Fucked My Hot Neighbour Pt. 02

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The paper was easy,
the weather was just fine
She was on my mind,
fucking..all the time.

What The Fuck happened?
was it for real?
Oh Yes! I fucked a virgin
and broke her seal.

Those boobs bouncing..
Those nipples calling my name..
That perfect curvy ass,
driving me insane.

I wanted to rip her clothes off,
fuck her like hell.
I was not in my senses,
and someone rang the bell!

“One hour left.” said the lady invigilator.

I could look at the invigilator and fantasize her on the table, just like Sonakshi fingered herself. Fuck! I am so horny.

To know what’s going on do refer to the first sex encounter with my hot neighbour –


I came back to my senses, back to English. I finished off my paper 5 minutes before the final bell and was the first one to get out of the school that day. I rode my bicycle to the nearest market, got a family pack of dotted condoms and further rode like a rocket to reach home in no time.

I went to Sonakshi’s place straight away. She opened the door. She was wearing a tight white top and blue shorts with her hair untied. I stood there staring at her and breathing heavily. She was beautiful, a girl worth staring at. Her long hair falling on her face all the time. Her fair complexion mixed with her smile glittered the doorway. She held my hand to take me inside and locked the door behind. The house was lit canlı bahis with dim lights and had a very pleasant smell.

“How was the paper?” She asked.

“It was easy, I did well. Thanks for some really good chapters taught by my English tutor yesterday.” I grinned at her.

She was not blushing today. She came close to me and put her arms around my shoulders, like ball dancing.

“What’s that smell? It’s really taking me on”, I said.

“It’s my lip balm. You can taste it if you want to.” She said.

I placed a nice, gentle kiss on her soft lips. It felt like heaven. We kissed for around 5 minutes and I introduced my tongue to her. She openly welcomed it with hers and we got out of control. She took off my shirt, removed my belt and unbuttoned my trousers, while we were making our way to the bedroom, kissing and fondling each other romantically.

I took off her top to find that she was not wearing any bra. I pinched her nipples and twisted them which made her moan. She pulled down my trousers, underwear then her shorts and panties and kissed me to say,”Let’s get you ready for lunch.”

We went to the hot shower. We kissed passionately, water dripping down our hot bodies. I squeezed her boobs and sucked the water droplets off her nipples. She was getting aroused and breathing heavily. I put my hand on her pussy. She clean shaved it in the morning, to reveal it’s full pink color. I made her stand against the wall, went on my knees, bahis siteleri lifted her left leg and put her thigh on my shoulder. I smelled her pussy and gave it a big dog like lick. I looked at her, she looked at me back with a look of having a burning desire withing her. She put her hands on my head and guided my face towards her pussy. I licked her good this time not leaving even a single centimeter there. I rubbed her clit with one hand and fucked her with two fingers. Her moans became louder when I started fucking her pussy with my tongue and moved a finger in and around her asshole.

She made me stand and took my cock in her hand. She stroked it gently, placed a kiss on my neck and said in my ear,”I want your cock in my pussy!”

I came out of the washroom, got my bag to take out a condom. I had tried wearing it once for educational purposes but this was the first time it was going to come to real use. As I entered the washroom, I saw her standing at the wall rubbing her clit and squeezing her nipples/fondling with boobs with the other hand. She looked at my condom packed cock and seductively signaled me to come for her with her index finger.

“Oooooh, this boy is responsible here,” She giggled and grabbed me hard. “Fuck me now!” she said and bit my lower lip.

I could not hold it any longer. I pressed her against the wall, lifted her leg a bit and shoved the cock straight inside her dripping pussy. It seemed a difficult position for two amateurs bahis şirketleri to carry out but her pussy was so wet that I slid in and out of her very smoothly. I got in control, lifted both her legs in my arms and increased my pace. I was pounding her against the wall while she was kissing and biting me all over wildly. Her moans converted into shouts and I think she got her first orgasm.

I made her stand taking support of the toilet seat, spread her legs wide and put my cock at her entrance from behind. She bent down to pout her ass at me. I grabbed her by her waist and started fucking her from behind.I squeezed both her boobs and gave her wild poundings for a longer duration this time.

“I am cumming!! aaahh I am cumming!!”, She shivered with her orgasm and held my hand tight.

“Baby, I am going to cum too”, I said being on the edge of shooting my seed.

“I want you to cum hard on my face baby, like they do in porn.” She said.

I pulled out of her, removed the condom and she went on her knees to return the favors.

She looked at me and stroked my cock with deep strokes. She took the hard hot 7″ rod in her mouth and was going wild deep throating on it. With her tongue movements, caressing my balls and stroking, it was very hard for me to control and I sprayed a big load all over her face and mouth.

It took us some time to get our breaths back to normal.

We finished off our shower like romantic couples – cleaning each other then drying up. We had our lunch which she had prepared.

“Our parents are going to return tomorrow morning. Keep some space okay? A lot of dessert will be served to you tonight honey.” She said with a naughty grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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