Fight Club

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Kat waited impatiently for Kitty to show up. They had been best friends now for going on 10 years, Kat being 47, and Kitty 51. To-night they were going out clubbing, but not the usual clubbing they would normally do, this one was initiated by a friend, an online friend.

Kat met Steve inline, and quickly became friends, well more like cyber lovers. He was different than the other guys on line, wanting to know her, feeding her fantasies, as opposed to just talking dirty and getting themselves off. Kat had told him over the course of the first week; how her husband and she had started her fucking black me, a fantasy of his for yrs. She finally conceded and she loved it. Keith was not large cock wise, but Kat was always happy, and finally she conceded, thinking it would be one time. By the time she had met Steve, she had a fulltime black lover whom Keith and her would visit, Keith loved to watch and jerk off, as well as the times they went out and picked up new guys.

Kat took her time telling Kitty about it, and when she did, Kitty was shocked, saying it was unthinkable. But soon, her marriage being a very boring one, she fantasized about fucking a younger black man too. Soon Kat arranged for Kitty to hook up with one of her first black cock, and Kitty was transformed.

About 2 weeks after meeting Steve. Kat e-mailed him, telling him before anyone else, she had just fulfilled a fantasy, she was gangbanged by her lover and 5 of his friends. Something they had talked about for 4 days, not sure if she could do it. She was in heaven. She told Steve to contact Kitty, they had never met, and to try and see if she would flirt online. Soon they were chatting, and flirting, when Kitty told Steve how she too loved to be fucked by BBC, but she still would not do certain things. Steve asked what, and she said anal sex was definitely out of the question. Steve told her it was not so bad, and done right she would love it. Steve even suggested that when she did it for first time, to invite Kat, her best friend. Well that started a whole new twist to the relationship; Kat and Kitty became lovers as well as best friends.

Steve started suggesting dares to make everything interesting, Kat and Kitty met Keith for lunch, and Kitty went down on her best friend’s husband, in his Escalade.

One day Steve told Kat, he had an interesting dare for her and Kitty. Kat was excited, she even mentioned Keith was enjoying the dares he had for her and casino siteleri wanted to talk with him.

Steve said that could wait. Friday night, he wanted them to go to a club, a special club.

It was ladies night, and there would be some entertainment he thought they would enjoy, and afterwards, he was sure it would lead to a sexy night and when Kat and Kitty got back to Kat’s house, Kieth would be excited to hear all about it.

Kat could hardly wait, and now the night was here. Kitty was coming over to dress up at Kat’s house, so her husband would not suspect anything. They dressed up for sex, both wearing very revealing clothes, Kats smallish boy tits, in a yellow summer dress, Kitty’s large breasts just about spilling out of her cocktail gown. Both women looked good enough to eat, and they both hoped that was just the foreplay.

Steve had told them to go to Chances, a bar across the city, far enough away from where they lived. When they got there, there was a line up, women waiting to get in. They did not think anything of it, as it was ladies nigh.t There was lots of women, some in suits, some in dresses, some attractive and some butchy looking.

They got in line, and soon it moved forward. Once inside they noticed that there were different areas, 2 dance bars, a lounge and then a special entertainment room. Steve had told her to purchase the special entertainment tickets, for a table in the front row. Kat had done so online to make sure they got them. When they entered the room, they were surprised to see a ring, similar to those used at boxing or wrestling matches. They took their seats and waited for the place to fill up and the show to begin, both a little apprehensive. How many women would go to ladies night, and watch fights they wondered? Well the answer came quickly as the place filled up rapidly, not a seat left with in ½ an hour. Waitresses in sexy outfits, in fact so small, that they may as well not wore anything, taking drink orders, Kat ordered Mimosa’s for both of them. The other two ladies at their table were seemed to be good friends, and both were gorgeous although one was about 15 years older than the other. In fact they seemed closer than good friends, and when Jenn, the younger one, leaned over and kissed Kate, both Kat and Kitty were a little shocked.

Noticing the surprise, Kate asked them if they had ever been here before, and Kitty said no, and The 2 women smiled and chuckled. slot oyna Jenn told them it was a lesbian bar, and both women’s jaws dropped. Steve had set them up. No wonder he said Kieth would be excited to hear the story, what man wouldn’t.

Kat looked around, and sure enough, women were touching, kissing, some getting comfortable, taking their jackets off, and showing some definite cleavage to all that would look. Kat and Kitty soon relaxed, and although were new to bi, this was a little out there but seemed like an interesting and fun place to explore. As the four women talked and got to know each other, music started, an Emcee came into the ring, and introduced the first match. 2 women came into the ring. Scantily clad. They were definitely amateurs, and the clothes came off easily. 3 more fights, 4 more drinks, the evening was fun.

Kate told them during the intermission, the headline fight would be hot, and sure enough when they introduced the fighters, you could sense the difference in atmosphere. The first fighter introduced was a beautiful brunette, Looked like Theresa Russell, not quite amazonesque, but tall, probably about 150Lbs, the second one, Like Bridgette Nielson, taller, well built, short hair, almost dyke like, yet sexy.

The fight started, and the taller one was definitely a strong bitch. She grabbed the brunette by the hair tossing her on to the canvas. She reached down to lift her up., and the t-shirt ripped off, exposing her tits for all to cheer. It was amazing to see and hear the women in the audience become animalistic, wanting to see this. Both Kat and Kit got right into it, cheering the fight on as if they had been doing it for yrs. The wrestler with her tits exposed was in trouble and the other one appeared to bit one of them, The brunette let out a yell, and what they thought was staged was not, they could see the teeth mark in her breast, sitting right up front. Her tits started to turn purple from the bite. You could see the anger in her eyes, and she reached up, grabbed what she could of the other woman’s hair and flung her to the side. She stomped over, grabbed the woman’s top and with a yank it too was gone. She wrestled the other one down, and grabbed her tits and twisted for all she was worth, causing the other lady to slam her fists into the canvas.

Damn, Kat was getting excited and she looked to see how this was affecting the others, and sure enough everyone was totally engrossed in it, two canlı casino siteleri topless women fighting for real. The brunette got the other one in a headlock, and looking down; she spit into the others mouth, causing a round of applause from the audience. Kitty started to jump up and down, urging the wrestlers on. The wrestler on the bottom, managed to get her hand in between the others legs, and she grabbed the others ass, pulling the shorts down, exposing her ass and hairless cunt to all. Not to be outdone, the brunette released her headlock, and went for the others pants too. Soon both were naked. The butch one had hair around her lips, a total contrast with the brunette. Now naked they lunged at each other, scratching, leaving welts. Both had bit the other tits and ass, leaving marks that normally would have disgusted Kat and Kitty, but now both were visibly excited and they noticed that it was not lost on Jenn and Kate. Both were flushed.

As the fight progressed, the women ended up, end to end, in a 69, and with a scissor lock around each other’s heads, they started to lap each other, licking the others cunts as a room full of other women watched and cheered. They each licked the other, using their fingers to fuck the other, and soon it progressed to eating the others assholes.

The girls had never in their wildest imaginations expect this. Both would be grateful to Steve and make sure he had a good time Monday morning on line.

Soon both wrestlers had a climax right on stage as the women cheered them on, both fucking the others face. Licking up the cunt juice form the others thighs and asses.

When it was over, the four women talked and made plans to meet the next week, for lunch and maybe more. They all left it open. Just as Kate and Jenn got up to leave, one of the waitresses came by and handed a paper to Kat, it was an invitation to go backstage and meet the wrestlers.

Kat looked at Kitty, and with a smile, thought what the hell, let’s go.

When they got back there the two women wrestlers both appeared to have showered, and were having a drink, laughing and comparing bite marks.

The taller one came up to Kat and said hi, we noticed you 2 newcomers to the show, and we hoped you enjoyed it. Kat blushing said immensely. The brunette grabbed Kitty and led her to a couch away from the other two. She asked Kat if they were new to the scene and Kat, told her very new, thanks to a certain male friend. The wrestler smiled, told her she was sure she would enjoy it, and with that kissed her. The woman tasted of Booze and cigar, startling Kat, and she was led to another room.

But that is a different story for another day…

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