Fran Johnson Ch. 07

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I strongly and respectfully suggest that if the reader hasn’t already read Chapters 1-6 of this story, they do so now before reading Chapter 7. You can find links in the lower right hand column of this page. Trust me.



Evidently Bill’s new desire to cook and wear my apron only lasted one night! The next day it was back to usual, and he expected me to make dinner every night. The rest of the weekend was uneventful. I kept thinking of ways I might see Trevor, but I didn’t think it would be right without Bill bringing it up. Bill was very attentive to me all day Saturday and Sunday and we relived my experience with Trevor over and over.

On Sunday night Bill announced that he was going to have Trevor come over while we were at work for the next week so he could actually get some work done. Bill said that the lawns needed mowing and the gardens needed weeding, and so long as I was home, it wasn’t likely that Trevor would get much work done.

Inside, I felt disappointed. I was already looking forward to seeing Trevor again and playing with his enormous cock. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and I wanted to hold it in my hand again and kiss it and suck it and lick it. I guess for the next week I’d have to make do with Bill’s five inches and be happy with it. That shouldn’t be a problem, I thought to myself, I’d always been happy with it before.

While I was cleaning up the dinner dishes, Bill went into the other room to call Trevor and make the work arrangements for the coming week. When he came back into the kitchen, he came up behind me and slipped his arms around be and cupped my breasts in his hands. He said he had some good news for me. I asked him what it was and he told me that Trevor had told him that his parents were going out of town for a few days and that they were leaving Friday morning. Bill went on to say that he thought the neighborly thing to do was to invite Trevor over for dinner. I suddenly had a vision of sitting at the dinner table with Bill and Trevor and realized that it might be very uncomfortable for both Trevor and me.

“Do you think that’s a good idea, Bill?” I asked him, thinking of the situation.

“Good idea or not, he’s coming over Friday at 6:30.” Bill gave me a little kiss and a squeeze on my breasts and continued, “We’ll have to start planning what you’ll wear.”

I was both excited and fearful about the dinner plan. I definitely wanted to see Trevor again. In fact, Friday seemed like so far away when I thought about it that way. But I couldn’t imagine in my mind how him being here for dinner with Bill and I could possibly lead to what I was hoping for: another chance to kiss and lick and taste Trev’s beautiful penis. I wanted to taste his sperm again, to feel it spray the back of my mouth. Goodness, what was I thinking?

Again, the week seemed to go by slowly as I looked forward to Friday night. On Wednesday Bill and I went to the lingerie store and picked out a sexy matching chemise and panty set that was so sheer you could see right through it. Or I should say that Bill picked it out. I envisioned myself after dinner saying something like, “I’m going to go slip into something more comfortable.” But when I laughingly told Bill about my plan, he told me I should greet Trevor at the door wearing my sexy new outfit. I think I actually blushed, and Bill caught that I found that idea embarrassing.

“For Christ’s sake, Fran,” Bill whispered to me at the back of the store. “The guy’s seen you completely naked and you’ve sucked his cock.” I can’t imagine him seeing you in sexy lingerie could possibly embarrass you.”

“Well, it’s just different,” I responded. “First, you’ll be there, and it will seem weird to him that I’m showing myself off to him in front of you. And,” I continued, “its for dinner, not me just out sunbathing on the deck as if by accident.”

“Look,” Bill told me. “He knows what you two have done. You know what you two have done, and I know what you two have done. There’s nobody who’s not in on the secret.”

“But he doesn’t know that you know, Bill,” was my instant response. I realized that’s what was making me feel uncomfortable about Friday night.

“Well, it’s time for him to find out,” Bill said. “It’s time to let the cat out of the bag.”

I still felt very uncomfortable, but had confidence that Bill had a plan, so I let it go.

On Friday I could hardly contain myself all day. When I got off work I went home and started in on dinner. I was making my special cannelloni with a Caesar salad and garlic toast. Bill brought home some red wine for dinner and gin and tonic for a before dinner drink.

I got the cannelloni made and in the oven for slow baking. I had the garlic bread made and wrapped in foil ready to go in the oven, and the lettuce cleaned and torn for the salad. I set the table in the dining room, and finally felt that it was time to go get ready. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was already 5:00. He’d be here in an hour and a half! As Bill was setting up the bar, I excused myself and went upstairs to get ready.

I got undressed illegal bahis and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I had been turned on all day, and I touched my pussy. It was gooey even on the outside. I had been wet all day in anticipation of the night ahead of me, and it had been smearing my panties with moisture. I couldn’t wait for Trevor to use what I had taught him to make my breasts and clitoris feel good. I couldn’t wait to touch his penis again, to hold it in my hand, to feel it in my mouth. My mind drifted to thinking about what that huge monster would feel like inside me, but caught myself. It wasn’t good to start thinking that way. I was Bill’s wife, and I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, go as far as having intercourse with another man.

I got into the shower and washed and shaved my legs, armpits, and pubic area. When I got out, I dried off, did my hair, and put on some perfume. I dabbed a little bit on the fronts of my thighs as well, wondering if at some point Trevor’s head might be down there. I got a small shiver from that.

I went into the bedroom and opened up the bag from the lingerie store. I put on the silky, sexy chemise, then slipped on the matching panties. The chemise was see through, and my nipples were clearly visible. It came down to just below my my bottom, but you could see the pretty panties right through it. The panties were sheer as well, and if I pulled up the chemise, my little tuft of pubic hair was clearly visible. I took a good look at myself in the mirror. Goodness! I may be in my forties, but I still had the body of a woman in her twenties. I thought I looked pretty darned hot!

I put on a robe over my new outfit and went back downstairs to finish dinner. Bill asked me to model the outfit for him, and when I did, he gave me a wolf whistle. I was nearly shaking with anticipation and arousal as 6:30 neared. Bill took me by the shoulders and looked into my eyes.

“Fran,” he said seriously. “Tonight is going to be a special night. I want you to pretend that I’m not here when you interact with Trevor. Don’t think about what I might think or what Trevor might think because I’m here. Just pretend that I’m upstairs, looking through a window, and do what you would do if I weren’t here.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I answered. “I mean, you will be here, and Trevor will know that.”

“Just try, Fran. Just remember, if you get the urge to do something, but you don’t want to because I’m here, then just go ahead and do it anyway. Trust me, it will all work out.”

“I’ll try,” I told him. “I’ll do my best.”

Finally, right on the dot, the doorbell rang. Bill asked me to get it, and I quickly took off my robe and answered the door. There stood Trevor dressed in slacks and a golf shirt. I invited him in, and as he walked past me I got a whiff of his cologne. Very sexy.

I told him he looked very nice, and he returned the compliment. I told him I had bought the outfit especially for this evening, and twirled once slowly so he could see me from all angles.

“You look really hot, Mrs. J,” he said. I reached up and gave him a little peck on the cheek and thanked him, then took him by the hand and led him into the living room.

Bill greeted him heartily. I could tell that Trevor felt a little uncomfortable, having me dressed like this in front of him with my husband there, but Bill was doing his best to put him at ease. Bill asked Trevor if his parents let him have a drink, and Trevor told him that since he’d been away at school, his parents allowed him to drink in the home now and then when he was in town. Bill mixed us each a drink, and we sat down to enjoy them before dinner. Bill quickly sat in the recliner, which left just the couch across from it for Trevor and I.

We chatted and made small talk, and the cocktail definitely made the conversation flow smoothly. Trevor kept glancing over at me, trying to sneak a look at my breasts. I had turned towards him, leaning against the armrest, with my legs up on the couch. Just to tease him, I let my legs fall open a bit so he could see how skimpy and sheer the piece of material was that covered my pussy. I knew he could clearly see my little patch of hair through the panties, and I wondered if he might be able to make out the contours of my labia. I let my legs fall open a bit more so Trevor had the clear signal that it was no accident. Trevor was trying to be polite and chat with Bill, but he was having a hard time. He kept trying to sneak looks over at me.

Bill was keeping the conversation going, and the gin was going to my head a little. I had let my shoes drop off and I started rubbing my foot on Trevor’s leg, what I probably would have done if Bill wasn’t there. Bill acted as if nothing was wrong, but I could see that Trevor was having a hard time concentrating on what Bill was saying, but was trying to respond to him. I let my toes wander around the outside of Trevor’s thigh for a while, just lightly rubbing it with the ball of my foot. After a bit, I moved my foot to his crotch. As Bill and Trevor chatted, I found his penis with my foot, and began playing with it with my big toe. illegal bahis siteleri I could feel it harden and I ran the side of my foot up and down it.

Trevor was clearly exasperated with me doing this in front of Bill. Bill, sensing this, stopped talking about what he was talking about and changed the subject.

“Trevor,” he said. “It’s ok. I know what went on between you and Mrs. Johnson.”

“Mr. J, I’m really sorry, I………” Trevor was clearly in a state of panic.

Bill held up his hand to cut him off. “It’s ok. I don’t mind. When Fran’s happy, I’m happy. And you made her very, very happy.” Trevor looked confused. “She’s your date tonight,” Bill continued. “Just pretend like I’m not here, or that I’m just a third wheel. She’s your date tonight, Trevor. She’s yours tonight, and I’m okay with it. I want you to make her happy.” Trevor shook his head and replied that he didn’t get it.

“Fran,” Bill said to me, “why don’t you give Trevor a little kiss so he can see that I don’t mind at all?” I slid over on the couch and got up on my knees next to Trevor. “Go ahead, Trevor,” Bill said. “Give Fran a kiss. Really, it’s ok.”

Trevor turned towards me, and I leaned down to kiss him. Our lips met, tentatively at first, then with more passion. I put my arms around his neck and responded to his soft lips, opening my mouth, inviting his tongue to meet mine. I felt his arm go around me as he returned the kiss with more confidence, his tongue finding mine, soft and gentle. The kiss ended and I looked at Bill. He was smiling.

“See, Trevor?” Bill smiled. “It’s okay. Fran and I have this all worked out.”

Trevor still had his arm around me and I looked back at him, our faces only inches apart. He pulled me back in for another kiss. I fell across his lap with my arms around his neck while we kissed deeply and soulfully for two or three minutes, our tongues lashing at each other. When the kiss ended, I told him that I needed to get up and finish dinner. I didn’t want to leave his embrace, but I wanted to get dinner out of the way.

I went into the kitchen while Bill and Trevor stayed behind in the living room talking. After a while, they came into the kitchen and Bill told me that everything was fine, that Trevor understood. Trevor walked over to me and took me in his arms again, giving me a deep kiss. My body responded to his touch and his kiss as he held me in my arms. I buried my face in his neck for a moment, then raised my lips again to his. Again, he gave me a long, deep kiss. Trevor was a very good kisser.

I broke away with regret, and served the dinner. Trevor and I sat on one side of the table, side by side, as Bill had arranged prior. We opened the bottle of wine, and there was much laughter and conversation. Trevor would frequently touch my leg under the table with his hand, and I let my hand wander over to his leg as well, and even up to his penis once or twice to give it a little pet or squeeze. I was beside myself with excitement. I was terrifically aroused, and it began to feel completely normal, playfully teasing and petting with Trevor at the table while Bill sat across from us smiling. It was more as if Bill were an old friend than my husband. Trevor was definitely my boyfriend that night.

Once, when Bill got up to go to the bathroom, Trevor and I started making out right at the table. I loved the way it felt to kiss him. So passionate, so romantic. My entire body felt alive and sensitive when he held me and kissed me. I lightly caressed his penis through his pants briefly while we kissed. I wanted him to know that I felt a great desire for him. When Bill returned, we straightened up like two kids caught with their hands in the candy jar. I giggled. But the kissing had its effect on me. I was turned on, and I wanted to concentrate on being with Trevor.

I had a glass and a half of wine with dinner which, coupled with the gin and tonic, was way more than I usually drank. After I had served dessert, Bill suggested that Trevor and I go into the living room and that he would clear the table. He said he had it all set up for us. I took Trevor by the hand and pulled him out of his chair, playfully. I really wanted to get him to the living room.

When we got to the living room I could see what Bill had been doing while we thought he was in the bathroom. There was soft light and music playing. The drapes were all drawn, and the sofa bed was pulled out, with satin sheets and pillows strewn on it.

I walked to the bed, holding Trevor’s hand. When I got there, I turned towards him and leaned into his powerful chest. He wrapped his arms around me and I turned my face up to his. He brought his lips towards mine, and kissed me long and deeply. When the kiss ended, I asked him, “Trevor, are you all right with Bill being here while we do this again?”

He nodded. “Yeah, he explained it all to me. He told me you want more sex than he can give you, that he’s kind of slowing down as he’s getting older, but you’re not. He says I’d be doing everyone a favor by giving you what you need. And he just wants to stick around to make sure everything’s ok, you being his wife and canlı bahis siteleri all.”

“And you’re alright with that?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he continued. “You know, I’ve always been pretty shy around girls. I’ve never really been with anyone, not like that, and those last couple times with you, well, it just seemed so nice and normal, and I wasn’t shy at all, and……” I stopped him with my mouth on his. When the kiss ended, he continued. “…..I just really like being with you that way, Mrs. J.”

I told him, “I really like being with you, too, Trevor, and you do make me very happy. But you can’t penetrate me. We can make each other feel good, but we can’t go all the way. That’s only for my husband.”

“But Mr. Johnson said you were fixed, and when I told him that I hadn’t been with anyone before, he said it would be okay. We don’t even need to use a condom.”

I felt a rush flow through my entire body when he said that. Bill had actually invited Trevor to have intercourse with me. But no, I thought, I can’t. That would be going too far for a married woman. “I don’t know, Trevor,” I said. I felt that I could justify the things we had done so far, and that guilt from it wouldn’t eat into my relationship with Bill. But I was afraid, so afraid, that to actually have intercourse would be something that I could never justify, and that I would regret forever as the guilt and recrimination eroded my relationship with my husband. “I just don’t know,” I repeated. “I am married, after all. I’m not sure it’s right.”

But the thought of it had certainly inflamed me. While my mind was saying no, my body was saying, “please, please, please, please!” When Trevor kissed me again, I melted into his arms. We fell onto the bed, and he rolled over on top of me, pinning me to the bed. I felt helpless underneath him as he smothered my mouth with kisses. I returned each one with more passion. I put my arms around him, hugging him to me in the thrall of our embrace. He rolled off me to the side, and I immediately reached for his big cock. I felt it in his pants, already hard. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper down. I reached into his pants and found it, waiting there for me. I held it in my hand and squeezed it. I rubbed it up and down. I had missed it so much. I had wanted it so much.

I went to the foot of the bed and took off his shoes. Then I pulled on the hem of his pant legs. His bottom rose up, and his pants slid down. I pulled them off. I reached up and grabbed his underwear, and pulled them down his legs and off him. His magnificent cock sprang to life when free, all of it, sticking up in the air, beckoning me. I moved up to it, took it in my hand, feeling its massive girth. I wondered how it would feel in me. I kissed it. I wondered how it would feel as it slid all the way in the first time. I licked it. I wondered what it would feel like buried deep in my pussy, touching places that no man had ever touched. I took it in my mouth. I imagined what it would feel like to have it ramming in and out of me. I used my mouth like a vagina, fucking him with my lips and tongue. I wondered what it would feel like when it exploded in me, filling me with his warm sperm. I worked my hand in time with my mouth. “Come for me, Trev. Come in my mouth,” I pleaded. This was what I had been waiting for all week. I kissed and licked and sucked and used my hand. “I want your cum, Trevor,” I almost begged. “Come in my mouth.” I felt his cock twitch, then pulse, then he flooded my mouth with his milky sperm. He groaned and unleashed another gush of cum. I sucked greedily and swallowed every drop. I milked the last drops out of him. I was so turned on!

“God, that felt good, Mrs. J.” Trevor said as I kissed and licked the tip of his penis. I felt it softening in my hand.

“I think it’s time you started calling me Fran, Trevor,” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah, right. Fran……that really felt good.”

I climbed up him until I could nuzzle my face into the crook of his neck. “That felt pretty good for me, too,” I whispered into his ear. “I don’t usually like doing that”.

He whispered back, “Do you want me to do it to you?”

I nibbled on his ear and whispered, “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

He rolled me over and got up on his knees and pulled his shirt over his head. His muscles gleamed in the soft light. I scooted up a bit, and as I did, I noticed that Bill was sitting quietly in the recliner across from us. He was in the shadows, but I could see him smile when I caught his eye. He put his index finger to his lips, as if to say “Shhh.”

Trevor asked if he could take my clothes off. I responded by slipping off my panties. I could feel my thick juices cling to the gusset as I pulled it away from my dripping cunt. Then Trevor slowly pulled the sheer chemise up over my head and off me. He started by kissing my right breast. As he kissed and licked the right nipple, he did all the things I taught him with his hand to my left breast. As he took most of my right breast into his mouth and sucked on it, he gently pinched and twisted the other nipple, pulling on it lightly as he did it. It felt heavenly, but I was so turned on, I needed attention downstairs. I lightly pushed on his shoulders, indicating I wanted him to move down towards my cunt. He kissed his way down my belly, but stopped when he got to my furry little patch.

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