Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 13 – Failed

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Then came an unexpected knock on the door as Linda walked back in. She was with someone. Victor ducked into the guest suite to avoid being seen in his embarrassing maid uniform. But she called out for him, “Hi, honey, hey I’ve asked the cleaning crew to show you how to tidy up the room. Come here.” Victor saw two cleaning ladies enter into the apartment with a cart. “Victor, these ladies are going to show you what to do. They are not going to do the work. They will provide the cleaning materials and tell you what to do. I expect you to cooperate with them.” She handed a $50 bill to each of the ladies as a tip and then left again.

The women looked at Victor with an obvious smile that caused him to turn beet red. They proceeded to tell him what to do while chatting with each other. Victor hung up clothes that were strewn all over the floor. He rearranged their shoes that had been kicked off in the heat of the moment. He dusted the table, emptied the garbage can. On the bed, he noticed a large wet spot. As he pulled the sheets off, he marveled at how much his wife’s lover could come.

The ladies had him clean up the bathroom next, changing out the towels, scrubbing the toilet and mopping the floor. One of them remarked how the outfit looked very cute on him and asked if he liked wearing it. He responded only that ‘No…it’s only because my wife makes me wear it.’ The ladies looked at each other with a smile of disbelief. They clearly knew the truth. Victor ignored them and started to hand wash the panties that had casino oyna been soaking. Even after the first rinsing, he could still sense the smell of semen. He soaped them again and washed them very thoroughly before hanging them up to dry.

Finally, the room was clean. Victor was looking forward to finally changing out of his clothes and joining his wife for breakfast. The ladies proceeded to leave, but then they remembered something. “Sir, your wife asked me to put this key into the safe deposit box for her.”

Victor immediately recognized the key that she had kept securely around her neck. “It’s ok. I’ll take care of it,” he offered smoothly.

“No, no, sir, she specifically asked that I put it in the safe for her and set a new passcode.”

Victor was getting annoyed. “No, it’s ok. If you set a code, it’ll be a hassle…so it’s all the same. You can leave now. I’ll take the key the promise to put it in the safe.” Victor hurriedly took the key from her, and hustled them out the door.

He breathed a sigh of relief. He knew he should not cheat, but felt that he had waited long enough to have sexual release, and hence felt self-justified that he had been treated unfairly. He took off the French maid outfit, and proceeded to try to unlock himself. He found, however, that the key wouldn’t fit. He tried repeatedly, but with no luck. “Dammit!” he said to himself as he grudgingly put the key in the safe, got dressed, and went downstairs.

He found his wife and Brad at a booth eating breakfast. It looked like they had slot oyna to wait for a table, and had just started. “Hi, darling, you look refreshed. Did you clean up the room nicely?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did the cleaning lady put the key the safe?”

Victor chose his words carefully and replied back so as to avoid lying, “Rest assured, the key is secured in the safe.”

After they entered the suite again, Linda reached into her purse and pulled out her necklace with the chastity belt key. She asked Victor to put the clasp around her neck. “Ah-ha, no wonder the other key didn’t work,” he thought to himself. She had sent a dummy key. He realized he had been duped – it was a test. “Victor, I asked the cleaning lady to send me a text message with the new code for the safe, but I haven’t seen any message.”

“Yes, that’s because I wanted to be helpful, so I put it in the safe for them.”

“Victor, I specifically asked HER to put the key in the safe and send ME the code.” She looked cross.

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“No, I was very clear with them. Victor, why did you not let her put the key in the safe?”

Victor tried to change the subject and play it cool. “Just relax, Linda, I know the code. It’s 734.”

Brad interrupted, “Victor, that’s not the point. You’re being evasive. Your wife is asking you why you didn’t let them put the key in the safe like they asked you to.”

Victor didn’t expect Brad to intrude into this argument. Suddenly feeling defensive, he blurted out, “Well, what’s the big canlı casino siteleri deal? The key didn’t-“

Linda jumped at this, “Didn’t what? Didn’t work in unlocking your chastity belt?”

Victor stood silent, realizing he had been caught in his own deceitfulness.

“You tried to unlock yourself, didn’t you?” There was silence. “Answer me!”

“Yes,” he admitted softly. Victor resented how they had effectively set up a trap. He resigned himself to telling the truth as this point. He considered for a moment how he had not been able to reward himself with sexual release, but he knew better. It was immaterial. What mattered was that he had attempted to release himself without permission.

Linda let out a deep sigh of disappointment. “Oh, Victor, you were so close to being released. I was just telling Brad over breakfast how well you’ve done. I was going to award you an A for your conduct, and I was planning for us to consummate our marriage tonight.”

To Victor however, her disappointment was less than honest. She was saying it more to scold him, and to prepare him for whatever she had in mind next, not with regret over what happened.

“I’m so sorry,” he replied. “It was a momentary lapse of reason.” He felt a heaviness in his testicles.

“Well I’m sorry that I have to lower your grade. You get an F for lying to me, and trying to cheat.”

Victor was devastated. “Please Linda, listen to me. Please let me make it up?”

Linda replied firmly, “You can certainly make it up to me, but rules are rules, and you will have to be punished again, and severely.” She shook her head in disappointment, but added, “Victor, you will learn, even if it has to be the hard, painful way. You will learn…I’m going to make sure.”

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