Feeling Guilty #02

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I was driving home after a long day at work, when I realized that my church was in the neighborhood. I decided to stop by and go to confession.

The Deacon informed me that his Priest was not present & that he would be willing to hear my confession- if I so desired. I immediately got embarrassed & nervously declined.

He had explained to me that they’ve been working together for almost 40yrs & that my situation is extremely private & confidential. He seemed experienced & sincere, so I agreed.

He led me through the greeting room & into the Priests’ office. Everything still looked the same and that really helped to calm my nerves.

He grabbed the little chair & placed it alot closer towards the desk than it usually is. Then he walked around & took a seat behind the desk, as I took a seat on my stool.

We talked for quite a while & I felt very comfortable. He was very perceptive and very attentive. This also helped me to relax.

He explained to me that:

“As we (human beings) age, we sometimes feel insecure. Possibly we feel less than- or inadequate. To understand our feelings properly- we must always try to have an open casino siteleri mind & try to maintain a level head”.

This made perfect sense to me. I’m getting up there in age, so having some kind of mid-life crises is typically the fear of most people my age.

I could tell that he was analyzing me, because the room got very quiet & he seemed to be watching me think about things. He asked me if I was thirsty & my face lit up, so he excused himself.

Upon his return, he handed me a bottle of water- as he leaned against the desk. He continued talking softly to me & he must’ve noticed that I was looking at his gown.

His gown wasn’t as elegant as the Priests’, but I have become appreciative of gowns lately. When he caught me looking at it, he casually adjusted his position- so that the gown became more revealing.

He moved in such a way, that the gown actually fell between his legs. The gown seemed to be hugging his body now. He was right there in front of me. Wow. My mouth became dry.

He asked if I was ready to confess & I couldn’t get any words out, so I took a drink. I’m sure that he saw my perspiration & that he felt my anxiety. slot oyna He simply asked me to relax.

Gently, the Deacon placed his hands on my shoulders- while explaining to me that:

“Sometimes courage will come after an action has taken place. Yes, having courage beforehand is ideal but, Ye must have faith”.

I calmed down, I took some deep breaths, a drink of water- and I told him that I was ready to confess. He then dropped his hands from my shoulders and slowly moved closer to me.

He then raised his gown up & over my head, while gently lowering it over my body. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing tighty-whitey underwear- like the Priest. His were french-cut european or something.

He asked me again- if I was ready to confess.

When I said “Yes sir”,

He turned around and said, “Go ahead & confess your sins”.

I couldn’t believe it. The Deacon was wearing a jockstrap & he smelled just like the Priest. He started talking to me as he pushed himself closer towards my face.

I decided to let myself go & just fall into the moment, just like I had done with the Priest. His butt was so plump & so round. I thought- “He’s in canlı casino siteleri excellent shape for an older guy”.

As I started to kiss his cheeks, he talked about the importance of trying out new methods. Saying that it will help to develop a clearer passage in finding “inner-peace”.

As he said that, I started to get into it. I would lick up & down his beautiful ass crack & kiss his cheeks. I gently grabbed his bubble-butt in total amazement.

He leaned forward onto the desk & this gave me the chance to really give him a good ole lick’n. This was my 1st time, but I didn’t care.

I let my hands wander up and down his legs. I was grabbing his ass & pulling his cheeks apart- as I licked & kissed everywhere.

I actually found myself at one point- grabbing at his hips & pulling him into my face. He spread his legs wider when I did this and that made me want more.

The next thing that I knew, my tongue literally just kind of slipped- right into his hole. Wow, I thought- as I pulled him closer to my face, completely burying my tongue inside of him.

This was my 1st time giving oral anal to another man & it was our 1st time together. I can’t wait until the next time that we get together.

Right now I feel really good inside- because I’ve always felt an attraction towards gowns & I also feel like I’m in heaven.

Thx folks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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