Flavored Ch. 03

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Despite having a gorgeous dark chocolate man like Mason the only thing Emani was thinking about was Jamir. It didn’t make no sense how much she’d rather still be in the bed with him, after all he wasn’t the one she loved. As they walked into the restaurant all she could think about was the morning she had with Jamir, and what she would give to be back in that bathroom. All she could do is smile, but she had to collect herself… “You’re with your man, get yourself together, this is your favorite restaurant.”

They were escorted to their table and orders were taken, being a lady she took a trip to the bathroom. On the way there she could swear she was going crazy and hearing voices… Jamir’s to be specific then she saw a face she couldn’t place for the life of her, but she brushed it off and started singing ‘Déjà vu’ by Beyoncé. The last minute check in the mirror was rudely interrupted by a text message, and when she looked down she almost lost her breath. The text was from Jamir saying that he saw her walking by acting like she couldn’t speak, but it was the next three words that caught her

I got you bae 😉

With illegal bahis that she picked up her purse and basically ran out the bathroom thinking he was going to meet her at the door, luckily he was on his way to the front and went in the men’s restroom so she went on to the car. Once she got there safely; she texted him back saying

What you mean… You got me?

Then she regretted that text knowing that he will definitely show her; If not now, later. As she was getting herself together she got yet another text, this one reading

Don’t worry about it… I know where you sleep. Lol

She responded then got out the car, but the cards were not on her side because Jamir ever so nicely met at the back of the car and pulled her to the back of the parking lot where his car was and backed her into the car. He kissed her and whispered in her ear

“You really thought I was going to let you go that easily??”

“But your girl is in there…,” she tried to get out of it by saying, but he nicely replied

“And so is your man… I dare you to lie and say I’m the only one who wants it!”

As he opened the car door, illegal bahis siteleri all she could do after that was just hop in the back seat. Luckily she texted Mason and let him know she would be a while… And she wasn’t lying.


Somehow he just knew that after texting Emani she wouldn’t stay in that bathroom, but nothing could’ve warned him that she would have gone as far as to go to the car. This lady either must be as crazy as he is about the night they spent or she thinks he is some crazy stalker. Either way he was going to figure it out because he just had to touch her again and if she thought he was crazy he would have to find a way to live with himself. Escorting her from the car he noticed that she wasn’t putting up much of a fight she was more shocked than scared, and that let him know that he was not alone in his feelings.

Getting her to the car he just wasn’t going to take no for an answer and didn’t leave her any room to beat around the bush. She got in the car and he followed knowing exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it, so he took to her body with his mouth; first kissing her lips, then from canlı bahis siteleri her neck down to her breast, then back up to her lips to look into her eyes just to see that they were closed. He couldn’t help but chuckle because she was definitely reaching for what she wanted, but he wasn’t going there yet so he grabbed her hands and said smiling, “Not yet… I got you remember,” and went right back to what he was doing. This time going a little lower he was playing with her belly button chain and like on the T-Pain song she knew he was about to Put It Down. He went to work on her pussy first slurping up the juices that were already there, he sucked her dry knowing because he wanted to have the fruits of his labor not anticipation. He started at her clit licking around it with only the tip of his tongue and then using a flatten tongue he patted it before lightly sucking on the delicious nub. Emani could do nothing but moan and he was joining in the noise making his self as he made his way back to her lips slurping on them tasting her juices once again. With the taste of that first flow of her sweet pussy juice in his mouth he could wait for more, and just knew that he wasn’t going to stop eating her until she came all in his mouth. She came in no less than 7mins with the work he was putting in it seems like she wasn’t going to stop, but he wasn’t going to let a drop of this chocolate go waste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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