Friends with Benefits

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She’s hanging out in her living room when her phone goes off. It’s her friend, her lover whom she hasn’t seen in months. He’s in town and wants to hang out.

She invites him over. She’s hanging out in her pjs, but she’s not really concerned with that at this point. Not like her pjs are gonna stay on for long anyway. She goes outside and waits for him. It’s dark and kinda chilly out, but she seriously does not care.

He pulls up, shuts off his car, gets out, and makes his way to the porch. She smiles at him. Not really surprised he remembered where she lives.

She says, “Hi.”

He responds with a “hi.” of his own.

She opens the door when he gets on the porch, she goes inside, waiting for him to come in before she shuts the door, and locks it behind him.

They’re standing in the kitchen, still…..

She says without him asking, “They are asleep and if they wake up, they’re gonna get a damn good show!”

His response, “Ah!”

She asks, “Are we just gonna stand in the kitchen or should we go to the living room?”

No response. She says, “Living room it is.”

Now….. Two minutes later…

They’re in the living room. He’s sitting on the couch and she’s curled up, facing him. He stares at the ceiling, trying to figure out what to do.

She watches him.

He’s tall, thin, and has blonde hair. He’s majorly gorgeous. Drop-dead sexy, even. She’s shorter than he is, not so thin, and has dark hair.

And, not so hot, but it doesn’t matter. He thinks she’s beautiful anyway.

Now, he’s looking at her. She smiles. She moves closer to him then she straddles him. She’s wearing shorts, no panties and a thin white tank, no bra. He has too much on. She scoots back, grabs his shirt, pulls it up over his head, and tosses it on the back of the couch. She smiles at him.

She starts running her hands up and

down his chest to his stomach then back up again. She runs her fingertips over his nipples, making them hard. As she does that, she starts grinding güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in his lap.

He’s not shy, he touches her breasts going under her tank, massaging them gently but firm. She moans, but she continues grinding, but stops playing with his nipples.

She grabs the back of the couch, leaning down she kisses him and he kisses her back. He’s such a great kisser. So sweet, soft, and gentle on hers. She stifles a moan as one of his hands move down her body while the other one stays. She breaks off his kisses, sitting up, she grabs her shirt, pulls it off, and tosses onto the back of the couch with his.

He immediately leans forward and takes her left breast into his mouth, sucking, licking. She groans.

She’s getting wet and he’s getting hard. She can feel him through his pants. Which need to come off, eventually.

He moves to her right breast, doing the same thing. She moans. She wiggles in his lap, grinding against his hardening cock. A cock that she wants in her mouth, pussy, and ass. As well as between her breasts.

She pushes him against the couch and kisses him. Coaxing his tongue in her mouth, she sucks it like she does his cock then gently nips it. She breaks his kisses off again and moves off of him. She grabs his hand and pulls him up off the couch.

She says, “Strip!” He does so without being told twice. She smiles. He sits back down, totally naked. She kneels in front of him, between his legs. She runs her hands on his thighs to his hard, long, and thick cock. She moves her right hand to his cock, grabbing him and starts stroking him slowly at first then gradually picks up pace.

Harder and faster. She squeezes and loosens her hand around him. She leans forward and licks him from base to head like a lollipop. She pulls him down slightly and shoves him inside her wet, hot mouth.

She starts sucking harder, harder, faster, and faster! She uses her right hand to stroke him in the opposite direction of her sucking. She deep throats him güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the best she can over and over again then just sucks him as fast and hard as she possibly can. Her mouth getting wetter and wetter. She sucks him hard then deep throats him again. He’s getting close. She speeds up. He tenses and fills her mouth with cum. She swallows every drop. She moves back, wiping her lips with her hand.

She says, “Yummy!” and he just sits there, trying to breathe normally again. She smiles at him and moves to sit back on the couch.

She asks, “Was that good? Feel better?” He answers, “Yes!”

He says, “So…”

She smiles, says, “So what?”

This is where he leans over and kisses her to shut her up. She asks after he breaks the kiss off, “So, what brings you to my little corner of the world?” No response. Sick of “talking” she stands up, walks over to the light, turning it off, then walking back to him. She takes her shorts off.

She in her ‘dominate’ tone says, “Lay down on the couch.” He does. She smiles in the dark. He’s hard again, she’s soaked, extremely horny, shaved, and warm. She straddles him, moving so he’ll slide inside her. She moans and he makes a noise as he goes all the way inside her sweet pussy.

She starts riding him hard and fast. He’s so deep, if he goes any deeper he’ll bottom her out. But, she scoots back forcing him to go even deeper. She moans.

She moves harder and harder and harder. Faster and faster and faster, too. God, he feels so good. He does not just lay there. He moves against her and he is definately not afraid to touch her, which she likes, a lot. She grinds, rotates her hips, and rides him until he cums inside her. She breathes, “oooh baby!”

She does not stop moving, she keeps going until he can’t cum anymore and he goes soft. With a grunt, she unstraddles him. Standing on the floor, she stays still, steadying herself before she puts her shorts back on. He’s laying there. She sits on the chair, her pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri pulsing, having ‘blue-balled’ herself for the moment.

She grabs a blanket, laying it on on the floor. Then, she goes and gets her toy, bringing it into the living room. She lays down. He’s still laying on the couch, but he’s curious as to what she’s up to.

She takes her shorts off, puts her toy to her clit and turns it on by pushing the battery in. She purrs as it vibrates her swollen clit. She moans and moves against it. Grabbing the blanket under her, she moves faster against her toy. She moans, “OH MY GOD! If you want to feel my climax, you better get down here and in me again.” And, he’s down on the floor, in a heartbeat. Doesn’t take him long to get hard again and fast, he thrusts into her. She moves against both her toy and him. She moves her toy, so she doesn’t have to hold it. It’s pinned between them. As, he thrusts against her, the toy moves against her clit. She moans and grunts.

She asks, “Feel good, doesn’t it?”

He says, “Yes.”

And it does. Feels VERY good! She puts her hands on his sides, digging her nails in slightly and moves faster and harder against him. Finally, she can’t hold it anymore, shuddering hard she cums just as hard and fast. He cums soon after she does.

He rolls off and they lay there trying to catch their breaths.

She says, “Damn, that was good!” Then, she asks, “Are you done for now?”

His reply is, “Yes.”

She lays there for a minute longer before putting her shorts back on then she climbs over him to get to her shirt, putting it on. She goes back to the floor and lays down back down beside him.

He says, “So….”

She says, “So what?” She asks, “Are you tired?” He says, “Yes.”

She says, “You can stay here with me.”

So, he does. Now, this should prove interesting and loads of fun. She gets up to go get pillows and another blanket. She comes back and tosses one pillow and the other blanket on the couch, saying, “You can sleep on the couch, it’s a lot more comfortable then sleeping on the floor. And, before you say anything, it’s okay I like sleeping on the floor most of the time.” So, he gets up and lays back on the couch and she lays down on the floor.

She says, “Good night, sweet dreams.”

Soon, they are both asleep.

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