Forbidden Fruit

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A fun childhood, great time at school with lots of friends, a love of football, and all the things young, healthy teenagers liked. That had been my life. I left school at 16 with a few minor certificates and just enough brains to keep me in a white collar job in a large insurance company. I had been there for two years and, though I had lost contact with many of my old school friends, had some new friends from work who shared my love of life, football and Saturday nights on the town. We were just healthy lads!

The office was not only a large one, but a young one. Many of my colleagues were in the 18 to 25 bracket. Many of us socialised either by our drinking nights out on the “pull,” which tended to be Friday or Saturday, or by the football match trips on Saturday when the local team were playing at home. I liked my mates and we had a many a laugh when we all went out on the town and perhaps one managed to pick up a girl or sometimes all of us did. Sometimes we got a shag at the end of it, sometimes none of us and more likely only some of us, but it was all healthy fun. Sex for me was an occasional score with some pretty thing I picked up half drunk on a Saturday and sometimes it was nothing more than my regular wank while I fantasised.

You want to know what I fantasised about don’t you? Well strangely enough my biggest fantasy was being in a group with my mates (or at least some of them) and we all had a shag at one girl or even a couple of girls. I found the thought of sticking my dick in a previously used cunt, extremely exciting. I didn’t really focus much on my mates being naked though I had a passing interest in whether they had a bigger or smaller cock than me. The picture that brought me off usually was shagging some bird that three or four of them had already fucked and cum inside, and I was slurping in her wet juicy wide open cum filled hole and just when I am about to cum, one of my mates (which one changed each time), pushed his finger in my hole in a half joke and it just pushed me over the edge as I shot in her. Sometimes that dream was a wet one and I would waken with a wet, stiff leaking cock.

Something happened to me!

Grant joined the office. Grant was a good looking but ordinary guy about 5 feet 10 inches tall, medium build and medium to dark hair with a modern, “just out of bed” style. Whatever Grant wore, he wore well, from suits at work to jeans at night, he just looked good in them. I was asked to show him the ropes and immediately felt a fondness for him. He was the same age as me and shared my love of football and nights out and he was very quickly absorbed into our circle.

Over the coming months, I was aware that I really enjoyed being in his company and started to persuade him to go out in a twosome looking for girls on weekdays. These nights are not the best nights for pulling the girls but that didn’t matter as I just enjoyed his easy chat and conversation. He was not an Adonis anyway so had no greater success than I did.

“Steve,” he would say, “There’s no need to stay and look after me if you look like getting off with someone.” He had obviously noticed that once or twice I had turned down an opportunity as he hadn’t pulled.

“I don’t like leaving you alone if we both haven’t pulled,” I would say.

One night he did pull on his own and I didn’t. He asked my permission to go off with the girl which I gave. I had a few more drinks and then went home. I was feeling unwell and couldn’t work out the problem. I started my evening wank and realised that I was thinking of Grant fucking this girl, then cumming in her and me going straight in after him. He sat behind me and put his finger into my hole and pushed it up and down as I fucked and I shot a load that seemed to come from deep inside me. I actually did shoot too and the load went straight over my shoulder. I realised two things. Firstly, I wasn’t ill, I was jealous and secondly, I wasn’t jealous of him getting the girl, I was jealous of the girl getting him.

I cried that night and I didn’t know why.

Next day, I asked him how things had been and he just said “Great.” I couldn’t push him into any detail though he had obviously screwed her.

By lunch time he noticed my bad mood. I told him I had a headache. I had this enormous urge to hold him and kiss him. “KISS HIM,” was I turning queer???

I ignored Grant for the rest of the day but by the following day, we were planning the weekend with the lads and had soon returned to normal. Things continued like this for a few more weeks and I was aware I was ill when casino oyna he wasn’t around, I was jealous when he looked at a girl or talked about one and angry if he spent too much time with any of my other mates. I hid all this as best I could but I was also aware that Grant was straight with a capital “S.”

Three months later and the local team had won a place in the UEFA cup to play in Europe and a small group of 8 are planning a trip to Barcelona to see the match. Grant was keen to come with us and so tickets were obtained as well as flights. At an exorbitant rate, we managed to secure four twin rooms not too far out of the city centre and before long, the weekend had come.

I had been like a love struck teenager since I realised I would be sharing a room with Grant. No one, but no one, was getting that privilege, but then, no one was much interested who they shared with other than me. I masturbated nightly on the build-up. I wondered if I would see his cock, I wondered if he would bring a girl back, I wondered if he might see me naked and develop an interest in me. I also wondered if nothing at all would happen and life would stay exactly the same. At least I would be four nights in the same room as him, breathing his air and smelling his smell.

On day one, we arrived in the early evening and by the time we checked in, went out for a meal and had a few drinks there was not much to do but go back to the hotel about 1.30 am. Grant changed in the bathroom and went to bed in a t-shirt and shorts. I strutted about in my small briefs until it started to look obvious and decided to go to bed too, eventually.

Day two was the day of the match. It was a late afternoon kick-off and we were all drinking heavily from lunchtime. I hadn’t seen Grant so drunk before but he was in great sprits as we all were. The match was great but sadly not as great as it should have been and we lost!! Well we would have celebrated victory so saw no reason not to drown our sorrows as we headed off to enjoy the many cafés and bars of Barcelona. We ate at some stage but drank even more. Around 10.30 pm we realised that we had lost the rest of the guys. Grant was in no state to go anywhere else so we clambered into a taxi and headed back to the hotel.

I had to almost carry Grant upstairs and even in my drunken state, I relished in this closeness. We entered the room and he staggered off to the bathroom, leaving the door wide open and talking to me as he peed. I couldn’t quite see his cock and didn’t know how aware he was so didn’t push it. He came out and fell backwards on the bed. “Help me Steve,” he said as he fumbled with his shirt buttons and then promptly fell back as though asleep.

I managed to waken him and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off to leave him topless. He fell back into semi-unconsciousness again. I pulled his back up and asked what he wanted me to do next. He nodded to his pants and fell back again. I could feel my heart thumping against my ribcage as I started to undo his belt. I pulled down his zip and started to drag his jeans over his hips. He automatically lifted his bottom to allow them to slip off his legs. I undid his shoes and took off his socks before pulling the jeans off and folding them. He was back asleep and lying there in just a pair of tight grey knitted boxer briefs. His cock and balls looked promising and for the first time, I realised an opportunity was appearing before me.

“Grant,” I said while shaking him.

I raised my voice and tried again with no response. I reached for my camera and started to snap him. I might never see him again like this and wanted something for the cold Winter nights while wanking alone. I reached forward and started to pull down his shorts and once again, his bottom raised without him waking. There is was!

His soft cock lay to the left on top of beautiful round balls. His cock looked to be about 4 inches soft and quite thick. It had foreskin like a flower neatly gathered at the top. His pubic hair was dark and quite sparse, forming a semi-circle around the top of his pubis with a wisp trailing up to his navel. His balls were quite large and soft, hanging low between his legs with a light dusting of dark hair. I snapped away.

I pulled his shorts off completely and drank in the sight. My cock was growing in my jeans so I quickly stripped until I was in my briefs and decided to keep them on in case he awoke. I don’t know how long I sat and stroked my cock while looking at him. His breathing became quite rhythmic and steady and I knew he was in a deep sleep. He was lying slot oyna sideways on the bed with his legs on the floor and went to sit beside him. I leaned over and kissed his nipples. I moved my lips up and kissed him gently on the lips. He stirred slightly and gently moaned. I took fright and jumped back but he just licked his lips and went back to sleep.

I took my first gentle touch of his soft, warm cock and felt the flesh between my fingers. I cupped his balls and gently stroked them, lifting them into the palm of my hands. I lowered my mouth until I was just a few inches away from his cock. I could smell a faint smell of urine but it wasn’t strong and was actually quite erotic. I wasn’t sure what I should be doing as I had never touched another male before. Instinct took over and I gently licked the tip of his cock slowly sucking the soft penis into my mouth. The cock filled my mouth completely and I gently squelched it around. I found that I was becoming unable to contain it and the base started to force its way back out. I realised he was becoming erect. It hadn’t occurred to me that this might happen.

Very steadily it grew. I took to just sucking the head while I held the stalk in my hand and before long I had a very hard 8 inch, thick cock in my hand. It stood straight up from his body and my camera was soon snapping it. I opened his legs slightly and managed to get a shot of his hole. He actually opened them wider himself. My heart continued its thumping and I prayed that the others would not return and come looking for us. I pulled off my briefs to unleash a very hard 7 inch cock. It was so hard the head of it hurt as the blood pumped into it. I leaned down and swallowed Grant’s cock trying to take all of it down my throat. I sucked up and down and his erection was also very stiff. I took my mouth off and opened his legs wider, lifting the dead weight until both his feet were up on the bed and his legs were wide open. I had to hold them to stop them sliding but I managed to get my mouth down between his legs and let my tongue dart into the musky recess of his hole. I had reached heaven!

I swung his body round on to the bed with his head upwards towards the pillows and went back to sucking and photographing. At one point he started to roll over and I managed to stop him half way. This gave me easier access to his hole. He then rolled over to his back his large cock obscenely sticking straight up in the air looking a little lost. My mouth enveloped it again and his body gently moved up towards my mouth. Suddenly in my drunken state, I wanted fucked. It was going to be risky, I knew it. I darkened the room to just a small bedside light and found some dry skin lotion in Grant’s toilet bag. I took some time to clean out my hole as best I could and lubricated my arse with my finger. It hurt but I so wanted this. I kept going, pushing one, then two fingers in. I was up to my first knuckle and started with a third finger. I squirted as much cream as I dare and them I rubbed some on Grant’s cock. The feeling of lubricating his cock was wonderful.

I took a condom from his toilet back and took great delight in spreading it over his cock. The beast grew even larger as the tightness of the rubber encased it. I lubricated it too the climbed on to the bed to squat, facing Grant, over his erect monster. The head hurt like hell. I pushed and pushed and realised that being fucked in the arse was a skill. I had to get fucked! With a lot of pain and perseverance I managed about 3 inches and raised and lowered my arse on to it. Within about 7 or 8 minutes I had it all inside me and really started to pump. Grant was whimpering slightly but definitely out cold. I held my cock as I rose and fell making sure my weight was off his body as I sat astride him. I heard a guttural sound from him and my hole felt suddenly very full. Surely he hadn’t cum?

I reluctantly pulled myself off his cock and there, in the sac at the end, was a copious amount of Grant’s cum. I hungrily pulled the condom off him and took it to pour the cum over my face and hands and smeared it like the precious liquid it was. Drops went in my mouth. My cum covered right hand reached down and gripped my cock and I stood over Grant while I wanked. Less than 2 minutes and a fine jet of my thin liquid shot clean over the head of the bed and hit the wall. The third or fourth jet hit Grant’s face and mouth and I took my finger to gently rub some into his mouth. I had tasted his cum and he mine.

A wave of guilt came over me and I quickly wiped him and pulled the covers over him before canlı casino siteleri diving into my bed. I came a second time within 10 minutes as the flavour of Grant’s seed still tasted my mouth. I realised that my sexual experience with Grant was going to be just that one incident but at least I had managed to have one! However, he had one more mountain to take me up before our trip was over!

I was a little sheepish the following morning expecting at any time some reference to the previous evening. None came. I was amazed he hadn’t commented on how he got home, how he was stripped and how he managed to get to bed but he said absolutely nothing. I assumed he thought he had done it all himself.

Undaunted by his hangover Grant suggested another night out for our final night in Spain. I readily agreed with the hope that I might get another crack at the whip. The following evening, however, did not go quite to plan. I drank a bit too much too early. Grant seemed to be making headway with a Spanish girl and somehow we got separated. I ended up half pissed at 11.00pm and alone. I stumbled back to the hotel and went to bed. Somewhere around 2.00 am I was wakened by the familiar sound of someone trying hard not to waken me. You know, those loud “Shh” noises drunk people make in an effort not to disturb others! I was wakened to find a very drunk Grant stumbling into the room with a Spanish girl. In the yellow light from the streets I could make him out stripping and telling her not to worry as I was sound asleep. I saw him naked and erect and realised I was going to have the great privilege of seeing him truly in action. The profile of his swinging heavy cock was a delight to my half opened eyes. She was stripped and he unceremoniously climbed on top for what can only be described as a token fuck. He stuck his cock into her and fucked her. He came in her (no condom I noticed) and promptly fell of and asleep. She did likewise.

I lay watching them for about 20 minutes or so and decided in my drunken haze that I wanted a bit of Grant again. This situation was twice as dangerous since there were two of them but my alcoholic state said it was ok. I walked across in the semi dark and they were both naked and on top of the bed. She was a pretty girl. I would guess she was about 19 with dark long Hispanic hair and looks to match. Her tits were small but pert. She had large dark nipples and her breathing was steady. I crawled in at the bottom of the single bed and took Grant’s soft cock in my mouth. It tasted of pussy juice and cum. I pushed my finger gently into the entrance of his hole and fingered around. His cock was obviously spent as it stayed at its shrunken 4 inches.

I moved across to the girl and started to lick her cunt. His cum was oozing out of her and taste was strong and overwhelming. She whimpered and her legs opened wide. I looked up as her hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed my lips into her gaping cunt. I climbed upwards and kissed her with the taste of her own juices and Grant’s cum on my lips. She loved it and whispered, “Fuck me and make me cum.”

I clambered on top and entered her in one push. Grant had opened her well in his short enthusiastic fuck. I had a feeling mine was not going to last any longer but I wanted to feel his cum on my cock. I gently rubbed my cock head around her little nib, causing her to gasp. I pushed into her and out to again rub her clitoris. I took her clitoris in my finger and rubbed it frantically as I fucked her. She orgasmed quite quickly as I fucked her. Her nails dug into my back and I felt myself go as my fluid pumped inside her. My cum was mixing with Grant’s. When it was over, she thanked me, stood up dressing quite quickly and left a few moments later.

I lay beside Grant’s naked body and pressed my softening cock against him. I gently kissed his lips and traced some of my cum droplets on them. He licked his lips in his sleep taking my seed into his mouth. I lay beside him for about half and hour desperately trying to stay awake as I traced his naked body with my fingers and stroked his soft cock and balls. I had to reluctantly go back to bed and finally slept.

He remembered little about his conquest the following day and thankfully nothing about me fucking her alongside him.

We flew home and continued our friendship for a further three months before he announced he had secured a job in London. I was devastated when he left. We promised to keep in touch and I visited him once and he returned the visit. It took me about 3 or 4 months to get the heartache out of my system.

The cure was Ryan, a new assistant in the department. He likes football too and we were thinking of going to follow our team to an away match with an overnight in a twin room. I think I might enjoy it!

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