First Time at the Brothel

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Steve was in his mid 50’s. He was still good looking, with graying hair, blue eyes and an endearing smile. He wasn’t as svelte as his younger days and now sported a bit of a paunch. 30 years ago, Steve married his college sweetheart, the first person he ever dated, and the only one he’d ever kissed. He was happily married, though the sex life wasn’t what it used to be. In the past couple of years, there just didn’t seem to be the same spark, and his wife had lost interest in intimacy. Although they had occasional sex, Steve often felt his wife was just going through the motions. Sometimes he just wished she would give him a hug, or a kiss and a snuggle without being prompted.

About a year ago, Steve went to a strip club for the first time in his life. He didn’t really enjoy the floor show, but he had met a really nice young lady who danced for him in private. He enjoyed her company and really had a good time talking with her before and after her dances. In the past year, Steve had visited a few clubs in different areas, finding it interesting how different places had different rules. In some places, girls could be fully nude but the club could not sell alcohol. In other places, there was no touching. In still others, almost anything went. And there were a variety of ladies, from those earning money to pay for college, to single moms trying to provide for their kids, to alcohol and drug dependent women, working to pay for their habits.

And so it was, that Steve found himself in Las Vegas on a conference, alone in his room. He’d seen the vans driving up and down the strip, offering to bring girls to the room and he had passed by the creepy looking guys flicking cards of women of the evening, but neither of those interested him. In fact, prostitution and the sex trade was illegal in Las Vegas. He knew this because he was on his laptop, searching in Google. Steve was considering whether to call it an early night, or whether to maybe find a strip club. He opened up his browser and started to try to discover what the Las Vegas rules were in regards to nudity, dancing, alcohol, and touch. He checked out TUSCL to find out places prices, but in the end he just didn’t feel up for a loud night.

Steve decided to do a bit of research on Vegas Ranches or brothels. He had alwasy been curious, wondering whether they were legal (They were), where they were legal (each county decides if they are legal and what the rules are). It turned out the closest ones to Vegas are about an hour away. Still curious, he tried to find out a bit more about who would work at a brothel, what kinds of things took place there, and how safe they were. It turns out that courtesans need to do weekly blood tests, and that STD’s are a non issue at the reputable brothels. He also learned that at some of the ranches, the girls check in for a period of time (2 to 4 weeks) and are not allowed off the property. As for the menu, there were a variety of offerings from girlfriend experiences, to school teachers, to BDSM, multiple girls, and specialty rooms. “Party” was the official term for an encounter.

The research had really piqued Steve’s curiosity. But Steve had never been with anyone but his wife. Although he had sometimes wondered what it would be like to kiss another woman, or to feel and suck someone else’s breasts, or to sleep with another woman, these thoughts had always been mere curiosity. He loved his wife. And yet, on this night, Steve began to wonder a bit. He wondered how much it cost to visit and just talk with some of the girls, or to have a party. He Googled some more, and found that Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s were about an hour away. They had limo service to make it easy. But would he pay for sex? And how much might it cost? That was the challenging part – prices were not advertised. This casino şirketleri was partly from discretion, but mainly because although the brothels are legal, advertising prices was not. Steve checked his watch and it was getting rather late. But… then again he wondered, what it would be like? No, he couldn’t. But he kept coming back to never having been with anyone else – ever.

In the end, he thought, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to call. So after 15 minutes of back and forth with himself, he decided to Skype Sheri’s Ranch.

“Hello, Sheri’s Ranch”, the madam answered the phone.

“Um, hi. I’ve never done anything like this before, but, er, how long does it take to get to your place from the Strip?” he asked.

“It’s about an hour. I can have a driver there in 20 minutes. You need to bring id with you. Do you want to come up?” she asked.

Steve, thought about it for a couple of seconds and then made up his mind. “Sure,” he said. “Let’s do it.”

About 20 minutes later, Steve hopped in the limo. There were beers on ice in the back, enough for the hour long drive. On the way up, the driver asked, “So is this your first time?”

“Yes,” Steve replied. “I married my college sweetheart and the first girl I dated. I’ve never been with another woman, and I’ve wondered what it would be like.”

The driver told Steve, “The average age of our clients is in their 50’s. Often married. Many are here for the first time, but there are lots of regulars too.” He asked whether Steve had an idea of who he wanted to spend time with (he didn’t), and told him how the club worked. He also told him that it was moving in/out day, so there might be fewer ladies. “Don’t worry, it’s usually quiet on Mondays and all of the girls are wonderful,” he explained.

Although, still nervous, Steve began to feel so much more at ease as the drive went on and he realized he was really looking forward to the experience and to satisfying his curiosity. At last, the car pulled up to the ranch, the driver let him out and led him to the front door. “Remember, when you are ready to leave, just let them know and they will come and get me. And, if things don’t work out and you want to head back sooner, that’s ok too.”

At the door, the driver rang the bell, and after a minute or so the madam opened the door. “Id please,” she asked. She checked the id and said, “Welcome to the ranch. Do you know who you want to spend some time with?”

Steve did not, so she left him at the bar to check out the monitors. It was now late, so there were no girls hanging around. Steve ordered a beverage, and checked out the lineup. He tried to remember the names. When the madam came back, Steve asked about a couple of the ladies.

“Sorry,” she said. It’s moving day, so those 2 have just left. She checked the list. “What about, Cherry?”

By coincidence Cherry was the next one on his list. “Actually, that would be nice.”

“Ok. I’ll bring her out. If she’s not the one, just let me know,” the madam said.

A few minutes went by. Steve felt like a teenager going on a first date. His palms were slightly sweaty, and his heart was thumping just a bit. And then there was a little tap on his shoulder.

“Hi. I’m Cherry. Nice to meet you.” Steve turned, to see a 5 foot 11 inch, brunette. With beautiful blue eyes, long straight hair, she looked to be about 30. Sporting perky B-cup breasts, Cherry was wearing a read silk top and short shorts. And what an ass! Steve was on cloud 9. Oh, and her accent – it was wonderful.

He reached out a hand and said, “Hi. I’m Steve. Have a seat. Is that an English accent I detect?” and pulled out a chair.

“Yes, I’m from Birmingham. I like to come here a couple times a year,” Cherry sat down and they started to talk casino firmalari for a few minutes. She was mature and intelligent and carried on a good conversation. That sealed it for Steve.

“So, would you like to come to my room?” Cherry asked.

“Definitely,” Steve replied. He followed her down the hall and to the room. The room was like a small hotel room, with a bed, a couch, and a bathroom. A few candles were lit, and there was a scent of perfume in the air. Once in the room, they talked about what type of “party” Steve was looking for. Steve had decided he was looking for more of a girlfriend experience, with some conversation, some cuddling and sex.

“We can do that,” Cherry replied. She then named a price. Steve countered, and they ultimately agreed on the type of party, and payment was made. As soon as the financial transaction was completed, Cherry had to do a visual inspection in the bathroom before taking him to her couch. She turned to Steve, and batted her blue eyes at him and then snuggled in close. Steve, wrapped his arm around her and told her, “You are drop dead beautiful. I’ve never done this before and I’m very curious. If I cross the line and ask you a question you aren’t comfortable with, just tell me.”

She smiled at him, “I’d love to be your first. Go ahead and ask away – I’ll let you know if you ask something too personal.” She then leaned in, stroked his chin and softly kissed his neck. Steve sighed as the skin tingled at her touch. His penis instantly sprang to attention. He tilted his head towards her, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her ear lobe.

Cherry cooed at his touch. He was gentle, and sweet. Even though she had been doing this for several years, she was horny thinking about being this guys first other than his wife. She wanted to really make sure he had a good time, but she also wanted to make sure she had a good time too. “Let’s hop into bed,” she whispered in his ear, then took his hand and led him over.

Steve was in heaven. Before climbing into bed, Cherry slipped off her top and shorts and suggested he do the same. Steve nodded and his eyes were glued to her chest. Beautiful, perky tits with large pink nipples on silky, ivory skin. As she hopped on the bed, Steve tossed his shirt and shorts on the floor and cuddled up close.

Cherry reached for Steve’s chest and ran her fingers through his soft greying chest hair. Steve almost purred, as he reached out to touch Cherry’s breasts. They were firm, plump, and smooth. As he stroked the areolae, her nipples hardened and she let out a soft moan. She leaned in and kissed him tenderly on the lips, and looked down to see his cock twitching. She reached down and stroked him through his briefs.

Steve reached down and pet her through her black silk thong. He noticed there was a bit of dampness down there, which surprised him a bit as she was a professional. He reached his index finger around the elastic edge and touched her nether lips. They were soft, plump, and rather wet. He stroked her gently from bottom to clit and back.

Cherry was pleasantly surprised at how her body was responding. She really was starting to want this guy. As she continued to stroke his briefs, she said, “That looks a bit uncomfortable. Let’s get naked.” She started to pull down his underwear and he reached down to help her. As he did, she reached down and slid out of her own thong, revealing a glistening pussy, neatly trimmed.

Steve’s cock was rock hard. Harder than it had been in quite some time. This young lady was so beautiful, and he was about to have her. Cherry rolled over, and grabbed a condom from the bedside table as per state law. She looked into Steve’s eyes, popped the condom in her mouth, and then leaned down to his waiting head. Drops of güvenilir casino precum glistened at his tip, and she stopped and drew a deep breath, loving his scent. She placed her lips and the condom on his cock, and rolled it down with her teeth. She could feel him shudder as she gloved him.

Steve looked down at her as she took him in her mouth. His wife was not into oral, and this was delightful. She took him fully in, then bobbed slowly up and down. Cherry gently stroked his balls as she worked, and she felt him melting at her touch. She saw his eyes close, and the look of rapture on his face and asked if he was enjoying this, already knowing the answer.

“This is sooo amazing,” he said. “If you keep this up, I’m going to explode”. Cherry grinned and slid up beside him. As she did, he reached down and began to play with her. Wriggling his fingers through her bush, then, stroking her outer lips. She drew a breath as he slid his finger between her labia and slowly penetrated her. “This guy was really good with his fingers,” she thought. Steve noticed the bottle of lube on the bedside table and poured some onto his fingers, then began to draw slow circles on her clit. As he stroked, he took her breast into his mouth, sucking deeply and stroking her nipple with his tongue. As he suckled her, he pumped his finger in and out, then slowly added a second finger. Cherry began to moan louder. Her cunt was on fire, and her whole body started to tingle as he finger fucked her. “Fuck that feels good,” she told him.

Steve sped up the strokes, full and deep and moved his lips from her chest to her neck and to her lips. He saw her eyes close, and felt her begin to twitch on his fingers. Her lips parted as a wave of orgasm began to build. Steve, pressed his lips to hers, sending her over the edge. She moaned out loud, and covered his fingers in her juices.

Cherry pulled him close as he withdrew his fingers, and she smiled as he licked them clean. “Fuck me Steve,” she said.

Steve rolled over and positioned himself between her legs. He lined his cock up at her entrance, then slowly pressed inside her. Steve savoured the warmth as she enveloped his cock. He pressed fully into her before slowly withdrawing. He sped up his pace, fucking her hard, deep, but slow.

Cherry wrapped her legs around him, keeping him close and tight. Her clit was on fire and he filled her fully as he went from gentle strokes to full on pounding.

“You are making me come again,” Cherry moaned softly. As she said this, Steve felt his balls begin to contract. He slammed deep inside her, and pressed tight. As he did this, Cherry’s second orgasm kicked in, and she let out an “aaaahaahhhh,” as her pussy began to convulse around Steve. Steve felt the twinges of her orgasm vibrate through his cock, and it sent him over the edge and he filled his condom with his juices.

Steve rolled Cherry onto her side facing him, remaining coupled and stroked her hair with a huge smile on his face. Cherry smiled back, and stroked his chest.

“Wow,” Steve said.

“Yeah, wow,” she replied, enjoying the afterglow and feeling him begin to soften inside her.

As they cuddled for a while, they talked about their interests. She had a hobby keeping bees and enjoyed food and travel. He liked to read, was a foodie, and also liked to travel. Along the way, he asked her questions about how she got into the profession, whether her family knew about her job, and other things that he wondered about.

Soon his party was over and it was time to get dressed. She walked him back to the bar where he could wait for the driver and left him with a last hug and a whisper “I really enjoyed our time together. Thank you!”

On the drive home, Steve realized that he had really enjoyed the encounter but that he really did love his wife. He resolved to try to reignite the spark, or at least rekindle the cuddles and snuggles that were missing of late. As for telling her about the night, he decided to invoke the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” rule.

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