For Old Time’s Sake

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Gilbert, 22, and his ex-girlfriend Tera, are spending time together alone at Gilbert’s house after a day of catching up. They had been in a relationship together 4 years prior but have remained friends after the breakup. Tera was now in a relationship with another man, with whom she lives with. Despite having a current boyfriend, she had decided to try and spice things up by secretly spending a day with her old flame as she was still strongly attracted to him.

After having a lunch date, the two have been sitting in Gilbert’s living room for about an hour talking. The emptiness and silence of the house reminded them both of their old sex romps when they were together. Tera wondered if Gilbert felt the same way towards her when suddenly she got her answer: Gilbert had kissed her for a good few seconds before pulling away. He realized what he had done and started to apologize, fearing she would react in a negative way. He was relieved and happy to find out that Tera’s reaction was to immediately kiss him back. It was clear to both of them now, that what they had planned and desired was about to happen.

Gilbert put his hands all over Tera’s body as they kissed. He layed her down and got on top of her, continuing to kiss her from her lips to her chest. She was wearing a skirt, which Gilbert always thought looked sexy on her. He reached down and put his hands under her skirt to start rubbing her sensitive parts through her panties. Tera let out soft moans as her clit was being stimulated. He then removes her panties and moves down in between her legs, under her skirt, and begins to eat her out. Tera gasps in pleasure as she feels Gilbert’s tongue illegal bahis come in contact with her clit. She put her hand on her forehead, realizing what she is doing was crazy, and briefly thinks of her current boyfriend. She considers stopping everything, but gives in to temptation as he licks at her clit wildly but passionately, licking side to side and up and down, making her arch her back and moan as well as gasping in pleasure as she says his name.

He then surprises her by sticking his tongue deep in her pussy, trying to stick it in as far as he can go as she lets out a loud moan. He picks her up from the couch, takes off his pants and underwear, and positions his member so Tera can start sucking him off. Tera gladly takes him into her mouth, stroking his hard cock with her lips and lapping her tongue at the tip. Gilbert can’t take anymore after several minutes and lays her down, this time shoving his cock inside her. She moans loudly as his thick, erect penis really stretches her tight pussy out. He grabs and squeezes one of her breasts as he slowly pushes himself in and out. Tera closes her eyes, absolutely loving every moment of this, and happy she got exactly what she wanted. They both moan like crazy, Tera screaming and moaning loudly as Gilbert’s thick cock rams and pounds into her pussy at a gradual pace for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

They both tire, he briefly rests laying lovingly on top of her, as they are both sweaty and breathing hard. He then takes her hand and sits her up as he strokes his cock with one hand. She gets into position, ready to take a load in her mouth. Gilbert lays the tip of his cock on Tera’s lips as he climaxes, illegal bahis siteleri letting his cum flow gently into Tera’s mouth as she swallows every drop. Gilbert then sits next to Tera and cuddles with her while they rest.

It’s now reaching the late evening as Gilbert and Tera wake up from a long nap. Tera pleads with Gilbert that she must go home to her family, but he persuades her into staying a little longer for one last sex session. He leads her to the master bedroom of the house, as he wants the sex to be the best that they can make it, as the bed is bigger and more comfortable than the couch. He removes her clothes along with his until they are completely naked and lays her down on the bed.

He goes down on Tera once more gently licking her clit but this time stimulating her g-spot with two fingers inside her for a few minutes. When he is done she sits up as he stands and starts giving him head, licking and sucking his cock. The feeling of her soft lips around his hard cock feels amazing, she sucks slowly for a few minutes then gets faster and faster. He moans because of how fast she is sucking. She stops not wanting him to cum yet. He then lies on the bed and makes out with her, kissing from her mouth to her neck for a further few minutes. She then climbs on top of him, moaning as she slides down on his cock and starts riding him. They both moan as she moves up and down on his cock. Tera puts her hands on Gilbert’s chest as she intensely grinds on his rock hard penis for 10 minutes straight. He makes her turn around in the same position she is in and takes over, thrusting his cock up into Tera’s pussy. Gilbert moans canlı bahis siteleri as he becomes more vulnerable to climax. After another 15 minutes of Tera riding him, she tires, collapsing on top of him.

Gilbert lays her down on her back, getting into the missionary position under the covers. He enters her vagina once more, hearing her moan because he is still rock hard. He slowly starts to thrust at an easy pace, letting her feel every inch of his cock inside her. He thrusts and thrusts until he feels almost ready to cum as she moans his name. Gilbert suddenly starts sucking on one of her nipples to help intensify her orgasm. He suddenly feels his cock pulsate and flex indicating he is about to cum, she feels the movement of his cock which begins to make her cum. Hearing Tera moan, he looks into her eyes, seeing them widen as he erupts deep inside her and they both let out a loud and long moan. The feeling of Gilbert’s semen filling her vagina leaves Tera in complete bliss. Both of them, having orgasmed, kiss passionately. Gilbert lays his head on Tera’s chest, the both of them holding each other satisfied. They then lay in bed for awhile in the same position and stay silent, savoring the sensations they are both feeling after sex.

Tera begins to get dressed still laying in bed, putting on her panties first, not bothering to remove Gilbert’s seed from inside her vagina. She continues to put on her bra, blouse, and skirt. Gilbert remains half naked, only in underwear, as he watches Tera dress. He walks her to the door, knowing it will be the last time this may ever happen. They thank each other for the amazing, sex filled day by kissing each other wildly, tongue and all. Tera makes it to her car where she begins her drive back home to her boyfriend. After a few minutes of driving, she suddenly displays a satisfying smile as she still feels Gilbert’s cum sitting nice and warm inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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