he continued to cum inside her. He penetrated her fully as Sylvie lay back on the bed and he pressed into her and finished his orgasm. I could almost feel his relief and I would bet it was the best orgasm he had ever had in his life.

He held his cock inside her for some time and then finally, he moved back and his soft shaft slid from her slippery wet hole. He looked down at her pussy and taking one last mental picture he stepped back and they both walked around the bed and left the bedroom. Once the door closed, Sylvie looked up and me, but my eyes were firmly fixed on her stomach and pussy. I looked down at her after a few minutes and said, “Can you believe we did this?”

“Not really,” she said as I leaned down and kissed her lovely red lips.

“What now?” she asked, and I had already started to wonder that myself.

“I think you need to suck my cock now”, I said to her as I got up on my hands and knees and began to crawl down over her.

She was still on her back with her thighs drawn up towards her as I crawled over her until my face was over her belly and my knees were either side of her head. I was looking directly down at the thick cum on her stomach and pussy and could now smell the unmistakable scent of sperm. I don’t think she had any idea what I was thinking as I looked at the wonderful mess between her thighs. Her naked pussy lips were soaked completely in cum and her thin black strip of pubic hair and smooth skin around it was also covered in thick white cum. It was a dream come true for me, but she still had no idea what I was planning to do next.

I placed my hands on the bed under her thighs and pulled her back onto the bed a little, as her ass was very close to the edge. As I did this, I noticed some cum had spilled from her open pussy and could see it sliding down the edge of the mattress. I watched closely as it reached the bottom edge of the mattress and hung down until it touched the box spring, then continued to slide down and slot oyna finally hung in a thick strand down towards the floor. I watched as it stretched down and then dropped onto the hard wood floor and added to the small puddle of sperm that was already there. This was amazing to watch and then I turned my attention back to her open pussy lips and prepared to indulge in one of my most intense fantasies.

I gazed at the thick sperm all over her and at her glossy wet insides and figured that if I couldn’t go through with it, then this was still an amazing experience. Several times I went to put my open mouth down on top of her pussy or over her cummy lips, but I couldn’t do it. Then suddenly, I felt Sylvie licking the length of my rigid shaft as my cock hovered over her face. Her tongue was pulling my foreskin down gently as she licked at the shaft. It felt great and then as she tilted her head back a little, I felt her mouth close over my throbbing head. This was the final incentive for me and with one fluid motion, I pushed my cock into her mouth as my open mouth went down onto her pussy.

The first thing I felt was my lower lip touch the thick cum on top of her pussy and her pubic hair, then I moved my head down between her thighs and let my mouth close over her open pussy lips. It was like nothing I had ever felt before as I sucked on her cum soaked pussy, feeling the sperm on my tongue and more squeezing out around my lips. I began to move my mouth from side to side as my tongue pushed down between her lips and into her hot pussy, the mixture of sperm now tingling on my tongue and spreading around the inside of my mouth.

Nothing would have put me off now as my tongue swirled around inside her slippery hole. I raised my head up to look at her pussy again and it was quite a sight. Some of the cum that had been sitting thick on top of her pussy was now sliding slowly down both sides of her pussy and there was a thick white glob of cum just spilling out of the base of her hole and about to slid down over her asshole and onto the bed. Sylvie then took my cock from her mouth and said, “You kinky fucker, was that always your plan?”

“Thought it might be worth trying,” I said very casually, as I stared as the cum that was just about to run out of her pussy.

At this point I had still not swallowed any sperm, but as I moved my open mouth down a little lower towards her pussy, I knew that if I did suck that thick glob into my mouth, then I might have to swallow some. As I was lowering my mouth down, the thick cum spilled out and was followed by more runnier cum that seemed to have been held inside by it. It started to slide down over her asshole and I quickly pulled her thighs back and pulled her buttocks apart, then put my mouth down over her ass. This cum was still very warm as I sucked gently at her ass, then feeling more running down from her pussy, I knew just what to do.

I kept my top lip pressed against her, just below her ass, then opened my mouth just enough to allow the cum that was spilling from her pussy to run into my mouth and pool around her asshole. It worked like a treat and the next time I closed my mouth, it was directly over Sylvie’s asshole which was covered it a thick pool of sperm. I sucked the entire load of cum into my mouth as the tip of my tongue poked at her tightly closed ass. She felt it and started to suck my cock harder into her mouth then I closed my mouth and lifted my face up for a second. Visually, it was still almost too much to take in, as more cum started to run down over her asshole, but my mouth was now filled with a decent amount of cum and I now had little choice what to do with it.

I tilted my head back slowly and felt the tingling and taste become stronger all around the insides of my mouth , then felt the warm liquid start to slide down the very back of my throat. Once it started to slip down, I tilted my head back further and let the rest of it go down my throat. I began to circle my tongue around inside my mouth and it felt alive with the taste of sperm as I looked back down at her pussy. Once again I went down with an open mouth and sucked harder this time at her pussy and without raising my mouth, I slid it down over her asshole and continued sucking up the cum. It was a remarkable feeling as I did this several times and could feel my cock start to throb hard in Sylvie’s mouth.

However, Sylvie was smart and would not to let me cum in her mouth, as she knew exactly where she wanted my cum to go, so she would ease off every time she got a sign that I might cum. I went down onto her asshole again and this time once I had sucked the sperm from it, I moved up to her open pussy and sucked hard inside her, drawing out thicker and hotter cum from deep inside. Then I had a change of plan that Sylvie would like before I finally entered her and shot my own eager hot load into her pussy.

I lifted my left leg up from the bed and swung it over her head, so that I was kneeling at her side, then as she looked at me canlı casino siteleri and wondered what was happening.

“Just a quick change of position,” I said, “Relax, get comfortable, move into the middle of the bed.”

Sylvie moved her head up to the pillows and lay in the centre of the bed as I got between her thighs with my stiff cock swinging around in front of me.

She looked down at my cock and then up at my face with my lips and chin all wet and shiny with the cum from her pussy.

“How was it?” she asked.

“Fucking amazing,” I said, “You’ll see in a minute.”

Then just as she was about to speak again, I lay down on the bed with my face at her pussy again.

This time I had a plan and started by pushing her thighs apart and licking gently up between her pussy lips. There was still plenty cum on her pussy, but the cum that was inside her was very deep and not spilling out as much now. She put her head back and relaxed as I licked the last of the sperm from each side of her pussy and then up the centre of her open lips, leaving it mostly clean of cum and glistening with cum and saliva. I gazed at her pussy and could almost feel my cock sliding inside her and exploding with a third and final load of sperm, but that could wait a little longer.

I looked up at Sylvie, who now had her eyes closed and was looking very relaxed with her cheeks flushed red. I licked up her pussy and onto her clit, then spent some time bringing her closer to her orgasm, while all the time looking at the cum that had landed on her belly and was sitting there, thick and white. The cumshots had extended up close to her breasts and had pooled in her belly button and I was eager to share this with her as I added my cum to the mix inside her.

Once I felt her legs twitch and her thigh muscles tense up, I knew it was time to move up a little further. I let me tongue slide up over her clit and this time continue up through the wet black strip of pubic hair that was matted down with sperm. I then moved my hands up and placed them on the bed on each side of her as my tongue slid up her lower stomach towards her belly button. Just before reaching it, I began to taste the cum on her skin and keeping my mouth open and my tongue pressed onto her, I pushed my tongue through the cum in her belly button. Moving slowly upwards without lifting my tongue off her body, I pushed the warm sperm up over her and felt my tongue push through the thick streaks of cum higher up on her stomach.

Sylvie noticed this now and started to breathe faster as I pushed the cum up between her breasts, then tilting her head backwards, I let the trail of cum slide right up under her chin and then turned and licked the cum across her lips. Sylvie opened her mouth and she whispered very quietly, “Oh fuck,” before her tongue came out and started licking around her lips and tasting the sperm. I went down again to her belly and this time licked at the cumshots that were high up close to her breasts, this time keeping a small amount in my mouth and then licking up over her lips again. I let a little more cover her lips this time and she eagerly licked it from them as I went back down.

Sylvie was now having a hard time breathing only through her nose as her heart rate was rising fast and her mouth was open and she was breathing very quickly. It was then that I got back down to her belly button and this time was desperate to enter her pussy with my cock. I sucked up a lot of cum from the pool around her belly button, then as I moved up to her face, I let my cock bump up against her wet pussy lips. Sylvie grabbed the sides of my head and pulled my mouth down onto hers as I let me cock slide up inside her well lubricated pussy. She started to lick frantically at my closed lips, knowing what was inside and it was only then that I slowly let my mouth open and we began to kiss.

I let the sperm slid down from my mouth into hers at the same time that I pushed my cock deep inside her wet hole and started to fuck her pussy. This felt amazing, but for me certainly, this was to be the end. I started to pump my shaft hard and fast into her pussy and the noise was incredible as likely more of the cum inside her started to be pushed out. Sylvie gripped my head hard and we kissed with sperm filling both our mouths as I felt her pussy contracting around my shaft several times. She pulled me down tight on top of her and we lay there with all that sperm pressed between us and I kept pumping hard with my cock as my orgasm started.

I could feel every muscle in Sylvie’s body tense up as we separated our mouths to allow us to breathe, just before I started to cum inside her. It was a huge orgasm, as might have been expected, and I felt tremendous relief as my cum started shooting up inside her pussy. It was a lot of cum, but then less than 15 seconds later and as I held my cock deep inside her pussy, I felt the warm liquid from Sylvie’s orgasm squeeze out around my shaven balls. Her pussy pulsated around my cock as I continued to spurt into her, but with less and less power as my orgasm subsided. I held her tight as Sylvie’s orgasm began to pass, but kept my weight on her and my cock inside her, as was her preference after an orgasm.

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