From One Story To The Next

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I remember that while I slept, he would occasionally grab my hips and thrust his hardened cock against my ass. The next morning, when we talked afterwards, he would deny remembering doing it – it was all in his sleep.

Oh, but the things those thrusts did to me. His innocent actions sent my mind racing, and my blood pumping between my legs. Those movements totally and completely influenced my dreams. From one to the next, it was pure, animalistic sex. Raw, passionate, and uninhibited. The best kind.

The dreams were all different from one another, but with several similarities. It was always me with him, I always came multiple times, and the sex was beyond great.

The first dream pretty much started out with me getting pounded from behind. This probably was because of my boyfriends’ thrusts against my ass during the night. I was bent over while we stood in the middle of my room, hands pressed against the beige carpet for support. With every vigorous thrust his cock would bottom out deep within me, and his balls would slap across my clit. His hands were on my hips, fingers digging into my soft flesh, trying to keep me in place.

In the dream I am told to rise up, and he roughly paws at one of my tits, pinching the nipple painfully but oh so pleasurably. I am getting close, and he can tell – I’m moaning and purring, thrusting my hips and ass back at him with all I’m worth.

His hand reaches across to my other tit, scraping his nails into it, then his hand moves up to my hair and he grabs a handful. I love when he pulls my hair like this. The best is when I’m licking his cock or his balls – He’ll grab a handful, and move my head up and down, controlling the pace with which I suck that beautiful piece of meat.

His left hand is wrapped in my shoulder length hair, keeping me bent at the waist with my head thrown back. His right hand grips my shoulder, and he pulls me against him with every thrust.

When I’m lucky, he’ll let go of my shoulder and slap my ass. Hard. A little corporal punishment is good, especially since I never got any as a kid.

The dream ends when I cum hard on his cock, and he pumps his seed deep within me. We stand there sated and sweaty, until his limp member slowly slides out with a sucking pop.

In my sleep I know I’m turned on. I’m twisting and moving all over. Yet he still sleeps. In between my dreams I casually wake up and look him over. He looks so peaceful lying there nude, with his erect cock straining against his boxer briefs. And I always complain that I can’t wake him up with a morning BJ because he hardly ever sleeps in the nude!

I roll over and quickly find myself in another compromising position. His cock is hard and slippery with my saliva. It’s right in front of my face, smooth, solid, sexy, and in need of releasing his load.

For starters, I love the way his penis looks, especially when it’s hard. I am fascinated by it – what it does, what it looks like when it is soft, but especially canlı bahis şirketleri when it’s hard. When it’s hard, it captivates me. I feel like worshipping it, paying homage to it, and thanking him for having this amazing monster that satisfies me the way it does.

And monster might give you the wrong impression. He isn’t like some of those guys with a massively long cock. His is perfectly designed at just beyond five inches (I just measured). The thing about his member is, it is widest in the middle. So, you have this thing you think you can take, but then, right in the middle of every stroke, it’s suddenly bigger, then as he’s in deep, back to normal. It’s kinda nice. (And he’s just under five inches around…by a hair or two.)

Not to interrupt my story, but, I stopped him before he left my apartment about an hour and a half ago, and told him to stand in front of me so I could collect some data for my story. He looked at me quizzically, but just let me do my thing.

He smiled as I unbuttoned his jeans, and he went ahead and unzipped them for me. What a nice guy. He pulled out his hardening dick just enough out of his pants so I could have limited access to his balls.

I caressed him, ran my fingers all over him, and got him hard. Then, I started comparing how his cock felt in one hand compared to the other. Then, how long it was, from fingertip to my palm. I gently cupped his exposed ball with my left hand, then fished the right one out and gave it the same treatment (I didn’t want one to be jealous of the other.)

I saw the glisten of pre cum right at the tip of his cock, so I swiftly took his head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around. His sharp intake of breath and moan told me he liked this.

I continued to “collect my evidence” until I myself was starting to feel horny. Then I asked him, “Hey, Baby? Do you mind if I measure your cock? It’s for my story”. He looked at me and kind of smiled.

He said, “Sure. But I want to lie down and get more comfortable.”

I was more than willing to oblige him. So, while he got comfy on the bed, I searched for my measuring tape. But of course, it couldn’t be found. So, I used my ruler instead. Very interesting.

He isn’t the first lover of mine that I’ve measured. Actually, my first boyfriend was the first guy I had ever measured. And that was toward the end of our “relationship”. (I was 16, he was 24, and he just wanted to fuck a virgin, and literally, screw me over.) Ah yes, that asshole, Stuart, claimed to my friend that I was a “lucky girl” because he was over eight inches. Why do men do this when women can so obviously check out the facts for themselves?

Anyway, I was tired of him trying to screw me. I wasn’t willing to go far, and his numerous attempts started to piss me off. I had decided I was going to break things off, but not before I had some fun first.

Just from seeing his cock when he would try to get me to suck it, I knew it wasn’t the eight inches canlı kaçak iddaa he claimed. I thought it was about half that. Little did he know that I am actually a pretty good judge of measurement. Well, I wanted to prove to him he was a liar, to his face, and to embarrass him shamefully. And all I needed to do this was the plastic six-inch ruler from my high school planner.

All was set: he was putting his best moves on me while we sat and drank White Russians on his front porch. He was talking me up, trying to gauge how tipsy I was, and trying to massage my shoulders. He suggested we move into his bedroom, and I smiled and said, “Sure!”

When we got into his room, we took off our jackets, and I sat on the bed. The first thing he did was go for my tits. Jesus Christ! He always did. Anyway, he went to take my shirt off, but I resisted, and suggested he get undressed first.

Being a vain man, and self conscious of his belly fat, he always kept on his wife beater, and his socks for some reason. Oh crap, I just remembered my mom’s nickname for him…Uncle Fester. It’s because he shaved his head, and had dark eyebrows and eyes. He always called himself Mr. Clean. (Please don’t judge me too harshly!)

Anyway, He pulled off his jeans and his The Simpson’s boxers. His little man was red and angry, and he oozed precum. The funny thing was, his ex girlfriend called his dick “redwood”. Being the second largest tree known to man, (Sequoia’s being first), I thought this referenced the length (that is, before I ever saw his wiener). Sadly no, it was in reference to the furious red color his little sausage became when he got hard.

That same red color was on his cheeks when I pulled the little ruler out of my back jeans’ pocket, and sticking it in my palm, plastered it against his dick. Needless to say, at four inches and a quarter, his dick was pretty far short of his claims.


Anyway, back to what I was talking about: Why men lie about their cock size. I mean, unless your cock is really tiny, usually the only problem is when you don’t know HOW to use it. (Y’know, the whole “motion of the ocean”.) AND, if you’re the kind of guy that cums really quick, you should really learn to double up on the oral sex. AND LEARN TO LOVE IT. (If you don’t already.)

My boyfriend, as we have established, isn’t some porn-star hung freak. Thank God. He is of average length, and what I consider to be beyond average girth. After taking his measurement, I asked him if he wanted to “Practice”.

To us, “practice” means attempting anal sex. It’s something new for the two of us. We’ve only been together a few months, and he was a virgin before that. So, it’s been quite an adventure. An adventure that I couldn’t have dreamed up better.

I’ve had anal with two other guys. But their cocks pale in comparison to the girth of my boyfriend. The funny thing is, when we first got together and I saw the size of his cock, my first thought was, “Well, so much for canlı kaçak bahis him fucking my ass.”

During my little measurement break, that’s exactly what happened. He finally fucked my ass. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is quite a feat. At first I was scared. The last time we “practiced”, we got him to get his entire length in me, but thrusting wasn’t an option. The middle of his slow thrusts was just too much.

I now understand that lube, lube, lube is so very important, and even when you think you have enough lube, you should give it some more. And what can I say about his widest place, halfway down his cock? HOLY SHIT. It takes a while, but dear god, it was worth it. I moaned, I practically screamed (but the roommate was home), and I came. I fucking came on his cock…my ass clenched the fuck out of him.

The thrusts were slow at first, and we attempted this time lying on our sides. Which was good. Then, while staying inside me, we rolled over so he was on top, then I had him put his legs between mine, so we could rise into a doggy style position. Ta-Da! And for my next trick…

…he started to thrust harder. And it was feeling GOOD. But, every so often, my ass would heat up. The burning sensation felt ok at first, even a little pleasurable, but then it got uncomfortable, so we would add more lube. The lube would cool my ass, but only for a few more strokes. The pleasure was good, but the discomfort was growing, as he thrust a little faster.

At this point I was starting to wonder if he was close, so I asked him, “Are you going to cum in my ass tonight?” My voice was huskier than I imagined it would be. That turned me on.

The friction was getting to be a pleasure/pain kind of deal. Normally I like pleasure/pain (biting nipples, hard spanks, etc.), but this was getting to be too much. I asked him if he would dribble some more lube on his cock and he said, “No, because I’m about to cum,” and true to his word, about eight thrusts later, I could feel his hot liquid squirt into my rectum.

And after that, he stayed in my ass a little while. I asked him how it was for him, and he said it was a short buildup, but a powerful orgasm. That’s what I like to hear. When he finally pulled out, my body convulsed, and I could do nothing but hug myself while kneeling on the bed. I kept twitching, and he was concerned, but once I was able to stand up, I took a shower and felt fabulous.

Interesting side note: before I took the shower, I sat on the toilet to pee, and to decide if I should try to squeeze his cum out of my ass. I pushed just a little bit, and this dollop of pearly white hit the water. Have you ever watched the way cum moves in water? At first it almost hangs there, suspended by the water, then it slowly sinks, while spreading out a little bit. Then, it hits the bottom and changes from a tear shape, into more of a cum drop pancake.

So that’s it for now. I know, I know. I didn’t even finish the story about my dreams and what happened when we woke up in the morning! But, if you’re patient, and I know some of you can be very patient, you just might get a story sometime soon.

Be good, boys and girls! Make sure to vote on how my boyfriend took my ass this afternoon. Thanks.

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