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“Hey, buddy, what’s happenin’?” I asked my friend Lionel, a good man that I knew for quite a while, “it’s been what, six weeks, since we last talked, and that was on social media. What’s going on with you?”

“Well, look, I’ve been on kind of a voyage of personal discovery, if you will. I’ve…re-evaluated a few things since Shelly and I broke up. It was a pretty nasty break-up, in fact,” Lionel squirmed a little as he sat there, unsure of how to broach things.

“Yeah, I know that was rough. What was the deal with her, anyway?” I asked Li, as I often called him, a bit concerned for my friend and unsure of what happened.

“Oh…she was very religious and I just wasn’t into that, among a few other things. She’s…becoming a Hare Krishna, a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. She wanted me to join and she wanted to get married, to have a very traditional Hare Krishna marriage, and to live as a very strict vegetarian. That’s fine for her and I wish her all the best, but it’s not my scene. I told her that and she didn’t take it well at all.

“Anyway, I’ve done some soul-searching myself and found what I wanted in life…and so I asked you to meet me. I…have a particular favor to ask of you. I want you…I want you to find me a…uh…I believe that the right phrase is…’hot wife.’ You seem to know a lot of very kinky people, so I figure that you would be the right sort of man to locate one of those for me,” Lionel shifted a bit, rather awkwardly, as he asked me this favor in his residual Flemish accent.

“Okay, now, that’s a rather specific request, I have to admit. When you say ‘hot wife,’ what do you have in mind? Someone who just sleeps around a lot and flaunts it in your face? Someone who leaves a lot of creampies for you to clean up orally? Someone who cages you and makes you beg for orgasms while she fucks whoever she wishes? Someone who pimps you out to her boyfriends? I just want to be clear here, see if you know what you want, if the soul-searching has been enough to figure that out. Are you planning to be faithful while the missus steps out on you?” I asked him, just to clarify.

“I…would want her to decide a lot of that, though I would certainly want to keep having regular sex with her, of course. Both oral, vaginal, and in other ways. As to who else I might be intimate with, that would be entirely on her terms, not mine. Other men, other women, both, neither, that would be up to her. I would love to clean up after her, yes. The other favor would be a very big one, too…I’d be most comfortable with you as the first lover, for the lack of a better word. Don’t worry, I think that it would be clear to her, the right sort of ‘hot wife,’ that you’re not a one-woman man. Especially if you handpicked her from among the women that you know,” Li explained a bit further, much to my astonishment.

“You said ‘first’ lover, so that presumes that there would be others, of course. As to not being a one-woman man, that’s an understatement. I come and go as I please, sleep with whomever I wish, though I tend to have fuckbuddies or whatever, of both sexes, in fact. I’m not married and I have no interest in getting married. I’ll find you a wife, maybe among my chosen ladies, but you and she will both have to know that it will change nothing between she and I. No promises, no commitments, and no relationships. That’s how it is for me. No romance. No strings attached,” I laid down the law regarding myself at least.

“The lone wolf as always,” Li laughed at that, but nodded, too, even as his cock grew stiffer in front of me.

“You should go on dates with the women that I fuck and gauge each other for compatibility. Just bear in mind that the price for arranging the dates in question is that I get to fuck her whether you do or not. I’ll tell her the same thing. If she’s comfortable with that, good. If not, I won’t facilitate, though you can date her without my help, of course,” I stipulated, eager to both milk this situation for sex, but also test his sincerity about being a cuckold, wittol, or whatever.

“That seems to be casino siteleri a reasonable expectation, given your role in things. You’re a more dominant man and I’m a more submissive. I have to take what she gives me, but you take what you want. Not rape, of course, but more a matter of being able to issue an ultimatum. Leverage. You have more independence, more freedom, and more leverage by far than I do. I would be in your debt, as presumably the hot wife would be, too. Part of me would crave the humiliation of being made to wait until the third or fourth date or something, to establish a relationship, while you got to fuck her and flaunt it in my face,” Li confessed another secret that excited me, though I tried not to be obvious.

“So, this would be definitely a very dominant wife and girlfriend before that, with a very unequal status between you, her, and me. You’re perfectly up for this? You want me to spell that out or test to see who does that naturally?” I questioned Li further, seeing that his cock strained against the crotch of his pants.

“The latter. That would be another way of determining who is a natural slut or hot wife, you see. A slut with her lovers, sometimes with me, but always a lady in my eyes. I want her to use me, push my boundaries, make me do things for her without giving too much back, at least at first. It would be a lot more of me giving and lot less of her giving back. The expectation would be lowered and I would have to be satisfied with whatever rewards she deigns to give me, being grateful for each of them. If you punished her, she might take that out on me, too, you see,” Li admitted, now very aroused.

“Hmmm…hold my beer. I think that I know of just the right woman to punch your ticket,” I realized, dialing up my ex-wife, of all people.

“Yes, what is it, Harvey?” Rosa answered with a bit of exasperation in her voice.

“Helluva way to greet someone who once loved you and who claimed to love. Anyway, I hope that you’re sitting down for this. I may have found you a new hubby to replace me, if that’s what you’re looking for these days. I mean, face it, you always slept around, and then got jealous whenever I paid you back for that. This guy, well, you could fuck a whole platoon of Marines and he’d be happy to see you when you came home full of spunk. He’s a buddy of mine in the market for a…well, a ‘hot wife,’ as some call it. He wants to be a cuckold or wittol, whichever one fits better here.

“He’d submit to some humiliation from you, let you decide if, when, or how he got any sex and with whom, and he’s not exactly poor. He did really great with kryptocurrency investment and got out while he could. There’s just one or two catches, one of which includes a date. I think that he’d pay for your meals, too. However, the catch is that you’d have to sleep with me on all dates whether you slept with him or not. That’s the deal. You could date with my help and sleep with me or do without it and don’t,” I warned Rosa, who then snickered.

“Woah, what’s the downside again? You actually think that having sex with you is a bad thing? And sure, I got jealous and angry over you bedding some sluts that you picked up and hooked up with…mostly because I…I couldn’t understand it or relate. Might not seem fair, but think of it this way. My lovers were all exes, papi. That was the deal for me. I could be faithful as fuck for a while, but Hector or Ryan or Jim or Luis would come up and hit me up. Then they’d make wild, sweaty, hard-pumping love to me, my knees would buckle, my toes would curl, and I could never refuse them.

“I just couldn’t say no to my exes, which is why we didn’t last. If you just stuck to exes, I think that we might have worked out, but maybe not. I was always a bit sassy and you were always a bit vindictive. Anyway, this guy sounds like a good bit of fun, if nothing else. There’s one catch from me, though. None of this no sex on the first date crap for me. That won’t fly. Instead, he pays for it somehow, whether by licking me or my girlfriends really good, or by fucking one of them if she needs a favor like slot oyna that or by bending over for you or by fluffing for a gang-bang or having the devil’s threesome with me and you. I fuck him, I enjoy it, but I make him pay for the pleasure, anyway. Sound sweet or what?” Rosa laughed aloud, her voice full of mischief.

“So, for the first few occasions, the devil’s threesome would work, right?” I clarified.

“Hell, yeah! I’ve wanted to try that with you for ages. It was one of my regrets from our failed marriage. I would have thanked you with the other kind of threesome, as I will in the future. I mean even reward him with that. Maybe, maybe not. Also, if he and I get married, you and I are going to fuck during my bachelorette party, if that’s cool. I want to walk to my wedding, to the altar, with my ex-husband’s cum leaking down my thighs under my bridal gown. I’ll have to be sure that the stripper does him, too, but with the stipulation that she has to have other men’s cum inside her. Maybe one of your lady friends can do it, if that’s good with you,” Rosa suggested, making me roar with laughter at that.

“Here, why don’t the two of you talk it over?” I put the phone on speaker, let both of us talk to Rosa, while Li struggled against the bulge in his pants.

Right about then, one of my other old flames plopped down in the booth next to me. It was Katie, my on-and-off girlfriend who I hadn’t heard from since she went back home to Long Island for a while. Seeing her back in this part of Massachusetts was a bit of a shock, but she didn’t hold back what she had in mind. Seeing her prize, she unzipped my pants in front of Li and knelt to fish out my cock and start sucking it. I found myself in serious danger of cumming quickly down her throat.

Poor Li was about to burst and I could tell, as could Rosa, who giggled and asked me, “Hey, who’s sucking you off? Is that one of your sluts, maybe Katie? She always did like to suck dick, didn’t she? She must want you back pretty badly. Maybe you should marry her and we can have a double wedding. I wouldn’t mind a double honeymoon, too, as long as she understands that I’m gone have my turn with you. Several turns, in fact.”

“Is that Rosa, your ex-wife? Hey, I’m game if Harvey goes for it. I can suck his cock straight from your twat and Li here can eat his creampie from it. Yes, I was eavesdropping a bit. Sorry, but I couldn’t help it. I always wondered if you’d make a good cuck, Li. It makes a lot of sense, actually. Nothing against it. Some dudes are like that. It’s good that you’re in better touch with what you wanted. Shelly always seemed a bit uptight for you.

“So, how about it, Harvey? I know what you’ve said about marriage, but I think that you really meant ‘no monogamy.’ Well, sugar, I never asked for that! I know that your last marriage, to Rosa, didn’t work out, but that’s because you’re both too headstrong to make a great man and wife. For lovers, though, that’s different. I’m the perfect bride for you, submissive, sweet, and sexy, with just the right amount of naughtiness and sass.

“Oh, and I’d love to be the stripper for the bachelor party and fuck Li while you two are screwing during the bachelorette party. He deserves that much strange, if nothing else, given the deal that he’s taking from both of you, even if he likes it. He’ll like this, too, especially given how petite I am and how tight I tend to be. So, what’s it to be? Me for your slut wife, Rosa for Li’s hot wife, and Rosa as your mistress, lover, whatever. I’d love to make sweet lesbian love to her, too, if you’re both game for it,” Katie proposed, being the great lady that she was, between licks to the head of my cock.

“Oooh, I like the sound of that! Li, honey, I know that this is coming fast, but you seem perfect for me, baby, and I think that you’ll fall in love with me before you know. At least keep an open mind, both of you guys. Sorry for any of the bad things that I said about you, Katie. I can see why Harvey could never refuse you now. It’s hard to say no to a kinky slut, including a sweet, short, slender one like you. You’re canlı casino siteleri very petite and maybe even a little on the Goth side, aren’t you? Tell the truth? Did you meet Harvey at a cosplay event? I guess that I missed out, since he met Li there, too,” Rosa laughed softly, but seductively, “come on, Li, why don’t you stroke it, but don’t let her touch it. That’s your first test as cuck material. Can you obey Mistress?”

That was when Li began stroking it in earnest and our waitress came back to watch us. Instead of getting angry, she knelt next to Katie and put her mouth around my balls. Both women licked and sucked me, neither one wanting to stop. It was too much for Li, who splattered all over his own pants and hands. The waitress giggled and licked the cum off his hands before feeding Katie a snowball.

“So, a big dick and a small one. I can see why you chose that one to suck while the other one just had to take things in hand. It’s okay, Tiny. It’s such a sweet, cute little prick, anyway. Adorable. Maybe if you can get the right kind of woman, I’ll borrow it from her for a novelty. I’m curious what such a small cock might feel like inside me. I’m Lola, and you know what that means. What I want, I get,” Lola playfully smacked Li’s dick before Katie and she gave me a steamy kiss, and then she took my order.

“Okay, second test of your mettle as a cuck, if Harvey’s okay with it. I’m gonna join you guys in an hour or two, at Harvey’s place. I want you to go down on both ladies, but don’t you dare fuck them! Just eat them out, both before, during, and after the sex as they get humped by Harvey like it’s going out of style. You’ll also suck Harvey’s cock to help keep him nice and hard. Your role tonight is oral only until or unless I instruct you otherwise,” Rosa warned Li, who visibly started showing signs of recovery.

“Yes…!” Li groaned.

“Yes, Mistress! If you’re going to make me your hot wife and be my cuck, that’s part of the package. Get used to calling me that,” Rosa reminded Li, who grunted with pleasure.

“So, does that mean that you’re going to keep me as yours?” Katie asked me as I ordered for each of us.

“Well, it’s looking a lot better than it used to, I think. Is that really what you want? You’d be permanently sharing me with another man’s wife and involved in their drama, too. This isn’t just swinging or swapping here. It’s a long-term commitment, if you think of it. I had thought of it as commitment-free, but the more I think of it, the clearer that it is that I’d be caught up in the events and feelings of their marriage. If I’m entangled in it, and you’re my wife, you’d be very involved as well. Is that what you really want to do?” I asked Katie, giving her an escape clause if she wanted to take it.

“I want you…whatever comes with the territory. I came back from Long Island for that purpose, Harvey Rosenbaum. So, do I get to be Mrs. Katherine Rosenbaum or not? No, I don’t care about my father and his Stasi past and his anti-Semitic comments that he makes at times, sometimes to get under my skin and yours. You and I both know that he was a Stasi agent back in Potsdam, but so what? He’s gone all religious, Mormon of all things for some reason, anyway. Damned if I know why. One would think that he’d revert to Lutheranism if he got religion, right?” Katie urged me, melting my resolve with every kiss to my face.

“That’s…very convincing of you. Anything else that I need to know? Just lay your cards on the table. You know now that I’m doing Li this favor and plan to keep cuckolding him with Rosa. What do I need to know about you that you’ve been hiding from me, other than your family issues?” I probed, even as Katie laughed and slapped Lola on the bum on her way out.

“That! Lola and I are lovers, too. Yep. I have a lesbian lover. Except she’s not a lesbian and neither am I. We’re both bi. I’ll share her with you if she wants it, and so far, I think that she wants it. But that’s physical sharing. I’m in love with you, but I’m also in love with her and she with me. Maybe she’ll fall for you, too, maybe not, but if it doesn’t happen, remember that you still have Rosa and me. Now, do you want to make a night of it or not?” Katie egged me on, knowing that I wanted her badly and so did Lola.

The grin on my face should have told her volumes.

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