From Lovers To…

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Although this is a stand alone story. If you like to know what happened before I suggest you to read ‘from neighbours to lovers’.

Comments are always welcomed, it can only make me a better writer.


Olivia: (January)

I wake by the feeling of a hand, caressing my belly. The gentle stroking from the tips of his fingers sends a shiver down my spine. Turning on my back, I look at Rob. There’s a caring smile on his freckled face while he’s looking deeply into my eyes.

“Good morning, Did you sleep well?” It’s barely a whisper, but the sound of it is sweet and full of love. A warmth spreads through my body at his words; a smile appears on my face.

I lean over and softly kiss his lips; my heart skips a beat. Realisation sets in, I’ve fallen in love with him. “Like a rose.”

Moving my legs, I feel the towel I placed there last night. I run my hand towards it and pull it away. The remaining evidence of our nightly encounter visible on it. I put it beside the bed and roll towards Rob. Kissing him again, this time my lips linger on his, it doesn’t take long for our kiss to deepen. I drape my body against him, feeling the heat of his bare skin against mine. My arms are locking around his neck while his hand caresses my side. I can feel his member grow between us.

He breaks the kiss, looks into my eyes, his expression serious he asks. “Did you mean what you said last night? About loving me?” There is a sparkle of hope in those hypnotic green eyes.

I said that in the heat of the moment, I was coming down from a massive orgasm that clouded my mind. It made me way too honest. I didn’t intend to confess my love to him, not at that moment. I’m still struggling with those feelings, considering if it is worth risking our friendship. But, since I’ve spilt the beans, I guess its all or nothing right now. “I do, to be honest, I’ve felt like this for a while.”

A broad smile appears on his freckled face. He kisses me and wraps his arms tightly around me. Again, that warm feeling spreads through me as he breaks the kiss and moves his mouth to my ear. With a loving voice, he whispers in my ear. “I’ve fallen in love with you the moments I laid eyes on you. I just never had the guts to tell you.”

I never thought those words could spark such intense happiness; my eyes get wet. I roll onto my back using our embrace to pull Rob’s. I place my hands in his ginger hair and lock my fingers in it. I pull down his head and kiss him while wrapping my legs around him. I feel the heat of his stiff member against my moist labia. I tilt my hips grinding along the length of it. Feeling the veins and bumps brush against my clit. I inhale deeply, looking into his eyes while biting my lip.

He lifts his body, getting into an upright position, my hands travel from the back of his head to his chest. His throbbing cock slides down my slit, a droplet of bright, warm precum forming at the top of the head. Rob aligns his cock with the entrance of my pussy. Using my legs, I pull him closer. My eyes roll back as he starts to penetrate me, feeling him stretch my insides to there thresholds. Inch by inch, the feeling of fullness increases until I feel the tip brush my cervix. Gasping I feel myself tighten around his shaft.

Rob moans and looks down; I follow his gaze.

His cock is entirely enveloped by my pussy, his trimmed pubes brushing my puffed mounds. The heat of his member radiating into me; I can even feel his pulse deep inside me. Rob moans and says. “God, you feel amazing, I probably won’t last long like this.”

I can’t help but smile. “It doesn’t matter, don’t hold back.” I meant what I said. The need I felt now was not of the physical kind. I longed to the aftermath. Apprehending my body was all he needed to feel gratification, to feel the evidence of it tingle inside me.

I place my hands upon his hips, pushing him out of me, followed by pulling him back into me with my legs.

Feeling his member saw inside me, I moan. Encouraged by my moans, he increases the pace of the rhythm. It’s true; he doesn’t last long. I feel him bury himself deep into me, the tip of his cock pressed against my cervix. I clamp down on him, tightening my muscles, making him gasp as his member begins to convulse. I feel his warm sticky fluid spread inside me, filling me. My eyes roll back as I enjoy the sensation; a deep moan escapes me.

Rob collapse on me, catching his breath. I tighten legs around him. Making sure he stays inside as I feel the last convulsions of his orgasm travel through his member. After a few minutes, his cock starts to flaccid. Unwilling to stain the linen, I unwrap my legs and tap him on the chest.

Understanding what I meant, he pulls out and rolls onto his back. I give Rob a quick kiss as I get out of bed and walk toward the shower. I bite my lip as I feel some of his cum leak out of me, dripping down my leg.


I close my eyes as I lay on my back. Oliva loves me! I can’t believe a girl like her, definitely out of my league, actually illegal bahis loves me.

I hear the shower running; maybe I could join her? No, I’ll make her breakfast! I jump out of bed and gather my clothes. Quickly putting them on, I walk to the kitchenette.

My apartment is a mirror of Olivia’s, Although in better shape. When I signed the contract, the landlord told me they modernised it two years ago. They planned on renovating the other apartments next year. It’s about time, Olivia complained at serval occasions about the condition of kitchen equipment or the draft coming from the windows on colder days.

I take a pan and bowl out of the cupboard, gather the ingredients for pancakes and start making the batter. While the pan is heating, I brew us a cup of coffee. The combined fragrance of fresh-ground coffee and heating butter makes my stomach rumble.

The first pancake comes out of the pan when Olivia exits the bathroom, clad only in a towel. her eyes are twinkling. “You’ve made breakfast!” she darts to the table, inhaling the smell hanging in the room. “Hmmm, those smell delicious.” I smile at her enthusiasm.

“You like pancakes?” I ask as I place her plate on the table. I dressed it with some blackberries and a dash of whipped cream on top of the pancake. She smiles as she sees the plate.

“I love them!” looking down and back up to me, pointing at the towel, she asks. “I guess you don’t mind?”

I grin and say. “Not at all.” Olivia looks cute like this. The bath towel encased her small frame, leaving her shoulders bare. It’s reaching her thighs, and for once, her sun-kissed blond hair is loose. Still wet it sticks to her shoulders, the tips brushing the towel. She sits down and takes hold of the cutlery. It’s delightful to see she’s eating with such appetite.

With the last bite in her mouth, she puts down her cutlery and pushes back her chair. “I’m going to put something on.” She walks over to me and kisses me on my cheek. “Thanks for breakfast.”

Olivia walks over to my bedroom to gather her clothes. I follow every movement she makes. Her well-shaped legs are moving elegantly, going through them picking up her scattered clothes. Turning around on her tiptoes, she walks back to the living room. She stops and slightly cocks her head. “You’ve got plans today? I thought about a trip to the shopping centre. Maybe you’d like to join me?”

I don’t like shopping, but the foresight of spending the day with her convinces me almost instantly. “Sure,” I reply. “maybe we can catch a movie afterwards?” That would at least give me something to look forward to if the shopping disappoints.

her face lights up. “I’d love to. See you in a bit.” with that she walks to the door. Still only clad in my towel, holding her clothes in her arms.

I smile stupidly, thinking I’m the luckiest man alive. I get up and walk towards the bathroom to get ready for our day together.


I walk into my bathroom, tossing my clothes into the laundry basked. I unwrap the towel from my body and place it aside. With a quick turn, I grab my razor and slide it over my legs and pubic mounds. A splash of cold water and a little body lotion smoothens my skin. Naked I dart towards my bedroom to pick my outfit.

I look through my slightly warmer clothes, being mid-winter I can use them. I pick out my ripped blue jeans and pair it with a loose-fitting red sweater and a beige tank top for underneath. I turn around to my dresser and open the top shelve, picking out a black laced thong, not bothering looking for a bra. My breasts are small and firm enough not to need one. I didn’t mind they’re only an A-cup, they’re perky and full as far as my size allowed that. My nipples are super sensitive, gently brushing my fingers over them; I feel them harden instantly. I bit my lip as pleasure ripples through me.

Knowing I haven’t got time to lose, I put on my clothes and walk to the mirror. I comb my damp hair and tie it into a ponytail. I apply the lightest amount of makeup and put my glasses back on my slightly upturned nose.

Pleased at my look, I walk to my door, put on my hugs and walk across the hallway towards Rob’s door. Clearing my throat, I call out. “Rob, are you ready?”

The opening of his door answers my call. Rob is wearing a classy outfit; Black pants, white shirt and a costume jacked. His lanky build is complimenting the outfit. I smile at him and playfully say. “Hot stuff!”

Rob laughs out loud. “Thanks, I didn’t want to stand out against you.” I grin and take his hand, interlocking my fingers with his.

“Come on; we’ve got lots of shopping to do,” I say while pulling him towards the bus station. “and a movie to catch.” a smile appears around his lips as I say the last part.

At the mall, we enter a few shops and browse some clothing racks. At the fourth shop, I’m able to convince Rob to try on some clothes I picked for him. He takes them and walks toward the fitting room. In the meantime, I’m looking through a rack to see if there’s something illegal bahis siteleri I like. Suddenly I feel a hand on the small of my back. I turn around and see- “Jack.” completely startled I’m unable to move.

Jack leans in and kisses me on my lips, his hand travelling down from my back onto my buttocks. Although Jack is exceptionally handsome, he’s also a complete asshole. He’s the father of a girl I used to babysit a few months ago. Foolishly I’ve felt attracted to him, things got heated, and I gave my virginity to him. his voice breaks my thoughts. “Up for a quicky in the changing room?” barely a whisper his words rock me to my core. Tears are burning in my eyes; the memories of everything that happened between us flooding my mind.

Suddenly Jack is being pushed away forcefully; he falls onto the ground. “Get your hand off her.” Rob’s voice is full of anger; his posture impressive. I’m relieved he’s helping me, quickly I move behind him.

Jack stands up attempting to keep his dignity. While straightening his clothes, he says.”Calm down; I didn’t know she was here with someone.” his face twisted in anger, those blue eyes fixed on me.

“And you think it’s okay to grope a girl if she’s alone?” Rob moves toward Jack, his hand clenched into fists.

Jack, clearly not in for a fight, moves back. “Well, she didn’t complain last time I was fucking her.” With that, he dropped a bomb on me. My lip quivers, tiers run down my cheeks, sobbing I look at Rob. He turns towards me and looks even more angered at my reaction.

Rob turns away looking at Jack and shakes his head. “Wow, pathetic move. Get the fuck out of my eyes.” He turns back to me and wraps his arms around me. He is hugging me tightly, comforting me. I hope this won’t change how Rob sees at me. I wrap my arms around him and bury my face into his chest.

With a soft, gentle voice, he says. “Come on, let get out of here.” His hand caresses my head. After a few seconds, he takes my hand and leads me out of the store, completely ignoring Jack. Rob gently holds my hand until we pass a bar. Rob stops and looks at me. “Coffee?” with teary eyes, I sniff and let out a small laugh, followed by a nod. Glad Rob still has his playful manners around me.

We sit in silence until the coffee comes; that’s when I find the courage to explain what happened. Rob just looks at me with compassion while he’s listening to my story, frowning at the appropriate moments. I tell him everything, even how I coped with it afterwards. As I end my story, he shakes his head, saying. “He’s an asshole, don’t let it get you down. you’re better of without him.”

“I just wish it never happened, that you’d been my first.” I look down; my words are heartfelt, but I can’t bear to look in his eyes as I also feel ashamed. Ashamed how naive, even stupid my actions where. I should have known better.

Rob reaches for my hands over the table. Taking hold of them, his finger interlock with mine. “The past is what made you who you are today; I won’t love you less for it.” A feeling of deep love washes over me; I look into his eyes and smile. Again tears form in my eyes, this time there from happiness. I truly am lucky to have found a guy like Rob.

“I love you so Rob.” Squeezing his hand, I lean over the table and kiss him, full on his lips. Eager to put these unpleasant thoughts behind me, I get up and pull him on his feet. “Didn’t we have a movie to catch?” He follows me as I pull him towards the cinema.

“What do you want to watch?” He askes as we arrive slightly out of breath from running.

I answer playfully “That one movie that plays in the hall with the cosy seats.”

“The one in hall four? Isn’t that a long and boring movie?”

“Maybe,” I smile at him lewdly. “unless you actually want to see another movie?”

he smiles and shakes his head. “No, it’s fine. As long as I’m close to you.”

I smile and walk up to the ticket booth. I purchase two tickets for a cosy seat at the back of the hall. Finding our place, we snuggle close to each other. The room darkens, and the movie starts.

Rob was right; the movie is incredibly dull. I don’t care; for me, the whole point was being able to snuggle close to him. He drapes his arm around me and gently caresses my side, my head on his chest. I take hold of his hand and guide it towards my chest. Placing it onto my breast, I use his hand to rub it through my sweater. I feel my nipple harden underneath it and gaze at his reaction.

Starlet, he looks down, he must feel my nipple through it. Guiding his hand down to my waist and underneath my clothes, I place it on my breast again. The movement pulls up my sweater and tank top, exposing my belly.

A lusty smile forms around the corner of his mouth, he bends down and whispers. “What if someone sees us?”

I bite my lip and let it slip, I whisper back. “If you’re quiet, no one will notice.” I slide my hand over his abdomen down to his pants, rubbing his member through it. Arousal flushes my body as I feel his canlı bahis siteleri stiff shaft. He places his hand on top of mine, stopping me from opening his pants. With his other hand, he gently squeezes my nipple. I bite my lip again to suppress a moan. His hands travel to my shoulders, guiding me onto my back, my head in his lap.

His hand travels downward over my belly, caressing my still exposed skin. His fingers hit the waistband of my jeans, trailing it. I inhale and suck in my stomach. Hoping his fingers would slip into the opening I created. They didn’t; his hand trailed up roaming the underside of my breast. The tips of his fingers trail up brushing my erect nipple. Again, I suppress a moan.

His hand travels down; I suck in my stomach once more. Again, he trails the waistband of my jeans and slides his hand back up. I willed him to put his hand in my pants, but he didn’t. Over and over, he repeated the routine. My pussy is aching, my panties soaked. Getting me hornier with every repetition. Until suddenly, his hand brushes past the waistband over my jeans, trailing my inner tight, I sigh and groan.

His hand travels over my groin and stops at the button of my jeans. With ease, he opens it and slides the zipper down. The tips of his fingers slide along the waistband of my knickers.

I pull up my legs, opening them slightly. Rob’s hand creeps under the waistband onto my pussy, as his fingers brush my outer labia, I turn my head and moan into his abdomen. His fingers find his way onto my clit, gently rolling it underneath. My legs open wider, giving him better access. The tip of his finger sinks between my labia, gyrating my entrance. The pressure in my abdomen is building. His finger penetrates me, curling upwards, he hits my sweet spot. My mouth opens; my eyes roll back. If he keeps this up, he’ll make me cum. A slight panic spreads through me, what if someone indeed noticed.

My aroused state of mind clouding my rational judgement, I push down on my feet. My hips slightly lift off the seat. His finger hits my sweet spot again massaging into it, his thumb circling my clit. The pressure bursts. Waves of warmth sweep over me. My legs slam shut, trapping his hand between them. My hips hit the seat as I curl my legs up to my chest. My body is convulsing as I gasp. Somehow Rob is still circling my clit prolonging my orgasm. I wrap my hands around his wrist, trying to pull his hand away. But he’s too strong, or my shaking body too weak. I bite down his arm to keep silent. His fingers stop moving; he pushes his hand further between my legs and cups my pussy. After a moment, my body starts to relax; some aftershocks still shoot through me. He’s caressing my hair with his other hand; I exhale slowly.

I open my eyes and look at him. Even in the darkened room; I can see the sparking in his eyes and the smile on his lips.

I snuggle close to him, hugging his arm and clamping his hand between my legs. His fingers curl, brushing along my slit. My eyes shoot open understanding his intention. I mouth “No!” to him, but he ignores it. His fingers slide between my labia, putting pressure on my entrance, subconscious my body reacts, my legs open slightly. His finger sinks in my over-sensitive pussy. His groping has the desired effect. I lose the will to resist and find myself grinding my hips into his hand, seeking release. Within minutes I’m panting, no more than a quivering mess at the tips of his fingers as my second orgasm rocks my world apart; my vision blurs.

My eyes open as the lights of the cinema brighten. I’ve must have fallen asleep or passed out. I feel Rob pulling His hand out of my pants, he pulls down my sweatshirt, covering me up. I slightly grunt as I try to get up. My legs feel rubberish and unstable. Standing up, Rob wraps his arm around my hip. Good, if my legs give out he can support me.


We walk through the city for a while after our movie. It’s lightly snowing as we enter a pub. It’s warm and cosy inside. The typical scent of stale beer and smoke from the fireplace hangs heavy in the air. We take a seat at the window and order something. I take a beer with a lamb burger; She orders a glass of white wine and a beef burger. We chit chat a little while we wait for our food. By the time our food arrives, I learned her favourite colour is blue; she absolutely loves pasta, and she usually sleeps naked. My face must have shown my enthusiasm since she giggled at my reaction.

By the time we consumed our food, a layer of snow covers the streets and sidewalks. I pay the bill, we go out and walk towards home, the crackling sound of our footsteps breaking the silence of the night. I pull Olivia close; my arm draped over her shoulder.

Arriving home, we walk into her apartment. Olivia kicks off her pumps, hangs her jacket on the hook and pulls her sweatshirt over her head. I can see her pink nipples poke through the fabric of the beige tank top she wears underneath. A smile spreads across her face as she caught me looking. Olivia walks to the living room as I hang my costume jacked next to her jacked. My gaze follows her swaying hips; her hands open the button of her jeans, she pushes down her pants. As she bends down, I drink in the sight of her laced thong accenting her smooth heart-shaped buttocks.

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