Friday Night at the Furlongs’ Pt. 03

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“Whoa! I didn’t know you guys were playing piggy-backs in here!” Jake called out when he saw his dad on all-fours with Guy squatting behind him.

The hairy broad-chested plumber chortled across at his fuck-buddy’s son. He always enjoyed a bit of banter with Jake.

“Reckon you could take giving me a piggy-back, Jake?” he asked my cousin, grabbing my Uncle Rob more tightly around his belly and resuming slamming his hips back and forth against his arse.

Jake laughed back. “Whatever you got, mate, you can bet I can take it!”

Guy smirked at his answer and got on with enjoying his butt-fuck. Jake and I both peered over at his thick veiny cock steadily sliding in and out of Uncle Rob’s tautly-stretched bunghole. His technique was unrushed and deliberate as if he was enjoying savouring the pleasure of having my uncle’s well-practised rectum squeezing his steely hard girth.

“I’ve gotta admit, though… you guys look totally hot together!” Jake gushed at the pair of them. “However sexy you both might look getting cosy with women, you look a hundred times better doing each other!”

Guy just laughed at the observation but I could see that Uncle Rob was really chuffed by receiving a rare compliment from his son. He beamed a broad gratified smile as he continued to face forwards and it stayed on his lips long after Guy’s amusement had faded.

Jake sat down on one side of his dad’s double bed so I did the same on the opposite side. We both seemed mesmerised by Guy’s thick meat sweeping back and forth between Uncle Rob’s two round cheeks and I found it difficult to take my eyes away from its relentless, almost hypnotic rhythm. But there was so much else in their sex that I didn’t want to miss, that I had to force myself to look beyond just the penetration and take in the other details of these two big men pleasuring each other right in front of me.

For a start, there was Uncle Rob’s own impressive manhood, throbbing forwards and dribbling streams of goo down onto the doona. He kept pushing his bum back to meet Guy’s slow steady thrusts, his arse-cheeks gaping open and making the thick bush of hair sprout outwards from his crack. And underneath that were both men’s huge over-sized bollocks, dangling down heavy and low and repeatedly slapping together as they heaved their big solid bodies against each other.

I smiled at Jake, seeing how he too was captivated the sight of his dad allowing another man to use his butt for sex. Jake saw me smiling at him and grinned back over at me. He said, “If you saw this pair on the street… just chatting together like a couple of mates… you’d never guess in a million years that the two of them were shagging each other’s arses!”

I chuckled and nodded before telling him, “Guy said earlier that he started having sex with other dudes when he worked on an oilrig.”

“It was a necessity, mate,” Guy nodded towards us. “All us men cooped up together in those cramped little bunkrooms!”

Jake grinned and said, “Oh my God, you make it sound as horny as fuck!” Then in a silly voice he said to his father, “Daddy, when I’m all growed up I want to work on an oilrig like Mr Leeson!”

Uncle Rob quipped back, “Well, when you’re putting in for an application form, get one for me too!”

I chuckled before asking Guy, “So, the way you are with Uncle Rob right now, is how you had sex with other men on the rig?”

“No fuckin’ way!” Guy laughed. “It was nothin’ like this!”

“How was it, then?” I persisted, interested to hear how men packed together in close confinement would couple up together when they were feeling horny.

“You didn’t pace yourself the way I am now… you don’t give yourself time to enjoy the feeling,” he explained with his cock still sliding smoothly and slowly in and out of Uncle Rob’s raised-up butt. “It wasn’t anything like shaggin’ someone for the pleasure of it… it was much faster… more urgent…”

“Aw yeah!” Jake laughed. “All the oiled up riggers going at each other’s arses like buck rabbits!”

“It wasn’t like that either!” Guy grinned at him. “The bunkroom wasn’t like some gay porn film!”

“So how was it?” I asked again, genuinely trying to picture how men might have sex together in cramped communal quarters.

“If you were gonna do it, you did it after lights-out,” Guy said. “Not that it was dark, mind you, because there were always emergency lights left on. But if you were gonna get your oats, you snuck over to the other bloke’s bunk when it was dim and quiet and the other men were trying to get to sleep.”

Guy bent lower so that his chest was pressed against Uncle Rob’s back and pushed his arms underneath him to hold him tight by the shoulders.

“Most blokes did it like this,” he explained. “You got on top of your buddy’s back and sort of squatted together, both facing forwards. You didn’t have much space in the bunk-bed so you had to hunch down low together and one of you put your knees between the other’s. Not exactly the most romantic of positions…”

“What did the other guys bahis firmaları in the room do when two men got together for sex?” Jake asked. “Those who were still awake, I mean…?”

“Blokes generally fell into two camps on that one. Either they’d ignore what the two of you were doing and turn away to sleep, or they’d ogle over at you and start wankin’ themselves off. There wasn’t much middle ground between those two reactions!”

“Which camp did you fall into?” I asked.

“The second,” Guy grinned, still crouched over my uncle and holding onto him like a dog mounting a bitch. “I got to like the smell of two blokes playin’ pokey… which was what we called it on my rig. A lot of guys complained how bum sex after lights-out would stink out the bunkroom but once I’d done it a few times myself and got… you know… a bit of a taste for it… the smell of other fellas butt-bangin’ got to be a turn-on.”

“So what happened after the two of you had got into the romantic double-squat position?” Jake asked with a smirk.

“I smeared some spit on my cock and worked it into the bloke’s hairy gash, then I fucked him up the arse dead fast to make myself nut off as quickly as I could.”

In demonstration, he grabbed my Uncle Rob tight and firm by the shoulders and started shagging his bum really quickly, making loud clapping sounds as hips slapped hard against my uncle’s buttocks. Uncle Rob’s face blushed as red as his arse-cheeks went. It looked like he was seriously enjoying being treated like one of Guy’s oilrig bunkmates.

Soon Guy stopped thrusting and he grinned over at us. “Usually I was so fuckin’ desperate that I’d last about thirty seconds. Then it would be over and I could pull out, wipe off and go back to my own bunk to sleep.”

“Oh… so you didn’t swap around so you could return the favour?” I said with some surprise.

“No fuckin’ way, mate!” Guy chortled at my naivety. “It cost a couple of packets of fags for some fella to let you seed him up the arse, so it sure as hell wasn’t a two-way deal!”

Guy got back into the position he seemed to prefer with Uncle Rob, kneeling upright behind him with his hands on his hips, sliding his dick slowly and smoothly in and out of the thickly forested butt-crack.

“Did you and the guys you shagged ever talk about what you’d done?” I asked him. “Maybe agree to meet up again sometime?”

Guy chuckled at the question. “Most of the blokes who were up for playing pokey in exchange for ciggies were migrant workers who could barely speak a word of English. The most they’d get from me was a whispered ‘spaseeba’ after I’d creamed off up their olive-coloured arses!”

“This isn’t supposed be a biography of Guy’s life story,” Uncle Rob said, recovering his composure after being treated so brashly. “The idea was to show Shane that anal sex between two men is both enjoyable and beautiful.”

“You’ve got me convinced on the beautiful part,” I smiled. “You guys look totally hype!”

“Oh my God!” Jake laughed. “Nobody in the real world says ‘hype’ anymore! They look ‘sick’, mate – that’s what you wanna say when you’re not in kangaroo-land!”

“Sick as in good?” Uncle Rob queried.

“Sick as in the best!” Jake extolled.

“Okay, so we’ve established that Guy and I look sick,” my uncle went on. I found it funny that he could still talk like some stuck-up school-teacher even on all-fours with a fat cock wedged between his bum-cheeks. “Do you think the smell of our sex is gross, Shane, as you put it earlier?”

“I didn’t say the smell of your sex would be gross,” I clarified. “I just said I was worried that it would smell a bit bummy when I did it.”

“So does it smell gross?”

I took a few sniffs of the air in the room as Guy’s cock kept slowly working in and out of my uncle’s obliging behind.

“I can’t really smell anything to be honest…”

“Lean over closer,” Uncle Rob instructed me. “Inhale more deeply close to my rear.”

I moved across to take a deeper sniff where the two men’s bodies were connected. I didn’t want to push my nose up close to Uncle Rob’s arse with a dick sliding in and out of it – that would have seemed like a step too far – so instead I just sniffed somewhere near Guy’s left hip as his thigh flexed back and forth.

“It’s a bit… er… meaty, I guess… but not that bad really.”

“Actually, the meatiness might be coming from my arse,” Guy said with a mischievous grin. “I haven’t showered since six o’clock this morning and it’s been a pretty full-on day so I’m probably getting a bit whiffy back there.”

Jake chortled at Guy’s crudeness and then, to my amazement, reached right over me to grope between his dad’s friend’s two big muscular butt-cheeks. After he’d rubbed his hand up and down the plumber’s moist hairy gully, a bit like he was wiping the bloke’s arse, he took a long lingering sniff of his fingers and declared, “Oh fuck yeah! That’s one meaty crack-stink you got back there!”

“Jake, that’s offensive!” Uncle Rob reprimanded his son as Guy bellowed with laughter.

“How kaçak iddaa can it be offensive,” Jake countered, “when it’s had this effect on me?”

He stood up and lifted his t-shirt to show off the front of his boxer briefs stretched flagrantly outwards by his large cock on full crank. Then he asked, “Surely Guy should take it as a compliment that his butt-stink gets me so turned on?”

Guy laughed even louder before saying, “You’re one dirty fucker, Jake Furlong! It’s a fuckin’ privilege to know you, mate!”

The two of them beamed at each other and it suddenly occurred to me how much fun they’d probably have if daddy wasn’t around to rein in their antics. If Jake and Guy were ever to secretively hook up together, they’d probably get very raunchy with each other and I imagine their sex would be both rough and smelly. Guy would probably do things with Jake that he wouldn’t dream of suggesting to the younger man’s father, and Jake would go to town trying to shock and outwit his dad’s favourite lover.

That would be a hell of an encounter to watch but the thought of being part of it wasn’t really my scene. I didn’t want to shock or outwit anyone when I had sex with them. For me sex would always be something that should be tender and special and, while I didn’t begrudge Jake of his fun with more adventurous guys, I wanted my intimacy with him to be on a more emotional level.

“Well, Shane, now that you’re happier with the idea of male anal sex,” Uncle Rob began, “perhaps you two boys would like to head back to Jake’s bedroom and see if you can put into practice what you’ve learned from Guy and me?”

Jake grinned at me broadly, clearly hoping for a positive response, so I deliberately put on an indecisive face and murmured, “Hmm… I’m not really sure, Uncle Rob…”

When I saw Jake bristle and could see I was risking him losing his temper, I quickly added, “I think I’d rather let Jake pop my cherry in front of the pair of you… that way you can let us know if we’re doing it right…”

At first Jake peered quizzically at me, but once the meaning of my words had filtered through to his brain, he smirked incredulously at me and said, “You want me to butt-fuck you in front of my dad and Guy?”

“If you’d be okay with that…” I replied, hoping his smile was a positive sign but not completely sure as Jake could be so unpredictable sometimes.

“Fuck yeah!” he chuckled. “The four of us all doing it together… me shagging your butt and Guy shagging dad’s… that’d be so fucking hot, Shane! How did you come up with a scorching idea like that?!”

I winked at him. “I don’t just have the Furlong gene, mate… I have the Furlong imagination too!”

“I’ve gotta admit… you’re one horny son-of-a-bitch!” Jake chuckled. We started pulling our clothes off and passed the lube to one another as we prepared to have sex right there on his dad’s bed.

“You’re not for real on this…?” Guy smirked as I got on the bed with my slippery butt pushing backwards and Jake shuffled up behind me with his glistening cock throbbing forwards.

“Like my cuz said,” Jake replied to him, “if I fuck him in front of you and dad, one or other of you can give us feedback on how we’re doing…”

I loved it when Jake called me his ‘cuz’. It had more of a closeness than ‘mate’ and was way more affectionate than ‘bud’.

“I think this is a splendid idea,” Uncle Rob said, still facing forwards as his bum was ceaselessly pummelled. “If you feel any sort of pain, Shane, I’m right here next to you and can give advice as you need it.”

I felt my cousin’s bell-end pushing between my cheeks and then pressing hard against my tightly puckered hole. I relaxed my arse muscles like I was perched on the dunny and felt Jake’s broad helmet slide into me, followed in quick succession by his thick veiny shaft.

“Oh fuck!” he said as his cock slowly pushed into my arsehole.

“Are those the first words I’m gonna hear after losing my virginity?” I laughed. “‘Oh fuck’… it’s hardly tbe sorta phrase I was hopin’ for!”

Jake laughed back at my silliness and asked, “So what sort of thing do you want to hear from me, cuz?”

I could feel the length of his big cock slowly filling my bowels as he pushed it deeper into me and I said, “What about, ‘Your arse is the best I’ve ever felt out of all the many I’ve fucked?'”

“Okay, yeah…whatever… just imagine I said that!” he chuckled.

“Oh Jesus, Rob! Did Shane just say he’s a virgin?” Guy asked my uncle. “You sure as fuck didn’t tell me that!”

“Was a virgin,” I laughed, feeling Jake’s two hairy clangers pressing into the backs of my thighs. “Now fuck me, cuz… like you really mean it!”

Jake started slamming my arse quickly and roughly and Guy followed suit and started humping Uncle Rob’s butt with same speed and force.

“Fuck yeah!” Jake gasped as he enjoyed pounding my tight Aussie bum. “I’ve wanted to fuck you like this since the second I met you! I can’t believe this feels so intense!”

“Less pressure, more sensuality, kaçak bahis Jake!” his dad called out as he saw his son bludgeoning my behind.

Guy grinned at his lover’s son and said, “Naah… give his arse a good hard fuckin’ the way you’ve been gaggin’ for it!”

Jake decided to take the latter advice and pumped my rump the way he’d wanted to pretty much since I’d stepped off the plane from Brisbane.

I smiled across at Uncle Rob, the two of us bent forwards as our men slammed their thick cocks up our straining arseholes. He smiled back and asked, “How does it feel to have sex with a fellow male, Shane?”

“I kinda like it,” I told him. “It’s taking a bit of gettin’ used to, I guess… feeling another dude’s big porker sliding in and out of my dookie…”

“Work with him,” my uncle suggested. “Move your backside against him in time with his thrusts, and push it as far onto his penis as you’re able so he can penetrate you fully.”

As I did as he advised and jabbed my butt against the rapid sweeps of Jake’s big meat-pole, loving the way his bollocks were slapping heavily against the back of my nutsack.

“Aw yeah!” Jake called out and I looked over my shoulder to see if it was my efforts he was enjoying. I realised, though, that he and Guy were mucking around together and it was that which was making him shout out in glee.

They were grinning over at each other as they butt-fucked together, trying to out-do each other in how fast and hard they could thrust their two thick cocks. But there was more than that going on between them. Guy would reach across and grope Jake’s arse between the cheeks and then raise his fingers to his nose and have a good sniff.

He’d mouth, “That is fuckin’ ripe!” across at his fuck-buddy’s son. Then Jake would do the same to the plumber, sliding his fingers up and down the hairy crack between the bigger man’s buns like he had earlier and then inhaling the odour on his hand before offering his own vulgar observation about the stink.

I pushed myself up off the bed, so that my back was pressing against Jake’s chest. I wanted his focus to be on me, not on the hairy bloke next to him; the man who should similarly be directing his efforts towards his own anal lover.

When Jake and I were upright together, he snuggled his face against the back of my shoulder and kept pumping my arse with long, sweeping stabs of his well-endowed cock. My own large chopper curved upwards in front of me, bobbing around as my big heavy nuts jiggled together underneath it.

“Oh Jesus, you two lads look proper hot bummin’ like that!” Guy chortled.

I swivelled my head around so that I could smile at my cousin and he leaned forwards so we could share a kiss together. His tongue tasted divine and he gently probed my mouth with it, then I pushed mine into his so they gently rubbed back and forth against each other as we enjoyed the feel of his cock doing the same deep inside my bum.

“Fuck yeah!” Guy laughed on seeing the two us necking while we fucked. “When it comes to gay stuff, I’ve always preferred lesboes… but you two horny lads look fuckin’ amazing gettin’ it on together!”

“You do make a very lovely couple,” Uncle Rob agreed.

“I’ve got an even better idea!” Jake declared, after pulling away from snogging my face. “Me and Guy bend over and you two shag our arses! That way Shane gets to see if he likes fucking my butt as much as he’s enjoyed me fucking his!”

“What a good idea!” Uncle Rob announced, already pulling his swollen and over-stoked arsehole from Guy’s big prong. The circumference of it was purple and angry-looking and its muscular ring was puffed up like an oval-shaped doughnut.

“I kinda liked doing it this way,” I said, much preferring that Jake would keep working my butt instead of me doing it to him.

“Nonsense,” Uncle Rob admonished me. “There’s a lot to be learned by assuming the more active role.”

He and Guy were switching positions even though it was obvious that Guy, like me, would have wanted things to stay as they were. Reluctantly, I swapped around with Jake although I could see that he was very keen to find out what it was like to have my dick up his butt.

“Come on, cuz,” he urged me, seeing my disappointment that my first taste of being bummed had been so abruptly cut short. “This way you get to lose your gay virginity in both ways!”

“I suppose…” I said. “I just think I like it the way we were just doing it better.”

“Come on, mate… you’ve gotta try both giving and taking it. You don’t know what you might like until you’ve tried it for proper!”

“Jake, your grammar is becoming appalling,” his dad scolded him while he lined his huge curving cock up behind his plumber friend’s squat hairy bum. “I don’t know what they’re teaching you at that university.”

Jake bent down on the mattress alongside Guy and the two of them smirked at each other. For a second I thought they were going to lean across and neck each other’s faces – I really don’t know what I’d have done if they had. Instead they just grinned together, amused that they were both splayed out on all-fours and waiting for our two big cocks to be slid up their arses, while me and Uncle Rob smiled our own smirks behind them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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